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    Cisco WebEx project 6 dagar left

    We need someone who is familiar with Cisco WebEx and can help us create so-called Hunt Groups and access the WebEx API.

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    CISCO 9200L switch configuration and dyployment.

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    I need a Cisco Engineer to help redesign my network with the best in class Cisco technology I have an existing network diagram for a company with about 100 end users - its pretty simple. I want to improve it to the best cutting edge technology that is powerfu and secure. I would like your recommendation and a simple network diagram

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    Hi there, I'm trying to add an IPv6 block to a Cisco router, I'm having some technical issues and am looking for a qualified network engineer to assist. Thanks Dave Geoghegan

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    We would like someone to help us configure the following on our Cisco FirePower 1010 Firewall: 1. Allow access to particular users (IPs) via our secondary Internet line 2. AD integration (allow customised access as per username) 3. Show and explain the steps to us

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    I have build the firewall, but I need assistance on configuring routing internal and external

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    When will you finish the CISCO LMR Project you have been paid for???

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    We need experienced engineers who have done automation projects with Cisco router, switches , Palo, Meraki , Viptela. While bidding please suggest 1) The business problem ? 2) What was the technical task automated? 3) On what devices the script can work ? [ eg Cisco router, switches, firewalls, Meraki etc] 4) What scripting language used ? [ e.g. Python, PHP etc ] 5) What was your role ? [ Engineer, Coder, manager etc ] We are reinventing the wheel here. Its simple either you have done it or not done it. We are looking for low-hanging fruits or quick wins and then existing scripts will be uplifted.

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    IPV6 Subnetting 1 timme left

    ...sub-network (using CIDR notation) that will meet the needs of Acme Corporation (from LAB 8). The selected option must follow good network design goals. Develop an IP network number scheme for each type of device on the network. Apply your network IP number scheme by assigning IP addresses to types of devices used at each location. Diagram the entire network applying this scheme. 2) Using GNS3 or Cisco Packet Tracer complete the set-up of each router, switch, and PC in the Toledo-Napoleon-Port Clinton scenario. a. Each Router must use IPv6 Addressing b. Each location must have a switch connected to an Ethernet port The switch does not need to have an IP address assigned c. Each switch must have at least one PC connected using IPv6 addressing 3) Apply the configuration statements...

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    Hi, My Network consist of: Two Cisco Routers + one Cisco Switch + Ubuntu VM + Ubuntu Server VM + CSR1kv VM. I try to ping all Devices in my Network but get this Error in the image. Can you help me to fix this Error?

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    We are looking for Cisco networking & security engineer to work on a project for about 2 weeks on Part time basis in GMT +11 hour time zone

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    Having problems with Yealink phones connected to Cisco switches on multiple VLANs. I believe the problem is related to CDP however I am not the best with Cisco. Only HIGHLY qualified, decent English-speaking, Cisco engineers, please.

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    We have 2 datacentres which are connected via a private link that have been configured to talk to each other and appear to work in some ways, but the full routing of all devices is not work. We therefore need support from someone who understands network and can gui...questions and perhaps screen share. What we have working; Switches can ping each other on local and stub IP addresses Switches can ping remote gateway at remote end. What does not work; Pinging any other remote device at remote end Pinging any remote device from any local device So we need to work the issues above through. There are no routers, we have an L3 switch at each end and if appicable, a cisco ASA as the default gateway. There are multiple networks/vlans at main site and a single network/vlan at remote sit...

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    Hi, I have a Cisco network consist of switch and two routers, i reach out this network using SSH. I have not used protocol such as (RIP, OSPF or NETCONF). But I want to get a recording of a complete configuration, or resetting a configuration (changed on the device) to a certain known ground state for a Cisco router. For example, I want to change the routing from RIP to OSPF: Cisco 'copy' commands are usually additive, meaning that commands are only added to the configuration, but none are deleted. In the IOS there is the 'configure replace' command. Do you know how I can write an ansible playbook that achieves this? Thanks in advance.

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    French Alpine Bistro Avslutades left

    Lost internet in the restaurant, POS system not working. Comcast crew checked router and it is working. All power trips when firewall is connected. Firewall is Cisco brand

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    Need help in configuration and deployment for below technologies Cisco Routing, Switching, VPN Cisco ASA Firewall Cisco ISE

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    tracer project -- 2 Avslutades left

    Packet Tracer is a cross-platform visual simulation tool designed by Cisco Systems that allows users to create network topologies and imitate modern computer networks. The software allows users to simulate the configuration of Cisco routers and switches using a simulated command line interface. Packet Tracer makes use of a drag and drop user interface, allowing users to add and remove simulated network devices as they see fit. The software is mainly focused towards Cisco Networking Academy students as an educational tool for helping them learn fundamental CCNA concepts. Previously students enrolled in a CCNA Academy program could freely download and use the tool free of charge for educational use.i have completed it and create a well smart home aplliance software to de...

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    I want a “motion video” about “Cisco jabber service”, A quick tutorial video about what this service for, and how we use it, no need to write anything, just photos and effects, also no need for the voice now! At the beginning I need a quick preview..! If we approve it we can send all documents to create a good quality one. ** Use only these colors: #0066cc #004687 #85E2FF #F96523 #BBF912 #E7E8E6 And white.

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    ...obtained from all routers (refer to Appendix A), analyze all the output and draw out the network design topology for the existing network by using Cisco Packet Tracer software. Configure the network according to the startup configuration document. 2. You have found out that some of the department sub-networks could not ping to each other. Research and document the problems faced by the existing network. Troubleshoot the existing network with proper recommendation of troubleshooting methods, tools and process. Suggest the solution for the derived problems of the network. 3. Correct the problems and ensure all connections are fully working by using Cisco Packet Tracer software. Section B: Recommendation to upgrade the network 1. Based on your findings in Section A, your team...

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    Cisco Call Manager Avslutades left

    We are using Cisco Call Manager, One of the board line numbers is going on Voice mailbox during office hours. Ideally, it should ring on the hunt group.

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    Experto en Cisco Avslutades left

    verificar conexión VPN y realizar rutas, se solicita una conferencia y verificar a detalle la conexión VPN site to site, crear rutas y verificar ACLs

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    Good Day Sir/Madam Please assist i need Cisco network engineer to configure our net work router, we are based in Johannesburg Marshalltown and our router is 1941 series. With Regards [Removed by Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions]

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    Hello Experts, We have some Viptela SD-WAN work and we need someone with great experience with viptela. The person should have done deployed controllers, edges routers and policies. We need preferably someone in IST timezone and good if a person speaks the local language. Please quote per hour rate. Expected 10-20 hours work in a month.

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    Cisco switch config Avslutades left

    Need assistance with configuration for cisco switches. Have 5 3650 that need to be configured with management vlan, public ' private, Video, voice and customer access vlan with storm control.

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    Every now and then network on user's PC gets disconnected intermittently. We need help in troubleshooting and resolving the issue

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    Cisco Networking Avslutades left

    I would like to find some person with Cisco’s associate-Level Certifications to program cisco switches to our specifications. These switches are generally smaller cisco 2960-type switches. We will supply you the exact specifications for each switch before you commence work. It will be important for us to see your Cisco credentials and previous work with Cisco while making our final decision.

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    Need to have auto attendant created and routed between local and outage IVR system. As well as existing greetings modified.

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    if manaully set DNS to connect internet, otherwise can only get IP address (192.168.1.X) instead of the vlan(10.10.1.X). when connectting to console, shows 'IP-4-DUPADDR: Duplicate address on Vlan1, sourced by 0000.5e00.0101'

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    I am setting up a small network in my home. I have a Cisco ASA Firewall 5510 and Cisck Catalyst Switch 3750 POE and 4948... Basically I need someone to configure VLANs and setup my ASA firewall with the firewall rules as per my requirement.

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    I will like to setup my new Firepower 1010, for URL filtering, AMP, sandboxing and also setup the captive portal and integrate with the Active Directory.

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    i will like to setup my newly purchased Firepower 1010, for URL filtering, AMP, sandboxing, setup the captive portal and integrate with the Active Directory,

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    Provision and configure a site to site IPSEC tunnel between a Cisco ASR 1001-x Gateway/Router on the periphery of the Kore PLMN network and a Cisco ASA 5006 firewall appliance behind an Internet Gateway/Router of a hosting service. The endpoints of the IPSEC tunnel are the Kore Gateway and the firewall appliance. However, the endpoints of the traffic flowing through the tunnel are a single Linux Server connected to the firewall appliance, and MS(s) connected to the PLMN via RF. The person will be responsible for performing configuration of the ASA 5006 and work in conjunction with an IPSEC expert who will performing the configuration of ASR 1001-x and myself. Essentially, all traffic flowing between the Kore Gateway and and the Linux Server will flow through the IPSEC tunn...

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    Experto en CISCO CCIE SP con Español para circuito P2P Multicast.

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    sip / cisco project Avslutades left

    we are looking for a developer who is familiar with SIP connection via cisco dx80 to an existing system (asterisk) and can help us with various topics.

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    I need an Engineer that have experience in Cisco ASA 5516x, i have the firewall appliance but i want to procure and activate the IPS, URL, Sandboxing licenses

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    Cisco switch config Avslutades left

    Remotely connect to our engineer on site, download existing switch Cisco 2960X config, upload saved config to new Cisco switch 9200L.

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    Solution Develop a new efficient means to efficiently convert old Cisco 871 / 881 EOL router IOS configs to new Cisco router IOS-XE configs. Automated Mode: Develop software programming to automate the old CPE router to new CPE router config Programmer Deliverables: 1. Config Conversion Utility Program 2. CPE Router Replacement Selection Program

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    We need an experienced network engineer having industry level knowledge who can assist me in trouble shooting real time tickets and provide assistance. Following devices experience mandatory. Cisco ASA Fortinet Sonicwall Watchguard Splunk

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    I am looking for Network Professional who can remotely config my home LAB Bidder should have knowledge in Cisco Viptela SD-WAN LAB, who can remotely config my lab, share network protocol diagram, test end to end to make sure it's working in LAB

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    Need configuration help for ASA5585 - S40- K9

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    Cisco OPT Training Avslutades left

    I am looking for Cisco OPT training from experience engineer.

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    Hi Umair Y., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Cisco call manager Avslutades left

    Need help troubleshooting why calls (internal extensions) from St. Louis cant reach Kansas city.

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    Need someone good in Networking Must be comfortable working with Cisco packet tracer 6.2

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    the goal of the project is to share the internet connection by configuring the cisco outdoor 3702-4e-e-k9 access point

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    Need someone good in CISCO networking

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    Hi I need someone to get me a quick china or any where Cisco video conference k9 device and also provide a serial number on it sample ok sorck. So I can show and check with my final client . Very urgent

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    issue with a VLAN configuration between HPE Fabric 5920AF and Cisco nexus

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