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Tävlingsnamn Bidrag Pris Började Kvar

Looking for a luxurious, fashion forward, edgy and cool logo for the brand Swan & Co. Please incorporate themes of silk and regal colors, while maintaining a trendy aesthetic. PLEASE N...

680 $190 USD Feb 5, 2023 5 dagar, 23 timmar Lägg upp en liknande tävling

Please create a 16 ft x 32 ft x 8 ft deep swimming pool with 30,640 Gallons. Add 4 ounces of Chlorine (1 ppm = .00013 * 30,640 gallons) at one of the corners of the pool. Use OpenF...

4 $200 USD Feb 5, 2023 1 dag, 19 timmar Lägg upp en liknande tävling

I would like a company logo creating. I want the logo to look clean and modern. We will be selling whisky online and the name of the company is Lochs of Whisky

469 £170 GBP Feb 4, 2023 1 vecka , 5 dagar Lägg upp en liknande tävling

Hello, We use this website to showcase our products with a simple eCommerce page to buy replacement parts. We want it to look "high tech" but not too busy or complicated. It also need...

42 $1000 USD Feb 4, 2023 5 dagar, 14 timmar Lägg upp en liknande tävling

Hello All, I am launching this Contest to find someone who has the skills I require for a large ongoing project, the person who wins this competition will be chosen to move forward wit...

10 £100 GBP Feb 4, 2023 1 vecka , 4 dagar Lägg upp en liknande tävling

I am a financial advisor looking for a spreadsheet that allows me to track my daily, weekly, and monthly activites & contact with clients and the same for prospects with the attached ca...

24 $162 USD Feb 4, 2023 4 dagar, 19 timmar Lägg upp en liknande tävling

looking to make this logo more modern colors need to stay the same but open to change, my idea is rustic vintage modern .let's make the mining minor look modern too not just the letter...

175 $403 USD Feb 3, 2023 2 veckor, 3 dagar Lägg upp en liknande tävling

I need a freelancer to work with us and master these technologies perfectly. Backend JS --> NODE - Frontend --> VUE, React and Database MongoDB No programming groups, work teams, ......

11 €700 EUR Feb 3, 2023 3 veckor, 6 dagar Lägg upp en liknande tävling