JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. If you are looking for a website to be created with sophisticated interactivity or in search of an impressive mobile app, using JavaScript is the way to go. With the help of our expert Javascript Developers, you can bring your idea to life.

A Javascript developer on can create dynamic web applications with extended features and improved user experiences. They can also design advanced gaming applications, develop cloud applications, and create powerful websites that work with less coding and low complexity.

Here's some projects that our expert Javascript Developers made real:

  • Developed interactive websites & apps with detailed user accounts experience
  • Created powerful applications that streamline complex data into actionable insights
  • Built custom Windows and Mac software designed to fit client specifications
  • Developed mobile apps that enables customers to access data from their phones
  • Connected databases to web interfaces with easy input/output functionality
  • Optimized existing code for faster loading pages and smoother user workflows

Javascript Developers on know how to turn ideas into reality. They are experienced professionals dedicated to excellence and creating top-notch scripts that are easy to use, reliable and fast. If you have an idea but don’t know how to turn it into technical reality, is the place to post your project. Hire our expert Javascript developers today!

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    I am in need of a Firebase developer who can urgently implement user authentication for a project I'm working on. Here is what I require: - Expertise in Firebase, specifically with authentication functionalities. I am looking to execute email and password authentication. - The ability to work quickly, but without sacrificing the quality of the project. As I mentioned, this task is urgent. - Previous experience with Firebase is highly preferred. Having already implemented authentication systems before is a major plus. I'm looking forward to collaborating with you on this important aspect of my project.

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    I'm looking for a freelancer experienced in Svelte for the development of a graphical user interface (GUI). This GUI will interact with a GoLang API and should encompass the following aspects: Functionality: - User authentication with username and password, authenticated with Active Directory. - Real-time updates to ensure timely information for users. Data Visualization: - Display data visually using graphs and charts, enabling an easier understanding of complex datasets. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong Svelte and GoLang knowledge is necessary. - Extensive experience with user authentication, preferably involving Active Directory. - An outstanding ability to visualize data using modern, intuitive methods. - Experience working with API's for real-time data incorporation...

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    I am in need of a highly-skilled Python coder with experience in creating and integrating APIs. Specifically, an API for a fingerprint biometric system on the web platform. The ideal candidate should: - Have a solid background in Python programming - Possess expertise in the development and integration of APIs - Have a deep understanding of fingerprint biometric systems and their respective data - Have experience coding on a web platform The end goal is to have a fingerprint recognition system on my web platform that is reliable, secure, and highly efficient. The selected API should be integrated into my platform seamlessly. Looking forward to seeing your bids.

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    ThreeJS Interactive 3D Development 6 dagar left

    I'm on the lookout for an experienced ThreeJS programmer who can bring my vision to life. Specifically, I need someone who can: - Design and develop interactive 3D models, with special emphasis on the creation of detailed and high-resolution textures. Realism is key to the project, so having a well-versed understanding of how to produce realistic textures and materials on ThreeJS is paramount. - Optimize the graphics for smooth rendering, ensuring a seamless user experience. Prior experience in troubleshooting and enhancing performance in ThreeJS is expected. This project will require proficiency in JavaScript and a thorough understanding of the ThreeJS library. Familiarity with other frameworks or APIs will be viewed favorably. If you have a knack for marrying art with programming ...

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    I am seeking an experienced HTML5 (or REACT) and JavaScript developer to create a user registration, login (with change and forget password) system and one special form for my project. It should be simple, clean, and user-friendly. Your responsibilities will include: - Creating a user registration and login interface. - Implementing change and retrieve password functionalities. - Designing a special form with moderate complexity, including validation and rules. - Designing MySQL database structure - APIs to communicate between UI and MySQL database The ideal freelancer for this project should have extensive experience in: - HTML and JavaScript programming. - Developing user-focused interface designs. - MySQL Database design - REST API design

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    I'm seeking an experienced web developer with a strong background in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and React to assist me in crafting a dynamic, top-quality portfolio website. The successful candidate must possess the following knowledge and skills: - HTML/CSS: You will need to create neat, accessible, and well-documented code. - JavaScript: This will be necessary for interactive features to enhance user experience. - React: Required to ensure optimal website performance and structure. Key details about the project: - This portfolio site is expected to have between one to five pages. - You will be responsible for both the layout and functionality. Your portfolio or previous web development projects would be a plus. Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.

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    Amazon custom tool 6 dagar left

    I'm looking for a skilled guy in selenium and python; who is able to make a tool for collect info from amazon, following those feautures: 1. The script logs in to the affiliate account using the provided credentials. 2. The script loads the source CSV file containing product URLs 3. It then start iterating over each row in the CSV file. 4. For each row, it reads the product URL from the specified column (Product URL). 5. It scrapes the product details using the extracted URL (these details will be scraped - Product Title, Category, Description, Image 1, Image 2 (if available), Image 3(if available), Number of Reviews, Starts(Rating) and Price) 6. It will then click on the “TEXT” option below “Get Link” on top and it will switch to the popup window and wait for ...

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    Expert Angular Developer 6 dagar left

    ****** PLEASE only freelancers apply. I do not need a company. Thanks. ***** I'm currently seeking an advanced Angular Developer with proficiency in delivering frontend development and backend integration solutions. Key Responsibilities: - Designing and developing user interfaces using AngularJS, Angular 2+ best practices. - Adapting interface for modern internet applications using the latest front-end technologies. - Writing JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. - Developing application codes and unit tests in AngularJS, Java Technologies, and Rest Web Services. Skills and Qualifications: - Proven, expert-level experience in AngularJS and Angular 2+ development. - Knowledge in TypeScript. - Proficiency with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. - Excellent troubleshooting skills. The ideal candidate f...

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    I am in urgent need of a versatile developer who can incorporate an Artificial Intelligence chatbot into my custom-built website. Here are the key deliverables for the project: 1. AI Chatbot Integration: Seamlessly blend the AI chatbot into the existing architecture of the website enhancing user interactability. 2. Debugging and Testing: Ensure the chatbot functions properly without causing any glitches or slowdowns in the overall performance. 3. Quick Turnaround: Due to the urgency of the project, I require the work to be completed as soon as possible. Ideal Skills and Experience: - experience with custom-built websites and AI systems - Strong knowledge of various chatbot technologies - Proven track record of quickly completing projects Please, submit your bid if you have the re...

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    I’m in need of a highly experienced ReactJs TypeScript developer to join my team in developing a web SaaS product. Even though specifics on the required features haven't been provided, familiarity with user authentication and authorization, secure payment integrations as well as designing advanced search and filter options will be advantageous. In your proposal, kindly outline your experience in relevant projects. The ideal candidate must be well-versed in working with tailwind CSS and have a good understanding of software development processes. You need to be an advanced specialist in ReactJs and TypeScript, as these skills will be critical for the success of the project. I look forward to a detailed account of your professional journey in your application and how your skills w...

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    Estoy desarrollando una aplicación web que de una solución integral a una empresa que brinda servicios de control de equipos de emisiones ionizantes y gestoría de las autorizaciones/controles de calidad de cada cliente, para mantener sus licencias actualizadas en Sanidad e Industria. Necesito un colaborador autonomo/freelance con amplios conocimientos en PHP nativo, preferiblemente de la zona noroeste de Madrid, que me ayude principalmente con la parte Front (Diseño de paneles, diálogos emergentes y páginas del aplicativo, y el dinamismo conversacional), y con conocimientos de MySql, Javascript, Jquery y Bootstrap, y Git para colaborar en remoto. Busco un perfil proactivo, muy valorable la creatividad y buen gusto en el diseño con html5...

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    I am seeking a highly capable developer with experience in React and Node.JS to create the frontend for a new website. I already have the backend code, and now only need a frontend interface to complete the site. Key requirements for the project: 1. User Authentication: Incorporate user-specific functions accessible only after users have logged in. 2. Responsive Design: Optimize the website design for both desktop and mobile devices. The design must easily adapt and function smoothly across all screen sizes. 3. Target Audience: The website will primarily cater to our existing customer base. The design and features must therefore align with and cater to the needs of this target group. 4. Design Theme: The design theme should be minimalistic and clean for heightened user experience and ease...

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    Magento 2.4.3 p1 Key tasks and Deliverables: In point 1 and 2 it seems as if it is not triggering the header and calculation in the APIs. It could also be that because this is not triggered the rest is not added there. 0. General group should not have approval like the other. Change name of the group too. 1. API 136b listing extension attribute section, cart API functionality that is an extension to the existing magento add to cart functionality. This API was working 2023-06-09. You know how to fix extension attributes in API responses. I know where the code is but now it should be added back to the new code. The code is there but it is not working for some reason. - Special header missing, - special price calculation is missing (collect it from an existing api), collect it from API 9...

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    Revamp & Enhance AI Chatbot 6 dagar left

    I'm looking for an experienced Python and Django developer who can also handle back-end and meta integrations. My primary expectation for this role is to maintain an existing AI chatbot. The chatbot is currently functional but it's in need of improvements and optimizations. Key tasks: - Debugging and error fixes: I require someone with expertise in inspecting and fixing bugs, ensuring the bot performs tasks seamlessly. - Enhancing user experience: Adding interactive elements to the chatbot in order to enhance its functionality and make it more engaging to users is vital. Your experience in user interface design and commitment to improving user experience will be highly valued. - Integrating new features: We're always looking to stay ahead of the tech curve. New features th...

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    This is long term relationship. I need creative and reliable developer. dealine: 1 day budget: 100$ Skill: React, Node, React-Native Project process: 1. from one site, user scan qr code with his iOS phone and qr code contains second site url. 2. after scan qr code, the phone will be redirected to the site url automatically. 3. in second site, user performs stripe payment for downloading ipa file. 4. after successful payment, user will get ipa file from backend server automatically. 5. Then user can install and open ipa file in his iPhone. QR code site: done Payment Frontend: Almost Done. Backend: Almost Done. iOS app: very simple(there will be only 1 page with no function, only backend image) This is MVP, If you finish this MVP within 1 day, we can continue for long term.

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    For the progress of my website, I'm seeking an experienced and talented Wordpress developer who is highly proficient in plugin development. The main duty for this project is to develop a plugin that will enable data gathering, specifically registration data from my audience. Key responsibilities: - Design and develop a plugin for data capture from website users - Ensure user registration data is captured effectively and stored securely - Suggest any additional capabilities that could optimize the plugin according to latest technology trends Skills and Experience Required: - Deep experience in Wordpress plugin development - Strong understanding of data capture and handling within the Wordpress platform - Proven track record handling similar projects - Strong attention to detail and...

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    I urgently require an experienced Yetiforce developer to tweak our Account module. The customization needed is the integration of a feature to take photos directly from a cell. This task requires immediate attention. • Module to Customize: Account - Integrate new cell photo-taking functionality Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Yetiforce development - Experience in handling photo integrations on platforms - Ability to deliver under tight deadlines This immediate task will require a high level of expertise and professionalism. I would highly appreciate it if only experienced freelancers place bids.

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    Amend minor on calculation only. Addition and multiple

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    I'm seeking a competent web app developer to work on specific functionalities for my project. These include: - The integration of user registration and login features - Embedding 3D architectural models to the web app Importantly, I require these 3D models to have interactive viewer options enabling users to Zoom in/out and Rotate the view to enhance user experience. I'm particularly interested in a freelancer who has proven experience embedding 3D models to websites and integrating user interactive components. Your portfolio showcasing relevant work and experience in delivering similar projects will be highly advantageous. Your extensive knowledge in 3D modeling and coding in languages, such as Javascript, 3D libraries (, WebGL) will set you apart.

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    I own a Python script that I want to transform into a SaaS-based web application. I am seeking a Django developer with experience in user authentication, authorization, and MySQL database integration. The finalized application should offer these capabilities: - User Authentication & Authorization: The platform needs to include secure access for both admin and subscriber roles. Admin users should have higher privileges compared to subscriber users. - Database Integration: The application should be integrated with a MySQL database to manage and store user data. The ideal freelancer should have a solid understanding of Python, Django, MySQL, and user access control mechanisms. Experience in creating SaaS applications will be considered a significant plus.

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    My enterprise is in search of a highly experienced Angular expert for an intriguing project. Our existing Admin Panel, whose Angular version I'm uncertain about, requires a migration to a new firebase hosting. Key Responsibilities: - Migration of the currently used Admin Panel to a new firebase hosting platform. - Proper management and maintenance of content. Project Requirements: - Mastery over Angular, with proficiency in migrating applications built on any version. - Demonstrable experience with Firebase. - Proven track record of content management on web applications or Admin Panels. - Comprehensive knowledge of formulation, editing, and deletion of content pages is of utmost importance. If you are equipped with the abilities listed above and are excited about this opportunity...

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    Full Stack Developer Needed 6 dagar left

    This is long term relationship. I need creative and reliable developer. Skill: React, Node, React-Native Project process: 1. from one site, user scan qr code with his iOS phone and qr code contains second site url. 2. after scan qr code, the phone will be redirected to the site url automatically. 3. in second site, user performs stripe payment for downloading ipa file. 4. after successful payment, user will get ipa file from backend server automatically. 5. Then user can install and open ipa file in his iPhone. QR code site: done Payment Frontend: Almost Done. Backend: Almost Done. iOS app: very simple(there will be only 1 page with no function, only backend image) This is MVP, If you finish this MVP within 1 day, we can continue for long term.

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    Estoy buscando a un especialista en velocidad de sitios web que pueda ayudar a mejorar la carga de mi sitio web. Específicamente, los aspectos que me gustaría mejorar son: - Tiempo de carga - Velocidad de carga de imágenes - Optimización para dispositivos móviles Para lograr esto, me gustaría implementar las siguientes mejoras: - Optimización de código, que incluye la minificación de archivos CSS y JavaScript, la eliminación de código redundante y la optimización de las consultas de la base de datos. - Compresión de imágenes para acelerar la carga de las mismas. - Uso de técnicas de caching para agilizar la velocidad de carga del sitio web. Esencialmente, busco un experto con profu...

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    I'm in need of an expert well-versed in Vue.js Quasar to build a web application. The primary goals are: - User registration and authentication functionality - Interactive UI components Proficiency in Vue.js Quasar is necessary, along with substantial experience in building intricate web applications. Having a keen eye for design is crucial, as I have specified design elements in mind for this project. An understanding of contemporary web application aesthetics and a knack for implementing provided design layouts accurately, while ensuring usability, is imperative. Bring your creativity, technical skills, and dedication to this project, and let's create a web application that is user-friendly, attractive, and functional. This is long-term work and candidates will build the ...

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    I am in need of an experienced Python bot developer who can focus on web scraping. The bot should be capable of scraping e-commerce websites for specific data. Tasks for the Bot: - Web scraping of e-commerce sites The Sites to be Scraped: - The bot will be tasked with targetting multiple e-commerce websites. Data to be Scraped: - The primary information to be scraped is the product information. Skills and Experience Needed: - Proficiency in Python, specific to bot development and web scraping - Experience with handling and parsing the complexities of e-commerce websites - Strong understanding of web scraping ethics and data privacy - Demonstrable success in similar projects is an advantage. I am hoping to develop a long-term working relationship with the right freelancer, as future p...

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    I am looking for a Java app developer who can create a fullstack Android studio application within a month. Platform: - The app will be developed for the Android studio platform. Features and Functionalities: - I have a detailed list of specific features and functionalities that I want to be included in the app. Timeline: - The development of the app is urgent, and I expect it to be completed within a month. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in Java programming language - Experience in web application development, java kotlin also - Knowledge of front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Familiarity with database management systems - Ability to work under tight deadlines and deliver high-quality results - Ml and python programming is good to have

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    Estimados desarrolladores, estoy buscando conectar mi ERP a través de un Servicio Web para actualizar ordenes, productos, inventarios y precios a MercadoLibre. Tengo la documentación necesaria para consumir el servicio web o puedo modificarlo de la manera necesaria para que sea utilizado en la conexión. Requerimientos: Que cuando se venda una orden en mercadolibre podamos tener en vivo la información de producto, precio, cliente, datos de cliente, envio, etc para poder utilizarlo. Vincular productos de mercado libre con los del ERP, validar si es posible actualizar existencias en un batch diario o dos veces al dia. Sería genial que se conociera el api de mercado libre de manera profunda para conocer hasta donde podemos llegar con la implementació...

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    Necesito una ayuda con el springboot, implementar seguridad con keycloack y angular

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    Estoy buscando un experto en chatbot que pueda integrarse con el API de chatGPT. Tengo algunas especificaciones claras en mente para este proyecto: - Funcionalidades del Chatbot: Necesito un bot que pueda proporcionar respuestas inteligentes y que tenga la capacidad de buscar información en las bases de datos. - Integración Plataforma: El bot debería ser capaz de integrarse en una variedad de plataformas, incluyendo un sitio web, una aplicación móvil y varias redes sociales. - Objetivo del Chatbot: El propósito principal del bot es proporcionar soporte al cliente. Idealmente, el freelancer que estoy buscando tiene experiencia en el uso de bases de datos vectoreales para embeddings y puede optimizar procesos de IA usando chatGPT. Es crucial qu...

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    I need a Wordpress developer who has experience working with Formidable Forms, webhooks/APIs, and plugin development. Please send examples of advanced projects you have done with Formidable, using Views, APIs, etc. All other bids that have not read this and start with "Dear Hiring Manager" will probably be ignored.

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    I have this example project in django. I achieved to deploy it in lightsail AWS in development mode. I mean, running: python3 runserver SERVER-IP:PORT But, when I tried to deploy it in Production, I have this error: 500 Internal Server Error An internal server error has occured. I have followed the bitnami documentation: """ Enable Predefined Virtual Hosts For A Django Project The Bitnami installation comes with predefined HTTP and HTTPS virtual hosts for running Django projects with the mod_wsgi module. To enable them, follow the steps below: Copy the files to remove the .disabled suffix: NOTE: These files assume that the Django project is named sample and is located at /opt/bitnami/projects/sample. If your Django project is named or located differently, edit the files b...

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    I am looking for a developer to create 7 mini HTML5 games using either Phaser or Create.JS. Features: - Fully commented code - Clean organized code - canvas is 1920 x 1080 Project Timeline: - The project timeline is 2 weeks Game Art and SFX will be provided to you See attached to see the 7 games i need made What is your bid for all 7 games, and which library will you choose?

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    Full-stack Developer Needed 6 dagar left

    This is long term relationship. I need creative and reliable developer. Skill: React, Node, React-Native Project process: 1. from one site, user scan qr code with his iOS phone and qr code contains second site url. 2. after scan qr code, the phone will be redirected to the site url automatically. 3. in second site, user performs stripe payment for downloading ipa file. 4. after successful payment, user will get ipa file from backend server automatically. 5. Then user can install and open ipa file in his iPhone. QR code site: done Payment Frontend: Almost Done. Backend: Almost Done. iOS app: very simple(there will be only 1 page with no function, only backend image) This is MVP, If you finish this MVP within 1 day, we can continue for long term.

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    I'm looking for an experienced webflow dev for an urgent and quick task related to sticky header interaction. More details on chat.

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    Efficient PHP Developer Needed 6 dagar left

    I'm in need of an efficient PHP developer who can deliver clean and fast code. I only use as communication and payment. I dont communicate or pay anywhere else. You get a login, after login you will see a text document, if you have any questions you write in that file. I then start time when you start work. I stop time when we finnish work for that day. Then you log off and go to i create payment and release payment. Next time we work together we continue work. I work with different freelancers and i write you when i need your help. (Dont write me and ask for work) I expect you to do your work fast, dont spend time and stay focused on your tasks. We use sublime text we use filezilla when you edit a file it must always be by finding the file in ftp...

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    I need immediate assistance with the comprehensive integration of Rewardful affiliate software and our offer page, which is currently connected to Stripe. • The two primary elements of the project involve connecting Rewardful to our offer page and ensuring the connectivity between the offer page and Stripe remains intact. • The aim of the integration is to ensure Rewardful works as expected. This encompasses real-time tracking of affiliate sales, specific affiliate link generation, and automatic reward attribution. • Due to the urgent nature of the project, I require this completed as soon as possible. Ideal candidates will have prior experience with Rewardful integration and knowledge of Stripe. A profound understanding of affiliate marketing software integration is cr...

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    I'm on the hunt for a seasoned Mid-Level Full Stack Developer with significant experience in JavaScript, Python, PHP, and HTML. Key Responsibilities: - Leading the charge in building a new application from scratch - Vigorously testing and debugging the application for maximum functionality and optimal user experience Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in JavaScript, Python, PHP, and HTML - Solid experience in full stack development - Proven ability to handle the full cycle of application development, from concept to deployment - Adept at identifying, debugging, and resolving software bugs This role is perfect for a mid-tier full stack developer who excels at both back-end and front-end development, using the mentioned languages. Please reach out if you believe you're the right fit f...

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    I'm searching for an experienced full-stack developer who is proficient in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, PHP/Python/Ruby, MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB. It's a feat if you've dabbled in the realms of DevOps Engineering and API Development. Create a secured, scalable and user-friendly Pentesting platform where users can register, authenticate, and scan their websites for vulnerabilities. The platform will interact with OpenVAS for scanning and then filter and present the reports in an accessible manner within the user's account. The scanning operations are managed through a RESTful API hosted on a VM. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in HTML/CSS/JavaScript - Proficiency in backend languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby - Familiarity with database technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB ...

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    Scanning software that uses OCR technology to recognize forms, extract various data from these forms Extracted Data outputted in PDF or CSV (User option) Data added up by Form Type (W2, 1099R, etc) If PDF, Table of contents and indexed PDF created by form type as well as specific form: Example categories: Wages (W2 Forms) Retirement (1099R forms) Social Security (SSA – 1099) Interest (1099 INT) Dividends (1099 DIV) Misc (1099 MISC) Other (All other forms not recognized by OCR) Sub index of individual forms: Walmart W2 Ed Jones 1099R Etc etc Totals that are summed will be on 1st page followed by table of contents Save location before scanning, automatically save to that location when complete, allow user to continue scanning additional documents while software processes prior scan in ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to carry out an API integration project involving Aroflo and Go Highlevel platforms. The goal of the integration project is to integrate the two platforms so they can function together with ease. There are any specific features that need to be included in the project so the freelancer should be able to assess the requirements and provide a solution accordingly. The project requires technical proficiency, creativity, and expert knowledge of both Aroflo and Go Highlevel platforms. Furthermore, the freelancer should have experience with API integration and be capable of quickly and efficiently carrying out this project. If you think you are up to the challenge, please get in touch and we can discuss further details.

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    Looking for a developer for a small task post your bids with valid experiences the bidder should be willing to work through anydesk

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    Fix these issues : ImageMagick error 1: convert: unable to open image 'AVIF:/var/www/vhosts/xxxx/httpdocs/tmp/': No such file or directory @ error/blob.c/OpenBlob/3571. [command: convert [convert] [/var/www/vhosts/xxxx/httpdocs/tmp/] [-density] [72] [-units] [PixelsPerInch] [-quality] [75] [AVIF:/var/www/vhosts/xxxx/httpdocs/tmp/]] FIx search view Double Image due to /special offer/reserved etc overview Entity/field definitions - Mismatched entity and/or field definitions The following changes were detected in the entity type and field definitions. The URL alias entity type needs to be updated. Fix admin DE language BUG Fix Cart Cookie issue

    $144 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking an experienced developer to create a DWG/DXF viewer that's compatible with both desktop and mobile platforms. The viewer's purpose will be to display a variety of 2D and 3D file formats for my website. Here's what I'm looking for: - File Format Support: In addition to viewing DWG/DXF files, I also need the viewer to support SVG, and files. This will provide a broader range of file compatibility and ensure that all users can view their desired files. - Seamless Integration: The viewer should be designed to open in a fullscreen viewer on the website. This will provide an immersive viewing experience and encourage users to engage with the 3D models. Ideal Skills and Experience: - A proven history of developing similar viewers - Extensive experience ...

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    módulo de backtesting Objetivo: Desarrollar un módulo de backtesting sencillo y funcional con un presupuesto de presupuesto 80 USD tiempo de entrega 5 diasn Funcionalidades: Parámetros: Precio de entrada. Stop loss. Take profit. Periodo de backtesting (fecha inicial y final). Backtesting: Implementar una estrategia de trading simple (como media móvil). Permitir al usuario seleccionar la estrategia de trading. Simulación: Mostrar la evolución de la equity durante el backtesting. Mostrar los resultados del backtesting (ganancias/pérdidas, tasa de aciertos, etc.). Tecnología: Python para el backtesting. Librerías de Python: Pandas para el manejo de datos. Matplotlib para la visualización de gráficos. Ta-Lib para el...

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    BLS Appointment Bot Development 6 dagar left

    Read before bidding I want bot for bls appointment morocco take appointments automatically and skipping all steps fast into the payment if you can do this bidding thank you

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    I need a skilled developer to build a responsive, cloud-based application using React for frontend and Python Flask for backend. Interactivity, real-time updates, and effective user authentication are critical. Key Features: - User Authentication: Incorporate secure login/logout provisions in the design. - Interactive Forms: Develop engaging forms for optimal user relationship. - Real-Time Updates: Implement real-time updates to enhance user experience. Backend Development: - The backend's primary aim would be to handle data storage and retrieval efficiently. Use third party apis The platform is expected to host less than 100 concurrent users; thus, the design should accordingly accommodate this traffic. Ideal candidates would have experience in Google Cloud Platform and BigQuery...

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    I'm seeking an experienced developer to create a Chrome extension specifically targeting Google Chrome. The primary functionality of this extension involves recording video of the browser window and capturing both XHR Http/Https posts during elearnign lesson usage. The extension will need to: - Record and capture video (WebM format ? or whatever it naturally makes - wish it was MP4) of the browser window during lesson use. - Monitor and record XHR HTTP/HTTPS posts occurring during the same time frame. - Automatically post all captured data to a provided endpoint upon completion of each recording session use. - nice to have a floating window appending the statements being sent. The source code should contain basic comments throughout for clarity or a Zoom orientation to further und...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Java developer with proficiency in JavaScript & Spring Boot. Your task will involve leveraging these tools to complete an existing webhooks project. The project involves customers being able to choose options such as marketing, technical & logistics, coupled with frequency choices like daily, weekly, monthly, etc. The goal of the project is to develop functionality allowing email notifications to be sent in response to changes to the selected data.. Key responsibilities will include: - Integration of this functionality into our current Java7 and Spring Boot platform - Ensuring the seamless execution of email notifications in response to product updates. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Java7 & JavaScript - Highly experienced in Spring B...

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    Hi there, I am looking for an experienced Python developer who is proficient in working with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The main task is to write Python codes that are capable of creating and deleting a Google Cloud Composer environment. What I expect: - Detailed Python codes which have comments explaining what each line does - Properly tested and documented code - Clean and efficient coding skills Ideal skills needed: - Proficiency in Python programming language - Knowledge and experience with Google Cloud Functions - Familiarity with Google Cloud Composer and its environment settings Please note that you are not required to configure any specific parameters or settings while creating or deleting the Cloud Composer environment for this particular project. Feel free to reach out to ...

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