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You may invest a huge sum of money in the market research department but still you may not have reached the targeted mark in your business, this may be due to the inefficient work force of the department. If you really want an outstanding result you have to outsource this job to the freelancer market researcher from and get the service of this researching done through them, as they not only charge a cost fraction but will do it in a productive way, the results of which can be easily seen within no time.

The freelance market researcher will be able to plan your marketing research by implementing the best strategy, define the goals of the project, and challenge the competitors by using the latest tools and plan for the targeted traffic generation. They will make an effective marketing strategy and marketing plan for any of the projects which are given to them within the stipulated time and help in the related adjoining process of marketing research. If you are a freelancer having deep insight of the outside world, and can employ the best practice for the marketing strategy, look out for jobs from

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Prospecting, Lead Generation + Sales Assistance Need a great sales assistant to help on lead generation, prospecting and research for an outbound/inside sales team. We may have some outside sales too depending on the role, but need a great sales team effort to put together the right people to assist. Reply with: 1. Tools: What software or tools have you used for lead generation and prospecting? 2. The Sale: What are the types of services or pr... 1 Telemarketing, Försäljning, Marknadsföring, Verksamhetsanalys, Marknadsundersökning May 23, 2018 Idag6d 23h kr4860
business plan I'm a jewelry designer in the U.S & need a business plan in order to enter a drawing for an entrepreneur program. This is the requirement: Must submit a basic business plan: executive summary, company summary, product/service description, any market research data, Strategy Implementation (price/place/promotion), Management Summary, Financial Information (annual revenue last year, this ye... 44 Affärsstrategier, Verksamhetsanalys, Marknadsundersökning, Affärsskrivande, Finansanalys May 23, 2018 Idag6d 22h kr2461
Need Client's [Need Business for my company] Need someone who can provide me with client's. Company Name - Universal Data Solution Services we provide are mentioned below • Web scraping (data scraping)from websites according to requirements • Data sorting (conversion to .doc or .pdf format, direct update to your database) • Contact discovery from sites like LinkedIn, zoominfo, [login to view URL] connect, etc. • Business directory scraping • Data mining ... 5 Försäljning, Webbskrapning, Leads, Internetsökning, Marknadsundersökning May 23, 2018 Idag6d 22h kr3205
Research and blog writing on affiliate marketing in Vietnam I need someone with basic knowledge of affiliate marketing in Vietnam who can do research in Vietnamese and write up to 10 blog posts (500 words each) in English on the topic: Affiliate marketing development in Vietnam, service providers, experience, legal background, market development etc...Sources have to be provided, content must be original, should include one revision at least. English writi... 22 Översättning, Forskning, Article Writing, Marknadsundersökning, Engelska (USA) May 23, 2018 Idag6d 21h kr2942
Easy Product Research for person in United States 2 Hi this is an easy project. I seek someone to perform product research. Must be in the United States. I am looking to pay less than $20 for the entire project. If you are selected to participate, you will evaluate the product and write a two paragraph summary. I will review the summary and provide final instructions. 14 Forskning, Rapportskrivande, Research Writing, Marknadsundersökning, Internetundersökning May 23, 2018 Idag6d 21h kr193
Need Market Research Analyst Need Market Research Analyst For Reports 6 Marknadsundersökning May 23, 2018 Idag6d 20h kr1059
REALESTATE IN EL SALVADOR, CENTRAL AMERICA, SALE!! SALE!! Hello everyone, I have several properties for sale in El Salvador, Central America, some are inland farm land and others are Lake houses and beach houses and some are Industrial Land, I am looking for someone in the realestate business to help me sell this land to anyone of interest, International or local, Payment can only be made once any property is sold, Realtors, Realestate agents, Brokers ar... 0 Försäljning, Leads, Marknadsundersökning, Fastigheter May 23, 2018 Idag6d 20h -
Market Research on the major PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOL/SOFTWARE in market I am looking to create a document that will describe/detail all the features and functionalities that are provided by Project management tool/software developer ASANA, TRELLO and JIRA. 1. All the features in project management and related area of HR, Purchasing and Sales should be documented for these 3 companies separately under their name. 2. Need a market analysis as to how much market, ... 7 Projektledning, Affärsstrategier, Verksamhetsanalys, Marknadsundersökning May 23, 2018 Idag6d 20h kr304
crypto/fiat exchange initial business plan Looking to get an initial business plan for cryptocurrency exchange operating in Saudi Arabia. Main provided services: - Deposit/Withdraw in SAR and USD. Make sure to mention supported currencies in your proposal. Just to make sure you have actually read the brief. - Deposit / withdraw in many different crypto currency. - Exhqnge any crypto 23 Affärsstrategier, Verksamhetsanalys, Marknadsundersökning, Bitcoin May 23, 2018 Idag6d 20h kr3065
5* Hotel Business plan >>> ESPAñOL Is a business plan, that is half way trough. Es un plan de negocios, que esta a medias. 17 Marknadsföring, Affärsstrategier, Research Writing, Marknadsundersökning, Spanska May 23, 2018 Idag6d 19h kr2315
Looking for assistant of my business I'm looking for a good assistant of my business. My business need long-term relation ship and he/her must have skill of human resources. I'm prefer European assistant. If you have experiences of human resources, please contact me. thanks 8 Forskning, Human resources, Research Writing, Marknadsundersökning, Business Catalyst May 23, 2018 Idag6d 18h kr1086
To have an online marketing for a pest control and fumigation services business I am running a pest control and fumigation company in Tanzania. The company aso provides hygiene and cleaning services. I need a marketing plan for this business 17 Internetmarknadsföring, SEO, Marknadsföring, Affärsstrategier, Marknadsundersökning May 23, 2018 Idag6d 17h kr1970
Need Client's [Need Business for my company] Need someone who can provide me with client's Company Name - Universal Data Solution Services we provide are mentioned below • Web scraping (data scraping)from websites according to requirements • Data sorting (conversion to .doc or .pdf format, direct update to your database) • Contact discovery from sites like LinkedIn, zoominfo, [login to view URL] connect, etc. • Business directory scraping • Data mining ... 2 Försäljning, Webbskrapning, Leads, Internetsökning, Marknadsundersökning May 23, 2018 Idag6d 16h kr2169
台灣飲料市場調查(台灣人only) 台灣飲料市場調查包括到當地研究 2 Forskning, Marknadsundersökning, Internetundersökning May 23, 2018 Idag6d 13h kr228
Pharmaceutical company pipeline and financial investigation Please create a data set according to the attached Excel. Please give me the milestone plan and the total remuneration to pay. Please indicate the number of days until delivery. Please present the data source you think. 1. Top 50 Global Pharma Companies (Values in Millions) Examine the revenue and R & D expenditure of pharmaceutical companies listed in the rankings during the past 10 years ... 6 Datainmatning, Forskning, Excel, Verksamhetsanalys, Marknadsundersökning May 23, 2018 Idag6d 13h kr228
Business Plan Writer Good morning, a new startup for the creation of professional documents for customers from all over the world, acquired through an online platform, research of Business Plan Writers who develop quickly and professionally Business Plans for small businesses and startups in Europe and Asia using our online platform. We would like to have a hypothesis of unit cost per project, including VAT, of about ... 50 Ekonomisk forskning, Affärsstrategier, Verksamhetsanalys, Marknadsundersökning, Affärsskrivande May 23, 2018 Idag6d 13h kr4256
Research Project for Batam, Indonesia Batam is a small island in Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago in the South China Sea. A short boat ride from Singapore, it’s a free trade zone with multiple busy ports. We require information regarding the industrial sector in Batam island. information required is as follows; 1) List of Industrial Parks in Batam and who Manages / operates and owns them 2) List of all manufacturing and ware... 26 Datainmatning, Forskning, Internetsökning, Marknadsundersökning, Internetundersökning May 23, 2018 Idag6d 10h kr1208
Need help in generating leads in UAE I need freelancer who can generate successful paid registration for a software portal, the freelancer will be paid based on the registrations he bought to the company... Only freelancers in UAE are required. 9 Marknadsföring, Leads, Marknadsundersökning, Marketing Strategy May 23, 2018 Idag6d 10h kr359
Product Research in United States for United States person You must be in the United States I would like for you to spend about 30 minutes - total - researching a product. You will be given a product to perform research. You review it and write a two to three paragraph about your findings. 19 Copywriting, Forskning, Article Writing, Marknadsundersökning May 22, 2018 Idag6d 6h kr219
market Representative in Brazil/ Turkey/Vietnam/United Arab Emirates We are a manufacturers in China which specialized in developing, designing, manufacturing grinding tools, cutting tools and abrasives. In another word, we are a part of supply chain of ceramics factory. The major of ceramics industry in the world now are gather in China and Italy. And we have cooperated with most of big ceramics companies in China as supplier. We are selling to Chinese local ... 0 Forskning, Leverantörsinköp, Marknadsundersökning, Sales Promotion May 22, 2018 Idag6d 5h -
Project for Gia M. -- 2 Hi Gia M., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 6 Tekniskt skrivande, Research Writing, Marknadsundersökning, , Marknadsföring på sociala media, Akademiskt skrivande May 22, 2018 Idag9d 2h kr109
Need Client's [Need Business for my company] Company Name - Universal Data Solution Services we provide are mentioned below • Web scraping (data scraping)from websites according to requirements • Data sorting (conversion to .doc or .pdf format, direct update to your database) • Contact discovery from sites like LinkedIn, zoominfo, [login to view URL] connect, etc. • Business directory scraping • Data mining ... 2 Försäljning, Webbskrapning, Leads, Internetsökning, Marknadsundersökning May 22, 2018 Idag6d 1h kr2680
Brand Name Find a innovative brand name for a a new line of supplements / nutraceuticals. The key words to take into account are Healthy, Pure, Wellness, trustworthy, Healthy lifestyle, etc... 12 Marknadsföring, Marknadsundersökning, Internetundersökning May 22, 2018 May 22, 20185d 21h kr578
6 months SEO for 30 keywords on a website Industry: Interior fitout and design website: [login to view URL] Location: Dubai, UAE We want someone to take care of our SEO strategy over the next 6 months to get 30 keywords on the 1st Page. Keyword research guideline: 1) Should be keywords that include 'dubai' in them 2) We will be expecting a report on your research and recommended keywords 3) Include the words 'interiors�... 91 Internetmarknadsföring, SEO, Link-building, Marknadsföring, Marknadsundersökning May 22, 2018 May 22, 20185d 20h kr2881
SELL FURNITURE FOR ME we are furniture, mattress and steel door producer. on the other hand we are doing hotel furnishing projects. We are looking for sales manager freelance. We are offering 500 usd per customer which you find + 250 usd per shipment (except first shipment). You can earn 5000 usd and more per month. If you interest our offer we can send our price list and catalogs. Payment will be made after customer... 3 Försäljning, Marknadsföring, Marknadsundersökning, Marketing Strategy May 22, 2018 May 22, 20185d 18h kr17802
US sales research and telemarketing Comtech IT Solutions is into IT services like Cyber security services, IT Infrastructure Management, Mobile apps development , Application development and maintenance. We specialise in delivering services in Onsite-offshore or pure offshoring model . We wish to leverage the expertise of freelance professional to render lead generation services which includes research potential customers from web ... 10 Telemarketing, Försäljning, Marknadsundersökning May 22, 2018 May 22, 20185d 18h kr140
Marketing research chemical products (raw matrials) Research for my study project I need the following: someone has experience with chemical products raw matrials (industry) best-selling products per industry min 5 products. And also where the product is used for! specification. (coating & paint, food, Adhesives, Agriculture industry, Soil Stabilization and Oilfield Chemicals, pharmaceutical) . Please only react if you have chemical background.... 19 Forskning, Marknadsföring, Rapportskrivande, Kemiteknik, Marknadsundersökning May 22, 2018 May 22, 20185d 17h kr1261
Market Research 2 Looking for market researches to research software in one area 5 Marknadsundersökning May 22, 2018 May 22, 20185d 17h kr35
Motel Analyis research for Oregon Research Motel industry..(i.e. Washington, Oregon, Idaho). -Percentage gross profit margins for each state listed - largest sold/purchase transaction motel for each state -list total motels for each state. i want a breakdown from state to cities. 1 Forskning, Internetsökning, Marknadsundersökning, Internetundersökning, Datorhjälp May 22, 2018 May 22, 20185d 10h kr1130
Find me buyers in Europe and Africa We are manufacturer and exporter of rice and spices. We are currently looking for new buyers in Europe and Africa (English/French or others languages). I would like to have more informations on company that buy rice and spices for Europe/Africa. We are looking for long term partnership with broker/importer/agent. (Removed by admin) 1 Försäljning, Marknadsundersökning May 21, 2018 May 21, 20185d 5h kr15486
Marketing Mailer Letter to Prospects Whose Commercial Lease is about to Expire We need a marketing letter that will be sent to businesses who are currently leasing an office or an industrial space and their lease will expire within the next 12 months. The target market is located in Southern California. We are looking for someone who's a great writer, has business acumen, has a marketing background, and is able to do some market/competition research as part of this job... 17 Marknadsföring, Article Writing, Marknadsundersökning, Affärsskrivande, Writing May 21, 2018 May 21, 20184d 18h kr140
MarketResearch Research on the size of the cyber security training market size. Competitor analysis of cyber security training. 32 Webbsäkerhet, Forskning, Verksamhetsanalys, Marknadsundersökning, Internetundersökning, Internetsäkerhet May 21, 2018 May 21, 20184d 16h kr231
Market research with Children This is a really exciting healthcare project to conduct 12 remote interviews with children and their parents. We are conducting concept testing for brochures, posters etc for a clinical trial. It involves 12 remote interviews (via Skype, [login to view URL] etc) with parents and their children in the US. We have written the discussion guide and are looking for someone to moderate 12 x 60 minute... 10 Forskning, Marknadsföring, Rapportskrivande, Marknadsundersökning, Internetundersökning May 21, 2018 May 21, 20184d 16h kr13689
Create a Pitch Deck We require a Pitch Deck to be created for our new app. We have no information currently as all efforts have been placed into designing the app. You will be required to design and to create copy for the pitch deck. Thanks 22 Grafisk design, Photoshop, Marknadsföring, Marknadsundersökning, Innehållsskrivande May 21, 2018 May 21, 20184d 16h kr125
Promote Market Research Reports & Data on Commission We need smart individuals who have excellent British/ english speaking skill and experience of selling market research reports/ data to decision-makers from mid to large sized organisations across the globe. Excellent negotiation skill is also a must. The work involves introducing/ writing/ calling/ following up over our products to/ with strategists/ planning heads/ decision-makers. Successful ... 1 Internetmarknadsföring, Forskning, Försäljning, Marknadsföring, Marknadsundersökning May 21, 2018 May 21, 20184d 15h kr3573
help build ads need ad ideas for our campaign 31 Marknadsföring, Reklam, Marknadsundersökning, Reklamdesign May 21, 2018 May 21, 20184d 9h kr1033
Country Project Representative -Malaysia NTT Communications Startup Challenge Presented by NTT Communications, Japan's largest telecom firm will be supporting the Asian startup ecosystem with an opportunity for funding, access to our investor network and quality technological infrastructure. Our Goal is to support startup ecosystem in Asia and scale or leverage startup business through the alliance with NTT Communications. This y... 8 Forskning, Leads, Internetsökning, Verksamhetsanalys, Marknadsundersökning May 21, 2018 May 21, 20184d 9h kr10088
Blockchain/Fintech Digital Marketing The ideal candidate will oversee the online marketing strategy for the organization by planning and executing digital marketing campaigns. This candidate will launch advertisements and create content to increase brand awareness. This candidate will have previous marketing experience and be able to monitor the company's social media presence. Responsibilities Design, maintain, and supply co... 15 Copywriting, Article Writing, Marknadsundersökning, Innehållsskrivande, Marketing Strategy May 20, 2018 May 20, 20184d 6h kr704
Market Research Reports & Data Sales Market and promote research reports, data, analysis, etc. through digital marketing, make cold calls to profiled companies, generate new leads, send quotation and generate sales. Commission would be 25% The company is UK based. Average sale item cost GBP 995 to GBP 9995 8 Telemarketing, Försäljning, Marknadsföring, Leads, Marknadsundersökning May 20, 2018 May 20, 20183d 20h kr3580
Furniture Market Research in India Looking for designer/ researcher who could help in understanding furniture market in India. The research shall include study of preferences for the type of designs, use of wood, usage of CNC programs, statewise, regionwise. 20 Forskning, Marknadsföring, Rapportskrivande, Research Writing, Marknadsundersökning May 20, 2018 May 20, 20183d 17h kr1151
Sales and marketing for a healthcare services startup We are health and wellness services company in India Looking for a creative and experienced team to work on sales and marketing. 12 Marknadsföring, Marknadsundersökning, Marketing Strategy, Sales Promotion, Sales Management May 20, 2018 May 20, 20183d 15h kr2158
Hiring a full-time Asia Product Sourcing Associate (Long Term) Needs to hire 1 Associate Starting Date: ASAP You will be responsible for product sourcing and related tasks. This position requires planning and research for purchasing inventory in a cost-effective manner. You will also be analyzing and approving the best products or services after reviewing them and negotiating deals while maintaining best quality, as well as maintaining strong relationsh... 42 Excel, Produktinformation, Marknadsundersökning May 20, 2018 May 20, 20183d 13h kr210
expert required to sale source code of a unity3d made 3d game the client want to sale his source code online whether on unity store or some other store. an expert is needed to guide about how it can be done? and how the money can be transferred to his account which is in Pakistan, because paypal does not work in pakistan? an expert is needed and will be paid the money in 2 installments; 1. when the freelancer guided good enough that how to upload the sou... 2 Marknadsundersökning, Unity 3D, Spelutveckling May 20, 2018 May 20, 20183d 13h kr350
help me generate sales on KDP I have 4 books up on KDP. they have been up for a while and need someone that can help me make more sales 13 Försäljning, Reklam, Amazon Kindle, Marknadsundersökning, SEO Writing May 20, 2018 May 20, 20183d 11h kr1331
Lucrative Sale on Commission Opportunity: Sell Market Research Via Email & Phone #. Sell Market Research Via Email & Phone on Commission Basis #. We are a UK based market research company and urgently need quality people who have great command on english speaking/ British Accent preferred. #. The desiring candidates must have excellent understanding of top-brass/ corporate speak, skill of negotiation, & above all ability to close on their own via their excellent com... 0 Marknadsundersökning, Marknadsföring, Forskning, Försäljning, Telemarketing May 20, 2018 May 20, 20183d 11h -
Filter Needle Research I am doing research on the global filter needle market. I need the following, within 2 weeks. Custom Scope: Filter Needles Market, By Region, Units Sold, 2017 North America Europe Asia Pacific RoW Filter Needles Market, Pricing Analysis, By Region, (USD) 2017 2.1 Filter Needles Manufacturing Cost (USD), By Region, 2017 North America ... 20 Forskning, Ekonomisk forskning, Rapportskrivande, Verksamhetsanalys, Marknadsundersökning May 19, 2018 May 19, 20182d 16h kr4790
Market Research I'm looking for someone in USA to do a comprehensive market research about shared economy (Collaborative consumption) about uber and Airbnb. I'm willing to pay high for quality [login to view URL] work should be completed in 5 days Thanks in advance. 25 Forskning, Marknadsföring, Ekonomisk forskning, Verksamhetsanalys, Marknadsundersökning May 19, 2018 May 19, 20182d 16h kr3940
Market Research I am looking for someone to help me with the market research, preferably with experience in the UK market (based on Post Code). 23 Forskning, Marknadsföring, Verksamhetsanalys, Marknadsundersökning, Internetundersökning May 19, 2018 May 19, 20182d 14h kr2009
Recruit Lab manger Recruiting Lab manager for telephone interview to be done in Canada, USA , Belgium and Netherlands Target Respondents: · Networked labs: Respondents must be responsible for strategy and operations of all labs within the network structure. So typically someone high up in the main lab. Ideally they should also know about the technical needs of the satellite labs. Sometimes these maybe 2 di... 0 Rekrytering, Marknadsundersökning, Marketing Strategy May 19, 2018 May 19, 20182d 12h -
Recruit participants for an online research study in Germany! UserTribe is conducting a research study related to healthcare, on behalf of one of our clients, to bring customer feedback to the heart of their decision making, to produce better services and products. The objective is to recruit 5 participants who had used hearing aid within the past 12 months, aged between 55-75. Payment: - First completed study research: 120 USD - 2 completed research studi... 10 Forskning, Marknadsundersökning, Internetundersökning May 18, 2018 May 18, 20181d 18h kr3827
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