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Linux is a variant of UNIX and is an operating system. It is widely popular and in use all over the world in the form of servers and Linux-based desktops. If your business needs help developing for or working with Linux environments then you can hire freelancers who are experts in Linux. These freelancers can then help with your Linux-related tasks. Start connecting with them by posting your Linux job today.
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HELP WITH NEURAL NETWORKS ASAP PYTHON PM ME ABOUT THE PROJECT NO INEXPERIENCED PEOPLE 3 Python, Linux, Matlab and Mathematica, Programvaruarkitektur, Maskininlärning Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 23h kr2955
Docker implementation of Fiware Orion Context Broker - open to bidding FiWare Orion Context Broker implementation with simple data model Scope of project: 1) Understand Orion Context Broker [Url bortagen, logga in för att se] [Url bortagen, logga in för att se] 2) Install FiWare Orion Context Broker via Docker to our LAMP stack application [Url bortagen, logga in för att se] 3) Integrate existing Weather Data Model [Url bortagen, logga in för ... 3 Systemadmin, Linux, SQL, Apache Dec 12, 2017 Idag5d 21h kr93
apche http apache httpd configuration and set up 15 PHP, Systemadmin, Linux, Apache Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 22h kr219
a portal where user van buy social media engagements+ server bot smm I needed someone who did the following: a portal where user van buy social media engagements server bot smm 13 PHP, Python, Webbdesign, Linux, SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 20h kr303
Need a new web spider scraping program written for the following username BARLOW1 I need a web scraper written for the following url: [Url bortagen, logga in för att se] All information needed is available on the main page. The number of rows will vary. The output should be a pipe (|) delimited file with the following column mappings: origin_city --> data located in the "Location" column before the , origin_state --> abbreviation locat... 5 Perl, Linux, Webbskrapning Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 20h kr1532
mysql recovery confluence db is broken (missing tablespaces) innodb_force_recovery = 6 is not working (broken tables are bandana and scheduler_run_ details 23 PHP, Linux, MySQL, Databasadministration, Databasprogrammering Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 20h kr1339
iptv expert [Url bortagen, logga in för att se] interested for Streamind Panel like xtreme codes or [Url bortagen, logga in för att se] are on market. FEATURES of the system i want Unlimited Streams & Users (With Authentication) Creating Playlists for users Live Streams, VOD, Youtube Support User Agent/ a option to add custom user agent for playlists Load Balancing ( Serve... 8 PHP, Linux, Mobile App Development, Android, Videosändning Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 19h kr5557
Small Python Project Need help troubleshooting my python bot. It will not open when executed. I also need to fix a date sorting feature on my web app. Need this done ASAP. Should be a quick fix 24 PHP, Python, Linux, AJAX, Programvaruarkitektur Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 18h kr1263
Ebay lowest price search I would like an app running on our Linux server that find on [Url bortagen, logga in för att se] the lowest price available for the products contained in the attached files. The app must obtain the Ebay's API cerfitication. The app must: - download the 2 files from 2 differents URL after logged in; - search on [Url bortagen, logga in för att se] which is the lowest pric... 8 Python, Linux, Programvaruarkitektur, eBay, Utveckling av mjukvara Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 17h kr1329
Perl/Cgi Expert developer Looking for a Perl/Cgi expert to work on API and integrate payment gateway with my current ecommerce site to accept payments. Please only experts in Perl and API should apply. Task is very easy and quick For an expert its 1 or max 2 hours. 3 PHP, Perl, Python, Linux, Shell-skript Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 17h kr1145
Upload my WordPress files to my new server Looking for someone experienced with cPanel and WordPress migration to upload my files to my new server and configure it to ensure everything is working fine. File size is over 200 MB so only apply for this project if you have a fast connection. 75 PHP, Linux, WordPress, MySQL, HTML Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 16h kr51
Re-Configure ShoreTel System I am looking for someone that is very experienced with ShoreTel Systems. We will be working with Shoretel Server 20 with Build 19.45.8701.0 - Shoretel 50V and T1k units There are 2 sites connected with VPN, copper lines at one. I require help with setting up and testing the trunks between the 2 sites using the copper from one, and possibly setting up more trunks through an SIP provider. 6 Systemadmin, Linux, Asterisk PBX, Cisco, VoIP Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 15h kr249
Linux, Python, Programvarutestning Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 15h
Write some software I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux using Java. Simple main memory simulater that support both segmentation and paging 7 Java, Linux, Programvaruarkitektur Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 15h kr421
install script on Ubuntu server I need someone who install my script on Ubuntu server 28 PHP, Installera skript, Linux, Shell-skript, Ubuntu Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 15h kr202
To build a recommendation search engine to be hosted on a web server, & should return ‘Recommended’ jobs on the basis of preset qualifiers. We require a complete package that adheres to the following conditions: 1. A recommendation engine which can return a ‘recommendation’ of a job object on the basis of certain qualifiers 2. The recommendation engine would be a ‘Content-based’ Recommendation engine 3. Should have a REST API framework to interact with our frontend 4. Needs to be deployed on an AWS EC2 In... 5 Linux, NoSQL Couch och Mongo, MySQL, Amazon Web Services, node.js Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 13h kr3616
Linux OS RHEL installation We are looking for someone who are staying in Barbados and can install RHEL OS in Barbados. 4 Systemadmin, Linux, UNIX, Ubuntu, Debian Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 13h kr3848
Script to automate posting on steemit with RSS We need a script in python that join RSS feed reading with the steemit posting. we want to use this api: [Url bortagen, logga in för att se] @woung717/piston-api-tutorial-make-a-vote-and-post-using-python with a script that read in a txt file a list of RSS and post on [Url bortagen, logga in för att se] (never post repeat RSS). We need a settings file were informations about stee... 5 Python, Linux, RSS Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 12h kr219
Email creator for 5 dollars I have this info@[Url bortagen, logga in för att se] who i create with plesk when i rent my server at server4you, now i disable the server and not have access to my email. Can have access again to my email or create the same info@[Url bortagen, logga in för att se] ??? 12 PHP, Linux, Marknadsföring via e-post, E-posthantering, Email Developer Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 11h kr59
I need a Ubuntu Admin Hello I m installing the a software on Ubuntu. I have already installed but i have some trouble with that. So i need a Ubuntu expert, i have a trouble with python modules. Can you help me about that ? Thanks 26 Python, Linux, Programvaruarkitektur, Ubuntu Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 11h kr236
build a bitcoin website Install, Develop, Troubleshoot a New BLOCKCHAIN Cryptocurrency on a Cryptonote platform. Part of this project is to 1. Install a KLOXO Control panel and configure a linux VPS. 2. Install and configure and troubleshoot all of the files for the cryptocurrency and GUI Wallet from the website [Url bortagen, logga in för att se] 3. Install, or Write and install a Customer Management platform and ... 31 PHP, Webbdesign, Linux, Apache, HTML Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 11h kr29310
hide .php (nginx) Hello, I want to hide .php extension from the URL. I successfully wrote .htaccess to hide PHP extension from the URL. But nginx is installed on my remote server. 8 PHP, Linux, Apache, Nginx, MySQL Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 11h kr168
Security Check for my CloudLinux Hosting Server I have a Dedicated CloudLinux Hosting Server with around 100 websites hosted: 1. I need my server to be checked for any security vulnerability and provide a good overall security report, also optimize, configure and fine-tune the server settings where required. 2. We are facing phishing attacks especially for a few websites, we need to know if it is a server issue or a website issue. 3. Emails... 8 Linux, Webbsäkerhet, DNS, Webbhotell, Internetsäkerhet Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 10h kr926
Port from one AWS to another AWS account Hi I need someone who could assist us in porting of complete project from one AWS account to another. Please make sure all the content are running from new account. Would be working through TeamViewer as we wont be able to share credentials. 6 PHP, Systemadmin, Linux, Amazon Web Services, Ubuntu Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 10h kr305
Extracting specific data values from xsd file using linux sed utility I have an xsd filexand need to extract specific daya elements from the file using linux utilities. Its cery simple one. 11 Linux Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 10h kr205
Raspberry pi auto launcher I want to use a raspberry pi as a kiosk to show online time. When power is applied, I need a raspberry pi3 to boot up and auto load a web browser and webpage. The page needs to be refreshed at regular intervals, so it needs to run "easy auto-refresh" (or similar) as well. Hide mouse icon when inactive. Webpage is: [Url bortagen, logga in för att se] that's it. L... 24 PHP, Python, Linux, MySQL, Raspberry Pi Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 10h kr1483
robotic's programmer Integrating machine with python program and automation it. 8 C-programmering, Python, Linux, Programvaruarkitektur, Arduino Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 9h kr3672
Upgrade Cisco wireless 1572 EAC to new firmware I would like to upgrade for cisco wireless 1572 EAC to "[Url bortagen, logga in för att se] " 10 Systemadmin, Linux, Cisco, VoIP, Nätverksadministration Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 9h kr951
Create installer for c# project We need to create a running installer for our project for windows and linux. Make sure our camera panes connect to the cameras Make sure the charts and reporting connects to the camera and pushes to the POSTGRESQL 17 .NET, Linux, C#-programmering, Programvaruarkitektur Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 9h kr2162
task: osclass subdomain configuration Dear all, i have a functional osclass website and it's working. it just needs country subdomain configuration. i tired to do it fallowing the guide and it's not working. it redirects to the subdomain but the link is broke. i cannot figure out what is the problem. only people who have an experience about this subject should post their bidding. this is the link to the guide [Url bor... 18 PHP, Linux, Apache, DNS, MVC Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 9h kr1095
Move Somfony website to another domain and server Move Somfony website to another domain and server 30 PHP, Webbdesign, Grafisk design, Linux, HTML Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 8h kr253
SAMBA POSv3 We have a single POS in a restaurant running Samba POS v3. We wish to add another PC and connect the db to make it multi-user. I can work with you locally over the phone for support with physical connections. In addition, there are some tweaks we'd like to make to the database. Samba POS experience preferred. It's anticipated the job will only take a couple of hours. 11 PHP, Linux, MySQL, Windows Server, Databasadministration Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 7h kr101
Database optimization - mariaDB and MySQL Multiple websites running medium sized databases Need to be performance benchmarked, optimzed and tuned for maximal speed 31 PHP, Linux, MySQL, Databasadministration, Databasprogrammering Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 7h kr227
Configure SFTP for my google cloud I have a Google cloud server with one instance I nned to login to. I did something to change CHOWN setting and now I cannot edit the wordpress files as I don'T see the www folder in the server. The folder is there because the website is working, but unable to edit. I need the person to work direct into my teamviewer on my machine. some one to help solve it now 22 PHP, Systemadmin, Linux, WordPress, Webbhotell Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 6h kr236
Linux mail server I will: Install the linxu os Provide you with ssh log in Open needed ports on firewall Change DNS settings at domain registrar as needed Your deliverables Installed and configured working and secure mail server that includes webmail, simple user administration. Emails will work with user@[Url bortagen, logga in för att se] , not with a subdomain such as user@[Url bortagen, logga in f&... 40 Systemadmin, Linux, DNS, Webbhotell Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 6h kr766
Deploy spring framework and mongoDB (Atlas) on AWS cloud hosting I am looking for AWS cloud hosting expert to deploy, configure, troubleshoot, and maintain a deployment of Spring Framework that connects to mongo DB with the following considerations: Setup load balancer for the setup to accommodate higher traffic. Encrypt volumes using KMS. Create users using the IAM web service. Define a clear plan for downtime and scaling instance up when needed. You ne... 15 Java, Linux, J2EE, Amazon Web Services, Webbhotell Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 6h kr3469
System Security Consultant Needed We need a consultant who can help us compile a security classification document for our web application. One of our customers is a large Swedish government agency and they need a classification of our application. There are many technical questions to be answered relating to security procedures, encryption etc. Many of these questions are beyond our understanding so we need help to compile the a... 20 PHP, Systemadmin, Linux, Webbsäkerhet, Internetsäkerhet Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 5h kr3403
Openkore Programming & Debugging Looking for a person to configure and debug the Openkore on Ragnarok Official Server which is Expert in Perl , Packet Analysis and internet protocol. Your job is to configure and debug the Openkore to able fully functionally with the games. There is ready program and require some adjustment to make it work. Several information will be given to ease your job. 9 Perl, C-programmering, Java, Python, Linux Dec 12, 2017 Idag6d 5h kr834
Fix Security issue on WP website on dedicated server HostGator The website has been infected various times by an unknown source, and we are currently experiencing security issues with our WordPress installation. 77 PHP, Linux, Webbsäkerhet, WordPress, HTML Dec 11, 2017 Idag6d 5h kr1154
Setup Web Proxy Server Setup & Create private proxy server that can generate list of private IP Proxies 9 PHP, Linux Dec 11, 2017 Idag6d 4h kr668
Linux - customise kernel, driver development , application development and testing We are using an X86 platform (intel Baytrail) for a transport automation solution. The OS needs customisation to a light weight kernel. Ongoing development includes testing and debugging a surveillance application further and a remote communication module over GSM. Good in depth knowledge of BSP optimisation and GStreamer necessary. Further work involves developing an access point software on the ... 7 C-programmering, Linux, Qt Dec 11, 2017 Idag6d 3h kr254
Need Help Finding Security Vulnerabilities Need Help Finding Security Vulnerabilities. You will not get access to the server. If the Vulnerability can be proven then you will receive a bonus. You will receive the url in chat. Thank you and I look forward to working with you soon. I have many of these projects and can prove constant work for the right person. 28 Linux, Webbsäkerhet, Datorsäkerhet, Nätverksadministration, Internetsäkerhet Dec 11, 2017 Idag6d 2h kr8849
Move an Amazon Ubuntu Linux server running Ruby on Rails and a MySQL database We need to move a server running a web app used for administration of a MySQL database that is constantly updated by a mobile app running on a limited number (approx. 7) of android tablets. The company that developed both the web app and the mobile app is no longer able to support it as they have lost the original developers. We therefore need to move the server and database to 45 Linux, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Amazon Web Services Dec 11, 2017 Idag6d kr344
Setup telnet class to send USSD commands to multiple GSM gateways Setup telnet class to send ussd commands to multiple GSM gateways (up to 10 gateways) through a telnet permanent connection with a menu to choose each gateway. We need to be able to edit the menu of options for USSD commands. 11 PHP, Linux, Programvaruarkitektur, Asterisk PBX, VoIP Dec 11, 2017 Idag6d kr1532
hide .php extension (nginx) 10 min work convert .htaccess to nginx 10 min work for a professional 10 PHP, Linux Dec 11, 2017 Idag6d kr135
Frontend for Directadmin server We have multiple Directadmin servers, those servers communicatie with the Api to Wefact. The next step is a better interface with direct functional buttons so our customers can manage their websites, databases, ftp etc right from the Wefact customerpanel and not from Wefact to hosting and then to the panels of the directadmin panel. More information: Wefact - [Url bortagen, logga in fö... 17 PHP, Systemadmin, Linux, Apache, MySQL Dec 11, 2017 Dec 11, 20175d 21h kr5295
SocioBoard Installation on VPS We would like to have the open-source package SocioBoard with the necessary plugins from the main social media platforms installed on our VPS. 12 PHP, Systemadmin, Linux, VPS, Ubuntu Dec 11, 2017 Dec 11, 20175d 21h kr1389
Hubot for RocketChat installed but not working (debian) I have RocketChat chat server, but i asked for someone here to install me hubot (when you install it, commands on chat should work instantly), but he installed it without been able to make commands work, like it should.... So, Hubot is installed on my rocketchat server but commands not working... 3 Linux, Ubuntu, Debian Dec 11, 2017 Dec 11, 20175d 21h kr203
PCAP ANALYSIS WITH WIRESHARK PCAP ANALYSIS WITH WIRESHARK . 16 Linux, Trådlöst, Datorsäkerhet, Cisco Dec 11, 2017 Dec 11, 20175d 21h kr496
Wireshark analysis Analysis of packet using wireshark 13 Linux, Trådlöst, Datorsäkerhet, Cisco, Nätverksadministration Dec 11, 2017 Dec 11, 20175d 21h kr377
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