Linux is an open-source and free operating system, which runs on many computers, servers and device. A Linux Developer is any tech professional who specializes in developing programs and applications that run on the Linux operating system. They also help install, troubleshoot and fix any issues related to the Linux OS, allowing their clients to use it effectively.

Linux Developers are highly knowledgeable in this field and can provide their clients with various services ranging from installation, selection and acquisition of Linux-based applications, to helping set up a computer or server infrastructure. Their expertise would be beneficial for any business that wants to employ the use of both Linux-based applications and environments.

Here's some projects that our expert Linux Developers made real:

  • Designing creative solutions for GUI elements for user interactions
  • Optimizing server performance and reliability
  • Developing solutions for deploying software within a scalable environment
  • Deploying robust backups and security measures
  • Enhancing the structure of web applications under the Linux system
  • Writing code mapping APIs between multiple operating systems
  • Building desktop applications to execute specific commands

Our expert linux developers can achieve all this, as well as any other custom tasks that may be required. At you’ll find highly skilled professionals ready make your idea reality. If you have a project you need help with or just want an experienced developer to lend a helping hand with technology needs, post your project today!

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    PHP Email Sending Issue Fix 6 dagar left

    I need a PHP developer to help me identify and resolve issues with my application that are preventing emails from being sent. The issue I'm experiencing is that emails are not being sent at all. I've already tried to check the server's mail log, but I didn't fully understand the errors reported. Key tasks and skills required: - Diagnosing the root cause of the email sending failure - Fixing the PHP mail() function to ensure proper email delivery - Analyzing and interpreting server mail logs to identify and resolve errors - Knowledge of PHP, email systems, and server logging Please note that while I have some technical understanding, I would appreciate clear communication and explanations throughout the problem-solving process.

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    I'm in need of a freelancer who can help me flash a Operating system into my Nvidia Jetson Orin NX 16GB SOM module. Scope of Work - 1. Flashing & Configuration: Your primary task will be to install a operating system onto the hardware board. This operation must be precise and error-free to avoid potential issues with the board's functionality. 2. We will give the hardware setup and give the compliable base source code 3. Identify the issues if any (hardware or software) while flashing the OS into the hardware. 4. Fix the issue - hardware or software level Hardware Setup: • Jetson Orin NX device model: Jetson Orin NX 16GB • NVME SSD: 250GB • Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04 • *kernel version = 5.10 • Carrier board: Carrier board is designed by us an...

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    Fix Python Certificate Error 6 dagar left

    I need a Python expert to help me resolve a certificate error that I'm facing in a project. The project is running on my local laptop. Key requirements are: - Troubleshoot the certificate error - Advise on possible remedies or workarounds - Implement the solution effectively Ideal skills: - Strong Python programming background - Extensive experience in working with SSL and certificates - Familiarity with debugging and resolving SSL issues - Experience working on local development environments Your help in this matter is highly appreciated.

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    I'm seeking a skilled professional to migrate more than 10 small business websites from our old server to a new OVHCloud server. Key Requirements: - Experience with OVHCloud server management and migration. - Proven record in migrating over 10 websites. - Proficient in handling small business website migration. The successful candidate will be responsible for: - Transferring all data, including databases, website files, and emails, from the existing server to the new OVHCloud server. - Ensuring a smooth and error-free migration process. You must have: - Excellent attention to detail. - Good organizational and time management skills. - Effective communication skills. Please provide previous experience and references of similar projects in your bid.

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    I am facing some serious issues with the deliverability of my domain's outgoing emails. The situation has become quite dire and I urgently need an expert to help me resolve this issue. Key requirements: - The freelancer should have a deep understanding of email deliverability best practices and experience in solving issues related to emails going to spam folders. - The task involves working on a third-party email service like Gmail or Outlook. This project is ideal for someone who has a background in email marketing or server administration. The successful candidate will help me ensure my emails are reaching their intended recipients' inboxes.

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    I require a professional to help me set up a React.js mobile application, using Expo, on my macOS computer. As a newcomer to both React.js and Expo, I'm looking for a reliable and experienced freelancer to assist me in this process. Key project details: - I have the project files downloaded from GitHub and will need guidance in getting them up and running smoothly on my computer - I am specifically looking to run the application on my local machine using Expo I expect: - Clear communication to guide me through the setup process - Timely assistance given my urgent need to have this application up and running - Attention to detail to ensure the application runs seamlessly Ideal freelancer: - Proficient in React.js and Expo with a good understanding of mobile app development - Experie...

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    I currently have an email domain provider and I'm looking to transfer to a new provider where I can avail better feature set. My main emphasis is on a provider that allows seamless integration with other software. As the task requires understanding of DNS records, MX records and experience with various email domain providers, the ideal freelancer should have: - Background in Cloud Computing and Web Hosting - Prior experience with email domain migration - Profound knowledge of software integration - Ability to maintain or improve the current email settings during the transfer - Strong problem-solving skills to tackle unexpected challenges during the transfer Understanding the urgency and the precision needed for this task, freelancers with a proven track record in email domain ...

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    I have an existing static site on S3 with CloudFront and a newly created WordPress blog on EC2. I need assistance configuring both CloudFront and SSL for WordPress. Key Points: - The WordPress blog will be situated at - I already have a CloudFront SSL set up for the existing working static site on Your responsibilities: - Configure CloudFront to properly link to the WordPress blog on - Set up SSL for the domain, ensuring proper security. - Troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the process. - Create and test code on Terraform sharing the completed code with me - Assist with implementation on my AWS account Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in AWS, particularly CloudFront and EC2. - Extensive experience with WordPress and SSL certificate implementation. - Strong troubleshooting abil...

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    I need a program written in Python that can parse a .mkv URL and extract the audio tracks, video tracks, and subtitle tracks. The program should be compatible with macOS and Linux. Key requirements: - The program should be written in Python. - It should be able to extract audio, video, and subtitle tracks from a .mkv URL. - It needs to be compatible with macOS and Linux. The program should be able to extract the components in a user-friendly way, allowing for easy identification and selection of the desired tracks. A clean and structured output format is also needed. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Python - Experience in working with media files and parsing - Knowledge of .mkv file structure is a plus - Previous experience in developing similar tools or scripts Please note that this is ...

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    Configurar parámetros para cambiar claves, provisionar, consultar, equipos mitrastar, fiberhome, cdata, tengo varios mitrastar con una configuración de fabrica y quisiera que engancharan inmediatamente con esa misma IP

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    I need assistance with the installation, configuration, and setup of Proxmox virtualization software and control Panel for web hosting management. Key Tasks: - Install and configure Proxmox: Proxmox is the chosen virtualization software. You'll be responsible for its installation and ensuring it's configured correctly. - control Panel installation and configuration: The primary purpose of the cPanel is to manage web hosting. You'll need to install and configure it, ensuring it is running smoothly. Requirements: - Experience with Proxmox: Knowledge of Proxmox virtualization software is a must to effectively set up the system. - control Panel expertise: Experience in cPanel/vestacp, cloudpanel installation and configuration for web hosting management. - Networking administra...

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    I'm seeking a skilled Desktop Support Engineer to provide in-depth support for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Here's what you'll handle: - Virus Removal: You should be adept at eliminating pesky computer viruses that interfere with system performance. - Software Installation: As part of your role, you'll be tasked with installing various types of software, ensuring they function correctly. - Troubleshooting Software Issues: Be ready to identify, diagnose, and resolve any software problems to keep systems running smoothly. - Outlook Configuration: Familiarity with setting up and tweaking Outlook for optimal performance is needed. - Hardware Troubleshooting: The full spectrum, from assembling and disassembling computers to hardware repair and troubleshoo...

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    I'm in need of a skilled freelancer who can effectively deploy my Node.js code on an AWS EC2 instance in the Asian Pacific South Hyderabad region. Here are a few key details to provide you with further context: - The operating system that I'd like to use for the EC2 instance is Windows. - It's important that the latest stable version of Node.js is installed on the instance. - While I haven't specified any additional services to be configured, I'm open to suggestions and recommendations from experts on what might be useful for this project.

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    Linux Ubuntu PC Boot-up Issue 6 dagar left

    My Linux Ubuntu PC is failing to boot up properly and displaying an error message: "EFI Shell version 2.40 [5.10] current running mode 1.1.2 map: cannot find required map name". I need someone to help identify and resolve the issue, so my PC can function normally again. Key tasks include: - Diagnosing the root cause of the error message and what is preventing the PC from booting up. - Providing step-by-step instructions on how to fix the issue. - Checking for any underlying hardware problems that may be causing the error. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Proficiency in Linux operating systems, particularly Ubuntu. - Expertise in troubleshooting boot-up issues and resolving error messages. - Knowledge of EFI Shell and its common error messages. - Ability to communi...

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    I'm in urgent need of a seasoned professional to enhance the security of our Wintel servers in Amazon Web Services (AWS). The main objective of this project is to ensure that our servers are secured against potential threats and vulnerabilities. Key responsibilities will include: - Conducting an in-depth security analysis on our current server setup - Implementing industry best practices to enhance security - Setting up monitoring and management tools to ensure real-time security updates Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Proven track record in securing Wintel servers, especially in AWS environments - In-depth knowledge of AWS security and monitoring tools - Ability to work under tight deadlines and deliver exceptional results This project is time-sensitive, so the succes...

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    I'm seeking a proficient Python developer with a strong background in creating embedded software for ARM microcontrollers. Key requirements: - Extensive Python programming - Embedded software development experience - Familiarity with ARM-based microcontrollers You'll be tasked with the development of a specific embedded software solution with specialized functionality for hardware running ARM microcontrollers. This will require efficient Python scripting to ensure optimal processing and system integration. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Python - Experience developing and testing embedded software - Familiar with ARM microcontroller's architecture This project offers the opportunity to work on complex embedded software and should be an exciting prospect fo...

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    I have a dataset ready for model fine-tuning, but I'm not certain about the exact output or performance metrics. I'm looking for a skilled individual who can take over from here. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficient in Python and relevant libraries for model training - Experience with fine-tuning existing models - Ability to suggest dataset improvements - Capability in defining output/performance metrics -Knowledge in Hugging Face platform and python libraries The chosen freelancer will be responsible for: - Running the provided Python script for training - Suggesting any necessary dataset modifications - Defining the desired output and performance metrics - Providing a detailed documentation of the fine-tuning process and results, including parameter choices and mod...

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    Hey Python and Go developers, We currently search for experienced developer that: - has 5+ years’ experience in software development and web technologies - proficient with CI/CD pipelines, large-scale deployment and unit testing - expert in AWS - Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus/Grafana - message queues such as SQS - OTT video delivery pipelines including basic networking concepts, source origination, audio and video encoding, and HLS/DASH packaging including DRM - FFMPEG, x264, x265 Project is to build and support the VOD media pipeline for streaming video, optimizing video encoding, packaging, and delivery. This is long term project and and you have to be able to work in PST timezone. Talent from South America preffered.

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    I am in need of a skilled software engineer for setting Up OJS(Open journal System): You need to install and configure OJS on a web server, by following the installation instructions provided by the OJS documentation. will need the login details

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    Someone who has really good knowledge of NestJS and Redis. I am trying to connect to a remote Redis Server in redis config is "requirepass" activated. I am using Redis 6.2 where I may also use the aclfile Problem is I am not able to connect to remote redis Server. anyone who can solve this issue?

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    I am looking for a developer who is proficient in PHP, C++/C#, and has experience with testing on Ubuntu. The project involves creating software that has robust security features through binary modification and encryption tools. Key Requirements: - Proficient in PHP, C++/C#. - Experience with software testing on Ubuntu. - Ability to implement advanced security features through binary modification. - Familiarity with encryption tools like OpenSSL, GnuPG, and LibreSSL. This project is ideal for a developer with a strong background in software development and security. The successful completion of this project will require a high level of attention to detail and a good understanding of cross-platform software development. Please very professional experts bids me who's working byself ...

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    AWS System Design with Scalability 5 dagar left

    I need a highly skilled AWS professional who can assist me in designing a system on AWS. The system will need to include the following; - Comprehensive system design using AWS resources - Scalability to accommodate growth - Ensuring high availability and reliability - Configuring a secure data storage and retrieval system - Optimizing the system for performance You should have experience in AWS architecture, as well as designing systems that can handle varying workloads. You will also need to be able to optimize the system for performance and availability. Your ability to ensure scalability and reliability of the system will be crucial.

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    I'm seeking a cloud expert to deploy my project on a Hetzner instance, similar to an EC2 instance. The primary features that I want to include are Load Balancing, DDoS Protection and then Host on CLOUDFLARE Key Project Requirements: - Deployment: Utilizing a Hetzner instance and setting up its services Specific Third-Party Service: - Cloudpanel: I would like this to be integrated into the project

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    As a busy professional, I'm looking for a skilled Python developer to assist me in automating specific tasks of my daily workflow. Key Project Details: - The primary area of focus will be task scheduling, where the freelancer will be required to automate the scheduling of various activities within my workflow. - Your expertise in Python and experience in developing automation scripts will be essential to this project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Python, with a strong understanding of automation scripting. - Previous experience in task scheduling automation. - Familiarity with various Python libraries for task scheduling such as APScheduler, Celery, or Schedule will be an added advantage. Please reach out if you feel you're a good fit for this project.

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    I'm currently working on a project that requires expertise in FusionPBX configuration. I'm having trouble with the extension setup which needs immediate rectification. 1. SSL Certificate install 2. Configure Fail2Ban 3. Configure IPTables 4. Poly (Polycom) phones won't download config from server 5. Server will not issue config 6. Configure Shared Line Appearances/Multiple Call Appearances 7. Configure SLA/MCA held calls to be able to be picked up on other phone 8. Configure SLA/MCA live calls to be barged in from other phones 9. Yealink phones do not connect 10. SIP Trunk disconnects from time-to-time 11. Create dialplan for phones so users don't have to press SEND or DIAL after typing in phone number You must be fluent in Freeswitch AND FusionPBX

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    Raspberry Pi IoT with GSM 5 dagar left

    Looking for a skilled developer to help me create an IoT project. I'd like to use a Raspberry Pi paired with a GSM module. Key Features: - Data Collection & Transmission: The project involves collecting and transmitting data. This will be crucial for the IoT functionality. - Remote Device Control: I want to be able to remotely control devices over the network. - Real-Time Notifications: It is important to receive real-time notifications based on the collected data. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Raspberry Pi and GSM modules - Experience with IoT projects - Strong understanding of data transmission - Ability to create a user-friendly interface for remote device control This project will need someone who can not only work with hardware effectively but also has the softwar...

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    Mikrotik Router Speed Optimization 5 dagar left

    I am using a RouterBOARD Mikrotik router and experiencing slow speed on all devices connected via PPPOE. Even though the PPPOE profile doesn't specify a speed, the actual speed being delivered is only 25% or less of the access speed. I've updated both the firmware and the RouterOS to the latest versions, so it's unlikely to be a simple update that's missing. I need someone to check my Mikrotik PPPOE settings and solve the speed loss issue. This project involves: - Analyzing the current configuration of the Mikrotik router - Identifying the root cause of the speed loss - Implementing necessary changes to ensure devices get the full speed as per the access speed Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Mikrotik RouterBOARD and RouterOS - Experience in troublesho...

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    I'm a site owner who's been experiencing persistent DDoS attacks, and I'm in desperate need of a professional who can help me safeguard my site. I've tried various dedicated servers without success and been blocked by companies. I've now switched to a dedicated Namecheap server and am looking to stop these attacks once and for all. Key Requirements: - Identify and stop DDoS attacks: Given that I haven't been able to identify the source of these attacks, I need you to help me determine where they're coming from and put an end to them. - Website Type: I run a link shortening site; you should be able to adapt security measures to this specific type of site. - Security Measures: I've used Cloud Flare and activated their 'I am under attack' fea...

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    ROS2 Python Bug Resolution 5 dagar left

    I'm seeking a ROS2 expert with deep Python programming skills to help me resolve a bug The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - In-depth experience with ROS2 and its Python libraries. - Strong background in Linux environment and troubleshooting. - Proven track record of resolving bugs in ROS2 or similar environments. I am getting an error with nav2_bringup. I get the error on rviz that Frame [map] does not exists. On the terminal logs it shows invalid frame ID “map” passed to canTransform argument target frame - frame does not exist. I know people usually resolve this issue by adding an initial 2d pose estimate but it did not fix it for me. The map does appear on rviz.

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    I am in urgent need of a highly skilled Python developer to create an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system on SIP platform. In addition to the IVR system, the script needs to integrate the SIP protocol and provide excellent audio quality. Key Features: - IVR System: The primary function of this script will be to provide an interactive voice response system for the platform. This should include various options for callers to navigate through, and the ability to play pre-recorded messages. - SIP Protocol Integration: Beyond the IVR system, this script should also be able to effectively integrate the SIP protocol. This is a crucial component of the project, so experience with this protocol will be highly valued. - High Quality Audio: As this script will be used to play audio files, it...

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    Hello , please i face and issue with postfix , i can connnect it via website of testing smtp , but with my client i got an error , please only person who are ready to start working with anydesk now , Jun 13 22:14:45 ns31445008 postfix/smtpd[150724]: connect from [] Jun 13 22:14:45 ns31445008 postfix/smtpd[150724]: SSL_accept error from []: -1 Jun 13 22:14:45 ns31445008 postfix/smtpd[150724]: warning: TLS library problem: error:0A000102:SSL routines::unsupported protocol:ssl/statem/statem_srvr.c:1657: Jun 13 22:14:45 ns31445008 postfix/smtpd[150724]: lost connection after STARTTLS from [] Jun 13 22:14:45 ns31445008 postfix/smtpd[150724]: disconnect from [] ehlo=1 starttls=0/1 commands=1/2

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    I'm searching for a cost-effective cloud server to run my Telegram bot on. I need a solution that is reliable, easy to scale and provides a stable environment for my bot. i also need help migratiing my current bot to the new server. Key Requirements: - The server should have ample storage capacity to support the bot and associated data - The operating system should be one that is commonly used in cloud environments and is well-suited for Telegram bot development - The server should be able to handle a significant number of concurrent users

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    Crear un VoiceBOT en asterisk para automatizar la atención con Amazon Lex , el flujo es una demo de muestra con máximo 4 opciones. Se debe entregar una Wiki del paso a paso, para replicarlo en un ambiente controlado y no trabajar en ambientes de terceros, una vez entregado esto y probado se finaliza el proyecto

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    Windows Site-to-Site VPN Setup 5 dagar left

    Looking for a network professional to configure a Site-to-Site VPN on a Windows operating system using the L2TP/IPsec protocol. Cisco rv320 to Omada er605 there is one between 2 rv320 that must stay intact and add a second on one rv320 to the new omada. Must be done between 7pm to 5am eastern time • Desired Expertise: Knowledge in VPN configuration on Windows is compulsory. You should have in-depth understanding of L2TP/IPsec protocol and operations, and a proven track record in networking. Protocols knowledge will be a significant plus. • Task Details: The job requires configuring and setting up a reliable Site-to-Site VPN that can facilitate a secure and efficient connection using the specified protocol. You should make sure it's properly installed, fully functional, and...

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    I need help setting up a Linux-based VPS environment, specifically Ubuntu, to be used as a development platform. Key tasks include: 1. Server (check and install it and config if is not present) - Ubuntu 22.04 - PHP 8.0 - Maria DB - Nginx - Node -> v16.20.2 - Configuring the environment for optimal performance and security - Ensuring the VPS is ready for mobile app development Ideal skills/experience: - Strong expertise in Linux, particularly Ubuntu - Proficiency in setting up and configuring web development environments

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    php + mysql panel with : can register -> need be with login with username/email and password add user -> line -> -> mac -> 00:11:22:33:44:55 -> pin -> 0000 add mac -> mac -> 00:11:22:33:44:55 -> pin -> 0000 about -> some words about user request to server based in mac if mac is found ->sent back in json reponse if mac is not found ->sent back in json reponse with error

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    The objective of this project is to build a proprietary software from existing code available on the web and to modify the code as well as add more features as per our specifications. We are looking for a person or team that's experienced in embedded systems, proficiency with SPI communication. having worked with especially Raspberry Pi and ADALM-PLUTO and on the Linux and Python platform.

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    I'm seeking a seasoned virtualization expert to assist in our company's transition from VMware to Linux-based platforms for backup and virtualization process. The primary reason for this migration is to enhance our security measures. The following are the key aspects of the project: - Support on choosing the ideal platforms for virtualization and backup process. - Security as primary goal: We want to ensure that our new virtualization and backup platforms are more secure than our current setup. Your expertise in Linux-based software and its security features is crucial for this project. - On-demand troubleshooting support: We require support on an as-needed basis during the migration and setup process. This would include addressing issues, providing guidance, and ensuring a smo...

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    I am searching for an experienced developer to assist in reloading an Android OS onto my current hardware. Crucially, the task involves rebuilding the android kernel and deploying it to the current HW. This requires: - In-depth expertise in Android systems, particularly in OS setups - Proven track record in handling hardware level tasks - Exceptional problem-solving skills for any unexpected challenges - A keen eye for detail to ensure full system functionality post-restoration Applicants should be prepared to discuss previous work of a similar nature. Comfort working with unclear Android versions is beneficial, as the target version was not specified. Please provide relevant experiences in your response.

    $714 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm currently facing a challenge installing Oracle client on Redhat Linux version 8. Key tasks include: - Troubleshoot and resolve the error messages occurring during the installation process - Ensure that the Oracle client is successfully installed and configured for database management use I would prefer someone with: - Strong experience with Oracle client installation - Proficiency in Redhat Linux version 8 - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues My familiarity with Linux command line and Oracle client installation procedures is at an intermediate level, so I may need some guidance throughout the process. Must work thru Zoom to fix the issue or provide neccessary code

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    I'm in need of a tailor-made automation tool with specialized functionality. This tool should be capable of: - Using Python for automation due to its readability and wide range of libraries. - Identifying errors within test implementations, aiding in the quick and efficient correction of any issues. - Operating through a Command Line Interface, allowing for a lightweight, flexible, and versatile interaction. Ideal candidates for this job should have significant expertise in Python, a clear understanding of test case development, and experience in creating Command Line Interface tools. Experience in quality assurance and error detection is key.

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    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer with intermediate experience to upgrade my cPanel & WHM version () to the latest version. The current setup is running on a Litespeed server and hosted on an OVH server. Key requirements include: - Upgrading the CloudLinux OS on the server - Patching and upgrading the existing WHM to the latest version (compatible with Litespeed) - Ensuring the server remains fully operational throughout the upgrade process Successful applicants should have: - Intermediate experience with WHM and CloudLinux - Proven track record of upgrading such systems without disrupting services - Good communication skills to keep me informed throughout the upgrade process - Ability to troubleshoot potential issues and provide solutions Please include details of your experien...

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    NextJS Deployment on DigitalOcean 5 dagar left

    I'm looking for a freelancer with relevant experience to help me deploy my NextJS application on a DigitalOcean server. Here are the specifics of the task: - **Operating System**: The server will be running on Linux. As such, the ideal candidate should be familiar with deploying applications in a Linux environment. - **Past Work**: I would like freelancers to include details of their past work in their applications. The main challenge I'm facing is with the deployment of Dynamic Routes. This feature was working on a previous server but does not seem to be compatible with the DigitalOcean setup. Your role will be to diagnose and fix this issue, ensuring that the application is fully functional. Prior experience with NextJS deployments and server-side rendering will be a sign...

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    I'm seeking a developer to help me disable the current AUTH system on my website hosted on an Ubuntu server. I intend to simplify the user experience by implementing a no-authentication-required policy.

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    AWS API Gateway Expert Needed 4 dagar left

    I'm seeking an experienced AWS professional who has successfully resolved connectivity issues in Amazon API Gateway. In particular, I'm encountering challenges with my private API's endpoint not responding. Key Tasks: - Troubleshoot and resolve the issue of API endpoint not responding effectively and efficiently. - Implement best practices to ensure secure and reliable connectivity through HTTP Proxy Integration. - Potentially reconfigure the networking settings, permissions, or security groups to align with the connectivity requirements. Required Skills and Experience: - Prior experience working with Amazon API Gateway. - Proficiency in diagnosing and resolving API connectivity issues. - Strong background in AWS networking, including VPC and security group configurations....

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    Hacer un server local que se pueda conectar con SNI via ssl con Http injector o Http Custom

    $77 (Avg Bid)
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    I have a website that experiences an SSL error specifically on Google Chrome and Safari for some but not all customers. I'm not sure if the website is configured to use HTTPS or not. - The issue mainly impacts my website users who are using Google Chrome and Safari - The error is related to the Cert Common Name being invalid - I have full access to my website's hosting control panel or server I'm looking for an expert who can troubleshoot and resolve this issue for me. The ideal candidate should have: - Solid experience in SSL/TLS implementation and troubleshooting - Proficiency in web security and server management - Familiarity with web hosting control panels and server configurations - Prior experience in dealing with similar SSL errors on Google Chrome

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    PHP based website (WHMCS) is loading very slow meaning first load time takes forever, I have tried server optimization so hard but it didn't fix, i need expert to get best performance

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    I am looking for a professional who can help me set up and support a Vicidial system for a large team of 200+ agents. The project involves: - Configuring Call Routing: The system must be able to efficiently route calls to different agents based on the defined criteria. - Implementing an IVR System: The setup should include an interactive voice response system to guide callers to the right department or agent. - Enabling Call Recording: It is crucial that the system supports call recording for quality control, compliance, and training purposes. I do not plan on using any additional telephony equipment or software with the Vicidial system. Your expertise in Vicidial administration, call routing, IVR implementation, and call recording will be highly valued. Please ensure your bid ...

    $514 (Avg Bid)
    $514 Snittbud
    19 bud

    I need a Linux Server expert who can help me with troubleshooting and fixing server errors on my Ubuntu-based on-premises server on esxi 7.0 . Ubuntu Virtual server has crashed the server files have been recovered new vm created on new esxi server 7.0 but it fails to boot Key Responsibilities: - Identify server errors and their root causes. - Implement necessary fixes to resolve errors. - Ensure server is running optimally post-fix. Ideal Candidate: - Strong experience with Linux server environments. - Proficient in Ubuntu distribution. - Expertise in diagnosing and fixing server errors. the right candidate should be able to do it in 2hrs support thru anydesk / teamviewer should be available tomorrow morning Indian Stand Time

    $13 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $13 / hr Snittbud
    13 bud

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