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Linux is a variant of UNIX and is an operating system. It is widely popular and in use all over the world in the form of servers and Linux-based desktops. If your business needs help developing for or working with Linux environments then you can hire freelancers who are experts in Linux. These freelancers can then help with your Linux-related tasks. Start connecting with them by posting your Linux job today.
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CPLEX Optimization - open to bidding Need someone who has sound experience in CPLEX Optimization & exp in supply chain management. Atleast 1 end to end project. 1 Linux, Statistik, Rapportskrivande, Research Writing, Statistisk analys Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 23h kr2750
Install ngx_pagespeed on ubuntu Hello, I want some one to install this for me. Linux skills only needed 8 Systemadmin, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 22h kr279
restful api by python tornado restful api is required by python tornado. It will accept the json file and create index in elastic search. 3 Python, Linux Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 22h kr414
Nodejs Deployment on AWS EC2 + Web3 Need to deploy a simple ui application to test a contract already deployed. The ui is already build, just needs to deployed in aws 16 Linux, NoSQL Couch och Mongo, Amazon Web Services, node.js, Express JS Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 22h kr1052
Linux command line tool to display process tree Want to be able display the processes running with nested child processes. 3 C-programmering, Systemadmin, Linux, UNIX, Ubuntu Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 22h kr263
Who Can Make Our Project? Hi dear freelancers. We have make large project. We need may be can maker our project. Who can make this project?? Who trust oneself please write me for more about. Please write me only can make our project someone. 22 Linux, Webbsäkerhet, Android, iOS Development, API Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 21h kr91266
Demo on building packages in ubuntu First thing need to give a demo of packaging in ubuntu. Take a example c code build a .deb package file. that package must automatically add dependencies when i am installing with apt-get. Need address all issues while packaging. Second Thing give a docker demo with above package. need to cover all issues with docker final outcome is step by step instructions in a pdf file. 3 C-programmering, Python, Linux, Programvaruarkitektur, C++-programmering Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 21h kr883
ActiveDirectory on AWS Building an AD on AWS. You must have experience with building Active Directory on AWS. 6 PHP, Systemadmin, Linux, Programvaruarkitektur, Amazon Web Services Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 21h kr534
Install cpanel in Digital ocean VPS using team viewer Install cpanel in Digital ocean VPS using team viewer and create a php 10 PHP, Systemadmin, Linux, HTML, Webbhotell Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 21h kr287
Install cpanel in Digital ocean VPS using team viewer Install cpanel in Digital ocean VPS using team viewer and create a php 8 PHP, Systemadmin, Linux, HTML, Webbhotell Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 21h kr175
Install Magento Cart on a dedicated server need API for Linkpoint Global Gateway and ShippingEasy I am currently on a large shopping cart platform. They stopped supporting LinkPoint and gave us less than 48 hours notice. I can't accept payments so time is a factor. I have a dedicated server through a 3rd party provider. It has a CentOS 6 cPanel 64bit OS. I need a open source copy of Magento Cart installed and the extension for Linkpoint Global Gateway. I also need API to work with Sh... 5 PHP, Linux, Magento, Apache, HTML Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 19h kr1275
Vtiger CRM Issue Fix Issue description: -In vtiger I can create new record for lead or ticket and it gets saved with no problem , however after creating the record if I edit it the change is not reflected. - On dashboard: tickets widget does not show open tickets. 6 PHP, Linux, CSS, vTiger, HTML5 Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 19h kr351
Design a chip for AI Based video codec h.264 for face recognition in cloud AIM: DESIGN A CHIP FOR AI BASED VIDEO CODEC H.264 FOR FACE RECOGNITION IN CLOUD AND INTEGRATE WITH XILINX FPGA BOARD TEST OUTPUT. IAM EXPECTING TOTAL TIME PERIOD IS 6DAYS(25/02/2018) REGARDS D RAMANNA BANGALORE-INDIA PH:08247578666 1 Linux, Circuit design Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 18h kr161
Craigslist Scraper And Python Script I need a script that scrapes phone numbers from [Url bortagen, logga in för att se] and [Url bortagen, logga in för att se] then sends messages to those numbers using a web sms application in a browser. The script needs to be hosted on a dedicated linux server with RDP access. I need someone able to host a script on CentOS7, able to set up an RDP to the server and experienced in mass ... 19 PHP, Python, Linux, Webbskrapning, Programvaruarkitektur Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 18h kr4630
Setup restream server on vps i want expert to setup restream server on new vps... which will have live streaming link in http and restream them in rtmp or m3u8 or ts whatever. 6 Linux, VPS Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 18h kr398
enable php mail function in my ubuntu 16.04 (digital ocean) should be done through teamviewer I need php mail function work on my ubuntu server. This should done over teamviwer 20 PHP, Systemadmin, Linux, Apache, Ubuntu Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 18h kr191
Video script installation And setting the domain and ssl certificate Installing a Video Script on a vps Server And setting the domain and ssl certificate After installing and setting up the script, everything should work correctly. 8 PHP, Installera skript, Webbdesign, Linux, HTML Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 18h kr518
TVheadend Configuration troubleshooting TVheadend with Avermedia PCIe Card. DVB-S please only bid if you really know TVHeadend 2 Linux, Ubuntu Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 18h kr215
Make a share file on linux available in homegroup on windows (Samba) Hello, I need someone to log into my Ubuntu Desktop box and configure Samba for me. It is driving me nuts, cant figure out what I am doing wrong. Teamviewer is installed on linux box. 7 Systemadmin, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Nätverksadministration Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 18h kr183
Malware analysis in Virtual machines You will analyze (statically and dynamically) different types of malware in Virtual machines. There will be other tasks as well. Please contact me asap for more details. Thanks. 7 Linux, Webbsäkerhet, Datorsäkerhet, Nätverksadministration, Internetsäkerhet Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 17h kr1369
Website migration I need a website migrated from one VPS to another. The current VPS is a WHM/cPanel centos machine with a single website based on WordPress and WHMS. We need everything moved including our site, WHM configuration, firewall server software etc. Basically an identical duplicate of what we have only on a different vps/network. We currently backup using CDP R1Soft which I believe allows bare metal res... 11 Linux Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 17h kr263
edit software using open source script on cPanel You will need to edit 1) open source script via software installed on cPanel to match website 2) some parts on website using wordpress - show me your portfolio 12 PHP, Linux, WordPress, Programvaruarkitektur, MySQL Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 15h kr942
Domain DNS expert Our domain [Url bortagen, logga in för att se] is down. We really don't know what happened to it. do you have any solution for it? We dont have its backend details too. start your offer by saying dns. 33 PHP, Systemadmin, Linux, DNS, Webbhotell Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 14h kr267
Login Screen, Sign Up Form, User Profiles, Dashboard, Profile Section Scope of the project is to create a database to allow users to login to a dashboard Key Features Login Screen (Ability to create / recover password feature) Sign Up form (Basic contact information) Dashboard (Ability to add sub sections by permissions in future) Profile Section (Ability for users to edit their profile and information entered on sign up. 97 PHP, Linux, Mobile App Development, Apache, MySQL Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 13h kr1474
We have varnish cache installed and actively running on Plesk server/ Magento2.2, but no cache hit We have varnish cache installed and actively running on Plesk server/ Magento2.2, but no cache hit 6 PHP, Systemadmin, Linux, Apache, Plesk Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 13h kr311
Expert in AWS needed I have a website that I closed in 2014, I just logged into aws, I see that my s3 files are still existed, I have an snapshot of my APP and my RDS, so I want to restore the site. I need an AWS expert to assist me, I did everything myself, since I haven't been on it for sometimes, I just wanted to assist by an expert. Someone who is good on unix, can helping setup the new EC2 for the proj... 20 PHP, Systemadmin, Linux, Amazon Web Services, Webbhotell Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 12h kr263
Proxifier / Redirector for Gaming Hello! I am looking to have a program developed that can "Proxify", Redirect or Re-Route gaming traffic (or any traffic for that matter) per .exe or app basis through a SOCKS5 Proxy or SSH Tunnel. IP and PORT specific redirection is an extra, but I would prefer for it to just be on a per app basis. It MUST include the ability or option to set the socket option TCP_NODELAY and pref... 4 C-programmering, Linux, C#-programmering, Programvaruarkitektur, C++-programmering Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 10h kr756
Ubiquity Router Hairpin NAT We have an ubiquity edge router that we need assistance setting up hairpin NAT on. 15 Systemadmin, Linux, Cisco, Nätverksadministration Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 10h kr7212
i want to fix a bug in U-BOOT bootloader i am working on ARM v7 board. I did some changes on hardware due to that Board is not able to boot, there is a bug in bootloader 8 C-programmering, Linux Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 9h kr4289
Mongo & MYSQL DBA for monitoring and maintenance tasks We are looking for a team that can monitor our infrastructure, mongo,mysql (other as well). will be able to execute maintenance scripts, fix scripts,recovery and general monitoring. this is a LONG TERM project, ON GOING TASK. must be operated by a company with 24*7 support. 11 Linux, NoSQL Couch och Mongo, MySQL, Databasadministration Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 9h kr3762
Block-chain Crypto Currency Project Block-chain Public Block-chain Consensus Proof of Work (POW) Algorithm SHA-256 Wallet: window, mac and Linux Having the API that could be linked to Coinmarketcap and Exchange Website. 7 PHP, C-programmering, Python, Linux, C++-programmering Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 9h kr1458
Creating a Web Services Company I want to create a company in Switzerland hosting website, VPS, servers. I am going to use a Virtual DataCenter for the creation of offers, but I want to have a technical support with a person experienced in Linux, Plesk and cPanel for server management and offer creation. Thank you for making your proposals with the technical knowledge you have and your availability. 10 Linux, Plesk, WHMCS Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 8h kr143
Connect to Seed Nodes, change Mac settings, etc Hitting a wall with error message preventing it from connecting to seed nodes(All servers already setup). Most likely needs debugging. 2 Systemadmin, Linux, Mac OS Feb 17, 2018 Idag6d 8h kr1411
Allow File Access Only If Retrieved From Specific URL The Components: - This is a wordpress blog. - Web domain [Url bortagen, logga in för att se] - Webserver Apache 2.4 - Each post contain embeded video from other server using iframe. - Each embeded video will retrieve a .srt subtitle file from local domain. - Subtitle file will be retrieved using GET method in the url. - The video url format including subtitle file will be: https;//... 7 PHP, Javascript, Linux, WordPress, Apache Feb 16, 2018 Idag6d 7h kr231
Proof of Concept Project - OpenShift3 Tomcat Sample Java War Deployment with file I need a sample proof of concept for OpenShift that demonstrate how to deploy an app to openshift 3 tomcat using a war file and [Url bortagen, logga in för att se] file. The config file will contain database connection used by the app. the sample app can be java sample that can run on RedHat OpenShift 3. deployment must be from gitHub. This is for a demonstration purpose only. To c... 5 Java, Linux, J2EE, MySQL, Red Hat Feb 16, 2018 Idag6d 7h kr335
Email Server Configuration I have an existing server that has Postfix / Postfixadmin / Dovecot / Spamassassin / Rainloop installed already. I would also like Postgrey installed and basic sieve filters enabled. The system was setup was configured to use MariaDB for managing accounts and spamfilters. I need a person to find the errors in the system and correct them so it works properly. It needs to work for 2 domain names, th... 15 Linux, Nginx, Ubuntu, MariaDB, E-posthantering Feb 16, 2018 Idag6d 6h kr924
Image Processing, Python expert needed. I need the Image Processing, Python expert freelancer for my current project. Details will be shared with winning bidder. Please bid if you have the experience. 14 Python, Linux, Matlab and Mathematica, Programvaruarkitektur, Maskininlärning Feb 16, 2018 Idag6d 6h kr252
Video On Demand App We are looking to develop Video on Demand (VOD) app. We welcome teams that have experience in developing this. We plan to develop both in iOS and Android. Any suggestions welcomed. We are looking into AWS VOD offering as well. But we are open for your advice. 42 Linux, Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, Amazon Web Services Feb 16, 2018 Idag6d 5h kr107126
AWS, PUPPET, POWERSHELL Need help in automating using puppet 4 Linux, Molntjänster, Amazon Web Services, Ubuntu, VMware Feb 16, 2018 Idag6d 5h kr175
vicidial pass the caller id when calling extensions HI, i have two server ..hosted at local and hosted server ...i have another PBX where i got 2 extensions 1 install in local and 1 install in hosted server what i want this if call get drop in local server .. call will moved to hosted server ...with customer caller id 5 PHP, Linux, Programvaruarkitektur, Asterisk PBX, VoIP Feb 16, 2018 Idag6d 4h kr574
Duplicate Live Magento Site onto LocalHost (xampp or similar) Need a freelancer to connect via TeamViewer / set up duplicate of live website onto localhost for sandbox testing purposes. 17 PHP, Linux, Magento, Nginx, MySQL Feb 16, 2018 Idag6d 3h kr209
Modify and Maintain a Web Based Application We have a web based application that requires constant modification and upgrades and are looking for an ongoing partnership with a suitably qualified Java developer to assist us with this task. There is also a need to complete an urgent task relating to this app. The details will be discussed with the successful / likely candidates to negotiate a price for the task. The successful applican... 31 Java, Javascript, Linux, MySQL, CSS3 Feb 16, 2018 Idag6d 3h kr3514
virus installation/protection need a person that can thwart virus and guarantee a safe and virus free workforce . also have 25 computers that have been infected by deadly virus and hoping someone can salvage the computers or will have to destroy 19 Linux, Webbsäkerhet, Datorsäkerhet, Nätverksadministration, Internetsäkerhet Feb 16, 2018 Idag6d 3h kr5691
Proxy server on VPS for new program Summary: I want a Server Based Block Grabber for an android program called Amazon Flex. Blocks are released by their server and I am trying to be able to grab them before they get out to other users. I have a program currently in use that I want to base the project off of. You can copy sources and whatever scripts you need from it. But i want to keep this original so alterations may be needed ... 2 Amazon Web Services, Android, Asterisk PBX, Linux, PHP Feb 16, 2018 Idag6d kr1235
Configure opensource app to be able to be installed on a shared host I need to be able to install this app on a shared server. [Url bortagen, logga in för att se] Make changes so I can install without have to edit any virtualhost or apache config files. In essence, should be able to work on a shared host. Installer must be fully functional before any payment will be released. 4 PHP, Linux, Programvaruarkitektur, Apache, MySQL Feb 16, 2018 Idag6d kr207
WHM- Cpanel Queue delayed with 5 or more hours I have one dedicated server with WHM and Cpanel. The problem is that the queue is frozing emails for 5 or more hours (incoming and outcoming). Also there is a domain [Url bortagen, logga in för att se] that is sending thousands of spam emails to the server. I have created a cronjob that bounces all the emails from that domain but there are a lot! The normal quantity of emails in queue i... 21 PHP, Systemadmin, Linux, DNS, MySQL Feb 16, 2018 Idag6d kr470
EC2 instances/ Wordpress Expert We have a Wordpress site on a EC2 instance that is down right now. We need someone with experience to get in there and fix the problem and put the website back on. 37 PHP, Linux, WordPress, Amazon Web Services, HTML Feb 16, 2018 Idag6d kr797
Script in phyton for image processing I need an expert in python to develop a script in phyton to process project automatically with Photoscan software or Pix4D using a databse with informations about the projects to start the processing as a service on windows 10. 11 PHP, Python, Linux, Programvaruarkitektur, MySQL Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20185d 23h kr161
VOIP Phone Need custom firmware Need someone to create a custom firmware for a device. The device already has it's own firmware and works but we need a custom firmware for it. 2 Asterisk PBX, Java, Linux, Programvaruarkitektur, VoIP Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20185d 23h kr1275
installation an Audio File Fingerprinting Tool from GitHub I need someone to run the Audio File Fingerprinting Tool on my local PC/Ubuntu 16.0.4Lts (double boot) more details at [Url bortagen, logga in för att se] My laptop is DELL Latitude E5430 5 PHP, Python, Linux, Programvaruarkitektur, Ubuntu Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20185d 23h kr198
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