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    ...creativity and precision to ensure the billboard is both eye-catching and reflective of our brand's classic aesthetic. **Design Style:** - The design should be classic, incorporating timeless elements that evoke sophistication and reliability. **Key Elements:** - Include our company logo prominently in the design. - Image of our boat lifts. - Incorporate our contact information clearly and legibly. **Color Scheme:** - The primary colors should be blue ,white, and black. **Ideal Skills:** - Proficient in graphic design software (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator). - Experience with outdoor and large-format advertising designs. - Ability to creatively integrate various design elements (logo, product images, text). - Strong understanding of colo...

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    ...This is the FIRST and ONLY product that you can build your own A-Frame home in 2 days with 2 people. Others usually take a month with 5-10 people. Also cheaper ( low labor ), better insulation, better looking. Check my unfinished website to get an idea.. **Key Requirements:** - **Creativity and Innovation:** The ability to mix various video styles for a unique advertisement. - **Marketing Insight:** Knowledge of what appeals to Instagram users and how to effectively promote a product. - **Technical Skills:** Proficiency in video editing software and techniques. - **Communication**: Excellent collaboration and communication skills to ensure the final product aligns with our vision. **Project Goals:** - To create a video ad that distinctly promotes our product

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    I'm looking to increase website's traffic with Native Ads. I don´t need SEO or google ads. Please don´t offer me SEO or google ads. I am looking for an advertisement through an alternatives. We also need to create around 50 campaigns and also connect them with an external tracker.

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    ...skilled freelancer to create an engaging, animated video advertisement aimed at driving website traffic and appealing to a broad audience. The final product will be distributed on Instagram and YouTube platforms to maximize reach and effectiveness. **Key Requirements:** - **Objective:** The primary goal is to create an animated video advertisement that encourages viewers to visit our website, increasing our online traffic significantly. - **Style Preference:** The video should be fully animated, utilizing compelling visuals and animations that attract and hold the attention of people who extend their vocabulary or learn a language. Creativity and originality in the animation style are highly valued. - **Target Audience:** The advertisement needs to resonate ...

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    Source page creation ability (newspaper article, magazine article, academic journal article, social media post, speech, debate, news television program, radio news program, radio talk program, political television advertisement, political flyer or pamphlet, etc.) and the ability for admin to edit background images for the different source page types

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to create a captivating 3D animation that promotes an innovative product. The purpose of this animation is primarily for advertising, aiming to highlight the unique features and cutting-edge technology of our latest offering. **Essential Information:** - The animation should serve as an advertisement, capturing audiences' attention and distinguishing our product in the marketplace. - While I do not have a concrete concept or storyline established, I am open to creative suggestions that align with the project's goals. - The core message must revolve around innovation, showcasing the product as a groundbreaking development in its field. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in 3D animation software (e.g., Blender, Maya, or...

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    ...animation and motion graphics - Strong background in creating animations for a B2B audience - Ability to translate complex product benefits into simple, engaging visual stories - Proficiency with animation software such as Blender, Maya, or Adobe After Effects - Understanding of marketing and advertisement strategies targeting professionals - Portfolio showcasing previous work on similar projects Project Requirements: - Develop a concept that encapsulates our product's benefits in an innovative way - Design and animate a 30-60 second video suitable for social media platforms and presentations - Work closely with our team to ensure the animation aligns with our brand voice and messaging - Provide drafts and accept feedback during the revision process to polish the fin...

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    I need a freelancer to distribute flyers in residential areas targeting an adult audience. The purpose of this campaign is advertisement. Key Tasks: - Secure a considerable number of flyers - Plan a distribution route in residential areas - Actively distribute flyers to adult residents Ideal Skills: - Previous experience in advertisement and flyer distribution - Understanding of the local residential areas - Ability to approach and engage adults effectively This project requires someone who can effectively handle flyer distribution tasks with minimal direction. If you have relevant experience, I'd like to hear from you.

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    ...revolutionize our marketing and advertisement visuals. The ideal candidate will possess strong capabilities in AI-driven image creation, focusing on producing images that are indistinguishable from real photographs. Key Requirements: - Proven experience in AI image generation, especially in creating realistic photographic images. - Ability to innovate and create high-quality, eye-catching images tailored for various marketing campaigns. - Familiarity with the latest AI technologies and tools specific to image generation. - Strong understanding of marketing principles to ensure images align with brand identity and campaign goals. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in AI generative models like GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks). - Experience in graphic design and photo-editi...

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    Lead-Gen via LinkedIn 6 dagar left

    ...and engage with industry-specific experts - Expertise in creating compelling content that appeals to professionals - Strong analytical skills to measure campaign effectiveness and ROI **Project Goals:** - Develop and implement a targeted LinkedIn marketing strategy to generate leads. - Create engaging and informative content tailored towards industry-specific experts. - Utilize LinkedIn's advertisement platform to reach a broader yet targeted audience. - Regular analysis and reporting on the campaign performance and lead generation metrics. **Budget:** Although not specifically stated, I am hoping to find someone who can offer a flexible approach to fit within a reasonable budget, keeping in mind the value and ROI of the project. This initiative is crucial for my company...

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    I am seeking a talented animator to design a captivating 30-second animated advertisement for my brand. The ad should target young adults and fervently communicate my company's firm commitment to sustainability. Animation experience within advertising is desired, along with a keen understanding of how to appeal to this demographic. Additionally, it should align with themes of health and wellness to further resonate with our audience.

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    I'm in search of a talented animator to bring a precise vision to life through a realistic animation. This project is for an advertisement that falls within the 30-second to 1-minute timeframe. Below are the detailed requirements and ideal skills for the job: **Animation Requirements:** - Style: Must be highly realistic, capturing detailed textures and lifelike movements. - Length: The final product should be between 30 seconds and 1 minute. - Concept: I have a specific storyline in mind, which I will share. It requires a keen eye for detail and a strong ability to convey narrative through visuals. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in 3D animation software such as Maya, Blender, or 3ds Max. - Strong portfolio showcasing previous work in realistic animation, idea...

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    As the owner of a video and photo production business based in Mexico City, I'm hunting for an adept SMM specialist. My goal is to boost followers, stimulate activity, and ultimately, score more inquiries for my work. For this project I need someone to help me create ONE advertisement on instagram, targeting the right audience. I already have the content, I just need you to help me with posting. * Target Audience: The spectrum of my audience spans from individuals to small businesses. This time I specifically I want to target restaurants, chefs, food industry in general.

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    ...ability to build relationships with influencers relevant to our brand's niche. - Creativity in content creation that resonates with our target audience, ensuring engagement and spreading brand awareness. - Ability to analyze campaign performance, providing insights and adjustments to strategies for improved outcomes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Instagram's analytics tools and advertisement platforms. - Experienced in influencer marketing, with a knack for identifying influencers who align with our brand values and audience. - Excellent communication skills for seamless collaboration with influencers and reporting to our team. - A portfolio showcasing previous successful campaigns focused on brand awareness. This project demands someone who is not onl...

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    I'm seeking a talented professional who specializes in semantic kernel compilation for Google advertising campaigns. Key Objectives: * The primary goal of this project is to generate quality leads for my tech services. Skills and Experience Needed: * In-depth understanding and proficiency in Google advertising * Extensive experience in ...Objectives: * The primary goal of this project is to generate quality leads for my tech services. Skills and Experience Needed: * In-depth understanding and proficiency in Google advertising * Extensive experience in semantic kernel compilation * Deep grasp of lead generation principles * Familiarity with the tech services industry would be beneficial. Platforms: * We'll be concentrating our advertisement efforts on Google Search...

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    I'm looking for a talented freelancer to help bring my advertisement campaign to life through compelling English voice dubbing. The primary objective of this project is to enhance the auditory appeal of our commercials by incorporating high-quality, engaging voice overs. Here's what I need: - **Voice Dubbing for Commercials**: Your main task will be to provide voice dubbing services for several English-language commercials. These adverts are geared toward a diverse, global audience, so a neutral accent that's easily understandable worldwide would be preferred. - **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Proficiency in English with excellent pronunciation and enunciation skills. - Experience in voice acting, especially in dubbing commercials or related fields. - Abili...

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    Energetic Female Voice-Over Needed 5 dagar left

    I'm currently on the hunt for a talented female voice-over artist who can bring a dose of energy and enthusiasm to a commercial advertisement aimed at capturing the attention of teens and young adults, aged 13-25. This project requires a dynamic voice that can connect with younger audiences, inject life into our message, and make our brand stand out. **Key Requirements:** - **Voice Tone:** Your voice should be energetic and enthusiastic, capable of engaging our target demographic effectively. A tone that vibrates with vigor and excitement is what we're after. - **Experience:** Ideal candidates will have prior experience in commercial advertisements, with a portfolio that showcases their ability to adapt to and energize a script. - **Audience Engagement:** An understanding...

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    ...looking for a freelancer with a well-rounded set of skills in lead generation, advertisement and content writing. Your primary task will be to generate buyer data who are into agriculture business but it doesn't stop there. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Intermediate level in digital marketing - Sound knowledge and practice in Content Writing - Proven track record in effectively generating buyer data To be considered: - Please include examples of your past work, particularly those related to data generation. - Detailing your strategic approach towards generating buyer data will strengthen your application. An individual with a strong understanding of data generation and how it integrates with web development and design will fit this project well. Fluency in exp...

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    I require a proficient social media marketer to assist in increasing the visibility of my company across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Expertise in SEO and website optimization will be essential for success in this role. Ideal Candidate: - Extensive experience in social media marketing and SEO. - Must have a thorough understanding of how to target different types of audiences on social media platforms. - Proven ability to effectively reach out to Young adults. - Should provide evidence of past successful campaigns and social media growth metrics. The main objective is to attract and engage with a youthful demographic, capturing their interests and significantly increasing our virtual footprint across all mentioned platforms. Your solutions should be engaging, inventive, and in tune...

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    I am looking for a talented graphic designer to help create a front and back office advertisement banner. The design should incorporate neutral and professional colors, aligning with a sophisticated look and feel. Specifications: - Size: The banner should be 3 feet by 6 feet. - Purpose: To be used for office advertisement. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven graphic design skills - Strong understanding of color schemes - Prior experience in advertisement banner design - Detail-oriented with a keen eye for aesthetics - Ability to deliver creative and innovative ideas. Your portfolio showcasing similar works would be a strong advantage. I look forward to your proposals. Main Front is the main side to be very catching and professional with log...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to help me create and post an advertisement on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The main goals of our ad campaign are to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to our website. Our target audience comprises individuals aged 35 to 85, so the advertisement must be appealing and relevant to this age group. Key Requirements: - Strong graphic design skills to create visually appealing ads - Experience in social media marketing, particularly on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn - Ability to tailor ads to our target audience (35-85 years old) - Expertise in analytics to track the performance of the ads and adjust strategies as necessary Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven track record of successful ad campaigns that have incre...

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    As an e-book brand owner, I am seeking an experienced advertisement content creator who is proficient in making social media posts and video ads. The target audience for my brand are young adults between the ages of 18-24, and adults aged 25-34. - Social Media Content: The selected freelancer will create innovative, engaging content suitable for the Tik Tok platform designed to draw attention and engage my primary audience. - Video Ads: The chosen freelancer should be experienced in video ad creation, crafting compelling videos that stand out among other content to promote my e-book brand. Skills and experience needed include - 1. Proficiency in content creation for Tik Tok 2. Experience in video ad creation 3. Demonstrated ability to target and engage the 18 - 34 age demog...

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    I'm looking for an experienced ...experienced developer, with knowledge in Unity AR (, OpenXR), to create an educational AR application . The app will be developed for the Meta Quest 3 ,tablet, phone). Your proficiency in app development for AR platforms is a must. The app has the following specs: - the user use Meta Quest glasses (or phone, or tablet) seeing the agriculture crop . - reading GPS location (from a Bluetooth GPS advertisement from an external device, or by UDP packets received from hotspot phone) , the app displays crop info data (retrieved through REST API). - what user sees , has to be saved on local storage, uploaded to a repository or video streaming to a server. Example to achieve:

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    ...craft an advertisement for an online tutoring platform, which will be showcased in a local weekly newspaper, the Bp Weekly Lakewood. The ad should adhere to the following specifications and preferences: - **Dimensions & Orientation:** The advert must be 7.5 by 10 inches and oriented vertically. - **Content Style:** We're aiming for a modern yet friendly appearance. The design should be professional, inviting, and tailored to appeal to both young and adult learners. - **Theme:** The main message should convey a sense of professionalism paired with a welcoming atmosphere. - **Visual Elements:** Incorporation of abstract shapes, vibrant colors, and icons is preferred. Creativity in using these elements to symbolize learning and development is key. - **Color Pale...

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    ...professional online advertisement. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in photo editing software, particularly in retouching and manipulation. - A keen eye for detail and a strong understanding of realistic visual effects. - Previous experience with landscape or architectural photo editing. - Ability to work with tight deadlines and adhere to specific stylistic guidelines. This project aims to create an inviting and winter-wonderland theme for our property advertisement. The final image should capture the essence of a cozy home ready for the winter season, enhancing the appeal of the property to potential clients browsing online. By removing unwanted elements and skillfully adding snow, the edited photo should stand out in online platforms, drawing more attention ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled video editor who specializes in motion graphics and animation with a style that is fun and vibrant. You should excel at creating engaging, energetic content that catches the eye and conveys our mes...- Incorporate a playful, dynamic style in the animations - Use commercial advertisements as points of reference for the desired effect Your skills should ideally include: - Proficiency in motion graphics and animation - Ability to create fun, vibrant content - Experience with, or understanding of, commercial advertisement-style animation. This project requires a keen sense of timing, pacing, and visual aesthetics. Your work will play a vital role in our marketing and advertisement plan, so we look forward to viewing your portfolio and discussing ...

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    Trophy icon ai lash logo 4 dagar left

    a logo to be used on packaging and advertisement media. ai lash is a twist of words and letters to represent the product which is false eyelashes women wear on their own within their makeup ritual. eyelash eyelashes ai is to give off feel of I, but ilash is not an option, and so maybe th ~e a and i should be joined? but very readable. the word "lash" has to be logo-designed to support the overall product image and make the whole TM logo stand out I am seeking a talented graphic designer to create a typography-based logo that radiates a friendly and approachable vibe, primarily for use on false eyelashes packaging and branding.I This logo should stand out in a subtle yet impactful way, leveraging the power of simple yet memorable typography to represent my brand'...

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    Trophy icon Innovative Magazine Ad Redesign 1 dag left

    I am seeking a talented designer for creating a revamped version of a magazine advertisement. The primary objective here is to generate sales, targeting millennials and younger sections of our audience. - You will be required to focus on the unique features of the product that can capture the attention of this tech-savvy audience. - Prior experience with magazine ad design, specifically those that intricately highlight product distinctiveness and appeal to a younger demographic will be ideal. - A knack for modern, creative design aesthetics and trends is crucial to communicate our ad message effectively. Will need to: 1) Update a Draft Version Ad we have, with our company information. 2) Create a version focusing in kitchen and bathrooms The end result should be ...

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    I'm in need of a designer with a knack for modern and clean designs to create an engaging poster ad...knack for modern and clean designs to create an engaging poster advertising digital services. Gather your most captivating poster ideas and get ready to bring them to life! Key Aspects: • The design must convey the vast array of digital services accurately and appealingly. • Ideal freelancer should have a strong background in graphic design, with particular emphasis on modern and clean aesthetics. • Proven experience in creating compelling posters for advertisement will give you an edge. • A deep understanding of space utilization and an eye for detail are invaluable skills for this project. Let's design a poster that harmonious...

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    ...mandatory ensuring users remain engaged and share real time experiences. • News Feed: There needs to be a dynamic news feed scrapes content from individual user activities and trending events. Business Promotion Support: • Advertisement Placement: The app should support seamless ad placement for promotion of businesses. • In-App Messaging: Robust in-app messaging feature for users to discuss advertised businesses or products. Ideal Skills: • Experienced in both Flutter and PHP • Proven record of Social Media application creation • Knowledge in developing advertisement placement • Experience in creating platforms favorable for business promotion In your proposal, highlight your experience with the key features requirements and your ...

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    Elevate Escort Brand Image 3 dagar left

    I'm looking for a skilled writer to help me take my existing personal escort business to the next level by crafting an advertisement that embodies a friendly yet professional tone. The primary goal is to enhance my brand image, appealing to our current clientele while attracting new ones with our warmth and approachability. **Requirements:** - Experience in advertisement writing in the adult or entertainment industry. - Ability to convey warmth and approachability while maintaining a high level of professionalism. - Talent for creating engaging and persuasive content that resonates with a diverse audience. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong understanding of the escort or adult entertainment industry trends. - Proven track record of writing effective ads leading ...

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    Van Modern Branding Design 3 dagar left

    ...create a captivating sticker design for my van, aiming to strengthen our brand identity. This project is an ideal match for someone who excels in modern design aesthetics and has experience with branding for vehicles. Requirements: - Create a modern and appealing sticker design that incorporates our company's name, logo, and contact information. - Design should be suitable for a van, maximizing visibility and impact for branding purposes. - The stickers should be eye-catching and align with our brand's colors and style to ensure consistency and recognition. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in graphic design software (e.g., Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop). - Experience in vehicle branding or similar projects. - Strong portfolio show...

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    I'm looking for a highly skilled animator, well versed in hand-drawn animation, to create a captivating whiteboard video to advertise to footwear retailer all over India. The video will be used on Facebook to generate business leads. Key Responsibilities: - Implement engaging hand-drawn animation techniques - Ensure the video effectively communicates our advertising message to resale our products - Tailor the video to appeal specifically to footwear retailers Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in hand-drawn whiteboard animation - Strong understanding of advertising techniques - Experience in creating content for a business-oriented audience. Let's create something engaging and meaningful.

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    Tech Product Reel Video Creation 2 dagar left

    I am looking for a skilled video creator to create short, compelling advertisement videos. Purpose: The purpose of these videos will be to advertise tech products effectively. Target Audience: These videos must resonate with a professional audience, so a sophisticated, information-rich approach will be appreciated. Tasks: - Conceptualize and produce engaging, high-quality videos. - Highlight the features and benefits of our tech products. - Capture the attention of professionals in an impactful way. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating advertisement videos, particularly with tech-professional targeted ads. - Strong creative storytelling and editing skills. - Experience in creating videos for various digital platforms. - Understanding of marketing ...

    $1500 - $3000
    $1500 - $3000
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    ...categories, add property descriptions, view email inquiries, view stats, get access to dashboard functions only upon paying for a membership, receive billing reports and receipts, register agents add agents, remove an agent , link an agent to a property so that they can receive leads , access to a CRM showing leads and contacts, access to their properties list and ability request further advertisement of each property to the super admin , such as featured property, facebook boosting etc. the dashboard must have tools that enable companies to manage their properties such as publish, keep as draft etc. The developer must be able to integrate the dashboards to the front-end website. Super Admin must have a well-integrated CMS that enables approval or disapproval of properties...

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    You have to do daily 25 backlinks. BUDGET is 1000 RS PER MONTH. I am in need of an expert in off-page SEO activities, with deep-rooted knowledge and experience in social bookmarking, directory submission, classified advertisement, Quora answer, and business listing. • Prioritize Tasks: The activities will need to be prioritized as follows: Social bookmarking, Directory submission, Classified advertisement, Quora Answer, and Business listing. I am looking for a freelancer who understands the importance of each task and how to effectively prioritize for the best SEO results. • Time Frame: It will be expected that these activities are carried out within a month. Efficiency without sacrificing quality is key. Strong skills in SEO, linkbuilding, and time management...

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    Drive Traffic Short video ad 2 dagar left

    I'm looking for a talented freelancer to create a compelling 15-second video advertisement aimed at driving traffic to my website. The target audience for this video spans a wide age group, from 18 to 65, encompassing young adults, professionals, and seniors. This video should be dynamic, relatable across generations, and powerful enough to strongly encourage viewers to visit my site. **Specific Requirements:** - **Creative Concept and Script:** Develop an engaging narrative or concept that resonates with a broad age range. The script should cleverly promote the website while ensuring the core message is clear within the 15-second timeframe. - **Visual and Audio Production:** High-quality production values that appeal universally. Use of vivid imagery, engaging visuals, and ...

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    Google Ad need to have big data, organize the key word cost and return. Continuous improvement and could get better. SEO work Writing blog, improve products,

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    HI! I am looking for a UCG (user-generated content) creator, who can create a promo video in German 1,5 minutes or less) describing an online trading platform. The company is a licensed trading broker. So here is a wider description: Background - a clean and uncluttered background without setup/or a tripod to avoid shaky footage. Frame Composition - Portrait-oriented video. Please make sure you have good-quality headphones and a phone that can take good-quality video. I will provide you with a script, you will need to send me the footage shot on your smartphone. The editing and post-production will be done by the team on our side. The video will be later used as an advertisement on social media. If you have done such videos before, please share an exampl...

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    HI! I am looking for a UCG (user-generated content) creator, who can create a promo video in German 1,5 minutes or less) describing an online trading platform. The company is a licensed trading broker. So here is a wider description: Background - a clean and uncluttered background without setup/or a tripod to avoid shaky footage. Frame Composition - Portrait-oriented video. Please make sure you have good-quality headphones and a phone that can take good-quality video. I will provide you with a script, you will need to send me the footage shot on your smartphone. The editing and post-production will be done by the team on our side. The video will be later used as an advertisement on social media. If you have done such videos before, please share an exampl...

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    Bid only can think from the perspective of my client to make sure he or she can't stop self with diving into the event.

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    I'm looking to create a unique platform for advertising used cars, aiming for simplicity and the latest design principles. The website should stand out by allowing anyone to post ads directly without the need for registering an account, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our users. Here's what I envision for the project and what I expect from potential candidates. **Core Features Required:** - **Ad Posting Form:** A simplified form that enables users to quickly post ads. This form should capture essential details including the car's make and model, year of manufacture, price, contact information, ad title, description, and allow for image uploads. - **Search Functionality:** A robust search engine capable of filtering listings by keywords, car make and model, loca...

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    I'm in need of a captivating advertisement/flyer for my electrical and plumbing business aimed at homeowners and builders. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Demonstrated experience in advertisement or flyer design - Knowledge in the electrical-plumbing sector - Ability to create engaging content for homeowners Key Deliverables: - An attention-grabbing, easy-to-understand advertainment/flyer - Highlights cost-effectiveness, unique service features, and superior quality - Final file in a ready-to-print format.

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    Trophy icon Waffle-Jumping Fish Ad 1 dag left

    I'm in the market for a talented animator who can bring my vision to life in a realistic style. This animation features a fish making an ambitious leap out of its aquatic home to snag a waffle mid-air. This peculiar scenario is intended not just to capture attention but to sprinkle humor into our advertisement, creating a memorable experience for viewers across social media platforms and email campaigns. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - **Expertise in Realistic Animation**: Proficiency in creating high-quality, realistic animations that can make the scenario believable. - **Creative Storytelling**: Ability to infuse humor into animations, engaging viewers emotionally. - **Social Media Savvy**: Understanding of social media trends to maximize the impact of the animation in ad...

    $10 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi xyzseo, how much will it cost for making an advertisement for our product, and making us a shopify website. How long would it take?

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    I'm seeking a talented voiceover artist to bring to life a commercial advertisement with a serious and authoritative tone. This project is intended for radio, targeting an English-speaking audience. **Requirements:** - Proficiency in English with a clear and commanding voice - Ability to convey seriousness and authority through vocal performance - Experience in commercial advertisement voiceovers - Capability to deliver high-quality audio files **Ideal Skills:** - Strong command of the English language - Experience in radio voiceovers - Ability to adjust delivery based on feedback - Audio editing skills to ensure clear and crisp sound quality **Project Overview:** - The voiceover should be engaging, drawing in listeners and effectively communicating the commercial...

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    I'm in need of a skilled video editor to provide a fully comprehensive edit of a promotional video. The video's runtime will be within 1 to 5 minutes. Tasks include: - Basic editing such as trimming and adding text - Advanced editing involving colour correction and transitions - Creating motion graphics like animations and special effects Ideal candidat...edit of a promotional video. The video's runtime will be within 1 to 5 minutes. Tasks include: - Basic editing such as trimming and adding text - Advanced editing involving colour correction and transitions - Creating motion graphics like animations and special effects Ideal candidates have a strong background in video editing and adept in creating engaging promotional content. Experience in advertisement video e...

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    My website () needs two key modifications - I want an expert with in-depth WordPress experience who can competently address these issues. 1. RSS Feed: - It's not displaying properly. I need someone to fix this issue so the feed is correctly displayed. (This error could be because of advertisement placements) 2. Advertisement Placements: - I prefer my advertisements to be seamlessly integrated within the page content, specifically at the top, middle, and bottom of the articles, without interrupting the user experience. Skills and Experience: - Deep understanding of WordPress - Knowledge in implementing and handling of RSS feeds - Proficiency in strategic ad placements

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    I need a 2D animator with expertise in creat...producing a less than 1-minute 2D animated video to advertise a product/service. Key Responsibilities: - Create a high-quality 2D cartoon animation - Ensure animation is less than 1-minute in duration - Tune in animation to focus on product promotion Ideal Skills: - Proficient in 2D Cartoon Animation - Familiarity with advertisement-focused projects - Expertise in creating engaging, brief animations Experience in product or service advertisement will be highly appreciated. I seek someone who can influence the audience in less than a minute. Please provide previous work examples in your bid. Thanks. References to the style of animation I'm looking for: @MinutePhysics @CGPGrey

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    **Job Advertisement: Bookkeeper and administrator for 2 busy construction businesses** Are you a detail-oriented individual with a knack for numbers? Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment where no two days are the same? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you! We are currently seeking a skilled Bookkeeper to join our team and support two busy businesses on a full time basis: a construction contracting company and a flooring business. This dynamic role involves managing financial records, overseeing accounts payable and receivable, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. **Responsibilities:** - Maintain accurate financial records for both businesses - Process accounts payable and receivable transactions - Reconcile bank statements and credit card transacti...

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