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Website Testing is a valuable service that involves using techniques to identify, confirm and document any discrepancies between web applications and a client’s designs or requirements. It helps to determine what works, what can be improved and the overall functionality of the website. By hiring a Website Tester, the client is able to make sure their website is working as intended and meets their needs. It ensures that the client’s website is not only presentable but performant in multiple platforms and operating systems, adaptable to various browsers and able to meet the needs of their customers.

Here's some projects our expert Website Testers made real:

  • Constructing complete sites from scratch
  • Fine-tuning existing websites for better performance
  • Performing mobile website tests on multiple models with different versions of operating systems
  • Enhancing user experience by testing functionality and design
  • Testing for ever-changing web technology, platforms and browsers
  • Ensuring site security and stability

Overall, Website Testing ensures that websites meet all necessary requirements before being launched. By hiring a freelancer to do this job, any issues can be identified before they become serious problems or hinder a site’s performance. If you are looking for an expert Website Tester who can offer the best services possible, then you have come to the right place. Post your project on Freelancer.com now! Our expert freelancers are able to deliver all of this and more at an excellent cost.

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    As a business owner, I am in immediate need of an experienced Wordpress web developer who also has excellent graphic design and logo design skills. This is for a 6 mini websites build. Key Requirements: - Given the urgency of this project, I need someone capable of delivering effectively in a short timeframe. - each of the 5 websites will consist of no more than five pages, so a keen eye for detail is essential to ensure each page is engaging and effective. we have examples of the work we do so you will have proformas to work from. - In addition to Wordpress development, a graphic design background is necessary as you will also be creating the website’s logo and other graphic elements. Skills and Experience needed: - Excellent knowledge of Wordpress to develop a clean and responsi...

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    I need someone to create a Leonardo api workflow integration to

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    Custom Ecommerce Website Testing 6 dagar left

    I'm in need of an experienced individual to thoroughly test my custom-built ecommerce website. The main objectives of this testing are to identify and fix bugs, as well as to enhance the overall user experience. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the website's functionality - Verify the integrity of the checkout process - Evaluate the effectiveness of the product search functionality - Review the efficiency of the user registration and login systems - Provide detailed reports on identified issues and recommended solutions - Work closely with me to implement necessary changes Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in ecommerce website testing - Technical proficiency in identifying and fixing bugs - Strong understanding of user experience pr...

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    My e-commerce website has recently become inaccessible in France due to some kind of country restrictions. This is a new issue, and it is critical for business that it gets resolved promptly. I need an expert who can: - Identify and understand the nature of these restrictions - Apply an effective solution to overcome the access issue - Ensure that the change does not affect usability or functionality - Future-proof the site against further instances Must-have skills for this job include experience with country-specific internet restrictions, knowledge of e-commerce platforms, and superior troubleshooting abilities. Experience with French ISPs and government regulations would be a bonus. As a running e-commerce business, ensuring the website performs flawlessly is crucial - please only bi...

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    I'm in need of an experienced WordPress developer to evaluate my existing marketplace platform for trading digital photos. Key Issues: - The platform has been experiencing functionality errors and a significant loss of functions from vendor profiles. Specifically, the product uploading feature seems to have gone missing. - I am also facing an issue where the team responsible for hosting the platform has expressed the need to move it to another hosting. Requested Improvement: I am looking to have the product uploading feature enhanced with a bulk upload capability. This should allow vendors to easily upload multiple photos at once, streamlining the process and making it more efficient. Requirements: - Proven experience in WordPress development, particularly in the creation of marke...

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    We're seeking to measure market demand for our at-home carboxytherapy product. Our target audience consists of women aged 25-45 across the United States. The task will involve simulating the action of potential buyers clicking on various payment options (such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.), no actual purchases will be made. The ideal candidate for this role should: - Be able to set up advertising campaigns in Google Ads - Select target audience requests - Understand the nuances of the U.S beauty and skincare market Please note payment integration is not required, only the testing activity itself.

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    Website Vulnerability Testing 5 dagar left

    I'm searching for a skilled hacker to help me test the vulnerabilities in my website. - Job Scope: The primary goal of this project is to identify potential security weaknesses in my website. - Access: You'll be provided full administrative access to the website to conduct the testing. - Report: After the testing is complete, you'll be expected to provide a comprehensive report outlining any vulnerabilities you've uncovered. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in ethical hacking and cybersecurity - Previous experience with vulnerability testing on websites - Ability to provide clear and concise reports on vulnerabilities

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    I require a React developer with a deep understanding and hands-on experience of Jest and React Testing Library to write unit tests for a set of custom components. Key Project Details: - **Scope**: I have a series of custom React components that need to be thoroughly tested. - **Requirements**: I'm looking for a professional with in-depth experience in Jest and React Testing Library. You'll need to be able to write unit tests for these specific components. - **Testing Approach**: I'd like the unit tests to be structured by functionality, so that we can ensure every aspect of these components are functioning as expected. Your application should demonstrate: - **Experience**: Please include details of your experience with Jest and React Testing Library, especially in the con...

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    Are you a tech-savvy detective with a passion for perfection? Do you love catching bugs and ensuring everything runs smoothly? If so, we want you on our team! We’re looking for a Quality Assurance Automation Specialist who is not only meticulous and detail-oriented but also excited about creating top-notch automated tests for our cutting-edge online bond issuance platform. The QA Automation Specialist will be responsible for developing and maintaining automated test scripts to ensure the quality and functionality of our online bond issuance platform. This role requires close collaboration with developers and business stakeholders to create comprehensive automated tests based on provided video or text instructions. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in automation testi...

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    I require a unique, visually-pleasing, and informative portfolio website to present specific investment opportunities. Key elements: - Creation of 10 distinct web pages. - Execution of two workflows that range from simplicity to medium complexity. - Integration with a specific unnamed platform. The website's primary focus: - Showcases company profiles: Detailed and insightful profiles of various organizations, allowing potential investors to make an informed decision. - Displays investment strategies: Clear presentation of effective and proven investment strategies, ensuring users understand potential investment frameworks. - Past performance data: Inclusion of past performance data to provide a transparent and accurate depiction of possible returns on investment. Skills and...

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    We need to hire a Google App tester. This is because of the policy that requires 20 people to participate over 14 days. Because it is scheduled to be released in the United States, testers of American nationality are needed.

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    I'm experiencing a perplexing issue with my site - AdSense says my site is down and unavailable, but, I can open the site on a pc and an iPhone. I'm hosted on Hostinger and need an expert to figure out the problem and get approved by AdSense. The ideal freelancer for this project will: - Have robust experience troubleshooting website issues, particularly for sites hosted on Hostinger. - Understand how to diagnose and fix issues relating to why my site appears to be down. - Ensure my site is online and capable of successfully gaining approval. Must have strong communication skills, as I will need updates and recommendations explained in a non-techy language. I'm looking forward to hearing your approach to sort this out!

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    I am urgently seeking a professional to assess and evaluate security vulnerabilities on my demo site. Requirements: - Proven experience in cybersecurity and site hacking - Ability to deliver fast results without compromising quality - Excellent communication skills to provide a detailed project proposal - Flexible availability to start immediately and commit to a quick turnaround Please include a detailed project proposal in your application. I am seeking someone who can work on this as a priority and deliver high-quality results swiftly.

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    I'm seeking a QA Automation Engineer with extensive experience in testing Web and Mobile applications. Key Requirements: - Proficient in using testing frameworks such as Playwright and Selenium - Skilled in implementing Functional, Regression, and Load tests - Experienced in ensuring high quality standards in software applications Your responsibilities will include: - Developing and implementing test plans and scripts for the applications - Conducting thorough Functional, Regression, and Load testing - Collaborating effectively with the development team to ensure all issues are addressed and resolved The ideal candidate should have: - Demonstrable experience in QA automation for both Web and Mobile applications - Proven expertise in Playwright and Selenium - Strong analytical and ...

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    NO MARKETING AT ALL NEEDED! I need to identify the issue causing 1000 daily visitors but no conversions on my Shopify store. It's been active for 1-6 months, and I have made some significant changes to it. I have been actively promoting the store, but I'm still not seeing any purchases. Key requirements: - Deep analysis of the Shopify account to identify the issue(s) hindering customer purchases - Recommendations on strategies to improve conversion rates Ideal Freelancer: - Experienced with Shopify and its analytics tools - Proficient in identifying e-commerce problems and devising solutions - Strong understanding of online marketing and conversion optimization - Ability to work quickly and provide timely results

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    Our mission is to collect overdue accounts and offer a range of collection services in Rwanda. By offering screening and reporting services to the credit bureau, as well as legal services, we offer a complete solution to clients, private companies (banks) and public institutions (RRA, RSSB, BRD, Police, etc.). In doing so, we will help reduce financial losses due to overdue accounts and ensure debt recovery. As a professional debt collection company, EDCR plays a crucial role in collecting late payments, whether for taxes, police fines, healthcare costs or court costs. Our company will also improve financial risk management for institutions and businesses in Rwanda. Profile EDCR Ltd, electronic debt collection company As an electronic debt collection company (EDCR Ltd) specializes in colle...

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    UI Testing & Bug Reporting 3 dagar left

    I need a detail-oriented professional to conduct comprehensive testing on my Website. This includes both manual and automated tests to identify any defects, inconsistencies, and areas for improvement in the website. Key Responsibilities: - Develop detailed test plans, test cases, and test scripts. - Perform manual and automated tests. -Create Test Plans and Test Cases: Develop detailed test plans, test cases, and test scripts based on project requirements. -Execute Tests: Perform manual and automated tests to identify defects, inconsistencies, and areas for improvement. -Bug Identification and Reporting: Identify, document, and report UI bugs and issues using a bug-tracking system, ensuring clear communication with the development team. -Collaborate with Development and Design Teams: Work ...

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    I'm in need of a freelancer to help me create an online test for evaluation purposes. The test will comprise of: - Various question types such as multiple choice, true/false, and fill in the blank - A specific number of questions, to be determined - Different subjects or topics As the client hasn't provided specifics on the number of questions or the subjects, you'll have the opportunity to work with creativity and ingenuity in creating the test. Ideal candidates should have experience in: - Developing online tests or quizzes - Utilizing various question types for evaluation - Creating questions that are clear, engaging, and aligned with specific subjects or topics Your main goal is to ensure that the test is - user-friendly, - error-free, - and provides a reliable ...

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    I need to bring my projects to life with the help of a regular computer. Even at my age, there are many things I can bring to life online. I'm interested in developing a simple and minimalist website along with a mobile application that integrates social media. For the website, I'm looking for a simple and minimalist design. I want it to be clean, easy to navigate, and with a focus on user experience. And for the mobile application, I'm keen on integrating social media. I want the app to be user-friendly, allowing easy sharing and engaging with social networks. I'm after a professional with experience in both web design and mobile application development. The perfect candidate should have: - Proven experience in web design, particularly in creating minimalist and ...

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    I need a skilled performance tester with expertise in JMeter to identify bottlenecks in my web application. This is a test environment, not the live environment, so you'll be working in a controlled setup. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct performance test using JMeter: Your main goal is to identify any bottlenecks in the system. - Report & Recommendations: Provide a detailed report on your findings and recommendations to enhance the system's performance. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in JMeter and performance testing methodologies. - Previous experience in testing web applications. - Ability to analyze results and suggest actionable improvements. Please, only apply if you have experience in this area.

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    Dear all, Important: - please note that this is NOT a full-time position, it'll be only a few hours a week, - you must have some tech knowledge (ability to evaluate if a code is well written, knowledge of tech tools and concepts, etc...), - there is one adult website in the lot, so you must be ok to work on this, - most websites have a database, - do NOT apply if you do not meet the below criteria. We are looking to hire a technical Project Manager for several of our projects. Your role will be to do the follow-up and liaison between me and the developers. We have several projects, some are ongoing, others are to be developed. Our main project is a real estate data site. The ideal candidate should be: - extremely well organized, - excellent English, - at ease with Google products ...

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    We are looking for a reliable and experienced web security expert, specializing in smart contracts and tokens, to join our team as a freelancer. The ideal candidate will be responsible for thoroughly reviewing the security of our websites, verifying updates, and intervening when necessary. Responsibilities: - Review and audit the overall security of multiple websites, with a particular focus on smart contracts and tokens. - Ensure that each update made to the sites is secure and free from vulnerabilities. - Respond quickly and effectively to any security issues related to smart contracts and tokens. Requirements: - Proven experience in cybersecurity, with a portfolio or CV showcasing successful past projects, particularly in the field of smart contracts and tokens. - In-depth skill...

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    Web Security Testing Specialist 1 dag left

    I am in need of a web security expert to identify vulnerabilities and ensure data privacy on my website. The main area of concern is the login page. Ideal candidates should possess: - Proven experience in web security testing - Proficiency in performing passive scanning - Ability to identify and fix vulnerabilities in a login page - Skills to enhance data privacy measures The aim of this project is not to exploit any vulnerabilities but purely to identify them and work on their rectification. If you are well-versed in ensuring secure browsing and user interactions on websites, this project could be a seamless fit. Extra credit for those who can offer input on enhancing security on additional areas such as payment processing and user data storage in the future.

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    I'm looking for a talented web designer to create a futuristic, user-friendly educational website that can effectively handle 10,000-15,000 visitors each month. This website will primarily host manageable video courses, along with engaging interactive sections, ensuring that the design meets the global appeal expectations. Key features need to be integrated into the site are: - **Quiz/Polls Section**: An interactive feature where users can participate in quizzes/polls related to the courses. - **User Profiles and Groups**: Users should have the option of creating personalized profiles and forming groups for better interaction and course discussion. The website's design should be responsive, ensuring a seamless user interface experience across all devices. Skills and Expe...

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    Eliminar virus de una web urgente 14 timmar left

    Presupuesto 30 dólares solo tenemos acceso por medio a hostinger El sitio en cuestión: fue infectado con "Japanese SEO spam hack" (se adjunta screenshot). Al buscar Fullen Chile desde Google, aparece nuestro site con caracteres en Japonés.

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    Eliminar virus de una web 10 timmar left

    Presupuesto 30 dólares solo tenemos acceso por medio a hostinger El sitio en cuestión: fue infectado con "Japanese SEO spam hack" (se adjunta screenshot). Al buscar Fullen Chile desde Google, aparece nuestro site con caracteres en Japonés.

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    cần tìm thiết kế website bán hàng

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    Trophy icon Video Feature Quality Test & Analysis 15 dagar left

    Hey guys as per our new feature of video recording we want to test this feature across different devices. So our scope of test would be: 1. Register on our platform as a consultant 2. Go to Settings -> Enabled Features -> Video Recordings -> Enable those feature 3. Record a short video. To do this: go back to your profile and press Record button. 4. Make SURE that you are speaking real and valuable information on this video so another users could just see this. We do not planning to delete all those videos one by on from platform, so make sure that they are normal. 5. After you record video, press share on Social Media, post to any social media and check the placeholder. What do we need in summary file: 1. We need to get a detail description of UX, problems, pros an...

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    Manual website testing 258 dagar left

    Manual website testing for an electronic medical record system that is being developed. - Areas to be tested: functionality, usability, performance - Test cases and scenarios to be provided by the freelancer - Expected timeline for completing the testing is not specified - Must provide reports at the start of the work day and at the end of the work day. - Knowledge of responsive design, and different display resolutions is required. - Screenshots and/or video will be utilized. The job is "as-needed". That means the hours can be 0 - 30 per week. Freelancer time tracker is required for automatic payments. Post your hourly rate for this job. Freelancers that post a placeholder bids will be removed.

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