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    I need C and CUDA Expert. 6 dagar left

    More details will be shared via chat

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    Hello, I would like to turn on/off my Thermia Heatpump (Hot water) remotely They offer API and I already found a script online that probably does what I need: I just need help to integrate it into my FIBARO Thank you!

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    5 bud
    Python Engineer 6 dagar left

    Looking for qualified & Experienced person who is good with google colab and python Thanks

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    19 bud
    Calculator.py 6 dagar left

    So this is a calculator. It can't perform much but it can perform basic calculations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. It can also calculate with decimal numbers.

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    26 bud

    Need a python developer for an hourly task.

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    We need to extract data of social media users, such as their posts, bio, account type, followers count, engagement, reach, impressions etc. As well as identity, behavioral and demographic data.

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    Data manipulation 6 dagar left

    I would like to generate a new API to show in the home of my Karenderia App all the PRODUCTS of the merchants NEAR ME. As you can see from the attachment there are already working APIs: DISCOUNTED PRODUCTS NEAR ME, MERCHANTS NEAR ME.

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    scraping tool -- 2 6 dagar left

    I need a scraping tool for following page: , , this are like telefom catalog in sweden and I need to download all the information they have published about people and componeys. In the search i need following options: name, last name, city, phone number starts with, age, phone number needed, exact name needed ( spelling ).

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    8 bud

    An automation of google scripts and redshift data was done in python. Need to implement it through app scripts.

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    I need C and CUDA Experts 6 dagar left

    More details will be shared via chat

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    Back end for Web 6 dagar left

    Web development for the training of ship staff.

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    K_Fold cross validation 6 dagar left

    I do have code that is working fine. I just need to add K fold cross validation in this code. The file is attached here.

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    9 bud

    I was trying to filter out some records which are similar in a list/table but I'm not finding a better way to do this. If I have 2 tables I would have used fuzzy logic to get the similar records. But I have only one table and I want to locate the similar records (not duplicate), Can some one help me with some approach. eg : Input Record Count Discount Cannabis,1115 Ouellette Ave,WINDSOR 316 Boom Town Bloom Cannabis,379 Centre St,SHAUNAVON 318 Your Local Cannabis,45 KING AVE W UNIT 2&3,NEWCASTLE 318 Your Local Cannabis,45 King Ave West,NEWCASTLE 318 F&L Cannabis - Entwhistle,5111 - 47 Ave ,Entwistle 319 F&L Cannabis,5111 - 47 Ave, Entwistle 319 Expected Output: Record Count Discount Cannabis,1115 Ouellette Ave,WINDSOR 316 Boom Town Bloom Cannabis,379 Centre St,SHAUNAV...

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    Python program help 6 dagar left

    I need help to compile and run a deep learning python program successfully. The program was about 2 years old and some packages seem to have compatible issues. The delivery should be a runnable venv virtual environment with the proper packages installed. Both training and detection should be able to run correctly.

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    We are looking for individual AWS-certified DevOps professionals or Specialty. Need 3-5 Hrs Daily remote work for 1 year. Preferences to AWS-certified DevOps professionals or Specialty only. Job Description Expertise in Bash, Python Knowhow of AWS tools/platforms configurations EKS (Kubernetes, kubectl), Load Balancer, Lambda, StepFunctions, API gateway. Exposure to Terraform and Cloud Formations. Exposure to GitLab CI, Elastic Search, Cognito

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    imacros - script to scrape data and add to other

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    If you are familiar with Tradingview then you will know that we can apply script stategies to our chart. Problem is sometimes these indicators are private, meaning you can still add them to your chart but cannot see the source code of that indicator (Pinescript) written by the author. You can use Chrome Debugger tool to debug the Javascript and get the Pinescript of public scripts. However, with my limited skill in Javascript I could not do the same for the private ones but I'm pretty sure it is still possible using the same method.

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    Do ETL : Extract-Transform-Load the dataset and find for me some information from this large data. This is form of data mining. What all information can be achieved by mining this data, would be brainstormed by the interns Find key metrics and factors and show the meaningful relationships between attributes. Technologies used - Python, R, Tableau, Power BI, Alteryx or you can use any tools and techniques as per your convenience. Project Evaluation metrics: Code: As per the requirements ● You are supposed to write a code in a modular fashion ● Safe: It can be used without causing harm. ● Testable: It can be tested at the code level. ● Maintainable: It can be maintained, even as your codebase grows. ● Portable: It works the same in every environment (operating system) ● You have to mai...

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    Bigo Live have a game call Cats vs Dogs. User get to pot in their selection. I would like a python script that predict the next round result. The input the will be the past rounds result (which will be defined within the script, or from a csv) ((to predict the next round result)). The prediction should be two out of the three option. Please take a look at the images of what each round looks like. All the previous rounds results will be used for training to predict the next round result (two out of the three) For example: We don't know what round X result will be. The script will give us a prediction of what it should be. It could be: Cat / Tie, Cat / Dog, Tie/ Dog <-- It will choose the best (one) possibility out of these three set) Also, once the round actual answer is provi...

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    I’m looking for a developer to work on ongoing project for a long time. Skill set includes but not limited to Python, PHP, data bases, Amazon API/MWS

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    I have need of one website that have used for bloging content and videos and some projects in which i can write blog and also i can embeeed my video. second i have to make 5 sections first contains c language course , second contains python course,third contains c++ course , fourth contains java course , fifth contains explore more about our courses . i have also need a thing in devloper mode in which i am able to write blog. i also need a review page and also need of a drop box in which student are able to ask their questions. Website name-code for mode founder-Ramo Dixit

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    Python Script - Woocommerce 6 dagar left

    Looking to build pythoin script which connect with woocomerce using API and update existing product values.

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    We need a webapp that allows users to do the following: 1. User authentication (users can register/login) 2. Advanced search - searching for rental and house for sell the available homes for rent in specific area on the map 4-show a pic of each property with description

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    I'm working on IoT project. I'm not very technical. I need help to write a python code to allow raspberry pi to automatically connect two Bluetooth devices to specific serial ports rfcomm0 and rfcomm1. and then I want the python script to automatically start on reboot. would require Video call to show everything in details. I might not be very clear about this so please ask me any questions.

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    Looking for Electrical engineer / Ph.D for signal preprocessing , classification (deeplearning)

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    web site scrap 6 dagar left

    hello I want a file to scrape website data constantly

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    I am looking for a tool that I can run locally on my machine or VPS that will search the source code of a website URL for a certain javascript or css file name. If the name is found it should write that URL name to the database table. If it is not found, it should write the URL/Website name to a separate table. I should be able to input a list of webite URLs for it to process.

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    Web browser extension 6 dagar left

    I do have a python script that does web scraping, needs some adjustments in order to function perfectly, but seems to be some cosmetics adjustments only. Also, want to validate if this script can be leveraged to a web browser extension where the extension, can run the "script scraping" resulting in an excel output with the data the script captured. Is it possible? if yes, please let me know how long usually takes to get this done. 1. Today the script in order to run needs to read some specific fields from a manual spreadsheet with some specific information and then do the work. 2. The goal will be to create a web browser extension that can skip the spreadsheet as a source and goes straight to the website where the data is based in.

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    Looking for a freelancer to scrape data from websites?

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    Data Engineering Expert needed 6 dagar left

    - Proprietary tool for finding influencers on Instagram & Twitter and populating a list of influencers across different categories into our influencer database - Proprietary/API plugin tool that gets the social media, identity, behavioral, demographic, and attitudinal data of the influencers and their audience We're looking to find users on social media and extract data of online & social media users, ranging from identity, behavioral, demographic, attitudinal, etc. Also to build in an automated process that can do this.

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    imacros - script to scrape data and add to other

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    Projeto aula python fácil e rápido

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    Python developer who can code to send bulk sms and email for digital marketing

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    I want to use an existing API to compare images and display the results in a report. Programming for calling the API is now available at: cURL Javascript Python Ruby CSharp The challenge of this project concerns the results display report that needs to be customized, with professional design and a "save as PDF" feature.

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    $31 Snittbud
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    account credentials 6 dagar left

    Scope of the project is to get sandbox api credentials of Amazon seller account

    $3 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    4 bud

    My project is related to API AND AUTOMATION CODE which work with data and historical things Right candidate will be given plenty of work

    $11 (Avg Bid)
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    I need to develop an excel sheet that will give me a customized training program and a nutrition plan based on the date i will provide and it will be automated with a click of a button. Just so we know if we understand each other, this is what will happen: 1. I send my clients a survey for them to fill and the main points from the feedback which i will use are the following: * Calories intake (i will calculate it based on height, weight, age, body fat % if known, active level) * Macros intake (for example: 20% fat, 40% carbs and 40% protein) (every 1g of protein is 4 calories, same goes for carbs and 1g of fat is 9 calories) * Type of food they want (for example: chicken, pasta, red meat, eggs, etc) they pick it from the survey * Workout at gym or home * Number of training days * Muscles...

    $65 (Avg Bid)
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    You must live in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, Latin America, or the Caucasus. I am seeking a high school student or a university student to help me build an Internet of things (IoT) device using MicroPython on the ESP32. (ESP32 is a microcontroller just as Arduino is a microcontroller). Why don't you need any experience? I would rather work with someone who is inexperienced yet very intelligent, rather than someone who is experienced yet not very intelligent. I will ask you a question, which you must answer correctly, to prove to me that you are very intelligent. You must be able to work five days each week for one hour each day. You may choose the five days that are convenient for you. You may work at any hour of the day (or night) that you would like.

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    Amazon MFC Expert 6 dagar left

    Determine if Amazon MFC most cost effective for e-seller with it own proprietary website for wholesale and consumer channels. Calculate all the Amazon MFC warehousing fulfillment shipping costs and compare to other 3pl options.

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    Python Expert required -- 2 6 dagar left

    Need some work to be done in Python Dataframe, will share exact details in chat

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    I'm in need of someone very familiar with OCTOPARSE to help set up our account with the correct data extraction. This is the query URL for scraping. You must configure Octoparse to scrape data after a dynamic parameter query. (according to prints) You need to understand the API, because we are going to integrate Octoparse with our tool. The idea is to offer data scraping from this URL to our customers in an uncomplicated way.

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    data mining -- 2 6 dagar left

    Want a unique project on data mining

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    all requirements inside file (Readme) and also python files that should apply all thing on it and also test files to test your solution . ( please I want simple form of code )

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    Trophy icon web based video review app 19 dagar left

    Web application that will run on raspberry pie running linux. I don't particularly care what languages or technologies are relied upon for this as long as they are common industry standard, but it should be fully documented and commented in code so that another developer can easily make changes or updates in the future. A directory exists on the filesystem that will receive video files from another source. The web app needs to be able to read those files and display them automatically (without screen refresh) in descending order by date as they come in. Initially, the filename should be what is listed in the list of videos. When selecting one of the videos from the list, the video will load and allow the user to playback at 2x 1.75x 1.5x 1x .75x .5x .25x, or forward/reverse frame...

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    I need C and CUDA Expert 6 dagar left

    More details will be shared via chat

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    need numpy based python site data 6 dagar left

    need numpy based python site data

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    Topp Python community artiklar