Physics is the fundamental science of energy, matter, force and motion. Everything in our world is based on the interactions of these elements and a physicist is at the helm of mathematical equations and formulas to fully comprehend them. With an expertise in Physics, one can create solutions to everyday problems as well as provide insight into complex problems.

Physicists have a unique ability to look at things differently, examine puzzles from both a theoretical and practical perspective, and find connections between seemingly unrelated ideas. For example, computer simulations are proving to be invaluable tools for investigating the behavior of physical systems by providing quick, cost-effective solutions to simplify production or design processes.

For businesses looking to combine the power of computer simulation with physics analysis, an expert physicist can make all the difference in improving products or inventing new ones. With their enhanced skillset and knowledge, we can explore beyond what a single traditional science can offer and make real advancements in our world.

Here's some projects that our expert Physicist made real:

    - Creating structures based off physics equations

    - Deciphering scientific videos

    - Tutoring on Physics subjects

    - Developing calculations on Chemistry topics

    - Editing mathematics related to General Relativity

    - Analysing stresses and deflections with ANSYS models

    - Introducing fluid mechanics through ANSYS tools

    - Presenting equilibrium in Chemistry classes

    - Solving physical chemistry questions

    At, our physicists are pros at combining physics and computer simulations to develop algorithmic solutions that better solve problems and lead to more useful outcomes. If you are looking for someone who can tantalize your scientific curiosity and bring concepts to life with their creativity, then a freelancer from our platform will meet all your needs—post your project today!

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      I am looking to hire a writer who is knowledgeable in the field of Radiological Physics and Radiation Dosimetry. The project requires the completion of a research paper according to specific guidelines that I will provide. The intended purpose of this paper is for personal use. I would like the paper to be formatted in APA style. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong background in Radiological Physics and Radiation Dosimetry - Proficiency in academic writing - Familiarity with APA formatting style

      $103 (Avg Bid)
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      40 bud

      Thanks for looking at the post. I require a maths tutor for my daughter who is doing her advanced higher maths course at the moment. Over the last few years she has worked with online tutors from various countries so she is familiar with the process. I have attached the documents about the course. Please review these and let me know how much your rate is. I will be looking for an average of 1.5hrs per week with increasing frequency as we reach the prelim and exam times. If you havent reviewed the documents prior to our conversation then i will automatically rule you out.

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      10 bud

      I am looking for a freelancer who has expertise in ANSYS Fluent and validation of CFD models. The project involves validating a specific model that focuses on fluid flow. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in ANSYS Fluent and CFD simulations - Experience with validating fluid flow simulations - Knowledge of experimental data analysis and comparison - Ability to interpret and analyze data accurately - Strong problem-solving skills The freelancer should be able to work with the specific model provided by the client and validate it using experimental data. Attention to detail and accuracy are crucial for this project.

      $174 (Avg Bid)
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      25 bud
      check paper on black holes 4 dagar left

      I have written a paper on Black Holes which I want to submit to a Mathematics and Physics journal. I need a check: 1. The proofs of theorems are correct. 2. The use of physics is logically sound and clearly explained. You need a PhD in theoretical physics and experience of writing research papers.

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      36 bud
      maths questions 4 dagar left

      it is discrete maths and i need few questions answered with rough work

      $22 (Avg Bid)
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      39 bud
      List compilation 2 dagar left

      Project Description: List Compilation for Research I am looking for a freelancer to compile a list of physics equations and calculations used commonly in undergraduate physics introductory course including mechanics electricity and magnetism particle physics relativity and quantum mechanics. Should include short description few sentences and how to use equation with which units. Specific Criteria: - The list should consist of equations related to a specific topic, which I will specify. - The equations should be relevant and accurate for research purposes. Skills and Experience: - Strong research skills - Knowledge of data compilation and organization - Familiarity with mathematical equations and their relevance in research - Attention to detail and accuracy in data collection This p...

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      26 bud
      Want a chemist phd 2 dagar left

      We already have a chemical that kills bacteria and most all germination in water. We want to upgrade it's kill ratio in order to secure a higher kill rate rating with the EPA. Our present product is already available. We need one more ingredient added to our product to test for a higher efficacy. It's quite simple. Add one more ingredient that we have designated and selected; to our existing product so we can send it to a registered lab that we have chosen. We already know the designation that we will attain and we will send the finished product to the EPA to receive the designation we expect.

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      19 bud
      inverse shadow python script 1 dag left

      I'm looking to create a Python script for a project that involves calculating the shape of an object based on its shadow in a 2D image. Here’s a simplified breakdown of your project: Input: A PNG image file of a random shape’s shadow and the coordinates of a single light source (spotlight). Output: A PNG image file of the calculated item shape. Process: The script should calculate the item shape based on the shadow shape, the position of the light source, and the distance of the item from the wall. The light source’s position can be adjusted with variables. Testing: You plan to cut out the shape from the output file and test it under a spotlight to verify the accuracy of the calculations. Constraints: The shapes are not limited to geometrical figures, and you don&rs...

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      Derivations in physics 1 dag left

      We need to understand the derivations using video escape velocity √2GMr potential energy -GMm/r Centripetal force Mechanical energy is sum of K.E and P.E. What is the basic meaning of this term? Another question - What is the basis meaning when we say potential energy increases leads to decrease in kinetic energy and decrease in potential energy leads to increase in kinetic energy

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      math and physics tests resolutions 4 timmar left

      I am looking for a freelancer who can provide resolutions for math and physics tests at a high school level. The tests cover multiple topics and I need the resolutions immediately. Materials are provided 2 or more days before a test, to help provide the correct answer Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Strong knowledge and understanding of high school level math and physics - Ability to solve problems and provide accurate resolutions quickly - Familiarity with a wide range of math and physics topics - Attention to detail and accuracy in solving problems and providing explanations - Previous experience in tutoring or teaching math and physics at a high school level

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