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Massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG refers to a category of computer based role playing games that enable users to interact with one another in the virtual world of gaming. The users assume fictitious characters and embark on various adventurous games. While designing an MMORPG you must understand who your target audiences are and what they might be looking for. To simplify this, all you have to do is hire a freelancer who can work with a unique game for your target audience. So, just post a job and set the ball rolling.
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Projekt/tävling Beskrivning Bud/bidrag Kompetenser Startade Slutar Pris (USD)
Power Leveling or Multiboxing (MMO Game Player) #10 ItemForge MMO Shop is looking for levelers and boosters. Please read attachment. Right now jobs will involve Diablo 3 and WoW but this list will grow over time. 1 MMORPG, Virtuell assistent Jun 22, 2018 Jun 22, 20183d 15h $3
Diablo/WoW Expert (content in MMO Shop) #10 Job is adding products in online store, using provided source files and/or given sources. You need to be expert to be able to: 1) correct any errors and typos (especially items that do not exist) 2) paste right info into the right place to make navigation through offers as easy as possible (attributes/filters, keywords/SEO etc.) 3) add or at least make a list of missing info (more information, ... 4 Datainmatning, MMORPG, Virtuell assistent, Produktbeskrivning , Produkthantering Jun 22, 2018 Jun 22, 20183d 15h $6
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