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Manufacturing Design is a discipline of engineering concerned with designing products in such a way so that they can be easily manufactured. Processes concerning the manufacturing aspect can be designed in such a way so they can be easily managed, controlled and measured. If your business needs freelancer help with manufacturing design you have come to the right place. Post your manufacturing design job today to get started. From 37962 reviews, clients rate our Manufacturing Design Engineers 4.82 out of 5 stars.
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    Install face masks machines and box machines in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.

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    It's for controller of heated mattress pads, need a creative/efficient/practical 3D designer, who understands the features of products, brands DNA, competition statuses, and tooling/costing.

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    Bridge Design 5 dagar left

    Design specifications: The gap of L=1.5 m (clear span of the bridge model) needs to be bridged using any wood material. Any material can be used to join parts. The bridge needs to sustain three concentrated loads of 7.0 kg, 5.0 kg and 4.0 kg, without breaking (i.e. the mass to be supported by the bridge without falling onto the ground); three buckets with handle will be utilized to apply the concentrated loads along the bridge model. Appropriate attachment arrangements must be included in the design of the model (e.g hooks), to support the plastic buckets. The weight of the attachments will not be included in the weight of the bridge. The attachments should be placed along the bridge model at the indicated positions. The points A and B must be marked on the bridge model. The structu...

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    We are manufacturing unit and need master black in six sigma to implementation of six sigma in our unit

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    Hi Guys, I am building products in the personal hygiene space. Functional testing has already been done for the product. Need someone to help of the looks-like prototype focuses on the look, feel, form, and aesthetics of the product Key responsibilities included 1. Basic Simulation of airflow to decide various parameters ( Fan size , filter size and pore configurations , Fab blade curve , Air flow directions , impact of Air particles on product funtionalirty) 2. CAD file include product dimensions and other necessary details which can go to 3D printing. 3. Plastic prototype of product.

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    I'm looking for a mechanical or aerospace/aeronautical engineer to design an internal structure of a theoretical aircraft/drone given an external structure. In the front rotors there will be a maximum force of 250kg on each rotor and in the rear rotor the maximum force applied would be double than each front rotor. The overall weight should be 40-50kgs and should be able to carry under the belly 250kgs and around 120 Kgs more distributed on the rest of the structure. The materials used should be carbon fiber tubes (32mm external diameter and the attached connectors(images attached)) and alluminium tubes or cnc alluminium parts (further eventual connectors). To be noted that the external structure should be connected too. Note that in the shared file there are missing 4 legs that shou...

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    HOT RUNNERS 3 dagar left

    hi, We team are here to serve your requirement in hot runner molds for Design development in existing molds and new molds, hot runner designs, hot runner manufacturing designs, troubleshooting issues, sales and service.

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    The Design Engineering Supervisor is responsible for coordinating all efforts in their area of responsibility by assigning tasks, coaching and mentoring, directing troubleshooting and improvement efforts and ensuring that staff have the tools and training necessary to perform their duties. The Design Engineering Supervisor will continuously seek areas for improvement in department operations as well as areas of interaction with other departments to ensure quality and efficiency of engineering output. The Design Engineering Supervisor will regularly collaborate with Manufacturing Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, Quality, Purchasing and MIS to ensure that the team is providing engineered solutions per the need of the organization and in a timely manner.

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    Hello,we are an custom plastic injection molding service company from China, we are looking to copywriter for injection molding more than 5 years background you need to know: 1. We need 4 articles every month. products is injection molding solutions, include injection molding, mold making, products development, prototype machining 3. Most of our readers are talented engineers, purchasing, designer, who worked in a large-scale company. 4.I am an Asian, and my English is not authentic enough. 5.I will put these article on my is you native language. My request for you: 1. you would like to be In-depth study of the injection molding or relate. 2. Use google or youtube to research more background knowledge for injection molding. 3. Each article must be at least 1500 words or more. 4. No gram...

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    Solidworks Expert 2 dagar left

    I have a provisional patent I want to make non-provisional. The concept isn't complicated with slight mechanical knowledge. I just haven't used Solidworks efficiently in 10 years. I will check with my patent attorney on whether or not a NDA would be needed, and then I can send photos. Basically 1 large assembly of about 3 items. Preferably with 2D CAD drawings of the large individual components.

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    Mold designer For a press machine.. Please check the attached file before biding

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    MOLD DESIGNER 1 dag left

    injection mold designer needed

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    I would like 25 durable (they couldn't break it even if they use a chainsaw or pliers or extreme heat and cold of some sort), waterproof (fully submerged for 12 hours at the least) and discreet (Doesn't look like an ankle monitor) ankle bracelet trackers that track anywhere in the world even underground or on a plane. I would like them to only be taken off with a key or code of some sort (I want to be the only one to be able to take the trackers off). They need to be breathable and comfortable for babies - teenagers (boy and girls). I also want to know who is who on each tracker (Where each person is at by name on the tracker). I don't want it to have any dead zones. I want to be able to track them anywhere in the world at anytime Even underground if need be. Plus I don...

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    Looking to have a foam part made out of a very soft flexible foam. The Foam needs to be capable of compressing from 2" thick down to .25" thick with ease. I have the molds already made if mold manufacturing is an issue. If this product will work this would be an ongoing project for 50-100 units for the first year and is expected to grow in years to come.

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    industrial leather hand gloves -- 3 12 timmar left

    we need a person who is expert in leather in production of industrial leather hand gloves. managing, designing and marketing.

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