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Computer Security is a critical and demanding field that involves the protection of data, networks, software and other information-related assets. It uses a number of tools and practices to stop malicious attacks while avoiding compromising the usability or availability of the resources needed by your organization. A Computer Security Consultant can provide customizable advice to tailor your organization’s security infrastructure. They can audit your existing security systems to identify potential weakness, offer suggestions on how to best protect against attacks, and develop an overall strategy for protecting digital resources. Furthermore, they will help create security policies for staff and make sure data is secure both in storage and when it’s transmitted between different systems.

Here's some projects that our expert Computer Security Consultant made real:

  • Establishing secure network infrastructure
  • Improving system performance and leveraging encryption
  • Developing security frameworks for organizations
  • Implementing authentication measures for digital identification
  • Evaluating risks of cyber incident exposure
  • Researching the latest security regulations for compliance
  • Crafting secure policies for employee engagement

Our experts have a proven track record of using Computer Security best practices to make sure businesses always stay ahead of any possible threat. From protecting against malicious actors to crafting secure disaster recovery plans, they bring a wealth of knowledge they can plug into existing security infrastructure to strengthen defences. With their help businesses stay on top of new vulnerabilities while running efficiently – without compromising the mission.

With the help of an expert Computer Security Consultant, businesses are able to stay one step ahead of potential threats such as cybercrime or theft. If you're ready to take the next step in proactively protecting your IT infrastructure and want a tailored solution that fits your needs – post a project today on Freelancer.com and hire an experienced Computer Security Consultant to guarantee you’re always safe online!

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    We are seeking experienced cybersecurity consultants for a project focused on assessing and enhancing our client's DDoS protection mechanisms, incident response processes and overall security posture. Budget: ~$7000 Location: Riyadh (Onsite) 60 Days Responsibilities: - Review and assess the configuration and setup of DDoS protection systems, including network and application layer defense mechanisms - Evaluate the effectiveness of existing cybersecurity incident management processes, procedures, and playbooks - Assess DDoS detective and preventive controls from a technology infrastructure and security perspective - Audit the configuration and setup of network appliances (routers, switches, firewalls) for security best practices - Review and optimize the SIEM (Security Information an...

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    As a business owner, I need someone who can create new product listings on eBay for me. This project will involve the creation of between 50-200 product listings. I am looking for someone with: - Experience listing products on eBay. - Knowledge in product description and optimization. - Willing to be paid commission only. This project will be a crucial stepping-stone as we expand our online presence. Good performance will lead to more work in the future. If you have a proven track record of listing products on eBay, I look forward to your bids.

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    I'm seeking a network engineer with expertise in using Cisco Packet Tracer for a small-scale ISP network project. - Tasks: The main responsibilities of the project will involve configuring and setting up the entire network structure including routers, switches, and other necessary network components. Additionally, I will require assistance in ensuring the network is secure and troubleshooting any issues that may arise during the process. - Goal: The main aim of this project is to successfully build and simulate a small-scale ISP network using Cisco Packet Tracer. - Experience: The ideal candidate for this project should possess: - Proficiency in using Cisco Packet Tracer for network design and simulation. - Strong understanding of network configuration and security. - Proven experi...

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    I need a professional to conduct a thorough Threat Model Analysis for my project. This includes: - Evaluating the system being attacked: My project revolves around a PPT file and I want to protect it from unauthorized access. - Identifying the attack surface: The primary attack surface in this case is the user devices. - Analyzing attack vectors: I anticipate cyber security issues like phishing emails, malware downloads, and social engineering to be major threats to the system. - Identifying potential vulnerabilities: I need all possible vulnerabilities to be identified. - Suggesting possible exploits: I need a comprehensive list of possible exploits. - Providing mitigation strategies: I would like mitigation strategies for the identified threats. The ideal candidate should have strong e...

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    I'm seeking an experienced video producer to create a 3-minute video. This video will introduce and advertise my newly patented cybersecurity technology. It's crucial that the video is engaging and provides a clear understanding of the technology's purpose and benefits. Key Points: - The video should be tailored for a general audience and potential investors. While the technology is designed to exceed government communication security requirements, it should be presented in a way that resonates with the general public. - The video should convey my background as a communications intelligence security officer. It must highlight my intelligence credentials, emphasizing my expertise and experience in the field. - The technology itself should be explained thoroughly, covering i...

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    Pentester Red Teamer Needed 5 dagar left

    As a client, I'm in need of a few highly skilled pentesters or red teamers to demonstrate that administrative level access can be gain on hardened targets. Key Requirements: - The primary goal of this project is to discover any potential weaknesses in the security of the network environment and gaps in the cybersecurity infrastructure's configuration. - We need to show the SOC how their security products can be bypassed. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in network and server penetration testing and/or red teaming. - Solid understanding of common security vulnerabilities and how they can be exploited. - Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to think like a cyber attacker. - Proficiency in using various pentesting tools and frameworks (metasploit, coba...

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    Small Scale LAN for File Sharing 5 dagar left

    I'm looking for a networking professional to assist me in setting up a Local Area Network (LAN) with the primary purpose of facilitating easy file sharing among a small number of devices, specifically less than 10. Key requirements: - Establish a Local Area Network: The main goal of the project is to set up a local network that ensures a seamless connection among the devices for file sharing purpose. - Secure File Sharing: The network should be configured in a way that file sharing is secure and only accessible to the authorized devices. - Minimal Device Connectivity: As the network is intended for a small group of less than 10 devices, the setup should be simple and efficient without compromising security. Ideal Skills: - Networking Expertise: A deep understanding of LAN setups and...

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    I am needing a printable marketing flyer created with the following specifications: 8.5"x5.5" @ 300PPI CMYK Front and Back PSD Photoshop editable format Attached is my logo. Also is the template for the front page that we need redesigned. For the front page we just want it to look very much like the attached template. For the back page, we want it to cover it with statistics in a sort of blurb fashion that looks like the attachment. This is just a sample/suggestion and the designer should use their own ideas. The back page needs to have many statistics in short readable fashion related to cyber security. Use referenced from this website: Leave filler text for all parts if you prefer. The logo should be present on both sides but very subtle not overbearing. Also at the b...

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    Cyber Security and IT Team 5 dagar left

    I'm in need of a comprehensive team that can handle a broad range of Cyber Security and IT tasks. Our environment requires a deep commitment to security, efficiency, and reliability. - Cyber Security Team: - Your responsibilities will include managing network and system security, conducting regular vulnerability assessments, and overseeing firewall management. Experience in Penetration Testing, VAPT, is crucial. - IT Team: - Your core tasks will involve maintaining system security, handling day-to-day IT services, and ensuring we have the latest software installed and updated. - Secure Environment Expectations: - I expect our overall environment to be top-notch in terms of security. This will involve implementing effective intrusion detection, utilizing strong dat...

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    Spear Phishing Simulation Expert 4 dagar left

    Lost crypto to scammer My funds were scammed from my account I have all required certifications Scammer used fake platform for trading crypto Preliminary forensic shows my fund is at certain platform Cannot afford legal attorneys fees

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    I'm looking for a white hat hacker to conduct penetration testing on my network infrastructure. Key Objectives: - Identify potential vulnerabilities within my network infrastructure - Perform various penetration testing activities to test the security measures in place Key Requirements: - Experience in network penetration testing - Knowledge of common tools and techniques used for network security testing This project will involve testing the security of both Android and iOS mobile operating systems within my network infrastructure. The ideal freelancer should be well-versed in these areas and capable of providing a detailed report outlining the vulnerabilities found and recommendations for enhancement.

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    I am in need of an experienced professional to configure my Dream Machine Pro for my home network. I live in Langley, BC, Canada, and require the setup for various purposes, majorly: - Remote work - Smart Home functionality The network will accommodate 1-10 devices. We will be dealing with different types of Smart Home devices in my residence, which include: - Smart speakers and displays - Smart lights and switches - Security and cameras The ideal professional for this task should possess excellent networking skills, particularly in setting up and configuring Dream Machine Pro systems. Experience in configuring Smart Home devices would also be a considerable advantage for this project.

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    I'm currently in need of a professional white hat hacker's services. I am dealing with some compromised accounts, and your expertise with vulnerability assessment, network penetration testing, and web application security testing is required. Tasks I need help with: 1. Vulnerability Assessment: Conduct a systematic evaluation of my system's vulnerabilities. 2. Network Penetration Testing: Simulate a possible attack on my network to assess its security. 3. Web Application Security Testing: Ensure the security of my web applications against potential threats. Further, I have been compromised on some of my email and social media accounts. I need your support with: - Password Recovery: Restore access to my accounts by recovering or resetting lost passwords. - Account Verifi...

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    Preferred Commnications and Wi-Fi, Inc. is looking for Watchguard firewall techs for both firewall and endpoint security pre-Install config. and support. Requirements: - In-depth knowledge of hardware firewalls and their functionalities. - Expertise in intrusion detection systems. - Experience with high-risk threat detection and response. - Capable of optimizing firewall settings for maximum security. I am looking for a professional with a sterling track record in enhancing hardware firewall intrusion detection capabilities. If you are up to the task and confident with high-risk threat management, I would like to hear from you.

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    I'm looking for a skilled network specialist to assist me in configuring my existing Unifi Gateway, CloudKey, and Access Points for enhanced security. Key Requirements: - Configuration of Unifi Gateway, CloudKey, and Access Points: The primary goal is to enhance the security of the network. Therefore, the specialist will need to ensure that the configuration aligns with this objective. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency with Unifi network devices: The specialist should have hands-on experience with Unifi Gateway and Access Points. Experience with CloudKey would be a plus. - Network Security Expertise: A strong understanding of network security principles and best practices is essential. Additional Information: - Although the Unifi Switch is part of my current setup, I'...

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    I'm in need of an expert who can help me with setting up Genie ACS on Ubuntu for managing routers and modems remotely. My ultimate goal is to have a seamless and efficient remote device management system. Key responsibilities: - configure Genie ACS on Ubuntu - Set up the system to manage routers and modems remotely - Ensure the system is fully functional and secure Ideal candidate: - Proficient in Ubuntu and network management - Extensive experience with Genie ACS for remote device management - A strong understanding of TR-069 protocol - Excellent troubleshooting skills - Strong security background to ensure the system is robust I'm looking for someone who can work efficiently and independently to deliver a reliable remote device management system. Your experience with TR-06...

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    As a small-scale business owner, I need a proficient cybersecurity expert to address three crucial areas of cybersecurity within my organization: network security, data protection, and threat detection. Additionally, expertise in penetration testing will be of added value. Key responsibilities will include: - Setting up and managing a secure network infrastructure to ensure protection against possible network threats. - Implementing solutions for data protection to safeguard sensitive data and reduce the risk of data breaches. - Establishing reliable threat detection mechanisms to identify and combat cyber threats before they impair our systems. - Conducting penetration testing to identify any potential vulnerabilities and strengthen our security posture. Further, to navigate our specifi...

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    I'm currently having issues with my Radmin VPN on my Windows system. It just stopped working and has been showing an error message - 'waiting for adapter response'. This problem arose after I uninstalled the software then reinstalled it. The ideal freelancer for this project will be proficient in the following: - Windows operating systems - Troubleshooting VPN issues - Understanding of software installation impact Your role will be to resolve this issue as soon as possible and ensure the VPN is up and running without any errors.

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    As a thriving business, maintaining the health and security of our office's IT infrastructure is critical. We're seeking an experienced IT Auditor to perform a comprehensive health check of our current setup. Key facets of the project include: - Analyzing network security: We need a professional understanding of our potential vulnerabilities and the advisable improvements to ensure optimal security. - IT infrastructure: The focus should be on our existing Local Area Network (LAN) and Wireless Network. Familiarity with these infrastructures is thus key. - Access Control: The review should delve into our implemented security measures – primarily access control. Recommendations for enhancing our current setup are expected. In-depth knowledge of LAN, Wireless networks, and a...

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    I'm looking for a skilled ethical hacker who can evaluate the security of a website, specifically focusing on a public Wi-Fi network. Key Requirements: - Identify any vulnerabilities in the system - Conduct a thorough test on the website's security protocols - Provide a detailed report of any weaknesses found Please note that this project requires you to have permission from the administrator of the public Wi-Fi network in question. Your ethical hacking certification and previous experience will be valuable assets in this project.

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    I'm seeking a project manager with a strong background in IT, particularly in networking and infrastructure. As a key player in the role, you will be expected to manage datacenter transfer project, as well as troubleshoot network problems efficiently. Superior skills in datacenter management, risk assessment, mitigation, and cross-cultural communication would be highly beneficial. Since we will be working on ground in Iraq, you should have previous experience managing similar projects and be comfortable navigating through potential risks and issues.

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    I'm in need of an expert who can assist with troubleshooting issues in my APC PowerChute Network Shutdown configuration. The main problem I'm facing is the failure to gracefully shut down connected devices, including servers, network equipment, and storage systems. Key Points: - The main issue is the failure to gracefully shut down connected devices. This is consistent across all devices and I need an expert who can identify the root cause and implement a solution. - The devices connected include servers, network equipment, and storage systems. - It's important that the freelancer has experience with APC PowerChute Network Shutdown configuration troubleshooting. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in APC PowerChute Network Shutdown configuration. - Experience in ...

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    I am looking for an experienced hacker who would help me modify games scores or currency in an online gaming site called "Rockingplay". This project is partly for personal gain, but also partly to expose potential vulnerabilities within the system. Key Tasks: - Unauthorized access into Rockingplay to modify game scores or currency - Extend the time allowance for bets Essential skills: - Expertise in ethical hacking - Experience with online gaming sites is a must. - Strong understanding of online betting system mechanics. - Excellent problem identification and security vulnerability detection abilities. This project requires a balance of discretion and transparency, your guiding principle should be ethical hacking.

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    As instructed by my bank, I require a comprehensive check of my PC, Mac Mini, and iPhone. There's a potential compromise involving malware or keystroke monitoring suspected. The task will require: - Comprehensive device scanning - Identifying and eliminating potential malware or keystroke monitoring agents - Provide an IT report certifying the devices' safety post-cleanup Ideal freelancers should possess strong experience in device security, particularly within PC, Mac Mini, and iPhone ecosystems. Please note, there're no specific files, folders, or applications targeted - the entire devices require a review. My home is at Chatswood and parking is not an issue. Alternatively, I may be able to come to you.

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    I'm currently seeking a competent IT Systems Administrator to join our large team. You'll primarily be responsible for network administration, server management, and software installation and updates. Key responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: - Managing and maintaining our network and server infrastructure - Implementing necessary software updates and installations Ideal candidates will have proven experience in a similar role, with a strong understanding of IT support services. They should be comfortable working in a team of more than five and collaborating with existing IT support members. The successful IT Systems Administrator will need to be proactive, responsible, and effective at communicating with non-technical team members. Demonstrated skills in ...

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    This project aims to dive deep into network security through research and analysis. In particular, we will: 1. Explore aspects of network security 2. Develop and apply methodologies for researching both real-world and theoretical incidences of security breaches. Ideally, you would have a foundation in cyber security, with a focus on network protection. Experience with risk assessment and management is a welcome addition. The ability to balance the theoretical with practical application will also be crucial.

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    I'm seeking an experienced cyber security professional who can help draft a comprehensive cyber security assessment proposal for our organization. Key Requirements: - Proven experience in cyber security assessment and proposal drafting. - Knowledge and experience in the following areas: Network security, Data protection, and Incident response. - Experience with compliance standards, specifically NIST Cybersecurity Framework. - Skill in tailoring a proposal to the specific needs of a small network. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in cyber security, and a proven track record of drafting and implementing comprehensive security proposals. They should be familiar with NIST Cybersecurity Framework and have an acute understanding of network security, data protection, a...

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    I'm in need of a logistical expert to help streamline the operations and efficiency of our pickup truck fleet. The ideal candidate will have experience in route planning, load optimization, and real-time tracking, specifically for pickup trucks. Key Responsibilities: - Designing efficient routes for our pickup trucks to ensure on-time delivery and optimize fuel consumption. - Implementing a load optimization system to maximize the carrying capacity of our pickup trucks without compromising safety. - Setting up a real-time tracking system to monitor the movement and progress of the fleet. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in logistics and supply chain management. - Expertise in route planning and load optimization. - Proficiency in real-time tracking tools and systems. - Familiarity ...

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    I'm seeking an expert in industrial security to help develop a comprehensive course for security guards and industrial workers. Requirements: - Knowledge of security protocols - Experience in industrial security - Familiarity with surveillance systems - Excellent communication and conflict management skills - Ability to cover topics such as security systems & operation functions, security supervisory skills, and physical fitness & self-defence

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    I'm in need of an experienced Netapp server hardware engineer to help me with troubleshooting, configuring, and installing server components. Key Tasks: - Troubleshoot hardware issues: The server is experiencing hard disk and motherboard failure, leading to performance issues and potential data loss. The ideal candidate will be proficient in diagnosing and resolving these hardware problems promptly. - Configuring Netapp server: I require assistance with configuring the server to ensure optimal performance and security. Proficiency with Netapp server setup and configuration is a must. - Installing server components: The successful candidate will also be responsible for installing new hardware components to replace those that have failed. Ideal Candidate: - Experience with Netapp ser...

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    Wazuh Configuration Expert Needed 2 dagar left

    I'm seeking a competent Wazuh professional who can provide assistance in several key areas. This requires a deep understanding of Wazuh, as well as other security systems that it can interact with. Key Responsibilities: - Installing and configuring Wazuh on my network. - Integrating Wazuh with my existing SIEM, IDS, and Log Management systems. - Developing custom rules in Wazuh as needed for my specific requirements. The ideal candidate is expected to be proactive, responsive to emails and also have a keen eye for security issues that may need custom rules to be created. Previous experience with Wazuh is important, as is a strong familiarity with the systems Wazuh is likely to interact with. This includes SIEM, IDS, and Log Management systems. Your ability to work independently an...

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    I'm in need of seasoned Red Hat Certified & Licensed Trainers to conduct training on Linux Administration, Networking and Security. The ideal candidate would have a depth of knowledge in these areas and be able to effectively deliver this information to a diverse group of learners. Key responsibilities will include: - Structuring and delivering engaging, interactive training sessions on Linux Administration, Networking and Security. - Conducting practical exercises to reinforce learning and ensure understanding of the concepts. - Providing clear and concise explanations of complex technical information. - Adapting the course content to suit a hybrid (Combination of In-person and Online) delivery format. Skills and Experience required: - Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) status ...

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    Small Office Networking Design 2 dagar left

    I'm in need of a networking expert to design a network for my office. It's a small setup with fewer than 10 employees. Key Requirements: - Design a network that enables internet access, file sharing, communication, and collaboration - The network should be able to efficiently handle the needs of the employees - As we don't have remote workers, the focus is on ensuring the on-site network is secure and robust. - Media streaming via wifi - NAC implementation - Online browse policy, social network, and other inappropriate site restrictions Ideal Skillsets: - Proficiency in networking design for small offices - Experience in setting up networks for file sharing and communication - Ability to ensure network security and reliability - Excellent communication skills and the ab...

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    I'm looking for a network specialist to install a Ubiquiti-based network in my home. The main device to be installed is the UniFi Dream Machine. Cat5 already installed throughout the home. Would like additional unifi access (U6 Wall) points to ensure full coverage. Key Requirements: - Full home network setup: This includes configuring the UniFi Dream Machine and ensuring proper connectivity throughout the premises. - Ensure Bell Fibe full functioning with Dream Wall and IPTV utilizing 10gSFP to obtain maximum speeds. - train homeowners on network and firewall (in person) - provide information on how to add cameras (in person) - terminate Cat5 cables at Dream Wall and install 2 U6 In-Wall devices (termination also required) - local only Ideal Skills/Experience: - Proficiency with Ubi...

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to help with the following task: - Shortening the current alphanumeric wifi voucher codes to 6 digits. - Ensuring the 6-digit codes are still unique and secure for distribution via printed cards. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Pfsense 2.7.2 - Expertise in network security and code encryption

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    I'm looking for a knowledgeable and experienced individual to review my technical project, specifically focusing on network security, cyber attacks, and comprehensive testing. Key Requirements: - In-depth knowledge of network security, cyber attacks, and testing methodologies - Proven experience in identifying vulnerabilities and protecting against cyber attacks - Ability to conduct comprehensive testing and provide detailed reports - Experience working with Raspberry Pi and understanding its security concerns The ideal candidate will have a strong background in cyber security and will be able to provide insights and recommendations to enhance the security of the project.

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    I need an expert in VPN routers to assist me in setting up a router for a VPN switch. To show I am working in USA while I live in another country

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    I am on the hunt for an ambitious, entry level Cybersecurity Analyst to secure the digital assets and ensure the integrity of the Windows systems utilized by SecureGuard Solutions. Key responsibilities include: - Monitoring network traffic continuously - Conducting vulnerability assessments regularly - Implementing robust security measures promptly The ideal candidate must demonstrate a solid understanding of Windows systems and an unwavering dedication to cybersecurity. This entry level position is a unique opportunity for the right individual to contribute to our enterprise's wider cybersecurity strategy by detecting and preventing threats before they materialize.

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    I'm in serious need of a guru in Networking, with demonstrated proficiency in C++. The exact programming paradigm you would be working with was left unspecified, affording you enough flexibility. This project would benefit from: - Deep understanding of Networking principles - Fluent C++ programming skills - Ability to work in a not specified programming paradigm You're invited to share proposals if you're confident in your flexibility and adaptability. Looking forward to scrutinizing how your expertise aligns with my project demands.

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    AI Development cyber security 1 dag left

    I am looking for an artificial intelligence developer to develop a cybersecurity module using the famous vulnerability logging site CVE As the model is trained on all web vulnerabilities and server vulnerabilities presented, then we provide it, for example, with our website, so it searches for gaps or security problems. Then it gives us reports with the severity rating of the vulnerability, whether inside the server or on the site itself This is a CVE database that the freelancer choosing for this topic might benefit from The model must be highly developed and highly trained

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    I'm in need of a knowledgeable Blockchain Engineer with a robust understanding of Solidity for the creation of a cutting-edge Cryptocurrency Exchange platform. Key Responsibilities: - Design, develop, and deploy a secure and efficient Cryptocurrency Exchange. Ideal Skills: - Solid working knowledge of Solidity programming language is a must. - Prior experience in designing and implementing crypto exchanges will be highly appreciated. - Profound understanding of blockchain technology, its application, and its potential. Note: Specific cryptocurrencies to be supported within the exchange are yet to be decided. Your suggestions would be a great addition during our brainstorming process. This opportunity is perfect for champions who thrive on challenges and innovation. I loo...

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    We are in urgent need of an OVH Server Security Specialist to address recurring security issues with our server. Our server has been frequently compromised by viruses, resulting in the creation of malicious files and folders across directories. Additionally, these viruses have been generating .htaccess files that block access to internal pages of our websites. We are seeking an experienced professional who specializes in OVH server security to configure and implement optimal security measures. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of effectively securing OVH servers against various threats and vulnerabilities. Key Responsibilities: 1- Conduct a comprehensive audit of our OVH server to identify existing security vulnerabilities and compromised areas. 2- Develop and implement...

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    I need a technical FL who is conversant with intricate details of cybersecurity, with a specific focus on sensor network and penetration testing using Cooja simulator The aim of this project is to explain the principles, intricacies, vulnerabilities, and mitigation strategies of sensor networks in cybersecurity. However, the twist here is, the information needs to be broken down to a level that non-technical decision-makers can understand. More details about time frame and milestones will be discussed in the chat window. - The freelancer should have: - Deep knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity and sensor networks. - Strong technical writing skills, with proven ability to simplify complex concepts. - Experience in communicating technical ideas to non-technical audi...

    $15 - $25 / hr
    $15 - $25 / hr
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    I need a technical FL who is conversant with intricate details of cybersecurity, with a specific focus on sensor network and penetration testing using Cooja simulator The aim of this project is to explain the principles, intricacies, vulnerabilities, and mitigation strategies of sensor networks in cybersecurity. However, the twist here is, the information needs to be broken down to a level that non-technical decision-makers can understand. More details about time frame and milestones will be discussed in the chat window. - The freelancer should have: - Deep knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity and sensor networks. - Strong technical writing skills, with proven ability to simplify complex concepts. - Experience in communicating technical ideas to non-technical audi...

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    I need a proficient freelancer who can help me analyze my application logs to detect any potential security breaches. Key Requirements: - The primary task is to identify any signs of security breaches within the IOS logs. - I prefer to receive the analysis report in a PDF format. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in log analysis, particularly with application logs, is a must. - A solid background in IT security and experience with identifying security threats in log data. - Ability to present the findings in a clear and understandable manner in a PDF report. Your work will be pivotal in ensuring the security of my application.

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    I'm looking for an experienced and skilled professional to help with the expansion of a container port in Myanmar. The primary objective for this project is to enhance the security of the port, and to increase its overall capacity. Key Tasks: - The main task for this project is to add additional docking bays to the port. The new bays should be designed to accommodate containers of different sizes, and be easily accessible for cargo ships. - The existing security systems and procedures will need to be reviewed and upgraded to ensure they are in line with international standards. Skills and Experience: - A background in civil engineering or port development would be highly beneficial for this role. - Experience with port security systems, and a strong understanding of the necessary...

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    I am seeking an experienced IT professional to establish an IPsec VPN connection on my Draytek router for secure remote access to network resources and communication between locations. Key Qualifications: • Proficiency with Draytek routers and their VPN settings • Knowledgeable in both IKEv1 and IKEv2 security protocols • Experience with VPN setup on PC/Laptops By the end of this project, I expect to have a secure and reliable VPN connection established through my Draytek router with the capability to securely access resources and communicate across different locations using both IKEv1 & IKEv2 protocols. Your expertise in this area will play a critical role in meeting these requirements.

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    I'm searching for a skilled ethical hacker that can support my project via intensive penetration testing. Our focus revolves around user accounts, specifically customer accounts. Skills and Experience: - Ethical hacking - Proven experience in penetration testing - Detailed understanding of user accounts on diverse systems Tasks: - Undertake intensive penetration testing - Identify and document vulnerabilities - Suggest security enhancements The aim is to bolster the security of our customer accounts, providing peace of mind for our users and ourselves.

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    In need of a professional to develop a robust anti-cheat system coupled with an auto patcher. This is for my Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) PC game. Key requirements: - Implement an advanced anti-cheat system. - Develop an auto-patcher for seamless updates. - Have MMO game platform expertise. - Prior experience with PC game security is essential. Seeking a professional familiar with the security issues related to MMO games and can deliver high-quality, secure gaming experience for our players.

    $158 (Avg Bid)
    $158 Snittbud
    11 bud

    I require an experienced programmer with strong knowledge in USB dongles and Windows operating systems. The freelancer will need to provide a driver solution which avoids the need for deactivation of core isolation. While the security details have not been outlined, it is essential to assume a high level of security measures in the course of your work. Desired Skills & Experience: • In-depth Windows operating system know-how. • Highly proficient in coding and software configuration for USB dongles. • Understanding of Windows security protocols will be beneficial. • Proven background in delivering secure and effective driver solutions. Rest assured, your expertise and attention to detail would be much appreciated on this project.

    $579 (Avg Bid)
    $579 Snittbud
    19 bud

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