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Autodesk is an American multinational software corporation that creates software that is essential for all sorts of sectors, from the construction and engineering fields to the media and entertainment sector. They have developed Autodesk Inventor, one of their most prized applications, that aids in 3D mechanical design, simulation, visualization, and more.

Those that work with Autodesk Inventor are able to create 2D and 3D models, that can help to create a virtual representation of all sorts of products/structures before it is built. This can obviously help save massive amounts of time and energy when it comes to construction and infrastructure in general. In addition, the application also has applications when it comes to data management and interoperability, as well.

Autodesk Inventor has proved to be absolutely invaluable to the market when it comes to 3D mechanical solid modeling design software, product simulation, and more. It is essential when it comes to product simulation, and users who know the application can help to design all sorts of products, with the simulation actually taking into consideration parameters that normally in the past would not have been able to be considered.

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    Reverse engineering of 2 parts 5 timmar left

    Architectural hardware - 2 pieces. Based on STL files (or PLY, OBJ please specify), the scans must be reverse engineered with GEOMAGIC DESIGN X. All symmetrical elements may only be drawn once and should then be copied, mirrored or revolved. Maximal use of solid primitives must be made. The drawn model should follow the scanned model as close as possible. In case a choice must be made, symmetr...

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