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    Necesitaría hacer un circuito con leds, tags rfid, etc. para una sala de escape. Lo que nos queda por hacer es la "Maquina" que convierta la "fórmula" en el "antídoto". Habría que hacer un circuito con tags NFC, puertitas seguramente con cierre magnético y, quizás, lector de huellas digitales. Necesitaría tener una conversación para encontrar la solución ideal ya que hay varias posibilidades y en cierta medida hay flexibilidad.

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    Arduino Coding 6 dagar left

    I wanna control 4 (12v) dc motors with the help of an arduino ad joystich in such away so that when we forward the joystich the 2 forward motors became active and as much we tilt our joytick toward right . the voltage in right motor fade down and our project car could move towards right same wjth the left one. And when we move our joystick backward our 2 back motors became active and same concept here also of right and left .

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    We would like someone to build a miniature col

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    I need someone who is expert in microcontroller and arm cortex subject.

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    I would like to log the data of a soil moisture sensor. And see a graph of it along with using IFttt to turn on an outlet if it hits a low value.

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    Please see this video skip to 29 second .. i want the robot to do something like this

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    Hello i am a Computer Engineering Student, and i am currently doing a project in Computer Architecture about an Attendence System using Arduino uno but i just cant get it to work. The parts that i need for this to work are : RFID reader, Breadboard, 2 LED lights one red and one green, a buzzer to make a sound, and a MicroServo99 motor, And an Arduino Uno and i have all of these and i figured out how to connect these all together ( i also added a picture so you can see how it looks ). What i need to do is that Every member that i add using a website (i can do the website myself) gets acces to make the green light shine the buzzer make a sound and the motor to rotate, and the time the name and id of the person to be registered in a MySQL database, wich is going to be connected to the website...

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    Python-Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) 5 dagar left

    I have two audio signals that I need to compare in real-time. The first signal is constant and is used as a reference. The second signals changes every 5 seconds. Both signals are a combination of multiple different frequencies with different powers. The goal is to compare the changing signal to the reference signal and display the % match. Currently, I am generating and visualizing the signals using Python- FFT code.

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    I made a pushbutton increment and decrement counter using a simple code found on internet. but my requirement is to make a push button counter as follows 1. when the push button is pressed count value should increase 10 by 10 2. when the same push button is pressed the count value should increase very fast one by one like very fast

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    need experience engineer on tritan mcu TR16F064

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    Arduino 8bit I2S library adaption and more details will be shared via chat

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    I need help in implementing a use case with LoRa SX1278 operating at 433MHz. I want to send a signal to another LoRa/RF receiver when an even happens WITHOUT using any microcontroller/Arduino. For the event, there is already a sensor which works like a relay - normally open, normally close and neutral. I want to send a signal, whenever neutral gets connected to NO or NC. The receiver can be LoRa but I would prefer a normal 433 MHz receiver. No specific message text is required for communication, only the receiver should be able to differentiate with two type of singal for NO and NC.

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    PIR to IR occupancy Sensor Concept: If no occupancy is detected by the PIR for a preselect able time (using the selector pin), an IR remote signal is sent with the IR transmitter. User Settings: • Learn Mode switch. – push teach button once- led will be on to indicate unit is in teach mode. – use and external remote to send the desired signal -example: use a TV remote to send the on/ off IR signal / code – this code is now stored in nonvolatile memory • Time setting switch: 3 Pins. no bridge means time delay is 15 min – Bridge pin 1 and 2 means time delay 15 min – bridge pin two and three means 60 min LED to indicate mode and status Red = in program mode Off = on normal mode Blink red = receiving or sending IR Power supply batteries AAA or 9V , as...

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    I am looking for someone to finish a project for me, they must have advanced knowledge of linux (to work with the rasberry distribution) and with python

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    hello I need to make a project with Raspberry pi zero 2 and Python..

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    xterm and network setup 4 dagar left

    Hi, network pros and gurus. I am trying to set up a development environment with my main pc(linux Ubuntu 20.04, and Windows WSL2), several raspi/jetson/arduino boards on a local network first; I also want some NAT of my router to be allowed to access this. I got Nginx working for my apps, but I'd like a script to replicate this once I get to staging servers. For xterms and screen issues on both machines, I believe I got a solution from this link. Plz check that for your reference my budget: usd 30 for scripts and setup If it holds up for the next month, I will provide a bonus.

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    I am looking for someone who just help me to communicate with hi1575 IC with pic32 ( no issue about mcu). please bid only if you interfaced.

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    reading Modbus RTU RS-485 Data and sending it to a MYSQL Database with the Arduino MKR1400 GSM. I have multiple documents for information on how to read the registers and multiple forms of information on how to communicate with the Modbus device

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    Arduino 8bit I2S library adaption and more details will be shared via chat

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    Arduino 8bit I2S library adaption and more details will be shared via chat

    $8 - $24
    $8 - $24
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    Arduino 8bit I2S library adaption and more details will be shared via chat

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    I have a Tesla 3 battery pack that I am using in a custom (non-Tesla) car. To use the Tesla battery pack Ingenix has developed a module to control (turn the battery and the charger on) and monitor the pack (such as voltage/state of charge). The operation of the battery is controlled through the Ingenix module on the canbus. Ingenix provides the dbc files. I need someone to provide a program a simple arduino can shield with a small led display to control and monitor the operation of the battery pack. For details of the Ingenix module see:

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    Project main idea is to insert sensor data in blockchain transactions. Because IoT objects are not logically connected to blockchain platforms, controller entities (based on RPi) forward all information needed for transaction forgery. Never less in order to generate cryptographic signatures, object needs some trusted computing resources like Secure Elements.

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    STM32 Expert needed -- 2 3 dagar left

    An expert with STM32 is needed. The expert must be proficient in using the required development board.

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    Hello, I need a developer to connect 157 loadcells on a physical Roulette table to the 157 betting positions on a digital Roulette table. Summary: I have a physical roulette table and a digital Roulette table, and I want to copy the number of chips placed on the physical Roulette table (device) to the digital Roulette. I already developed the physical Roulette table and I have loadcells under each of the betting options (0 straight up, 0-1 split, 0-2 split, 0-3 split, 0-1-2 Street, 0-1-2-3 Corner… and Red, Black, 1st dozen, 2nd dozen, 3rd dozen, 1st column…). Those loadcells report weights placed on the physical table to Arduino IDE (everything is developed including the code that reports the weights to Arduino IDE, e.g. if I place a weight on any of the loadcells, it gets ...

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    control acceso 3 dagar left

    Se trata de realizar un proyecto en el que tenemos un pasillo de control de acceso y el objetivo es impedir que pasen dos personas juntas

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    I need an expert in ESP32 3 dagar left

    To write MicroPython code to interface a Broadcom APDS-9250 to an ESP32 running on a FiPy development platform

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    Arduino 8bit I2S library adaption and more details will be shared via chat

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    I need a python script that can run on audio files (wav, mp3, m4a, ogg, flac) with different sampling frequency. the function needs to output - a 0/1 value whether the audio content uses full band of the file sampling frequency or is band limited. - if band limited - provide the cut-off frequency where no more energy is present. - provide a 128-long vector (linear-scaled) of energy per frequency band (out of input sampling frequency). The function should work for inputs sampled at 16kHz, 24kHz, 36kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz and 96kHz. it should also handle typical audio resolutions (16bit, 24bit, 32bit + float) The function should down-mix the input to mono before analysing if needed. the function should only use code that can be used commercially without acquiring any additional licenses. Inp...

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    There are 2 tasks to do: 1-integrate a speaker using 2 options: I2S and analog 2-save the data from I2S microphone on sdcard on different wave file than the existed on the sdcard. Steps of the program: register sound with microphone ---> save the sound on sdcard .wav file ----> reproduce on loop the last file saved Initial code for I2S microphone reading and saving data will be provided. Code is made in Arduino - VScode

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    i have arduino code .i want to change same code or logic in atmel c micro controller.

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    hi looking for an expert on tritan mcu TR16F064............ thank u

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    Create Arduino Board Definition 1 dag left

    Hello, I am kind of started on this one. Any assistance would be great. More details on the chat.

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    Analog Voice Recording/Playback Device. More details will be provided as needed.

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    Microcontroller 19 timmar left

    I need someone to help me in my microcontroller project. Kindly let me know if you are available. Thank you.

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    Robotic arm program to work in cafe 11 timmar left

    Robotic arm from Ufactory need to program to receive order from kiosk and start working on the order required python skill and robotic arm experience who based in Sydney

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    Programma arduino 2 timmar left

    Avrei bisogno di compilare un programma con relè 220 , qualche sensore che li attivi e poco altro

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