Algorithms are a step-by-step procedure or calculation that enables users to solve a problem or complete an ever-evolving task in a much faster and more efficient way. Algorithm Experts are specially trained programmers who have a wealth of knowledge related to various algorithms including but not limited to sorting, optimization, decision, graph and dynamic programming. They are equipped with the necessary skills for your individual project in order to make sure that the algorithms created are tailored to meet your exact needs. From developing easy-to-use algorithms to ensuring accurate and precise results; Algorithm Experts can provide productive solutions for all kinds of projects.

Here’s some projects that our expert Algorithm Experts have made real for clients:

  • Service robots and trading bots that use automated repetitive decision making processes
  • Work with images and extracting information within specific shapes
  • Visualize high complexity data using accurate clustering techniques
  • Create Artificial Intelligence programs with learned behavior from playing games
  • Perform simulations on Job Scheduling using advanced Genetic Algorithms
  • Develop object oriented program architecture based on provided algorithms
  • Use optimized set of parameters in a paper writing project related to Synchronized Phasor Estimation
  • Locate multi dimensional values within arrays, databases or text files and store each value in a unique variable
  • Achieve precise results on data points through second and third order polynomials
  • Create desirable outcomes for spreadsheet calculations

Algorithm Experts have the skills necessary to develop complex algorithms efficiently, so that users can accomplish their goals successfully and quickly. They have used their expertise to solve clients’ various tasks like automating repetitive processes and manipulating algorithms to optimize certain results. With the help of Freelancer professionals, you too can have access to the knowledge of Algorithm Experts to create desired outputs for your project. Take the first step towards success by posting your own project and hiring an Algorithm Expert today on!

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    As the client, I’m engaging this project for an in-depth investigation purpose. I have numerous photographs capturing crimes and betrayals, some of which have been under or over exposed on purpose. My key requirement hinges on using comprehensive digital image processing techniques to extract hidden information from these photos. The ideal freelancer for this task would have a strong background in this field, with proven expertise and enhanced skills. Expectations from the investigation include: • High level of detail: I need precise features clearly identified, even clear text if possible. The ultimate goal is to achieve the best possible clarity on the obscured parts of these crucial images. Therefore, this job best suits individuals who are proficient in digital forensic...

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    I'm seeking an expert in dynamic routing of capsules networks with a focus on accuracy. This project involves: - Enhancing the dynamic routing algorithm to achieve higher accuracy in image data analysis, primarily for healthcare applications. - Applying the improved algorithm to four distinct datasets for thorough evaluation. Key skills and experience for this project include: - Proven expertise in dynamic routing of capsules networks. - Strong background in medical image analysis. - Familiarity with the healthcare domain and the unique challenges it presents. The goal is to push the boundaries of current dynamic routing techniques to deliver a more precise and reliable method for medical imaging. A successful project will not only result in improved accuracy but will also estab...

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to develop a novel Computer Vision project utilizing CLIP specifically for object detection. Key Aspects: - Technical Guidance: I require assistance in navigating the complexities of this project, as well as advice on implementing CLIP successfully for object detection. - Code Complexity: The task at hand involves developing intricate code for the Object Detection model. - Model Training: You will be responsible for training the model, ensuring optimal performance for the specified task. - Reporting: While I will manage the interim and final reports, you should be able to provide insights and data on the model's performance. Data Source: - The primary source of our training data will be determined collaboratively with the freelancer. You sho...

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    1. *Data Collection and Analysis:* Gather historical and real-time cryptocurrency market data, cleaning and processing it for meaningful insights. 2. *Algorithm Development:* Utilize Python's machine learning libraries to create predictive models capable of identifying potential trading opportunities. 3. *Risk Management Integration:* Implement risk mitigation strategies within the algorithm to minimize potential losses during volatile market conditions. 4. *Backtesting and Optimization:* Test the algorithm's performance using historical data to refine and optimize its effectiveness. 5. *Live Testing and Deployment:* Gradually introduce the algorithm to live market conditions, continuously monitoring and fine-tuning its performance.

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    Algorithm Expert Needed 6 dagar left

    I'm in need of a skilled algorithm expert. You should have strong experience in various types of algorithms and be able to apply them effectively in different programming languages. I need a person who can solve the problem attached in the image.

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    I'm in need of a Trend-following indicator for the TradingView platform. I require this indicator to offer more than just basic settings adjustments; I'm looking for it to have specific alert conditions. Key Features: - Trend-following Indicator: The indicator should be designed to effectively identify and track trends in the market. - Customizable Alerts: I need the indicator to have specific alert conditions that can be customized to my preferences. Ideal Freelancer: - Experience in developing indicators for the TradingView platform. - Proficiency in implementing alert conditions. - Strong understanding of trend-following indicators and their uses in trading.

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    I am in need of a machine learning expert who can develop a model for table detection. The model should be able to run on various types of images, including scanned documents, natural images, and synthetic images. Key Requirements: - I'm looking for a 'moderate' level of accuracy in the table detection (80% - 95%) across various image types. - Please incorporate Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), along with Support Vector Machines (SVM) and Random Forests in the model. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in developing and implementing machine learning models, particularly in image processing and object detection. - Proficiency in working with Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), Support Vector Machines (SVM) and Random Forests. - Strong ability to tune accu...

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    I'm seeking a skilled machine learning expert with expertise in PyTorch for a natural language processing task. Your primary task is to develop a model that can understand the empathy patterns in English text. I'll provide you with the data. Key Requirements: - Proficient in PyTorch and machine learning - Experience in natural language processing - Understands the nuances of empathy detection in text data - Previous projects involving empathy learning in English text would be a plus. Deliverables: - A well-structured PyTorch model that can accurately understand the empathy in English text - Detailed documentation on the model, its architecture, and usage This project requires someone who's not only technically skilled but also understands the context and subtleties of i...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Linux professional with a knack for data analysis to assist me with my projects. Ideally, you will possess: - In-depth knowledge and understanding of Linux as you will advise me on the suitable software to install for my tasks. - Experience dealing with numerical data. - Proficiency in data sorting, statistical analysis, and data visualization techniques as these will be a fundamental part of the job. In addition, knowing how to decode SecretKeys with the bs58 library is a crucial aspect of this project. This task represents a core operation you will be required to perform with the numerical data. Your ability to execute this function deftly will significantly impact the project's success. I am looking to begin the assignment as soon as I find t...

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    As part of my urgent project, I'm looking for an AI developer proficient in automatic scoring and evaluation with a strong understanding of the IELTS exam format. The aim is to build a comprehensive system capable of: - Precisely grading the speaking and writing sections of the IELTS exam - Identifying areas of improvement for each test-taker - Providing detailed individual feedback - Including evaluations for reading and listening sections For success in this project, familiarity with Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, language testing, and proficiency in various AI programming languages is essential. Previous experience in educational AI software development such as automated grading systems will be highly regarded. Required Skills: - AI development - NLP and...

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    I'm seeking a knowledgeable expert to create an algorithmic trading strategy for stocks. The algorithm should be designed and optimized specifically for day trading. Ideal skills and experience needed: - Extensive knowledge and experience in designing algorithmic trading strategies - In-depth understanding of the stock market dynamics - Prior work experience with moderate-risk trading strategies - Strong problem-solving skills and ability to think algorithmically - Proficiency in a programming language typically used for designing trading algorithms, such as Python, C#.

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    Matlab Expert Needed 5 dagar left

    I need a Matlab specialist for a project.

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    i have Indicator tradingview code i need to fix the jason message to send alert in telegram group fit with cornix

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    i need someone who is a cs graduate , have knowledge with algorithm subject , and someone who did alot of project , i need someone to help me with the project the dead line of this project is at 22 may .

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    As someone with a need for a predictive Machine Learning algorithm, I'm seeking an adept algorithm engineer or data scientist. The selected freelancer will create a ML Algorithm for predicting patterns using structured numerical data extracted from news articles. The ideal candidate for this position will have: - Proven experience in data extraction; specifically from news articles. - Solid proficiency in Machine Learning particularly in prediction algorithms. - Experience working with structured numerical data. Responsibilities will include: - Designing a predictive ML algorithm that can effectively use structured numerical data. - Validating the algorithm's prediction accuracy. - Balancing the model’s sensitivity and specificity. This project requires a unique com...

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    TradingView Order Block Indicator 4 dagar left

    I want a trading view indicator that works for the order block system. I just want an order block indicator (supply and demand areas). It must be accurate. If you have an indicator ready for that, I will buy it, or if you have an idea of how to determine the supply and demand areas, I want it. .

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    I am developing a system, which integrates a donchian channel along with a strategy, but has the pinescript code hidden. I need someone who can figure it out somehow.

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to integrate a Keystrokes Dynamics system into our existing Biometric 2FA application. The main goal is to increase the security of our system. Key Requirements: - Integrate Keystrokes Dynamics with an existing Biometric 2FA application. - Ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience for our customers. - Prioritize security enhancements and compliance with industry regulations. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Biometric and 2FA technologies. - Experience with integrating Keystrokes Dynamics into existing systems. - Strong security and compliance background. - Prior work on user-friendly interfaces would be a plus. Please provide examples of similar projects you've worked on and how you would approach this task.

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    Details of the job are in attached files. File 79fcfac6 is for part 1. File 5e39ff02 is for part 2

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    I'm looking for a Python expert to help me with a Knapsack Problem (KP) assignment. Key Requirements: - The purpose of this assignment is to optimize the Knapsack Problem (KP) using a Greedy algorithm. - Your code should be in Python. Ideal Skills: - Strong proficiency in Python. - Solid understanding of the Knapsack Problem. - Experience with optimizing algorithms using Greedy approach.

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    A basic matlab project 4 dagar left

    I need a scheduleing algorithm to be implemented in matlab using OOP. Most of the classes are given.

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    You need to solve a series of simple logical tests. For instance, do you know the difference between AND, OR, NOT Boolean logic? We will have a video interview to test your logical thinking ability. When you bid, write your answer to the following basic logic question. If your bid does not include the simple answer, your bid will not be considered What is the difference between NOT(year==2023 AND quarter==1) and NOT(year==2023) AND NOT(quarter==1) ?

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    I am seeking a versatile developer who has expertise in cBOT programming within the cTrader platform. My project entails the creation of a cBOT programmed to execute an automated trading strategy while integrating risk management and technical analysis. Key features should include: - Blending of various trading strategies - trend following, mean reversion, and breakout trading. - Using a combination of various indicators and signals, including but not limited to, Moving averages, RSI (Relative Strength Index), and Bollinger Bands. Ideal freelancers for this role should have a strong background in finance, with particular experience in creating automated trading strategies. They should be knowledgeable in the use of various technical analysis indicators and demonstrate excellent programmi...

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    I need your help, I have a thesis for college, I have a month left and I have 2 chapters to finish. in those 2 chapters i need your help on coding. my subject being the digitization of the conversation between a person with hearing loss and a doctor. my desire from you is to program my java application itself as long as you can, it doesn't have to be complete finished. the application has the idea of ​​how you enter it, it puts you in a picture interface, the deaf-mute person does his sign language, and the translation appears below. if you can help me with explanations and about which package to buy from you that would be perfect, thanks! 1) Set up the Java project and the necessary libraries for computer vision and machine learning. 2) Capture video input from a camera. 3) Pre-proc...

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    I need an expert that can create a model for my numerical data, which has been gathered through manual measurement. You'll be taking into account mainly the frequency, as well as the real and imaginary components of dielectric data. Skills and Experience: - Demonstrated proficiency in statistical modeling and mathematical analysis. - Strong grasp of numerical data and ability to interpret complex data sets. - Attention to detail in order to consider all variables, such as frequency and the components of dielectric data. If you believe you can handle and provide meaningful insights from the data, please place your bid. Links to similar projects you've done before will be appreciated. I need to fit dielectric data to a single pole Cole-Cole model. I have attempted to model the r...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create a sophisticated machine learning system aimed at predicting heart risk issues for patients. This system is intended to primarily benefit doctors, patients, and admin workers in the medical field. Key Responsibilities: 1. Developing Predictive Models: The main objective of this system is to efficiently predict the likelihood of a patient having heart-related issues, specifically coronary artery disease, heart attacks, and arrhythmia. Expertise in machine learning algorithms and predictive modelling is crucial. 2. Integration of Data Sets: The system must be able to handle vast sources of patient data to generate accurate predictions. These include patient's medical history, lifestyle information, as well as real-time health data. Extens...

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    For my project, I'm seeking an adept professional to create and use a microgrid environment in Matlab as a means of reducing energy costs. Expertise in the use of the Deep Q-Network reinforcement learning algorithm is fundamental. Main responsibilities will be: - Creating a microgrid in Matlab. - Implementing a Deep Q-Network reinforcement learning model. What you must consider: - I will provide the data for the load power (P_load) and photovoltaic power (P_pv). - The cost of the generated power (P_gen) and grid power (P_grid) must be taken into account. Ideally, contenders are expected to have a solid background in Matlab, machine learning (ML), and specifically, a deep understanding of reinforcement learning. Furthermore, due to the technicalities involved, knowledge of mic...

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    I need a skilled developer to code a custom trading strategy for TradeStation Easy language in C#. The core of this project is to create a strategy that, upon a specific price move activating a signal, will move a trailing reverse order closer by a fixed increment. This means that as the price moves in our favor, the stop loss should gradually move closer to lock in profits. Ideal skills and experience for this job would include: - Proficiency in C# - Experience with Tradestation or other trading platforms - Understanding of trading strategies, specifically trailing stops - Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills This project requires a developer with a solid understanding of trading concepts and the ability to translate these into efficient, reliable code. You should be ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled data scientist or machine learning engineer to help me with a project on fraud detection. Key Points: - The purpose of the project is to identify fraudulent activity in a social network. - The dataset will be provided in CSV format. Before applying Graph Neural Networks (GNN) for node classification, there are specific feature engineering tasks that need to be completed. Ideal Skills: - Strong background in machine learning, particularly with graph neural networks and node classification. - Experience with feature engineering specific to time-based data (e.g., Von Mises distribution). - Familiarity with fraud detection techniques and best practices in the field. I'm looking to have this project completed as soon as possible. Please only apply if you can ...

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    The main purpose of this project is to broaden the mining capabilities of my current setup. I would like to have an efficient algorithm implemented that is capable of converting existing hashing power to mine using the SHA-256 algorithm. This would allow me to increase the diversity of my mining operations. Key requirements for this project include: - Developing an algorithm that can convert hashing power automatically - Primary focus on SHA-256 algorithm - Emphasis on compatibility across different systems rather than speed or energy efficiency Ideal candidates for this project will have a strong background in algorithm development, specifically relating to cryptocurrency mining. Familiarity with different mining algorithms, particularly SHA-256, is absolutely essential. Lastly, having ...

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    I'm seeking someone proficient in facial recognition technologies that can compare images of an eight year old female , and a fifty year woman, to determine if they are the same individual, by comparing the following aspects: facial features, and expression . Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Facial Recognition: The ideal candidate should have a robust understanding of how facial recognition technology works and how to compare various facial features. - Image Processing: Experience with image processing . Analyzing and comparing expression and features of images is crucial. - Security and Privacy: Knowledge of security and privacy concerns related to facial recognition technology is a plus.

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    Trading View Pine Script Modification 18 timmar left

    I have an existing Pine Script for Trading View that I'd like to modify. The current script is related to earnings, and I need to update it to address new requirements and functionalities. This project will require an intermediate level of complexity, as it will involve combining various indicators to generate the desired results. Key Requirements: - Modify the existing Pine Script related to earnings - Implement a combination of various indicators for intermediate level analysis - Ensure that the script is well-documented and works efficiently Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in Trading View Pine Script - Experienced in modifying existing scripts for trading - Has a good understanding of technical analysis and various trading indicators - Able to deliver high-quality work with clear...

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    I'm on the lookout for an AI engineer, specifically experienced in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and chatbot development. This project primarily focuses on: 1. Developing a sophisticated chatbot 2. Using NLP techniques for effective communication It would not be for a website or mobile application but needs to be integrated within a local system. Skills & Experience: - Expertise in Natural Language Processing - Experience in chatbot development - Knowledge of integrating chatbots on local systems Your mastery in NLP and chatbot creation will be crucial to the success of this project. Looking forward to your innovative thoughts and exemplary proficiency.

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    I need a freelancer who is highly skilled in advanced problem-solving and proofs in Geometry and Calculus, to support my own personal learning efforts. Your role will involve increasing my understanding of these topics, emphasizing advanced problem-solving strategies and proving theorem. Key Qualifications: - Deep understanding of Geometry and Calculus - Experience in teaching complex mathematical concepts - Excellent problem-solving skills In your bid, kindly share what experience you have in teaching or tutoring in Mathematics, specifically Geometry and Calculus. It would be beneficial if you could provide brief examples of how you've worked through advanced problem-solving and proofs in these areas.

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    I'm looking for a mathematics expert with superior skills in real analysis, specifically in solving both differential and integral equations. The aim is to clearly solve a number of complex equations I currently have. Fluency in this area is a must, along with the ability to explain each step clearly. Ideal capabilities: - Advanced understanding of real analysis - Experience in solving intricate differential and integral equations - Ability to explain mathematical processes clearly To be a fit for this particular job, you'll need to be deeply familiar with the inner workings of the specified equation types.

    $7 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a mathematics expert with superior skills in real analysis, specifically in solving both differential and integral equations. The aim is to clearly solve a number of complex equations I currently have. Fluency in this area is a must, along with the ability to explain each step clearly. Ideal capabilities: - Advanced understanding of real analysis - Experience in solving intricate differential and integral equations - Ability to explain mathematical processes clearly To be a fit for this particular job, you'll need to be deeply familiar with the inner workings of the specified equation types.

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    I need an experienced C programmer to fulfill my project requirements. Your task will be centered around file I/O operations, specifically reading from a text file. Key Responsibilities: - Understand file I/O operations in C programming. - Apply your knowledge to read text data from a file. Skills and Experience: - Significant experience in C programming. - Extensive knowledge of File I/O operations. - Proficiency in reading text data from a file.

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    I am looking for a Golang expert possessing a strong command over the intricacies of algorithm development. The project involves establishing searching algorithms for data analysis purposes. The key responsibilities include: • Algorithm Design: Focusing on searching algorithms for complex data processing • Data Analysis Application: Directing such algorithms towards effective data analysis • Data Types: Primarily catering to textual data. The ideal candidate should be skilled in Golang programming, data analysis, and should have in-depth experience developing various search algorithms. An understanding of handling and processing textual data would be beneficial. Your expertise will be key in simplifying our data handling processes and making them more efficient. Please c...

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    Explicit Filtering Phase -- 2 Avslutades left

    Explicit Filtering Phase project as discussed in chat for phrase detection and resultant redirect.

    $470 (Avg Bid)
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    29 bud

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