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    ...mellan 350-400 ord som på ett intressant sätt beskriver ämnet. Artiklarna är med fördel uppdelade i 3-6 stycken, med mellanrubriker. • Lämpliga källor för information är wikipedia, ekonomhemsidor eller trovärdiga hemsidor på internet i allmänhet. • Format: Levereras i Word eller Google docs. Rubrik formaterat som ...

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    ...mellan 350-400 ord som på ett intressant sätt beskriver ämnet. Artiklarna är med fördel uppdelade i 3-6 stycken, med mellanrubriker. • Lämpliga källor för information är wikipedia, företagens egna hemsidor eller internet. • Format: Levereras i Word eller Google docs. Rubrik formaterat som Heading 1 och mellan rubrik som head...

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    har du tid lite med. Avslutades left

    Har du tid med min hemsida att jobba lite ? behöver lite lätta saker.

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    SPANISH SPEAKING ONLY - Me gustaría que un editor reconocido de Wikipedia crease contenido sobre mi centro médico ([Logga in för att visa URL]) desde un punto de vista imparcial para que apareciese relacionado con las páginas de las enfermedades que tratamos y poder ofrecer al usuario algo más que la información de nuestra propia página web

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    ...executable idea for getting a good backlink from genuine healthcare websites. I am looking for a freelancer who could get us good backlinks from a genuine website of domains ending .org, .[Logga in för att visa URL], .[Logga in för att visa URL], .[Logga in för att visa URL], .com on priority. You have to narrate us how you are going to execute the assignment and keeping ...

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    ...XadES_BES [Logga in för att visa URL] Versión del esquema 1.3.2 [Logga in för att visa URL] Codificación UTF-8 Tipo de firma ENVELOPED

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    Rewrite Tour Itinerary 5 dagar left

    ...East Java, Indonesia. The volcano belongs to the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. The name of Bromo derived from Javanese pronunciation of Brahma, the Hindu creator god. (Wikipedia) Madakaripura Waterfalls Located not too far from Mount Bromo near the village of Sapih, Madakaripura Waterfall is believed to be the final meditation place of military

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    Need an artist page created for myself. I am a Hip-Hop/R&B artist who is currently seeking a writer to create a high quality wikipedia page for me. This would include everything fans would want to know about me as an artist as well as my catalog of music currently out. Rates are negotiable. Previous work highly encouraged.

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    Searching for a Russian Wikipedia author ([Logga in för att visa URL]) Need a Admin for [Logga in för att visa URL]

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    I am looking for an expert editor who has proven experience in publishing article on English Wikipedia. I have the draft ready. Just need someone who could upload and have new page approval right. Details will be provided to the successful candidate. Please send in your brief proposals and successful entries as a starting point.

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    Deploy Multi Org Hyperledger Fabric network with Kafka orderers (2 orderers, 3 Orgs - Each org has 3 peers) - Configure CA and MSP, etc...

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    i want to post an article on Wikipedia about my company and want it in google search

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    I need 5 articles - IN ENGLISH - with SEO techiques about educa...Minimum of 600 words. 100% copyscape pass score. Writter needs to have knowledge about this niche or be a good researcher, and provide source of used references (preferebily wikipedia, gov and edu sites). I will provide the titles, 5 sub headings and the main keyword for each article.

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    Hi Angam K., Thanks for your offer - although I've passed on your Wikipedia offer, I may have a another project for you. I am a linguist who is interested in Naga languages, and am wondering if you can speak any of the Tangkhulic languages? I am planning to collect recordings of a few hundred words in endangered Naga languages. Thanks! (Please note

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    We would like to set up a wikipedia page for a renowned theatre company. We would provide the text, but need someone to enter it online.

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    I'm a musician and I need a wikipedia written for me I have a business and knowledge panel a couple articles out all my music is out and my name is Mute Davinci

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    Wikipedia Wizard Needed 3 dagar left

    Our team needs someone who can help with Wikipedia on an ongoing basis. Requirements: - Must be a great writer - Must be very knowledgeable on Wikipedia and how it works - Must know how to communicate clearly to us - Must be extended confirm user

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    Wikipedia page 3 dagar left

    to establish a Wikipedia page of a company

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    Need a wikipedia page 3 dagar left

    I am looking for someone who can write and publish a wikipedia page. Someone who has relatively old wikipedia account and have enough edits.

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    i need this functionability: contributors can make articles, pages and only them can edit their page/article admin will have to approve articles or pages no wordpress, joomla thank you

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    Firma electronica 2 dagar left confirmación. Estándar de firma Requerida: XAdES Versión del esquema: 1.3.2 ([Logga in för att visa URL]) Codificación: UTF-8 Tipo de firma: ENVELOPED (

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    Looking for someone to build and publish my company Wikipedia article project only last 3 days need someone who can do it in 3 days

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    We need to make some professional changes to a website for a client. However, for some reason, this is a protected site and we need an expert who has Extended COnfirm User Access Level. If not, the page cannot be correct. This is quite urgent and we would like to get this finalized within the next day or so. Extended confirmed protection, also known as 30/500 protection, allows edits only by edit...

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    I have some apex code from a former Salesforce org I would like to reuse on my new current org with the same fields. This allows a third party to call the org and request specific information.

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    I need to create a Wikipedia page -- I need you to create it, crosslink it, update other relevant Wikipedia pages and work to ensure it won't be deleted. Please send links of sample pages you've created thus far.

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    Hi Rahul S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. We need to create a wikipedia page for someone

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    Wikipedia Page Expert Avslutades left

    We would like someone to help manage and change our wikipedia page or change it back to what it was before

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    Hi SEOsquares, I would like your help in creating a wikipedia page. I'd also like your help separately in improving SEO for a number of photos and videos for a particular search term, can you help?

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    We are looking for an experienced Wikipedia editor to write a company page. Editors should be familiar with Wikipedia policies, guidelines, and referencing. Please apply for more details.

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    I have a project (, which is designed to make it easy for non-technical blind persons to use the Raspberry Pi 3B+ through the Arch Linux command line. I would like an easy and highly automated way to install this distribution in any ChromeBook. I would like to know how much would it cost for me to get a careful analysis of how

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    I have a project (, which contains a lot of bash and python source code (which is using gettext syntax to make localization easy), and some documentation written in markdown, all of which can be found in various GIT repositories. I would like someone who can help me setup a script which I can run on my Ubuntu server, which will

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    I need a capable teacher to teach me how to use word press .org in building websites and who is able to explain complex ideas and give ample time to practice concepts.

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    I am managing a public figure who's popularity has become huge. We are getting brands approaching us and we need a Wikipedia page so people can learn more about him.

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    Wikipedia Company page 13 timmar left

    Need creation of wikipedia company page. have about 5 reference links currently

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    I need someone to setup my digital presence online. I need you to make sure when you search my name it comes up with my Twitter + Wiki page and add meta data so google knows I am a musician

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    My page was deleted. Don't know why. Everything was fine. [Logga in för att visa URL] Need to creat similar or same.

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    Fix all HTML files on a ~350 line file. Several errors, mainly missing HTML attributes, HTML must pass all validation errors (warnings are okay) on Must be available to start immediately.

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    Write a Wikipedia article on an individual , submit to Wikipedia and update us on status. This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details.

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    build me a Wikipedia asap which is going to say everything about me

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    build me a Wikipedia Avslutades left

    i urgently need my Wikipedia built

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    I'm looking for someone to create an article and get it published on Wikipedia. I can send a link to a google document that contains links to pages where the topic is mentioned. The article is for an artist who is also a music producer, writer and singer/rapper. I am not the artist but, I am trying to help him out. This project would require some research

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    We are looking for someone to get a Wikipedia page for our CEO. Apply with your previously published Wikipedia page samples along with your Wikipedia username. Please don't waste your and our time if you can't publish pages successfully.

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    Wikipedia Company Page Avslutades left

    Hello, I need an expert to create my company Wikipedia page in English.

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    29 bud

    ...Copy the store's FAQ Info, Telephone, Address, and Email from the store's website. Copy the URL of the store's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube, and Wikipedia from the store's website. 2. Copy at least 4 FAQs. 3. Almost no errors of vocabulary, spelling, punctuation or syntax. 4. Use the third person like "they", "their" o...

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    I've had a listing on Wikipedia for more than decade. It was created by someone who is now deceased. I have updated it from time to time but now it has a warning at the top about having been edited by someone close to the subject. I am looking for someone who can make whatever changes are required to make that warning go away. [Logga in för att visa URL]

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    Make a Wikipedia page Avslutades left

    Make a Wikipedia page for a startup.

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    I am a New York Times best selling author and branding expert. I created an original body of work called 'Micro-Scripting' that is used in global companies a sentence...or less" Is at You can also Google me. I need a writer who also knows all the ins and outs and technical side of getting a page up properly on Wikipedia. Thank you.

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    I have the domains who's referral link (Referral domains) coming from big site's like [Logga in för att visa URL], [Logga in för att visa URL], [Logga in för att visa URL], [Logga in för att visa URL] and other big sites .... I need some one really expert in selling my domain's in market price I will give a good amount if he sale's Domains in good price

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    I have the domains who's referral link (Referral domains) coming from big site's like [Logga in för att visa URL], [Logga in för att visa URL], [Logga in för att visa URL], [Logga in för att visa URL] and other big sites .... I need some one really expert in selling my domain's in market price I will give a good amount if he sale's Domains in good price

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    Trophy icon design a logo 21 dagar left

    Association for Haitian American nurses is the logo text it should look strong and like a .org

    $70 (Avg Bid)
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