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    I am looking for a skilled technical support engineer who can assist me with network support, hardware troubleshooting, and monthly preventive maintenance. Key Responsibilities: - Provide network support: I require assistance with optimizing my network setup. This includes ensuring that all devices are connected and that the network functions efficiently. - Troubleshooting and repair: I am seeking help with diagnosing and fixing any hardware issues that may arise. - Monthly preventive maintenance: Regular checks on the hardware to prevent any potential issues. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in network support and troubleshooting of hardware. - Skilled in preventive maintenance techniques. - Previous experience in providing technical support for businesses ...

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    Seeking an experienced freelancer able to rectify the issue preventing ...notable that there is no explicit error message prompting, rather the emails are simply not going through at all. This problem visually surfaced after I made changes to the settings in my Squarespace account. The freelancer ideally should possess a thorough understanding of both Squarespace and Google Workspace operations. Key requirements: - Expertise in Squarespace and Google Workspace - Troubleshooting experience - Proficient in site management, specifically settings configuration - Proven track record of similar projects - Fast, effective communication skills Objective: To reestablish the functioning connection between Squarespace and Google Workspace, specifically concerning the sending and receiving ...

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    I've recently bought a website hosted on Akamai, but I'm encountering a persistent issue with email dispatch. Key Issues: - Emails aren't being dispatched from either the...installations. Requirements: - Troubleshoot the email delivery issue effectively. - Ensure that emails are successfully sent from both Wordpress and Xenforo installations. Additional Information: - I'm using the built-in mail function in Wordpress and Xenforo to send emails. - I have access to server logs, providing detailed error messages for your review. Ideal Skills: - Profound experience in troubleshooting email delivery issues on Akamai hosting. - Strong familiarity with the mail functions of Wordpress and Xenforo. - Ability to work effectively with server logs to identify and resol...

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    React & Node.js Project Assistance 6 dagar left

    ...Here's what I need help with: - Troubleshooting: The app is producing error messages, exhibiting unexpected behavior, and has slow loading times. - Implementation: Specific features need to be implemented. - Performance: The app needs optimization for better performance. Key responsibilities: - Troubleshooting the errors: Investigating and resolving the error messages and unexpected behavior. - Implementing features: Integrating the specific additional features that are required for the portal. - Performance optimization: Enhancing the app's speed and responsiveness for a smoother user experience. Ideal skills and experiences for this job include: - Proficiency in React and Node.js: Proven experience in working with these technologies is crucial. - Troublesh...

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    I'm experiencing connection errors with Sequelize in my local development environment, particularly in my node.js + mysql project. I'm seeking an experienced developer to resolve this issue and stabilize the database connections. Key requirements: - Proficient in Sequelize, node.js and mysql - Experienced in debugging and resolving connection errors - Skilled in setting up and running a local development environment - Good understanding of database connection management The primary goal of this project is to ensure a stable connection between my node.js application and mysql database. If you've got the skills and experience needed to resolve this issue efficiently and effectively, I'd love to hear from you.

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    ...requirements for this project are: - Previous experience with event videography, especially in indoor settings - Substantial knowledge and expertise in handling high-quality video equipment - Ability to produce clear, captivating, and vibrant images that properly encapsulate the essence of the event - Well-versed with Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live; capable in real-time troubleshooting to ensure a smooth online streaming experience The suitable candidates should have a strong portfolio showcasing their past work experiences in event videography and live streaming. The goal is to deliver high-quality footage of the event and a seamless live streaming experience for our online audience. Your skills will contribute significantly to promoting our event to a wider ...

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    I am currently in need of an electrician who can help me with bas...maintenance of my kitchen appliances. This includes the usual checks and tweaks to ensure that they are functioning as they should. Key responsibilities include: - Inspecting kitchen appliances - Conducting basic maintenance checks - Repairing minor issues as needed - Ensuring appliances are functioning optimally Ideal Freelancer: - Electrician with experience in home appliances - Skilled in troubleshooting and basic repairs - Good attention to detail - Punctual and reliable This is a great opportunity for someone skilled in electrical maintenance and repair, especially with kitchen appliances. I am looking for someone who can work efficiently and provide excellent service. Thank you and I look forward to working...

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    Complete Sendy Installation 6 dagar left

    I need a skilled freelancer to help me quickly install Sendy, an email marketing software, on my server. I already uploaded the Sendy folder and added SQL but I'm getting a 404 error and need someone to successfully install and fix the error. Key Requirements: - Quick turnaround: I need this completed in an hour Here's the guide: budget: $10

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    My WordPress site, , faces a small issue. The site is working fine on Safari, but it's not displaying correctly on Chrome - mainly, the header and the top image are not showing up properly. Key Point...on Safari, but it's not displaying correctly on Chrome - mainly, the header and the top image are not showing up properly. Key Points: - The site is built on a WordPress theme. - The issue is isolated to the Chrome browser. I'm in need of a professional who can quickly troubleshoot and resolve this problem. The ideal candidate should have: - Strong expertise in WordPress development and troubleshooting. - Experience in resolving browser-specific issues. - A proven track record of delivering urgent fixes promptly. I'm looking to have this issue fixed as soon as...

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    I'm currently encountering an issue when trying to install extensions in Visual...different extensions, and all of them have failed to install. I'm in search of a skilled professional who can help me resolve this matter and get the extensions functioning properly again. I recently upgraded from Visual Studio 2019, which used to work perfectly fine, to Visual Studio 2022. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: Proficient in Visual Studio 2022 experienced in troubleshooting extension installation issues capable of diagnosing and fixing errors related to VSIX installation communication skills to provide clear explanations of the issue and the solution I look forward to receiving bids from qualified freelancers who are confident in their ability to tackle this p...

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    I'm looking for dedicated individuals who can manage the laptops at our virtual offices in North America. The tasks will involve two main areas: - Software Updates and Maintenance: Ensure laptops are up-to-date with the latest software, troubleshoot any software-related issues. - User Support and Troubleshooting: Provide prompt and effective support to users encountering problems with their laptops. The ideal candidate for this role should have a sharp eye for detail, excellent problem-solving skills, and exceptional communication abilities. Since the laptops to manage are less than 10, I expect the workload to be manageable.

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    We are seeking an experienced ActionStep Specialist for a project that involves moderate customization work and data integration tasks. Key Responsibilities: - Assist the team in ongoing request. This can include: Setting up workflows and automation, general workflow customization such as...Experience: - Proficiency with ActionStep: The freelancer should have demonstrable experience in working with ActionStep. - Workflow and Automation Skills: Experience in setting up workflows and automation processes. - Data Migration and Integration: Prior experience with data migration and integration. - General Customization: The ability to carry out moderate customization work. - ActionStep Troubleshooting Please feel free to reach out if you have the necessary skills and experience for thi...

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    When we enable a file that is ...about a 20% chance of happening. Key Aspects: - Sign-In status Problem: The primary task is to identify and resolve the underlying cause of the sign-in status that is changed not by the user. - Random Occurrence: The issue happens randomly, but approximately 20% of the time. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Laravel Development: A deep understanding and experience with Laravel is essential for troubleshooting this issue. - Debugging Skills: The freelancer needs to be adept at debugging and identifying the root cause of software issues. If you think you can help me solve this issue, please provide your relevant experience and a proposed plan of action. Thank you. The work has to be done remotely on one of our computers using remote control softwware...

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    ...writing new code, I’ll need you to review and optimize existing code. This involves spotting inefficiencies and remedying them, as well as ensuring the code adheres to best practices. - Technical Advice and Mentorship: I’m looking for someone who can provide me with high-level technical advice and mentorship as we progress through the project. This would include guidance on system architecture, troubleshooting, and problem-solving. The ideal candidate should have: - Advanced understanding of Java programming, with a keen ability in system design and problem-solving - Proficiency in Java 21, Quarkus, GCP, Apigee, and Cqrs - Prior experience in code development and optimization - Strong communication skills and the ability to provide clear technical advice and mentorsh...

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    I'm in need of a seasoned Java/Quarkus developer to assist me in resolving issues within my codebase as well as helping with application execution I will share the code ...meticulously pinpoint and resolve both compilation and runtime errors in the codebase. - Execution: Assist in ensuring the application runs smoothly once the debugging process is complete. Your Proposal: Please provide examples of your previous work in the realm of Java and Quarkus. I'm looking for someone with a proven track record in these technologies. Also, kindly detail your approach to troubleshooting and problem-solving in your past projects. Communication Preferences: I prefer instant messaging for our communication during the project. You should be available for quick exchanges to keep the pro...

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    ...need of a professional who can help me rebuild my WordPress website from a backup. The website's theme is no longer available or compatible, so this is where you come in. Key Details: - Theme Unavailability: The main reason for this project is the unavailability of the theme used previously on my website. - Expertise Required: You should have a strong background in WordPress development and troubleshooting, as well as experience working with themes and backups. Your role will be to: - Analyze the backup: Check the backup files to ensure all the necessary data and files are present. - Install new theme: Find a suitable replacement theme and ensure it fits the website's content and purpose. - Restore and Optimize: Implement the backup, ensuring that all content, images...

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    Hello team, I am facing an issue with my AdSense account. I have two monetized YouTube channels and a website connected to the same AdSense account. Recently, my website was hacked and I lost access to it. As a result, my YouTube channels have stopped generating revenue, and I believe my AdSense account may have been disabled by YouTube. I urgently need assistance from AdSense and YouTube experts to resolve this issue. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

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    4 bud that the plugin is causing errors on my site. I have identified this issue by reading a relevant support message on WordPress forum (). Since I'm not sure which solution to apply from the support message, I need someone who can diagnose the problem and apply the necessary fix. Key requirements: - Experience with WordPress plugin troubleshooting - Ability to diagnose errors in a plugin - Familiarity with WordPress error logs - Experience in resolving plugin conflicts Your primary task would be to diagnose the problem with the plugin and fix the error that's causing issues on my site. You might need to check the WordPress error logs and perform a plugin conflict test. I'm looking for someone who can not only fix the issue, but also

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    I'm looking for a RHEL certified professional to help in setting up a High ...ensure it functions as expected under various failure scenarios. Ideal Skills: - RHEL/Centos Proficiency: A strong understanding of RHEL/Centos is crucial as you will be responsible for setting up the OS on both servers. - HA Clustering Experience: Prior experience in setting up HA clusters is essential. You should be able to design and implement a robust clustering solution. - Testing & Troubleshooting: Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot the cluster when issues arise are necessary. Please note that the servers are offline, so you'll need to ensure that the Ethernet cable is utilized effectively for communication between them. People who are RHEL certified...

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    Unity Game - Android Ball Error 6 dagar left

    ...surface. This issue is crucial to the gameplay and needs immediate resolution. Key points: - Object: The issue is primarily with the ball object in the game. - Platform: The problem is specifically on the Android platform. - Ground: The ball is supposed to interact with a solid surface. Ideal Freelancer: - Experienced Unity game developer with a focus on Android platform. - Proficient in troubleshooting game physics, particularly with object interactions. - Familiarity with resolving issues related to object-ground interactions in Unity. - Strong problem-solving skills to identify and fix the root cause of the ball's failure to bounce. Your expertise in Unity and Android game development is needed to debug this issue and ensure the ball behaves as intended. Looking forwar...

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    I am in need of an audio hardware engineer with a specialization in troubleshooting existing audio hardware. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Strong background in audio engineering - Proficient in diagnosing and fixing hardware issues - Familiar with a wide range of consumer audio devices - Excellent problem-solving skills - Experience in the repair or maintenance of professional audio equipment is a plus Your primary responsibility will be to diagnose and resolve the issues affecting our existing audio hardware. You should be able to work efficiently and effectively to ensure the hardware is functioning optimally. If you have a track record of successful audio hardware troubleshooting and a passion for solving complex problems, I would love to hear from you.

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    I am seeking an experienced Wordpress developer to help me with three key issues on my website. - Loading Speed Optimization: My website is currently performing at a D grade. I am looking...Enhancement: The sliders on the website are not working properly. The successful candidate should be able to investigate the root cause of this issue and ensure that the sliders function smoothly and as intended. Ideal skills and experience for this job include in-depth knowledge of: - Wordpress - Website performance optimization - Form configuration and notifications - Slider implementation and troubleshooting - Server and hosting management, particularly with GoDaddy The successful candidate will be capable of delivering on these tasks promptly, with a keen eye for detail and a commitment t...

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    Native Camera Fixes 6 dagar left

    ...version but when we approve the request, the app crashes. No other changes are made. Library used for Screenshot and Screen Recording are as followed: screenshot: ^1.2.3 for screenshot ed_screen_recorder: ^0.0.15 for screen recording The project requires a developer who is comfortable working across both Flutter and native platforms. A background in camera-related app development or troubleshooting would be beneficial. The ideal candidate should be able to work quickly and efficiently, delivering high-quality solutions within an expedited timeframe. PLEASE NOTE you will supportas an EXPERT IN NATIVE, nothing else. I have a developer in flutter who knows the code inside out but we need a native camera specialist to fix the issues. And no, we do not have weeks, we have...

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    ...the stipulated timeline. - Provide detailed documentation of the integration process and configurations. Testing and Quality Assurance: - Conduct thorough testing to ensure data accuracy and synchronization. - Perform end-to-end testing for product listings, inventory updates, order placement, and order fulfillment. Provide Support: - Offer initial support and troubleshooting assistance during the initial phase of integration. Timeline: - Integration Setup and Customization: 3-5 days. - Testing and Quality Assurance: 2-3 days. - Documentation and Support: Ongoing support for the first week post-integration. Testing Criteria: Data Accuracy: - Ensure product data, pricing, and inventory levels are accurately synced. Order Processing:...

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    I require a skilled technician proficient in iPad device troubleshooting and Prevost motor coach systems. The remote iPad in my coach is experiencing connectivity issues which means I can't control my lights or generator. Oddly, the shades and AC are functioning correctly so there seems to be a specific issue with these features. Key task involves: - Diagnosing connection issue between the motor coach systems and the iPad - Not sure about other devices, the functionality needs to be checked with those too. - This issue specifically involves control of lights and the generator. Any solution presented needs to his into account. Appropriate expertise in iOS devices, general troubleshooting, and familiarity with motor coach systems would be beneficial.

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    I'm experiencing issues with my WordPress website. I'm using a personal domain The problem I'm encountering is that the page isn't loading fully. I haven't made any recent changes to the site in terms of themes or plugins, so I'm pretty s...experiencing issues with my WordPress website. I'm using a personal domain The problem I'm encountering is that the page isn't loading fully. I haven't made any recent changes to the site in terms of themes or plugins, so I'm pretty sure this is a simple fix. I'm looking for a professional who can quickly identify and correct the issue. Key skills needed: - Experience in troubleshooting WordPress websites - Strong understanding of frontend develo...

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    113 bud need of a skilled IT support trainer who can assist me in training less than 10 employees with beginner-level skills. The training will cover: - Hardware Troubleshooting: Basic understanding and practical application of hardware troubleshooting methods. - Software Installation and Configuration: Introduction to software installation and configuration processes. - Network Troubleshooting: Basic knowledge and hands-on training on network troubleshooting. Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in IT support training for beginners. - Strong knowledge and practical experience in hardware, software, and network troubleshooting. - Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. - Ability to adapt training methods to suit the learning pace of...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer with expertise in Python to help me use the Power BI REST API in setting a Databricks access key on a datasource. Key Responsibilities: - Utilize the Power BI REST API - Set a Databricks access key on a datasource - Ensure the implementation is robust and secure - So I have PowerBI refresh automation Ideal Skills: - Proficiency with Python programm...experience working with Power BI REST API - Understanding of Databricks and Power BI Service - Ability to ensure the security of the implementation - Familiarity with GCP Databricks would be advantageous. Please note, I have all the necessary credentials and access rights. The task primarily involves API utilization and secure key setting. Be prepared for ongoing communication and possible troub...

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    ...understanding of blockchain technology, specifically with experience in USDT (Tether) and smart contract development. Responsibilities: Develop and implement flash USDT transactions. Create secure and efficient smart contracts. Ensure the reliability and speed of transactions. Collaborate with our team to integrate blockchain solutions with our existing systems. Provide technical support and troubleshooting as needed. Requirements: Proven experience in blockchain development. In-depth knowledge of USDT (Tether) and its transaction mechanisms. Experience with smart contract development (Solidity, Ethereum). Strong understanding of blockchain security best practices. Ability to work independently and communicate effectively. Previous work or portfolio demonstrating relevant proj...

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    Having difficulty in judging we are getting any traffic in our website through marketing or not. We are not able to deduct anything wrong with our website. We would like you to troubleshoot our website both back-end and front-end. We don’t have code available in local machine and our server is in AWS. Database (Mysql) access is available in AWS server as well.

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    I need an expert specializing in network security and system administration to configure and install various security components for my business. Key Requirements: - Firewall Configuration: (Sonicwall and...CCTV equipment to ensure that it operates effectively and securely. Ideal Skillset: - Proficient in network security and system administration - Experience with Windows Server installations, particularly Windows Server 2019 - Expertise in configuring biometric machines, specifically fingerprint readers - Familiarity with CCTV system setup and configuration - Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting abilities Please provide your relevant experience and certifications in your bid. A proactive and professional approach, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum security, is high...

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    I'm experiencing an "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS" error using Google Chrome, and clearing my cache and cookies hasn't helped. The problem seems to be affecting multiple webpages. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Ubuntu and Contabo Hosting - Expertise with debugging and troubleshooting web browser issues - Knowledge of common issues leading to ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS - Experience with resolving browser cache and cookie-related problems.

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    I am looking for a professional who can assist me with installing Unigyr Insight software on my Windows system. Although the software is installed, I am encountering issues and it is not working as expected. Your p...looking for a professional who can assist me with installing Unigyr Insight software on my Windows system. Although the software is installed, I am encountering issues and it is not working as expected. Your primary responsibilities will include troubleshooting and ensuring the software is fully functional. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Unigyr Insight software - Extensive experience with Windows OS - Proven track record in software installation and troubleshooting Please note, I will need you to address both the installation and the troubleshooting ...

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    As the owner of my website, I'm looking to optimize the user experience, server timeouts, and speed. Key Focus Areas: - **...preferences of seniors. This may include optimizing font size, color contrast, and overall ease of navigation. - **Server Timeouts & Speed:** The website experiences frequent timeouts and slow loading times which need to be addressed urgently as they impact the user experience. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in optimizing websites for specific demographics - Proficiency in troubleshooting server timeout issues and improving loading speed - Understanding of user experience design principles I'm hopeful that these improvements will not only enhance the experience of my senior target audience but also contribute to the overal...

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    I'm seeking a professional to enhance the capabilities of the ATOMS BSRC900D Battery Management System. This project has two main parts...backup and restore system for the BMS settings. - Reprogrammed BMS firmware, thoroughly tested and stable. - A system for both physical and remote access to the BMS system, with secure and reliable protocols. You'll also need to provide detailed documentation on the backup and reprogramming process. This documentation must be clear and well-structured to assist with future maintenance and troubleshooting. Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience with BMS systems, specifically ATOMS BSRC900D, and their firmware. - Proficiency in developing backup and restore systems for electronic devices. - Remote access protocol implementation. - Strong d...

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    Urgent Wordpress CSS Issue Fix 6 dagar left

    I'm running WordPress 6.5.4 with a custom theme and I'm facing an urgent issue. The custom CSS class I've added to a sub menu is not being applied. Key Requirements: - Urgent Fix: I need this issue resolved ASAP. - Custom Theme: Experience with custom WordPress themes is a must. - CSS: In-depth understanding of CSS and WordPress's implementation of it is necessary. - Troubleshooting: Ability to quickly identify and fix the issue is crucial. Please only apply if you're able to start on this immediately and can deliver a quick and efficient solution.

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    ...The issue is specific to when the website is accessed through the link in our email campaign exclusively in case of Canadian / US contacts who open the website using the email campaign link on a Windows machine. In all other cases (for example on MacOS), sessions appear fine. This is a high priority project for me and I need it completed ASAP. Key Requirements: - Experienced in website troubleshooting, especially related to email campaigns. - Proficient in diagnosing and identifying the root cause of website issues. - Ability to provide clear and concise recommendations for resolving the problem and also the ability to execute on them. As the issue occurs specifically when the website is opened via the link in our email campaign, experience in email marketing and campaign m...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer with expertise in Python to help me use the Power BI REST API in setting a Databricks access key on a datasource. Key Responsibilities: - Utilize the Power BI REST API - Set a Databricks access key on a datasource - Ensure the implementation is robust and secure - So I have PowerBI refresh automation Ideal Skills: - Proficiency with Python programm...experience working with Power BI REST API - Understanding of Databricks and Power BI Service - Ability to ensure the security of the implementation - Familiarity with GCP Databricks would be advantageous. Please note, I have all the necessary credentials and access rights. The task primarily involves API utilization and secure key setting. Be prepared for ongoing communication and possible troub...

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    I am looking for a versatile IT support specialist who can assist me with a range of tasks. Key Responsibilities: - Microsoft Windows Server Support: I need help with installation, configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and performance optimization. - Desktop Admin Support: I require assistance with software installation and updates, hardware troubleshooting, and user account management. - Network Admin Support: Tasks include network setup and configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and security management. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Power BI is essential. - Previous experience with SAP Business One is a strong advantage. - In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Windows Servers, desktop administration, and network support. - Ability to manage various ...

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    I have a PHP video player script that should play MP4/MKV/M4V/m3u8 video files, but currently, the videos aren't playing. I need an expert to help me fix this issue. My site ( have the Issue ) : site with out errors : Key Requirements: - Troubleshoot the script to identify the root cause of the video pl... site with out errors : Key Requirements: - Troubleshoot the script to identify the root cause of the video playback problem. - Implement a fix that ensures MP4/MKV/M4V/m3u8 files can be played seamlessly. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in PHP and video handling. - Prior experience with MP4/MKV/M4V/m3u8 files and PHP scripts. - Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving abilities.

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    More details: Is this project for business or personal use? For an existing business What information should successful freelancers include in their application? Location, English proficiency, hours of operation (USA Pacific Time) How soon do you need your project completed? Complete the set up ASAP; Ongoing monitoring of Plesk error logs/troubleshooting

    $15 - $25 / hr
    $15 - $25 / hr
    42 bud

    ...identify and resolve any JavaScript related errors on my website. Experience: - Past Work: Please provide examples of websites you've worked on that required significant JavaScript troubleshooting. - Experience: I'm looking for a freelancer with a strong track record in JavaScript development and error resolution. - Detailed Proposals: I'll be selecting freelancers based on their experience level and past work. Please provide me with a detailed proposal highlighting your skills in resolving JavaScript errors. Ideal Skills: - Strong understanding of JavaScript and HTML5 - Proven track record in troubleshooting and resolving website errors Please note that while experience is key, I'm also open to considering freelancers with a strong portfolio of pas...

    $7 - $33
    $7 - $33
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    ...WordPress website. Key Issues: - Facebook Pixel: It's not firing properly. The data tracked seems inaccurate. I need this fixed and cleaned up. - Instagram Integration: I'm also facing some issues with the Instagram integration. The data from Instagram doesn't seem to be accurately tracked on my website. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience working with Facebook Pixel on WordPress - Expertise in troubleshooting and resolving tracking issues - Familiarity with Instagram integration on WordPress - Strong understanding of data tracking and analytics You should be able to quickly identify the issues with the Facebook Pixel and Instagram integration, and provide a seamless solution to ensure accurate data tracking and proper functioning of these features. Your attent...

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    43 bud, or analytics. The developer should conduct testing to ensure the functionality, usability, and security of Moodle LMS platform, identifying and addressing any bugs or issues that may arise. The Developer should document customizations, configurations, and technical specifications for Moodle LMS and platform, providing clear and comprehensive documentation for future reference and troubleshooting. The Developer should provide training and support to administrators and instructors on how to use Moodle LMS platform effectively, sharing best practices and tips for optimizing the learning experience. The developer should collaborate with stakeholders, including project managers, designers, and other developers, to ensure alignment with project goals and requirements and als...

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    I have two issues I need to resolve. Firstly, my Android APK has a small fault that needs to be fixed. Secondly, there's an issue with the download functionality in my online software, where Excel files are getting corrupted.

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    I need a dedicated computer manager with entry-level experience in Windows and MacOS to efficiently troubleshoot various technical issues. Key Responsibilities: - Installing software and hardware - Managing networ...dedicated computer manager with entry-level experience in Windows and MacOS to efficiently troubleshoot various technical issues. Key Responsibilities: - Installing software and hardware - Managing network security - Prepping computers for use The ideal candidate will have an understanding of network security and the installation process of both software and hardware. Basic knowledge in troubleshooting to resolve various technical issues will be beneficial. I am looking for someone who demonstrates a hands-on approach, problem-solving skills, and the ability to quic...

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    ...duties will revolve around monitoring the performance of our networking devices and manufacturing equipment. Key Responsibilities: - Monitoring machine performance: Your role will require consistent monitoring of the networking devices and manufacturing equipment we rely on. This will involve tracking the output of these machines and ensuring they are functioning at their best capacity. - Troubleshooting technical issues: As an Advanced Machine Manager, you should have the experience and knowledge to resolve complex technical problems that might arise with the machines. - Managing software updates: You will be responsible for the timely administration of software updates to the machines. This will require a strong understanding of the specific technologies in use. Ideal Qualif...

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    GoDaddy Domain - SPF & DNS 5 dagar left

    I'm experiencing issues with my domain on GoDaddy. Specifically, I'm encountering problems with SPF records, DNS, and accessing Microsoft email. Key Points: - I need a freelancer with experience in tackling domain issues on GoDaddy. It's essentia... I'm encountering problems with SPF records, DNS, and accessing Microsoft email. Key Points: - I need a freelancer with experience in tackling domain issues on GoDaddy. It's essential that you can handle DNS configuration and SPF records. - You should be able to help me verify and set up SPF records correctly to enhance email deliverability. - It would be a great plus if you've worked on troubleshooting email deliverability in the past, especially with Microsoft email systems. Please share your relevant ex...

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    ...written in Node.js. While the function is designed to operate as a serverless API, I'm encountering some issues during execution and would appreciate assistance in troubleshooting and optimizing its performance. Key Points: - Your primary task will involve pinpointing the issues causing malfunction in the function, and then rectifying them to ensure seamless operation. - In addition to fixing the current problems, I'm also looking for suggestions on how to optimize the function's overall performance. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in AWS Lambda and Node.js, with prior experience in serverless API development. - Strong troubleshooting skills, capable of identifying and rectifying the root cause of issues in serverless functions. - Familiarity with performanc...

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