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    I need assistance with deploying my Node.js and React project to an NGINX server. The main objective of this project is to successfully deploy a Node.js and React application on a NGINX server. This is crucial to ensure the application is accessible online. Key requirements and expectations: - Deployment on an NGINX server: Proficiency in configuring NGINX for Node.js/React applications is a must. - Experience with Git: You need to be adept in working with Git to ensure the deployment process is seamless. - Understanding of production-level deployment: It's crucial that the deployment is done in a way that is secure, efficient, and scalable. While this project does not require CI/CD setup, it's important that the deployment is done in a way that wil...

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    We are looking for an experienced freelancer to implement a proxy server solution aimed at automating tasks and bypassing website buffering during high traffic periods. The goal is to ensure smooth and uninterrupted automation workflows even when the target websites experience heavy loads. Responsibilities: Set Up Proxy Server: Implement a robust proxy server using NGINX, Squid, or similar software to manage and route automated requests. Traffic Management: Configure the proxy to efficiently handle and distribute traffic to avoid bottlenecks and buffering. Security Implementation: Ensure secure communications by setting up SSL/TLS certificates and implementing necessary security protocols. Performance Optimization: Optimize the proxy server to handle high traffic efficiently and re...

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    Hi everyone, I am looking for someon...(Django/Flask) and a domain registered with I would like the application to be available online under my domain. Tasks include: Uploading application files to the server. Setting up a virtual environment and installing dependencies. Configuring Gunicorn as the application server. Configuring Nginx as the web server and reverse proxy. Ensuring the application runs correctly under my domain. Requirements: Experience with Python, Django, or Flask. Knowledge of web server configuration (Nginx). Ability to work with command line and SSH. Please contact me if you are interested, along with a brief description of your experience and any references. I am looking to deploy the application as soon as possible, so please also provide y...

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    ...uploaded files. - Nginx Configuration: The software should have the capability to configure Nginx as a web server. - LetsEncrypt Integration: I want the software to create and renew LetsEncrypt SSL certificates. Security Measures: - User Authentication and Authorization: A vital aspect of this project is to ensure the security of the uploaded files and the overall system. Hence, the software should include robust user authentication and authorization features. Management Preferences: - Web Interface: The software should be managed via a user-friendly web interface. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in software development using Java for backend and Ember.js for frontend. - Prior experience in building hosting software, including file management, Ngin...

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    Need help with websockets using Laravel Reverb and Nginx config.

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    I am in need of a cross-platform PDF viewer development specialist to create an online viewing system for PDF documents. The system should support Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Key Requirements: - The system should not require users to authenticate with a username and password, social media login, or through single sign-on. - The syste...JavaScript and relevant libraries. - Experience with PDF viewer development. - Cross-platform application development. - Understanding of user-friendly design principles. Please note that the major functionality required is the ability to view PDF files without the need for user authentication. The project is not for a PDF editor but strictly for viewing purposes. Development should be based on: nginx mysql php redis A replica website needs to b...

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    ...existing machine learning function within the Flask app. 3. Ensuring the server is secure and scalable. 4. Providing documentation for maintaining and updating the server. 5. Fast deployment. We are small, fast-moving startup and would live to have a very basic MVP ready for a potential client meeting in 2 weeks. Preferred Stack: • Flask • WSGI server (e.g., Gunicorn or uWSGI) • NGINX for reverse proxy and load balancing Additional Requirements: • Experience with deploying Flask applications in a production environment. • Knowledge of best practices for securing a Flask server. • Ability to document the setup and deployment process clearly. We'll be using AWS. The expected amount of traffic to the server is low, with les...

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    I need help setting up a Linux-based VPS environment, specifically Ubuntu, to be used as a development platform. Key tasks include: 1. Server (check and install it and config if is not present) - Ubuntu 22.04 - PHP 8.0 - Maria DB - Nginx - Node -> v16.20.2 - Configuring the environment for optimal performance and security - Ensuring the VPS is ready for mobile app development Ideal skills/experience: - Strong expertise in Linux, particularly Ubuntu - Proficiency in setting up and configuring web development environments

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    ...from the keycloak server after which the user will be returned to the splash page. The oauth and api calling code will be provided but this can be modified if necessary. A set of docker containers will also be provided which will provide the oauth and api calling points as well as an nginx server which glues them together. This platform is based on the CurityIO ‘Backend for Frontend’ model and is not to be deviated from. The oauth container will connect to a remote keycloak server. ‘Magic code’ within nginx (provided by CurityIO) will handle the session management between the browser, identity server and API server. The app should not allow access to the authenticated page unless the user has authenticated first using the oauth code. It must monit...

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    I'm in need of a skilled Linux server administrator who can also manage Docker pipeline and have a good understanding about Nginx. I'm currently having an issue where the frontend of my ReactJS application is unable to connect with the backend built with .NET Core. I'm unsure if there are any error messages being displayed in the process. I would provide you with direct SSH access to the server for troubleshooting. Key Skills/Experience: - Proficient in Linux server administration - Strong knowledge of Docker and Nginx - Skilled in ReactJS and .NET Core - Experienced in diagnosing and fixing server-side issues Your primary tasks will include: - Investigating and resolving the connectivity issue between the ReactJS and .NET Core applications - Diagnosing any e...

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    ...payment methods. Customization Requests Tracking: Track the status of customization requests and communicate with the support team if needed. Deployment and Server Server Setup: Hosting Provider: Choose a reliable hosting provider such as AWS, Google Cloud, or DigitalOcean. Server Configuration: Setup server with necessary configurations for security, performance, and scalability. Web Server: Use Nginx or Apache as the web server to serve the application. Deployment: Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): Set up CI/CD pipelines using tools like Jenkins, GitHub Actions, or GitLab CI for automated testing and deployment. Version Control: Use Git for version control and collaboration. Security: SSL/TLS: Implement SSL/TLS for secure data transmission. Firewalls and ...

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    I'm looking for someone to set up a free SSL certificate on my ubuntu vps account for my website. I have already generated free SSL cert. Need to setup SSL via nginx configuration and PM2 manager. Xpressjs server, currently on port 8080. Key Points: - I use as my current hosting provider. - The website is a corporate one. Experience in this domain is a plus. - SSL validation method is yet to be decided, hence flexibility is important. - All server details, will be provided to hired dev. Ideal Freelancer: - Experience with and SSL certification. - Previous experience setting up SSL for corporate websites. - Flexibility with varied validation methods. Fixed budget of $10. Leads to more tasks as server admin.

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    ...Possibilidade de colocar o logotipo de acordo com o domínio cadastrado. - Página administrativa para cadastrar um novo servidor freeswitch e setar qual a cps máxima desse servidor, para que possa aumentar ou reduzir a cps por servidor conforme necessário. - O sistema deve ser capaz de operar integralmente atrás do nginx, para que possamos criar 2 ou mais servidores web, caso necessário. Se possível também na mesma página de administração, cadastrar um novo servidor web nginx para acesso dos clientes - WebRTC funcional para que não seja necessário a instalação de microsip, mas que tbm seja possível utilizar o microsip se necessário, de preferência...

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    Necesito pubicar una pagina web con wordpress y necesito verificar porque en local todo funciona y cuando entramos por el dominio no funciona se queda cargando aunque los puertos estan abiertos y con otros dominios funciona con wordpress no.

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    I'm seeking a professional who can significantly enhance the performance of my Linux Debian 12 server and WordPress website. The server is experiencing slow responses and high CPU usage, and the website pages are loading slowly. Debian 12 Php 8.3 Nginx MariaDB Webmin Virtualmin Wordpress Key Tasks: - Address slow server response times and high CPU usage - Optimize the loading speed of the WordPress website - Ensure the caching mechanism setup is optimal - Implement strategies to improve the overall performance and user experience Ideal Experience: - Proven experience in optimizing Linux Debian servers - Expertise in WordPress speed optimization - Familiarity with caching mechanisms, particularly within WordPress - Strong problem-solving skills to identify and rectify perfor...

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    I'm in need of an Nginx expert to help me optimize my reverse proxy settings for an improved performance. The project involves: - Utilizing backend server headers, particularly the "Cache-Control", to determine which content should bypass the cache. - Implementing a caching strategy that will cache most content, while bypassing the cache for dynamically generated content. This project will require a freelancer with: - Profound expertise in Nginx configuration, especially with reverse proxy settings. - Strong understanding of HTTP headers, especially "Cache-Control". - Experience with implementing caching strategies in Nginx. The ultimate goal is to enhance the performance of my website by ensuring that content is delivered as efficiently as...

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    We need an expert to Install Odoo 17 on my vps and nginx and ssl also .

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    Consultoría sobre montar un servidor Ubuntu Nginx para alojar frontend en angular y backend c#.

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    I'm looking for an experienced server expert who can optimize my AWS cloud server for high website performance. The main requirements include setting up Varnish and Nginx on the same port. Key Tasks: - Configure AWS server for enhanced web performance - Set up Varnish and Nginx to operate on the same port - Integrate existing Nginx, Varnish, and Redis configurations for efficient operations Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in server optimization for high website performance - Expertise in AWS cloud infrastructure - Proficiency in setting up and configuring Varnish and Nginx - Solid experience in integrating and optimizing existing configurations - Strong understanding of server-side caching techniques The successful candidate will need...

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    Configurate nginx proxy multiples proxy odoo

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    1 bud me sort out issues related to Nginx configuration, Domain setup and troubleshoot the current SSL certificate on my Magento-based website. Key Tasks: - Nginx Configuration: It seems there are some misconfigurations with our Nginx setup. You'll be responsible for identifying and rectifying these issues to ensure smooth operation of the website. - Domain Setup: Our domain setup also requires attention. I need a freelancer who can review the current configuration and make necessary adjustments for optimal performance. - SSL Certificate Troubleshooting: The current SSL certificate on our Magento site is not functioning as expected. Your task will be to troubleshoot and resolve the issues affecting its proper operation. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Ngin...

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    linux server maintenance various tasks! Mysql/mariadb Backup Apache/nginx server Php-fpm Ssl

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    Project De...features are functioning correctly. Skills and Qualifications: Proven experience with Linux server management. Strong knowledge of Google Cloud Platform. Proficiency in Python programming. Extensive experience with PostgreSQL database setup and management. Familiarity with open-source LMS platforms like Moodle, Open edX, or similar. Experience with web server technologies and configuration (e.g., Nginx, Apache). Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Excellent communication skills. Experience: Minimum 3 years of experience in server management and cloud services. Demonstrated experience in setting up and managing LMS platforms. Previous projects involving Google Cloud, Python, and PostgreSQL.

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    Overview The goal of this project is to identify and implement a large language model (LLM) that can be trained on a dataset of embeddings totaling approximately 300MB and operate efficiently within a maximum of 7GB RAM. The model must be capable of providing responses via an API e...number of users. 4. Documentation: Comprehensive documentation covering the setup, training process, API deployment, scalability strategies, and usage instructions. Potential Tools and Resources 1. Model Libraries: Hugging Face Transformers, TensorFlow, PyTorch. 2. API Frameworks: Flask, FastAPI. 3. Cloud Platforms: Google Colab, AWS Free Tier, Microsoft Azure for Students. 4. Scalability Tools: Nginx for load balancing, Redis for caching. 5. Other Tools: GitHub for version control, Docker for contain...

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    Please review the terms of reference and tell me how much time and what budget do you want to complete the project? Project technology stack: Node.js/Next.js, React, TypeScript, MobX, Webpack, MongoDB, JWT, keycloak-js, NGinx Specifications for layout: • create an application from a boilerplate, for example this one () • add and configure eslint and prettier • set up a color theme, add colors to constants • layout the authorization page, add a captcha • layout header and menu • layout the remaining components and pages according to the layouts, set up page-by-page routing Layouts mobile and desktop version:

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    ...Composer, and other dependencies necessary for Laravel and Vue.js. Application Deployment: Set up the deployment process to automatically deploy updates to the application from a version control system (e.g., Git). Configure webhooks or deployment triggers to initiate the deployment process whenever changes are pushed to the repository. Web Server Configuration: Configure the web server (e.g., Nginx or Apache) to serve the Laravel backend and Vue.js frontend. Set up virtual hosts, SSL certificates, and other server settings to optimize performance and security. Database Setup: Configure the database server (e.g., MySQL or PostgreSQL) to store the application data. Create databases, users, and permissions required for the Laravel application to interact with the database. Moni...

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    1. Introduction Currently there is a VM server running with an older Cryptpad installation (5.2.1). The goal is to install it freshly on a new VM, with a diffe...subdomian, and to migrate all the data. 2. Project objectives - I need some advise which solution is the best for installing the new Cryptpad instance. I would like to do further updates on my own. I need also a tutorial how I can update the cryptpad application. - I ll need some additional advice which ports to open and to forward in the firewall. - I ll need also some help in setting up the NGINX reverse proxy in order to reach the site, in case this does not work out of the box. 3. Technical environment - You will get SSH sudo access to both VMs if needed. - Both Ubuntu 22.04 Server. 4. Time frame - max. working durat...

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    ...Lazy load images and videos. Optimization: Minify and combine CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files. Remove render-blocking JavaScript and CSS. Defer non-essential JavaScript loading. Delivery Network (CDN): Implement a CDN to serve static assets from the nearest server to the user. Use a CDN for dynamic content delivery. Optimization: Use a high-performance web server (e.g., Nginx or LiteSpeed). Enable HTTP/2 or HTTP/3. Implement Gzip or Brotli compression Optimize server respoonse time 7. Performance Monitoring and Testing: Set up performance monitoring tools (e.g., New Relic, GTmetrix). Conduct regular performance audits. Implement continuous performance testing. 8. Advanced Security Measures: Use a web application firewall (WAF). Regularly update WordPress core, themes

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    i need a tutor who can teach me practically how to host multiple sites, using apache, nginx, MERN stack sites installation LAMP stack sites installation FTP installation SFTP installation POSTFIX installation MYSQL MONGODB

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    ...documentation and training for our internal team. **Key Requirements**: - Proven experience in designing and developing IaaS platforms. - Expertise in cloud computing technologies (e.g., AWS, OpenStack, VMware). - Proficiency with virtualization tools (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes). - Strong knowledge of networking, security, and infrastructure management. - Experience with web servers (e.g., Apache, Nginx), email servers (e.g., Postfix, Exchange), and database servers (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL). - Familiarity with infrastructure as code (e.g., AWS CloudFormation, Terraform). - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. - Strong communication skills and ability to work independently. **Preferred Qualifications**: - Certifications in relevant cloud platforms (e.g., AWS...

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    ...Laravel framework (facilitates database integration, security, and routing) 5. **WordPress Integration:** - Custom plugin that allows embedding content generated by the platform within WordPress pages 6. **Artificial Intelligence:** - API for natural language processing, such as OpenAI GPT-3 or a similar solution, to automatically respond to chat questions 7. **Web Server:** - Apache or Nginx, configured to support PHP and WordPress 8. **User Authentication and Management:** - User management system integrated with Laravel (Laravel Jetstream or Laravel Breeze) 9. **Video Loading:** - The live stream video will come from another platform and will be loaded on the page via JavaScript code, eliminating the need for an in-house video upload and storage structure. ...

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    $250 - $750
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    Below is the requirement: On checkin of code in github branch , github actions needs to trigger build and code deploy on aws should deploy on EC2 For production backend and frontend, notification for approval post which deployment should occur Front End : Angular on EC2 Backend : Django behind nginx and load balancer and autoscale on EC2 (only production) Use Github actions to setup CI CD for both staging and production production needs manual approval deployment and staging automatic deployment Sample Github actions will be provided to the shortlisted candidates While applying , Share the effort in hours needed and the summary of your solution

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    ...configuración, mantenimiento, actualizaciones y resolución de problemas. * Experiencia práctica con Pfsense incluyendo configuración e implementación de firewalls y VPNs. * Conocimiento sólido de los protocolos de red TCP/IP, incluyendo la capacidad de analizar y solucionar problemas de red y entender la seguridad de la red. * Experiencia en la configuración y administración de servidores web Apache, NGINX y tecnologías similares. * Conocimiento y experiencia de los sistemas de almacenamiento en red NFS, y las tecnologías de almacenamiento en bloque como iSCSI. * Experiencia utilizando herramientas de automatización como Ansible y scripts de shell para automatizar tareas. * Familiaridad con princip...

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    I need an experienced freelancer to handle the configuration of my SAAS server hosted on Hostinger. I would prefer someone with experience in setting up a server for a SaaS application. the server need to support the follwing configurations: Php(Version 8) Mysql Database Node js(Version 20) SSL Certificate Nginx

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    ...Software es limitado. Encontré una opción que se llama Corteza, el cual es una aplicación Low-code que es open source y tiene las funcionalidades que necesitamos. Mi objetivo es instalar corteza en el computador de mi oficina o en caso de no poderse instalarlo en un computador de mi casa que ya no utilizo y que podría usar como servidor. La instalación de corteza utiliza software como Docker y Nginx...en el siguiente sitio web explican el proceso de instalación Lo intenté pero no lo logré, me imagino que tiene que ver con algo de la red a internet al que estoy conectado o alguna configuración adicional. La idea es que mi aplicativo pueda ser usado por personas por fuera de la oficina usando una conexión a inte...

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    I need a seasoned freelancer to set up a reverse proxy server (specifically Squid or Nginx) to interface with Genie ACS (TR-069) Server. The primary objective is to provide access to CPEs behind NAT. Key Requirements: - Establish a secure reverse proxy connection between Genie ACS Server and CPEs behind NAT. - Ensure seamless and scalable access to a large number of CPEs. - Implement necessary configurations to ensure compatibility and maximum performance. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in setting up reverse proxy servers, especially with Squid or Nginx. - Extensive knowledge of Genie ACS (TR-069) Server and its configuration. - Experience in working with CPEs and network administration. - Strong understanding of NAT traversal mechanisms. - Ability to tailor th...

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    Hi. Some time ago a Matrix instance was installed in a dedicated VM using The ...installed in a dedicated VM using The Telegram and Signal bridges were also configured with double puppeting. Task: Now a new Matrix instance must be installed within Proxmox in a new VM (Ubuntu 22.04) and the old data should be migrated from the old VM. The subdomain should remain the same. Prior to Proxmox is an OPNSense firewall and an NGINX proxy manager. I provide the Ubuntu VM with SSH access. For everything else I need support as soon as possible. I would like to be able to connect to the new system on my cell phone so that all the old data is available again. Work duration: max. 2 days

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    I recently updated the Nginx server configuration and since then, I'm unable to access my website. I need help in resolving this issue as soon as possible. Key Requirements: - Diagnosis: Identify the root cause of the issue that's preventing website access. - Configuration Fix: Provide necessary changes or modifications to the Nginx server configuration to ensure the website is accessible again. - Timely Support: Given the urgency of the issue, prompt assistance is crucial. Ideal Candidate: - Proven Nginx Expertise: Prior experience in Nginx server configuration is a must. - Troubleshooting Skills: Ability to effectively diagnose and resolve server-related issues. - Prompt and Reliable: Urgent support is needed to restore the website's functiona...

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    I'm experiencing a failure in the Nginx service on my Centos server. Unfortunately, I do not have the specifics of the error message or the recent changes that may have caused the issue. I'm looking for a professional who can help me troubleshoot the Nginx failure on my Centos server without the luxury of specific error codes or recent changes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in Nginx and Centos server management. - Proficiency in troubleshooting Nginx service failures. - Ability to diagnose server issues without explicit error messages. - Good communication skills to understand and articulate the problem.

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    I would need someone to configure a proxy server in a EC2 instance running Debian to reduce latency for a Lineage 2 fan game server located in France (OVH). Current ping is 240ms, and I aim to reduce it to below 100ms. The small community of players is distributed primarily in Latin America and Spain. Requirements: - Experience with proxy servers (HAProxy, NGINX,…). - Network optimization skills. - Familiarity with gaming server infrastructure. Deliverables: - Fully configured proxy server. - Testing and validation.

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    I'm trying to deploy a Ruby application using Nginx, Puma, and Sidekiq with Capistrano. I've set up most of the necessary components and can perform deployments, but I need assistance with a few specific issues. These are tasks that should take a maximum of 1-2 hours to resolve. I've already done much of the work; only the following items remain: 1.I'm having issues with environment variables and production/master.key. 2.I want to achieve zero-downtime deployment with Capistrano, ensuring there is no downtime when deploying to production. 3. I installed Sidekiq as a gem on Ubuntu and set it up to run as a service. My goal is to ensure that ongoing jobs are not interrupted during deployment. I haven't been able to get this to work perfectly and need it to be...

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    I'm trying to deploy a Ruby application using Nginx, Puma, and Sidekiq with Capistrano. I've set up most of the necessary components and can perform deployments, but I need assistance with a few specific issues. These are tasks that should take a maximum of 1-2 hours to resolve. I've already done much of the work; only the following items remain: 1.I'm having issues with environment variables and production/master.key. 2.I want to achieve zero-downtime deployment with Capistrano, ensuring there is no downtime when deploying to production. 3. I installed Sidekiq as a gem on Ubuntu and set it up to run as a service. My goal is to ensure that ongoing jobs are not interrupted during deployment. I haven't been able to get this to work perfectly and need it to be...

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    I'm facing an issue with the virtual host and some configuration of phpmyadmin on my Linux Debian server. I'm looking for an expert who can help me with the following: - ...some configuration of phpmyadmin on my Linux Debian server. I'm looking for an expert who can help me with the following: - Troubleshoot and fix the current Virtual Host configuration issue - Check current PHPMyAdmin configuration and make necessary adjustments Your involvement in the project would be mainly around Nginx configuration. We can discuss further details once you show interest in the project. Ideal skill sets and experience for this job would be: - Proficiency in Nginx and Linux Debian - Prior experience with Virtual Host and PHPMyAdmin configuration - Ability to troubleshoo...

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    We have a Django running on some server that needs to be migrated as soon as possible. Done already: - Postgres database has been migrated - Redis is up and running - Project files have been transferred Django was running as a service with socket using nginx as reverse proxy. You will have access to both the old and new server. Your job: - bring Django back up - write a short explanation about how you fixed the problem Please include "FHG734" in your offer or it will be ignored. Also AI/ChatGPT generated offers will be ignored! Budget is 10€ if you can fix it, this should be a small task for someone with knowledge. Maybe a good task for new freelancers!

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    Hi Team, I am looking for a person who have experience in A...experience in AWS EC2 and who have run successfully deploy the NodeJS application which is using in PM2 cluster mode. When I run the mode without cluster mode in PM2 then works fine, but as soon as I run the app in PM2 cluster mode then sometime realtime messages comes and sometime it doesn't. I don't want to implement the stickey sessions to make the work. I need the NGINX for reverse proxy, so either the should work on loadbalancing environment or in PM2 cluster mode. I also want to implement the load balancing in my NodeJsApp. Note: Please only apply on the bid if you have done this before and confident to fix this issue. Write "Socket" in your proposal then only I will accept the bid.

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    ...this project within the established budget. Project Description: The project involves the development of the necessary technological infrastructure for CubaMarket, including backend, frontend, and the integration of hosting and CDN services. Here are the key details: Backend: We will use Python with the Django framework to develop the backend of the platform, with PostgreSQL as the database and Nginx with Gunicorn as the web server. Frontend: The frontend will be built using React.js and Material-UI to ensure a modern, responsive, and fast-loading user interface. Hosting and CDN: DigitalOcean will be our hosting provider, while Cloudflare will be used as the CDN to improve the speed and security of the website. Speed Considerations: It is important to note that the technologica...

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    ...Full Stack Developer proficient in PHP and JavaScript to work on a project involving Nginx, Laravel 11, and Vue3. Key Deliverables: - User Registration and Login: The website should allow for user registration and login. - Real-time chat: Implement a functional real-time chat system for users. - Notifications: Set up a notification system for users to receive real-time updates from the website. Additional Details: As the project owner, I've already designed the layout of the website. Your primary focus will be to implement the functionality using the stated technologies. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Proficiency in PHP, Laravel and JavaScript, Vue3 - Experience in working with Nginx and web sockets - Strong background in real-time applications ...

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    I need an expert in web hosting and nginx server troubleshooting. A persistent issue with 5xx errors, specifically "Requested timed out" and "Bad gateway", has been plaguing my standalone nginx server and needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. Ideal Skills/Experiences: - Extensive understanding of nginx server configuration - Demonstrable experience in diagnosing and fixing 5xx errors, especially "Requested timed out" and "Bad gateway" errors - Familiarity with standalone server setup - Quick turnaround time Please reach out only if you have sufficient experience handling such server issues.

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    ...our existing news platform, This feature will include a live video functionality with group chat, advanced community/group creation options, and a temporary email address blocking system. The design and structure of this new feature must align with the current design of our website, which is built using the CodeIgniter 4 framework and running on AlmaLinux v8.9.0. The web server is Nginx. Project Requirements: Live Video with Group Chat: Implement a live video streaming feature that allows users to broadcast and watch live videos. Integrate a real-time group chat system where viewers can interact during the live video sessions. Use WebRTC to design and build our own video solution without relying on external video integration services. Advanced Community/Group Cre...

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    I need an experienced system administrator with a strong background in security to help me address a specific vulnerability on my dedicated server. The id...algorithms. I would like the freelancer to: - Conduct a thorough investigation to identify all weak KEX algorithms present on the server - Implement the necessary fixes to remove these weak KEX algorithms Additionally, I'd like the system admin to upgrade the Nginx server on my Linux operating system to enable Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Linux system administration and security - Strong knowledge of SSH server configuration and KEX algorithms - Experience with Nginx server configuration and TLS implementation - An understanding of server se...

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