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    ...a straightforward animation project to life. This project aims to develop an animation targeting the Windows and macOS platforms. While the model details required are fundamental geometric models, the integration of particle effects is crucial. The main responsibilities for the chosen freelancer would be: • Developing basic geometric model animations. • Applying particle effects to the animations. To successfully achieve our project goal, proficiencies in the following would be ideal: • Vulkan API knowledge • Solid experience in developing animations with basic geometric models. • A background in integrating particle effects into animations. • Proficiency in Windows and macOS programming. If you possess these skills and are passionate abo...

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    I'm seeking a developer to update my overlay app that plays on an iMac..."high incline" with an incline and speed listed below (that will also fill from the Excel sheet). Specific additions to be made are: * An extra incline * Additional speed These additions need to be: * Placed on the same screen as the existing features * User input method for these adjustments is open for discussion as my initial preference was not selected. Required skills: * App development on MacOS * Experience with video overlay apps will be ideal * Familiarity with Excel import functions * Graphic design to integrate the new features seamlessly. For the right person, this could be a fairly swift project. Looking forward to all proposals, especially those demonstrating a strong understand...

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    is our website. Please check it out. It''s an application designed to allow reps to go to any webpage, drop notes on the webpage, save them to that URL, and then when they present that webpage to an audience via screen share the audience is shared a clean emulated view of the rep's screen and the rep navigates from the view that has notes. The notes help the rep. We are looking for a developer that can come help us with our CURRENT solution and NOT tell us that they want to rewrite everything. These are things we know need to be done: - Because openGL is not working on Mac, we need to create a wrapper that allows our Mac CEF instance to be functional. - We need to finish the UI - We need to publish our app the associated app stores.

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    I'm in need of an expert Python developer who can create a sophisticated application for macOS. The application must include a graphically engaging user interface enabling real-time object detection. Key responsibilities and requirements are: - Advanced proficiency in Python. Previous experience with GUI development is vital. - Fluency in object detection algorithms, especially YOLO, R-CNN, and SSD. Specific experience with implementing these algorithms in Python is highly desired. - Familiarity with macOS is necessary as the GUI will be specifically developed for this platform. I expect a polished, professional, and highly functional GUI application with seamless real-time object detection capabilities. This is not a beginner-level task and requires specialist know...

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    I'm on the hunt for a seasoned developer well-versed in Java, C++, and Python. The goal of the project is to create a web-based application that operates smoothly on both Windows and macOS. Skills and Experience: - Advanced proficiency in Java, C++, and Python. - Demonstrated expertise in developing web-based applications. - Experience with cross-platform programming, targeting both Windows and macOS operating systems. Your technical prowess, creativity, and innovation will deliver a solution that's efficient, user-friendly, and, most importantly, serves its intended purpose. So, if you're a versatile developer who can juggle multiple programming languages, I'm looking forward to seeing your bid.

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    Jhatfat iOS 4 dagar left

    ...methods is vital. • Cash Cart Order Placements - We are also having issues in the process of placing orders in the cart. Knowledge of implementing payment systems in mobile applications is essential. Having worked with food delivery applications before can be a strong plus point. But most importantly, the chosen applicant should be an expert in Flutter development and be proficient in Dart and macOS, as development will be performed on a MacBook. If you can dedicate yourself to ironing out these issues and enhancing our users' experience, feel invited to bid. Your help will be much appreciated....

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    I'm currently seeking a talented and experienced application developer to create a social networking mobile app that's compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android platforms. Key Requirements: - Expertise in the development of social networking mobile apps - Familiarity with both Windows, macOS, and Android platforms - Ability to create a user-friendly interface that appeals to a broad user base. If that sounds like you, please submit your bid and let's discuss.

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    Photoshop 2021 Assistance on MacOS 2 dagar left

    Having technical issues with Photoshop 2021 on my MacOS, specifically when opening uploading an image, which consistently results in an unexpected shutdown. Need an expert that can assist me virtually, through screen sharing to resolve this problem. Ideal abilities would include: - Deep understanding of Photoshop 2021 - Strong knowledge of MacOS - Experience in remote troubleshooting - Background in software or technical help desk would be a bonus. Our session will involve sharing my screen and direct assistance in addressing the issue.

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    I am using a MacOS and have Python 3.8 installed on my system. I need help with running a Python package intended for data analysis. Ideally, I require a freelancer who has: - Advanced skills in Python programming, particularly version 3.8 and above. - Experience working on MacOS. - Specific experience with Python packages used for data analysis. The package is called mordecai3. It is available on Github: But it is badly documented and maintained, and has some dependency issues. Your main task would be to successfully execute and demonstrate the functionality of this package on my system. Any issues encountered should be diagnosed, explained, and resolved.

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    I need a developer to create a DFA desktop software with the main objective being process automation, create a DFA desktop software with the main objective being process automation, efficiency improvement, and increasing accuracy. This software will be specifically designed to be compatible with MacOS. Ideal Skills for the Job: - Extensive knowledge in software development - Prior experience in creating desktop software - Proficient in MacOS and knows how to optimize software specifically for this operating system - Understanding of DFA Projects and how to automate them for better efficiency and accuracy Expectations: - Development of DFA desktop software - Ensuring compatibility with MacOS - Process automation, efficiency and accuracy should be the softw...

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    Enhance iMac Video Overlay App 1 dag left

    I'm seeking a developer to update my overlay app that plays on an iMac..."high incline" with an incline and speed listed below (that will also fill from the Excel sheet). Specific additions to be made are: * An extra incline * Additional speed These additions need to be: * Placed on the same screen as the existing features * User input method for these adjustments is open for discussion as my initial preference was not selected. Required skills: * App development on MacOS * Experience with video overlay apps will be ideal * Familiarity with Excel import functions * Graphic design to integrate the new features seamlessly. For the right person, this could be a fairly swift project. Looking forward to all proposals, especially those demonstrating a strong understand...

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    I'm having trouble with my Xcode setup and experiencing an "Exited with status code -127" error. I have to open an older project and installed Xcode 15 on a machine running macOS 14.3. I don't know much about this stuff and just have to get it running to change a litte Detail in the app. !!! No run-scripts exist in this project !!! In order to voercome this issue, I would appreciate assistance from a professional who has: - Vast experience and skill in Xcode usage and troubleshooting - Proficiency in macOS 14.3 and its compatibility with Xcode 15 - Understanding of recent updates and possible conflicts that lead to the current error - Aptitude for diagnosing and resolving software operational issues. The task requires not only a fix for the current issu...

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    In need of a proficient C++ developer to create a versatile software that is compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems. Given the complexity of this task, individuals with a strong background in software creation and cross-platform compatibility are highly preferred. A working understanding of OS-specific challenges and constraints would be ideal. It's crucial to note that specialized functionalities are not a priority for this project. However, the capacity to include them in future updates would be an advantage. The code should be well written and commented on each line. A technical report would be required with explanation.

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    I'm in need of a professional who can create a minimalist design Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugin for a simple four-band equalizer. The plugin should be compatible with: - Windows Operating System - macOS, including the M1 and M2 chips The desired features for the equalizer include: LO: 400Hz MID:1000 HI:2000 HI+:4000 Q:0.5 Gain + - 15 (BAND) The ideal candidate for this project should have extensive experience in: - VST plugin creation - Audio engineering and familiarity with equalizers - Programming for both Windows and macOS platforms. Overall, I'm looking for a sleek, minimalist design that is user-friendly and efficient in operation. Looking forward to your proposal and working with you on this project. Coding should be Juce with Cpp

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    I'm in need of an expert with Excel, somewhat familiar with macOS, to create a comprehensive spreadsheet for tracking my expenses. The spreadsheet should support calculations for multiple currencies and accounts. Features required: - Categorizing expenses as: Food & Drinks, Rent & Utilities, Entertainment & Leisure, Vehicle expenses, Savings Accounts, and Costs for running my freelance business - Multicurrency calculations - Multiple accounts tracking Specifically, I'd like an automatic system that would allow me to: - choose from which account the expenses listed needs to be paid out of (or into, if it's earnings/wages) - allows me to choose the currency and account for the transaction recorded, with balances adjusting accordingly - transfer between a...

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    Seeking a talented developer with a basic understanding of ARM7TDMI for an assembly language project. Your task will be focused on the LPC2378 platform. - Target Platforms: ARM Cortex M3/4 or LPC2378 microcontroller - Proficiency Level: Basic knowledge of ARM7TDMI Ideal candidates will have experience working with ARM7TDMI, especially in a Windows, Linux, or MacOS environment. The successful freelancer will demonstrate an ability to handle assembly language projects on these systems. You should be able to troubleshoot, decode, and articulate your methods clearly. If you're ready for a challenging project, please bid.

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    I'm seeking a talented programmer to develop a groundbreaking browser that redefines user experience across multiple operating systems. This project demands a high level of skill in cross-platform development, with a passion for creating software that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Key Requirements: - **Cross-Platform Compatibility:** The browser must run smoothly on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Experience in cross-platform development tools and languages is essential. - **Core Features:** Implementation of: - **Tabbed Browsing:** Efficient management and navigation of multiple web pages within a single window. - **Privacy Mode:** Enable users to browse the internet without storing local data that could be retrieved at a later date. - **Bookmark Man...

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    I'm looking for a skilled IT professional to install and test our backup software on Windows 11 or macOS (preferably both). This task will test our sign-up procedure on our website and highlight any errors on our side. The task will be completed when you create a file system backup job and back up 200MB of data. The task should take no more than 30 minutes.

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    ------- Bids only if you have experienced in Compose-Multiplatform ------ Application wrote by Kotlin Compose-Multiplatform and Decompose, MVIKotlin libraries. Platform: Windows, macOS, iOS and Android Features: - Completing some of the features. - Writing Unit tests and UI Tests. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing mobile apps for Android platforms. - Proficiency in Compose and Compose-Multiplatform. - Knowledge of Unit test and UI test.

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    ...interface, I'm just seeing lines of code. I need someone who can troubleshoot and fix this issue swiftly. **Key Requirements:** - Strong experience with MacOS, preferably with an understanding of different versions, as I haven't specified which one I'm using. - Proficiency in using Homebrew for package management. Although it wasn't confirmed, let's assume Homebrew is already installed. - Adept at navigating and executing commands in the MacOS Command Line Interface (CLI). My familiarity with the CLI wasn't specified, so the ability to guide me through commands or troubleshoot potential CLI mishaps is a plus. **Ideal Skills:** - Expertise in MacOS environments, especially in configuring local development tools. - Proven track record...

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    I'm seeking a freelancer with profound experience in setting up phpMyAdmin on a macOS environment on my MAC AIR. My setup already includes a functioning web server (Apache/Nginx), suggesting that a part of the environment is prepared for phpMyAdmin installation and configuration. Getting Forbidden error when trying to run setup on setup **Requirements:** - Strong background in PHP and MySQL - Previous experience setting up phpMyAdmin on macOS - Familiarity with macOS server configuration and security practices - Ability to troubleshoot potential installation and configuration issues

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    Multi-OS pyqt Data App Avslutades left

    I'm in need of a talented Python developer proficient in pyqt to create a scientific multi-platform application that runs smoothly on Windows, macOS, and Linux. The core functionalities of this app will include user login and authentication mechanisms, alongside sophisticated data analysis and visualisation of graphs, and interactive dashboards. **Core Requirements:** - Cross-platform compatibility (Windows, macOS, Linux) using pyqt. - Implement a robust user login and authentication system. - Develop data visualization tools including charts, graphs, and interactive dashboards. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong proficiency in Python and pyqt. - Experience in developing cross-platform applications. - Knowledge of user authentication systems. - Expertise in data...

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    I'm in need of a competent UI designer, capable of creating an intuitive interface for a desktop medical software. This software has to be compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems. More details are below requirement file.

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    I'm urgently looking for expertise in uninstalling an API key from a Ziraxia application. The platform on which the application is installed is currently unknown, therefore, a candidate who has extensive experience across Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms will be highly regarded. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in working with different operating systems - Experience with Ziraxia applications - Proficiency in handling API keys Although it's unclear which information successful applicants are required to include in their application, it's more likely that I would consider those who provide details of their past work, experience, and detailed project proposals related to similar tasks. This is an urgently required service, and so candidates who can begin imm...

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    I'm seeking an experienced software developer with a strong background in both Windows and macOS to identify and rectify two functional bugs in our Fretlight Studio 6 software. The software currently supports both Windows and macOS, however, it's unclear whether these bugs are consistent across both platforms. Thus, the hired professional must have capabilities in working with multiple operating systems. A knowledge of C/C++ is required Here what's needed: - Diagnose the issue on both Windows and macOS versions of the software. - Repair the two functional bugs causing disruption within the software. - Quality assurance test to ensure issues are addressed effectively. Ideal candidate should have a solid grasp of troubleshooting, and debugging software...

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    ...Hacker to fortify the security .I am looking person who scraped emails from Web site I give you . As a specialist, you should be proficient across multiple operating systems including Windows, Linux, and macOS. The aim is to boost the site's resistance against customer email scraping attempts. The critical tasks would incorporate: Email scraper from website database - Conducting rigorous penetration tests on the website. - Identifying potential weaknesses and implementing solutions. - Integrating a robust payment system. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in operating systems: Windows, Linux, macOS. - Knowledge of Email scraping techniques and prevention. - Experience in E-commerce website security. - Expertise in secure Payment gateway integration. Please, bid only ...

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    Just looking for the perfect fit to implement Cypress automation for data scraping purposes within my project scope. The expertise needed is as follow: • Deep understanding and hands-on with Cypress automation tool • Advanced knowledge in TypeScript coupled with Google TypeScript style adherence • Fluent with macOS operating system Manage your contributions keenly as they will play a substantial role in the overall functionality of my project. Experience in similar projects will be a defining aspect for bidders.

    $15 - $25 / hr
    $15 - $25 / hr
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    I am looking for a highly skilled developer proficient in Java to create a simple software application specifically for MacOS. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Expertise in MacOS software development environments - Spring REST API - mysql - Google Cloud

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    Help me set up and run "rusty-blockparser" on my MacBook. My primary aim is to get all public addresses and their balances from the Bitcoin Core blockchain offline Full Node using this tool. for analytics purposes I already downloaded all the Blockchain but I don't know how to set the input directory

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    Assistance needed in converting four specific songs on YouTube to MP3 format for use in a video on my MacBook. Key requirements: - Files need to be of highest possible quality. - Prior experience with audio conversion and understanding of formats is a must. - Software you will use for conversion needs to be compatible with macOS. - Ensure respect for copyright and compliance considerations. Songs: 1. Janet Jackson: Together again. 2. James Blunt: You are beautiful (beginning) 3. Nora Jones: Come away with me 4. Michael Buble: Everything (ending) Thanks a lot.

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    I'm in need of a technically proficient freelancer experienced with macOS and OpenCore Legacy Patcher. The aim is to improve the hardware compatibility of my existing MacBook Pro 5.2. This job specifically entails: - Enhancing the functionality of the Operating System of my MacBook Pro 5.2. - Thorough understanding of the OpenCore Legacy Patcher is crucial, with experience in optimizing and bettering the overall performance. - The project does not require improvement of other hardware components such as CPU, RAM, Storage, or Graphics Card. - Deep knowledge on macOS is a must, given the operating system is the central focus of this project. Ideal candidate would have proven experience in handling macOS hardware and demonstrating successful upgrade projects in the...

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    I am looking for an experienced developer who can build an AI video generator that is compatible with both Windows and MacOS. This tool should be able to produce a combination of both animated and live-action videos according to my specifications. Key Features: - Incorporation of voice-over feature. - The ability to generate both animated and live-action videos. - Compatibility with Windows and MacOS. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AI development. - Experience with video editing software. - Understanding of animation and live-action video creation. - Knowledge of Windows and MacOS compatibility. I am looking for someone who can take these requirements and apply their technical expertise to craft a powerful, user-friendly AI video generator. Your bid shoul...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a versatile notification script for macOS. This script will enable users to receive email alerts about the availability of products they're interested in, which can range from a single item to multiple products as specified by them. The script must run efficiently on macOS and have a user-friendly interface for setting up alerts. **Key Requirements:** - Create a macOS-compatible script. - Implement an email notification system. - Allow monitoring for an unspecified number of products as defined by the user. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in macOS software development. - Expertise in scripting languages suitable for macOS, such as Bash or Python. - Experience with email API integra...

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    I've come across some bugs in the middle sections of my Python code. I need a proficient Python freelancer who can: - Identify and debug existing issues in the code - Optimize the problematic section for smoother functionality - Offer insight into poten...middle sections of my Python code. I need a proficient Python freelancer who can: - Identify and debug existing issues in the code - Optimize the problematic section for smoother functionality - Offer insight into potential improvements for the overall code Ideal skills for this role include: - Proven proficiency in Python programming - Extensive experience in code debugging - Familiarity with macOS programming environment I can provide additional details if needed. Please bid if you have the necessary skills and experien...

    $37 (Avg Bid)
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    I urgently need a seasoned expert in web application migration to assist in transferring an application from its current platform to another. Sadly, the exact target platform wasn't provided. Nevertheless, the successful candidate must be proficient in working across Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. Transition Spark (Stacker) to Glide with Enhancements: This project is envisioned as a transformative step towards streamlining your digital infrastructure. By migrating to Glide, we anticipate not only an improvement in operational efficiency but also an enhancement in user experience for your team members. The enhancements planned as part of this transition are carefully selected to address specific needs identified during our preliminary discussions, ensuring that the new p...

    $7 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    5 bud

    ...significant challenge with my MacBook, specifically a "Disk full" error that’s hindering my work efficiency. As someone who relies on my MacBook for business, it’s crucial for me to resolve this issue swiftly and effectively. I'm seeking a freelancer with robust experience in macOS to perform a comprehensive disk cleanup and optimization to ensure my MacBook can operate without the constant disk full error. The ideal candidate for this job will have the following skills and experience: - Profound knowledge of macOS and its file system - Experience with disk cleanup and system optimization tools for Mac - Ability to identify and safely remove unnecessary files without compromising system stability or data integrity - Experience in optimi...

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    I need assistance in setting up the openai package on my Mac. While I have Python installed, my familiarity with both Python and OpenAI is rather limited. I tried to install it but it's just not working. For example if I try to run openai --help, the terminal output is: /Users/me/Desktop/python_venv/bin/python3: can't open fi... Preferably, I'm looking for someone who can guide this process via a remote desktop application or detailed, step-by-step documentation tailored to my setup. The goal is not only to have the OpenAI package up and running but to also understand the foundational steps in utilising it for my projects. Skills and Experience: - Python - Experience with OpenAI API implementation - Familiarity with macOS environment and troubleshoot...

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    ...listener is failing - persist the full message details decoded into the database (all transport details, all headers, full decoded payload, along with the full binary message as base64 CLOB) - on startup of app, the schedulers and the listener shall be auto registered The java console application must be primarily operable on a Linux system, though it should also function flawlessly on Windows and MacOS for such developers by defaulting as Java ability (best practices) on all operating systems. Strong Java programming skills, expertise in working with MQTT and message decoding The process to implement: MS0: - suggest optimal MQTT server for docker, to be well configurable on fresh startup/init AND on editing settings during development phase - suggest optimal MQTT message set...

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    ...compatibility issues I'm experiencing with Visual Studio Code on my MacBook. These include: - Emphasis on resolving coding issues, particularly errors such as "zsh: permission denied", "zsh: command not found" and "…zshrc:2: command not found: 'alias'". The perfect freelancer for this job would have: - In-depth knowledge and understanding of Visual Studio Code and its intricate workings on macOS. - Prior experience troubleshooting Visual Studio Code errors, making you well equipped to address and resolve my current issues sufficiently. - Excellent problem-solving abilities and meticulous attention to detail to ensure no potential compatibility issue is left unattended. - Experience with zsh shell as knowledge on this area is...

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    I'm on a quest for an experienced C++ developer with knowledge in Node.js and who is familiar with macOS development environment. My project is struggling with build errors related to incompatible C++ code and I need someone to troubleshoot and rectify these issues. Responsibilities: - Identify the incompatible C++ code causing build errors in our Node.js Native Module. - Make necessary modifications to resolve the issues, ensuring the module functions as intended without compromising its existing functionalities. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in C++ - Knowledge of Node.js - Experience in development on macOS - Problem-solving and debugging skills Since I'm unable to provide the specifics of the error, the ability to independently locate and diagnose errors will be ...

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    I am seeking a skilled developer to cr...user-friendly interfaces that enhance reading experiences. **Project Requirements:** - Develop a tool capable of processing Word documents. - Ensure the tool can handle various sizes and complexities of documents. - Implement features that improve readability, such as text-to-speech, adjustable text size, and font options. - Ensure the software is compatible with major operating systems (Windows, MacOS). The ideal candidate will have a portfolio showcasing similar projects or tools that improve text consumption. Your proposal should outline your approach to developing this tool, including any technologies or methodologies you plan to use. Looking forward to your proposals and working together to make document reading more accessible and ...

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    36 bud
    MacOS PDF Text Wizard Avslutades left

    Seeking a skilled developer to create a macOS-compatible PDF editor tailored specifically for text editing. This tool is crucial for my workflow and must be user-friendly, supporting modifications directly within PDF files. Given my project's scope, I demand a focus on quality and reliability. The successful candidate will possess: - Proficiency in macOS software development - Strong background in PDF manipulation tools - Expertise in text editing functionalities within PDFs - Familiarity with English text editing, ensuring no language barrier in usage Ideal Skills & Experience: - Past projects involving PDF editors or similar applications - Deep understanding of macOS app development standards - Ability to implement text editing features seamlessly This ...

    $16 (Avg Bid)
    $16 Snittbud
    21 bud

    ...anticipated. Despite numerous attempts, including reinstalling it, I've hit a wall. Here's what I'm looking for: **Key Requirements:** - **Expertise in VSCode:** You should have a strong background in using and troubleshooting Visual Studio Code. - **Familiarity with Extensions:** A deep understanding of how VSCode extensions work, how to debug them, and fix loading or functional issues. - **MacOS Proficiency:** My workstation runs on a MacBook, so you should be comfortable navigating and working within this OS. - **Problem-Solving Skills:** I need someone who can not only identify but also implement fixes efficiently. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **Programming Language:** Regardless of the language my source code is written in, your focus will be more on...

    $130 (Avg Bid)
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    6 bud

    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a MacOS application. While I haven't specified a primary purpose, I'm open to exploring the platform's possibilities. Without a strict deadline, there’s flexibility to focus on quality and innovation. Requirements: - Proficient in MacOS development - Experience with Swift and/or Objective-C - Ability to propose application purposes (Productivity/Entertainment/Education) - Strong UX/UI design skills for intuitive app interfaces - Excellent communication for ongoing feedback Ideal Experience: - Previous MacOS projects with positive reviews - Portfolio showcasing diverse applications - Understanding of MacOS specific functionalities and optimization What I Offer: - Detailed collaboration and ope...

    $4164 (Avg Bid)
    $4164 Snittbud
    66 bud manage content efficiently and with ease. Features: - The application will run on both Windows and macOS platforms. - It includes functionalities such as user authentication and file management. - The application will require API integration to work smoothly with various file formats and platforms. - It requires an image library for managing and organizing photos, which are integral to content management. Ideal candidates should have prior experience with .Net MAUI, and specific skills in API integration, user authentication systems, and file management. A deep understanding of different image library systems and their integration will be beneficial. Knowledge of both Windows and macOS platform is a must. The primary goal is to create a user-friendly application that...

    $108 - $602
    $108 - $602
    22 bud

    I'm looking for a skilled developer to implement a VPN protocol allowing access to restricted content across multiple platforms. • Key Task: Creating a VPN protocol tailored to unpick regionally restricted content. • Platforms: The VPN should work seamlessly on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. • Timeline: I am in urgent need of this project to be completed ASAP. Skills and Experience: • Proficient in software development relevant to VPN construction. • Prior experience in cross-platform applications is preferred. • Strong understanding of online security measures.

    $388 (Avg Bid)
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    33 bud

    Greetings. I'm looking for a programmer with a solid understanding of how real-time strategy (RTS) games work to help me create an application that will give me the ability to create an isometric 2D RTS game. The games developed from this application will be for commercial use, so it must support multiplayer and it must be designed to be compatible with Windows and MacOS. More specific details will be provided to the selected programmer, but the ideal game i'm looking to create utilizing this application is a 2D version of Rise of Nations and Dawn of War. Some of the game features this must have are resource-gathering, base-building, in-game weapon upgrades, control of units, Computer AI, etc...

    $700 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a freelancer with expertise in data security and disk management to provide a comprehensive solution for securely erasing data from a hard drive. This task involves not just deleting files but performing a secure overwrite to ensure that the data...determine the most effective erasure method. - Implement a secure erase (overwrite) method to ensure all data is permanently destroyed. - Provide confirmation of data destruction, ensuring no data recovery is possible. **Ideal Skills:** - Strong background in cybersecurity or data protection. - Hands-on experience with disk management and data destruction tools. - Ability to work with both Windows and MacOS environments. Your expertise will help ensure that sensitive data is comprehensively erased, offering peace of mind and data...

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    17 bud

    I'm in need of a proficient PyQt5 developer to create a Python application equipped with a graphical user interface (GUI). This project calls for a skilled individual who can deliver a quality product that aligns with my specifi...deliver a quality product that aligns with my specific design ideas. Key items to note: • Main Functionality: The Python application will primarily focus on providing a user-friendly graphical interface. Familiarity with PyQt5 is a must in this instance, as most work will revolve around this aspect. • Cross-Compatibility: The application should be cross-platform and smoothly function on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. Having extensive experience with PyQt5, Python, and cross-platform software development will make you the ideal candid...

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