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    ...deployment, and troubleshooting and support of distributed systems. Project experience should include web applications, web services/web APIs, and Windows Services. Developer should be proficient in the following technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET Web forms, .NET 7 / .NET Core, C#, SQL Server, SQL, XML, and JSON. Should also have experience with Git and Azure DevOps Repos, basic IIS configuration/admin, and basic Windows Server configuration /admin. Ideally, developer should have past experience with the Twilio messaging API. Some exposure to Windows Forms and Visual Basic would be helpful but not required. Developers that have the skillset described will have access to all existing DESCO source code that is involved with this project. We are looking for a f...

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    ...assist with setting up IIS, configuring the server, and running a web application on a server 2022. Key Responsibilities: - Setting up IIS: The hired freelancer should be able to install and configure IIS according to the requirements of the ASP.NET system. - Configuring the Server: The freelancer should ensure that the server is properly optimized for the system to run smoothly. - Running the System on the Server: The freelancer is expected to deploy the web application on the server and ensure it functions properly. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience with ASP.NET: The candidate should have a history of successfully working with ASP.NET technologies in a server environment. - Proficient in IIS and server configuration: Strong knowledge of the setup and ...

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    ...routing on IIS server on a Windows Server 2019 system. There are several 3-4 websites hosted on the server, with each website's port showing on their url. I need an expert to configure IIS to hide the port from the URLs. Eg. => => => The IIS server has 1 public IP and 1 subdomain pointing at the IP address. Key Requirements: - Installation and configuration of IIS server on Windows Server 2019. - Ensuring that the server is optimized for application hosting. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Windows Server 2019 administration. - Strong experience in setting up and configuring IIS server. -

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    I need a professional to help me transfer my domain from my current dedicated server to a new one, both working on IIS Windows. There are a few key details to keep in mind: - **Migration Support**: I'm looking for a service that can handle the full spectrum of migration support. This includes the seamless transfer of files, databases, and applications to the new server. - **Version Consistency**: The new server will be running on the same version of IIS Windows as the current one. Ensuring a smooth transition while maintaining the integrity of my data and applications is critical. - **Configuration Assistance**: While not explicitly stated, I would appreciate any additional assistance in configuring the server settings on the new server. This could include basic setup...

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    I'm looking for an experienced API expert who can hel...development and be able to work with web forms. - Data Collection: The web form should collect and send specific user data to the third-party application. - Data to be Updated: The API calls should be designed to update the user's name, email address, phone number, username, password, and profile picture in the third-party application. Additional Skills: - Proficiency in working with Plesk and IIS virtual dedicated servers is a plus. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong understanding of PHP web development and API integration. - Ability to work with third-party applications and update user information. - Attention to detail in handling sensitive user data. - Previous experience working with web forms and API calls ...

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    I am currently running into an issue with my IIS on Windows 11, making it impossible for any external device to access it. There hasn't been any firewall configurations made for both incoming and outgoing connections to my IIS server. The ideal freelancer should have: - Extensive experience with IIS on Windows 11 - Proficiency in troubleshooting connectivity issues - In-depth knowledge of configuring firewall rules for IIS servers Your chief task will be to: - Diagnose the connectivity problem I'm experiencing - Enable access to the IIS server from external devices - Set up corresponding firewall configurations for my IIS server. Unable to ping the app server. ipconfig IPv4 can be detected from external search, but only IPv6 displays...

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    I'm in need of a skilled W...Data visualization charts: You'll also be required to design data visualization charts in XAML. These charts should be clear, easily readable, and visually appealing. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in XAML: You should have a strong understanding of XAML and its application in designing Windows applications. - Experience with WinUI: Prior experience working with WinUI desktop apps iis usefull but not necessary. Familiarity with .Net 8 and Visual Studio is also a plus. - UI/UX Design: A background in UI/UX design is preferred, as the user interface screens should not only look good but also be intuitive and easy to use. - Attention to Detail: As visual appeal and user experience are crucial for this project, a keen eye for desig...

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    I'm looking for a capable developer to assist in converting my current .NET solution to .NET Core. The project will involve ensuring the conversion is smooth and without any functionality loss. Here are more details so that you can give me a more accurate quote: -I have a web application that was built using .NET Framework v4.5. -It uses MVC. -It consists of approximately 5 pages. It has a can give me a more accurate quote: -I have a web application that was built using .NET Framework v4.5. -It uses MVC. -It consists of approximately 5 pages. It has a business layer and a data layer. -It connects to MS SQL Server. -I need to convert it to .NET Core latest version. -Once converted, I'm expecting the web application to run normally with the same functionality and be conn...

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    My company develops software for public safety and government agencies. We just created our own website and bought a server to host it on. Our server is a HPE Proliant DL360 Gen9 with Windows Server 2019. We are trying to host it on the server with IIS, but its not working. Its just a static website. I dont know if its a DNS, router, or IIS issue. We just want to be able to host our website so it is viewable by the public.

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    I'm in urgent need of a skilled professional who can configure my IIS server to redirect specific URL patterns to new URLs. I need the redirection to be applied to all files on my server, not just specific ones. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in IIS server configuration - Experience in URL redirection - Ability to work efficiently and quickly, as the project is needed ASAP. Example : should go to

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    ...control y seguimientos: • Observar reportes con opción de exportar a Word, Excel, para luego armar tablas dinámicas ‘pivots’. Por otra parte, también listo los requerimientos de software para el desarrollo: • Servidor: La aplicación debe estar desarrollada para poderla implementar en sistema operativo Windows Server >= 2019. • Lenguaje de programación: Desarrollo en .Net para implementar en servicio IIS (Internet Information Service), con .Net Framework >= 4.7. y será autenticada con NTLM o autenticación integrada Windows. • Base de datos: Debe existir solo una base de datos, y debe ser en SQL Server versión >= 2019. • Otros: o La aplicación no debe tener rutas absolut...

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    ...control y seguimientos: • Observar reportes con opción de exportar a Word, Excel, para luego armar tablas dinámicas ‘pivots’. Por otra parte, también listo los requerimientos de software para el desarrollo: • Servidor: La aplicación debe estar desarrollada para poderla implementar en sistema operativo Windows Server >= 2019. • Lenguaje de programación: Desarrollo en .Net para implementar en servicio IIS (Internet Information Service), con .Net Framework >= 4.7. y será autenticada con NTLM o autenticación integrada Windows. • Base de datos: Debe existir solo una base de datos, y debe ser en SQL Server versión >= 2019. • Otros: o La aplicación no debe tener rutas absolut...

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    I am currently working with a Windows Server 2012 that hosts more than 10 websites. I am in need of an experienced professional to perform adjustments on the IIS configuration, specifically the application pool settings. Skills and Experience: • In-depth knowledge of Windows Server 2012 • Significant experience with IIS configurations • Proven track record managing high volume servers • Proficient with application pool settings adjustments We want migrate the server to Windows Server 2019. Please provide examples of similar projects you have worked on in the past.

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    My website is currently experiencing issues with the HTTP service on IIS 10. - **Problem**: HTTP not working, "NOT FOUND" error - **Request**: I'm looking for remote desktop assistance to fix this issue - **Skills and Experience**: You should have a strong understanding of IIS 10, and previous experience troubleshooting and resolving similar HTTP issues. The ability to provide clear guidance and support remotely is essential.

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    I recently set up a Windows Server 2019 VPS for hosting websites that run on PHP via IIS. The VPS is ready to go, but I'm now looking for a pro to help me manage the IIS Manager effectively. Your key tasks will include: - Setting up websites: I need assistance in creating specific websites and sub-domains ensuring they are properly configured. - Configuring SSL certificates: We're aiming for secure connections on the sites, so your expertise in configuring SSL certificates is crucial. - Managing user permissions: Ensuring that the right users have the appropriate permissions and access is key. Your experience in managing Windows VPS and IIS Manager, along with your expertise in PHP and SSL certificate configuration, will be essential for this project. Plea...

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    I am looking for a cloud engineer who can assist with deploying an ASP.NET Web Form application on a Windows Server 2022 on VPS. Key Requirements: - The SQL Server DB and ASP.NET Forms have already been set up on the VPS Windows Server 2022. The main task is to ensure the successful deployment of the ASP.NET Web Form application. Additional Details: - The cloud provider I am currently using is WABYNE. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in cloud engineering and deployment processes. - Experience with ASP.NET Web Form applications. - Familiarity with Windows Server 2022 on VPS. - Knowledge of SSL certificate installation, database configuration, and firewall settings is a plus. Please provide your relevant experience, certifications, and portfolio when applying. Your approach t...

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    I'm looking for an API developer who can help me with a project. The ideal candidate should be Responsibilities: Design and implement highly flexible, asynchronous, secured and scalable API Build and modify high-...including the following: Ability to work on protocols like HTTP, FTP and Web Sockets Ability to create APIs using REST pattern Knowledge of GraphQL and gRPC is an added advantage Knowledge of Web Services and understanding of service-oriented architecture (SOA) Proficiency with common API development frameworks/tools, including .NET Core 6+, MS Visual Studio, XML, JSON, TFS, GitHub, Postman and IIS Experience in integration of external systems, third-party APIs, payment gateways and cloud services are added advantage Knowledge in MS SQL Server and DB First appro...

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    ...resolve compilation errors in my project. This is a high-priority task that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Key Points: - The problem is centered around compilation errors in my .NET6 project that is preventing it from running on IIS and Docker. - The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of .NET6, Docker, and IIS to identify and resolve the issues quickly. - Experience with resolving similar issues, preferably in high-urgency situations, will be a huge plus. The goal is to fix the errors and ensure the project runs smoothly on both IIS and Docker. The rapid turnaround is key, so I'm looking for a freelancer who can start immediately and deliver fast and accurate results. I have attached the screenshot which I constantly getting error....

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    I am Dr. Bratati Das working as a postdoctoral researcher at IIS, University of Tokyo. We have a polymer that changes its color from blue to red when a pressure is applied by e.g. scratch. Our goal is to make a package that visualizes the damages during the transportation and a corresponding mobile app, where users can take a photo of the red scratches on the package and convert the red intensity into the applied pressure values. Below we explain these steps. 1. Users scan the red scratch by taking a photo with a mobile. 2. The app separates the photo into R, G, B images. 3. The app only uses R channel (discard the rest). The app detects the starched line from the R channel image and extract the average value of the red intensity on the scratched line. The app also detects th...

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    I'm currently experiencing an issue with my Moodle application when I try to access it from remote devices. It's working perfectly on the local server but not remotely. I've configured the necessary network settings on my IIS server but the problem persists. I'm looking for a skilled troubleshooter who has experience with Moodle applications on IIS servers. The ideal candidate should be able to: - Investigate the root cause of the issue. - Provide a solution to make the application accessible remotely. - Assist in reviewing the current network configuration and making any necessary adjustments. Your expertise in resolving similar problems in the past will be highly beneficial in ensuring the smooth functioning of my Moodle application.

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    I need an experienced professional to install opendocman or Seeddms on an IIS server. As the operating system was not specified, please be prepared to work on either Windows Server 2016, 2019, or 2022. Requirements: - Proven past work in similar jobs - Capability to provide brief documentation for future reference Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to reviewing your applications.

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    I'm in need of a savvy developer to set up the latest version of Opendocman or Seeddms on my existing IIS server. The job involves standard installation without any specific customizations. - Skills and Experience Since the IIS server already exists, proficiency in handling IIS servers and the management of Opendocman or Seeddms is necessary. Experience with server setup for these platforms will be a considerable advantage.

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    As a Windows user with IIS 10, I am in need of a professional who can help me configure the server properly. My main goal is to host a website, and domain mapping is an essential part of that process. Key Responsibilities: - Map domain to the IIS server - Ensure website is accessible via the domain - Handle any other essential configurations for smooth website hosting Ideal Skills: - In-depth experience with IIS 10 - Proficiency in Windows server administration - Strong understanding of domain mapping - Good communication skills to ensure smooth interaction and understanding of the task. Project Detail as below, I have my own Windows Server and I am using IIS for website deployment. I have a total of 5 websites. Currently, I am using a static IP with differ...

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    As a website owner operating 20 sites predominantly run on PHP Wordpress and ASP, I am...Dbeaver knowledge to equip me with the necessary credentials and permissions to attach an SQL file to IIS Win 10. As a user who needs help with troubleshooting the "Unable to connect" issue in IIS, the assistance in this matter is crucial. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with Dbeaver and SQL-IIS connections - Previous experiences with WordPress and ASP - Good understanding of PHP 8.3.6 - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve “Unable to Connect” issues in IIS - Ability to provide guidance for verifying and establishing necessary credentials and permissions. Bonus if you happen to have experience in understanding and troubleshooting ...

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    ...troubles with the entire server where Internet Information Services (IIS) is operating on my Windows 7 system. Key responsibilities: 1. Primarily, troubleshoot the issues related to IIS, focusing on eliminating the connection problems to ensure smooth operation. 2. Secondly, I have a WordPress website that needs updating to the latest version that I have already downloaded. Bring the site up to date without affecting its functionality. 3. Lastly, there are a few SQL records requiring fixes. Desired Skills: - Expert in troubleshooting IIS running on Windows 7 - Proficient in WordPress updates and maintaining website integrity - Track record of resolving SQL record issues efficiently Please note, the priority is to get the IIS on Windows 7 working smoothly,...

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    I'm looking for an expert in SSL certificates who can assist me in setting up my Domain Validation SSL Certificate on my VPS/Dedica...SSL Certificate on the VPS - Configure the web server software (GoDaddy) to work seamlessly with the SSL - Carry out necessary testing to confirm the SSL is functioning as intended You should have: - Proven experience with SSL Certificate installations - Expertise in managing VPS/Dedicated servers, particularly with GoDaddy - Familiarity with working on web server software like Apache, Nginx or IIS, though it's essential that you can work with GoDaddy in this case - Ability to troubleshoot and carry out testing to ensure the SSL is working correctly Please apply if you have the necessary skills and experience to complete this task efficien...

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    I'm encountering an "Error 500" on my ASP.NET Core 6 website with React. Sometimes it is blank page also. Application works when starting from Visual Studio, but doesnt work when publishing on IIS on the same computer. Event Log (Problem with SPA): : the spa default page middleware could not return the default page '/' because it was not found, and no other middleware handled the request. your application is running in production mode, so make sure it has been published, or that you have built your spa manually. alternatively you may wish to switch to the development environment. You must work online through TeamViewer, AnyDesk or something similar. IT IS NOT JUST PUBLISH TO FOLDER. Maybe you need to change or Startup.cs. Possibly

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    I have website done in ASP.NET Core 6, with React. Website works well from Visual Studio, but there when publishing to IIS, it gives http error 500.30 or Blank page. IIS is on same machine as Visual Studio. This should be job up to 1 hour for someone has skills in publishing to IIS. I think it can be done even much faster. Only problem is that you must work over Team Viewer or Anydesk. Place price for successfully done job in your bid. Also, describe shortly what you will do so I know you have idea what is problem

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    ...for UiPath Orchestrator and SQL Server are available. Prepare SQL Server Set up and configure the SQL Server on a dedicated machine, if not already done. Ensure remote connections are enabled if SQL Server is on a different machine. IIS Installation and Configuration Install IIS on Orchestrator Server Run PowerShell. Execute the PowerShell script provided by UiPath to install and configure IIS components. Configure IIS Settings Create and configure an IIS application pool for Orchestrator with .NET CLR version set to "No Managed Code". Set up necessary IIS features like authentication methods, URL Rewrite, and Application Initialization. Orchestrator Installation Install UiPath Orchestrator Run the Orchestrator installer. Configure...

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    Help me publishing an Net6+ReactJs Project to IIS More details: Which version of Windows Server are you using for hosting the application? Windows Server 2012 Can you describe the specific problems or error messages you receive when attempting to deploy to IIS? SPA not launching when publishing to server folder: https//localhost:44321 works Have you ensured that the necessary files and dependencies for your React app are included in the published folder? Yes, I have checked and all necessary files are included

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    We are currently struggling with our WordPress site which is plagued by slow loading times, frequent server crashes and persistent error messages. Given the criticality of the platform, We need an expert who is adept in Internet Information Services (IIS) server management running WordPress environment and troubleshooting it at server level. To be successful in this role, you should demonstrate the following: - In-depth knowledge of IIS servers and WordPress operations - Proven experience in diagnosing and resolving server and website errors - Proficiency in optimizing WordPress sites for enhanced performance Please note, no recent changes or updates have been made to the website or server configuration that could be contributing to these issue. I'm looking forward t...

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    I have a file uploading system installed in my localhost server that's working perfectly. But when I tried to move it to an IIS server, it's not working.

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    MSSQL & IIS configuration required. If you are expert in windows and IIS please reach to me. Thanks

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    Hi, I need to setup windows IIS web server and docker on AWS. If you have the required skills please do not hesitate to bid. Thanks

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    I need expertise in integrating an IIS Windows Authentication system with our Ionic Android application. Looking for someone with expert level understanding of IIS Windows Authentication processes bid only if you have worked on same requirement before.

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    Hi Everyone, I'm currently working on an Ionic Android app and I have my server application hosted on IIS with Windows Authentication enabled. However, I'm facing challenges in implementing this authentication mechanism within my Ionic app. Here's a brief overview of my setup: 1. Ionic Android app for client-side interactions. 2. Server-side application hosted on IIS. 3. Windows Authentication enabled on the server. My goal is to ensure that users accessing the Ionic app are authenticated via their Windows credentials before they can interact with the server-side application. If anyone has experience or insights into implementing Windows Authentication for an Ionic app with an IIS server, I would greatly appreciate. I'm seeking assistance for ...

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    ... As the goal is targeted at content distribution and load balancing, proficiency in these areas is crucial. Some of the AWS services required are Amazon EC2, ELB, Cloudfront and Amazon S3. Familiarity with these services is crucial for a successful project. *** The main point to address is that I want end user to access website on EC2 IIS with custom ports like 8080, 5440 etc and not standard 80 or 443. User will be providing url with port number and on IIS different website is binded with different port number. For WAF, protective measures against DDoS attacks, SQL injections, and XSS attacks are necessary. Thus, an understanding of these areas is also needed. Skills and experience: - Proficient in AWS services (Amazon EC2, ELB, Cloudfront and Amazon S3) - Knowledge o...

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    Hello! I have a Python application which is partially developed and in need of deployment on the IIS server. My project has so far incorporated: - Data processing - API integration These functionalities have been structured and manipulated using Django, Flask, Pandas, and Fast API. I am on the search for a Python professional who is equipped with a strong understanding of these languages and frameworks, and can also execute the deployment aspect. It would be ideal if you already have an experience in deploying Python applications on IIS server. Only qualified and proficient freelancers are encouraged to apply. Previous experience in Python app deployment on IIS server would be a significant advantage. I am excited to hear from you soon, and start this engaging pr...

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    I have an app with local iis server where my api hosted in The app suppose to run and shows videos hosted in my private channel in vimeo Only enroled students to my app suppose to run my videos and see them running through enrolment code we provide and videos should run by demonstrating the student number who loggged on top of the video I can provide you with the server ip and port plus i can provide the api source code plus the apk file and you do complete test try to find the possible bugs in my system to either pull out the videos or run them without any student number demonstrated

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    I have a VBScript page that uses Classic ASP to query an SQL database with over 4000 entries. This is now causing loading issue due to the number of entries loaded into the web page. I require this page to be converted to JSON a... A copy of the page will be sent to the ideal candidate. No other data will be supplied. I'm looking for someone that has very good understanding of VBScript, Classic ASP, JSON and JavaScript in order to complete this project. The ideal candidate will: • Have significant experience with Classic ASP, VBScript, JSON and JavaScript • Be an expert with SQL Server Databases • Have a running local IIS • Possess a strong track record of writing secure code Due to the nature of my business, I cannot share the database contents but will...

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    I am experiencing a persistent 503 error on my ASP.NET web page. The error occurs when users try to access the homepage. I have recently updated the website's content and structure and have since been facing this issue. My web server is IIS (Internet Information Services). Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in ASP.NET - Strong knowledge of IIS - Experience with debugging and resolving 503 errors in web pages - Ability to troubleshoot recent changes to a website that might have caused server errors.

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    I have several clients running Windows web Applications on IIS . I also have a online windows server with public ip and domain. I would My clients like to access there local applications remotely via the Windows server as a proxy There fore will require htto tunnel form client computers to the proxy server where by they will be exposed to the internet to be accessed from anywhere. If you can build both the tunnel and the http proxy server, the solution must be built on either C# or php /javascript. you should also provide the sourcecode on completion

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    Trophy icon I need Album cover Avslutades left

    I need an album cover designed likee the red one same same fonts and format Quinceañera. ALyssa with a line in betwwen loking for same Artistic look this iis for album cover book use the blue color matching dress Please follow the red dress sample with fonts i ineed a high resolution back for prting 300 dpii do the best artistic look. exampe straiighten the line make photoo pop make it even ettc Is for a 10 x 10 cover album

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    I'm in need of an expert in DNS and nameserver configuration with particular experience in GoDaddy and dedicated hosting (with LiquidWeb and OVH) wrt to- - Configuring DNS records - Setting up nameserver delegation - Troubleshooting DNS issues - Use GoDaddy 'premium' DNS. The dedicated hosting is a Windows server with IIS configuration. Plesk Control Panel is used to manage the server. Knowledge and experience with this specific configuration is highly desirable. Quantifiable experience in DNS management and troubleshooting, particularly on Dedicated Windows server hosting, will be your edge on this project. Also, any experience with using Godaddy ''premium' DNS. Additional Notes: - Spend up to one hour or more (couple of 30 minute meetings) on a ...

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    Looking for someone who is a knowledgeable Windows Server expert for .NET6 deployment on IIS 10. - You will need to have robust experience with C# and .NET6. - Familiarity with IIS 10 is essential for this project. - The role specifically involves implementing authentication and authorization rules during deployment. - Experience with security measures on IIS platforms is an advantage. Skills required: - C# programming - .NET6 Framework - IIS 10 proficiency - Understanding of authentication and security protocols In short : I seek system administrator or AWS/windows expert guy to help me in deployment my .net6 web api project along with DB that can be accessible from our pc and we can use those APIs. Basically I had tried but the given screenshot error I f...

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    ...establish a HTTPS connection for my API. Part of this task includes the configuration of the SSL certificate on IIS, in light of owning both domain and SSL certificate. - Objective: I need expert help to navigate the complexities of this process, specifically the generation of a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). - Challenges: The CSR generation process is a bit too complicated for me to grasp. - Task: The ideal freelancer for this job will assist me in configuration of the SSL certificate on IIS. This includes guiding me through the CSR generation process and helping to troubleshoot any related errors. I need a freelancer who: - Holds expertise in SSL certificate configuration on IIS. - Has considerable experience with Node.js applications. - Is proficient in wo...

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    Website, hosted on locally server Requirement 1. Highly dynamically, all info’s like domain name need to be dynamically set 2. Script which configures the IIS for SSO, could also be a exe file or any other gui 3. Only user from specific OUs (customer) can access the own OUs (as example: User from “customer01” can not access “customer02” 4. It should be a webpage, no database needed, read and modify live 5. Write a logfile about all changes the script do, and create a backup User management script 1. Script for every user (read and modify) the own user object (filling datas like street, city, etc) 2. Script for add, remove and modify user for users which are in the OU “HR” and “IT” 3. Script for resetting password (each wor...

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    I am seeking a highly experienced .NET 8 trainer with online training. I was a full stack .Net Dev upto .Net 3.0 and have not done any coding for 6-7 yrs. I am aware of the basic concepts but rusty at the moment so need to brush up the concepts. So, the training needs to be ground up. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Profound knowledge in C# programming language - Experience with .Net Core - In-depth understanding of APIs and Microservices - IIS hosting - CD via Team City and Octopus This is a fantastic opportunity for those who excel in making complex information easy to understand and engaging. If you are up for the task, connect with me and let's take this further. Please include references of your previous trainings as they will be considered during the sel...

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    We deploy project on IIS server. code working in local server but afte deployment on iis on server its showing error

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    I'm seeking an expert well-versed with Windows IIS server, Node.js application, and domain management through Cloudflare. Here's what I need help with: - Establish a set up where accessing wss:// would lead to localhost:1383. This is where my Node.js application (version 21.6.2) is currently running. - Note, my server operates on a Windows system and I'd need this done urgently. Ideal freelancer skills are solid understanding of IIS servers, Node.js applications, Windows operations, and Cloudflare management. Prompt communication and availability for immediate start is key.

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