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    I have a project I need to export data from a drupal site. The data need to include all the the inforamtion related to it like taxonomies and custom fields and eveything related to that content. This content need to be import to wordpress with all the data. The site are hebrew.

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    hello, im looking to hire hebrew copywriter fast and dedicated that will help me fill up around 20-30 websites (any website in diferent niche) with high quality content (for seo) on daily basis. requierments: - full time work: sunday - friday 6-8 hours per day - can research and write about almost any niche that we focused on - fast, reliable and hard working!

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    Build landing page in wordpress using elemntor. We provide the design, you'll need to apply it. Hebrew speaking please

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    Web scrape data 3 dagar left

    Build a database of artists, galleries and art work sold. And also perform web scraping from a hebrew website and save it in a csv or excel file - schedule it to run daily or hourly

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    perform web scraping from a hebrew website and save it in a csv or excel file - schedule it to run daily or hourly

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    convert pdf to excel in hebrew 1 dag left

    I have a pdf file from a list of people and there contact info in Hebrew and i need to convert to excel

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    i need some to enter data in our program we need some one that understands hebrew good

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    I have very limited Hebrew but have been to Isreal three times. My husband is Israeli, I want to understand Hebrew. [Removed by Admin]

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    We are looking for: Native speakers who can read & write the text. You will be given images where the objective is to create a box over every "paragraph" found on the image and create a reading order of the paragraphs. Also to annotate labels like List of items, Text with title, form input etc. Expectations: - Expected time/annotation - 30 seconds per annotation - Quality Expectation - 95%+ (Based on a sample of 3%) - Budget - $10-$13/hour (Average time/annotation should not exceed 30 seconds) - Special Bonus - After successful completion of all the milestones by achieving the above metrics you are eligible for a bonus amount of $20(one-time payment) - In total there will be 5 milestones and eligibility to qualify for the next milestone depends on the quality & a...

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    Hi this is the scope: E users authentication + products + events (paid both) + surveys + contact channels + elementor pro for pages able to do so?

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    5 thumbnails 1. Book of ezekiel 2. Book of psalms 3. Book of hebrew 4. Book of Isaiah 5. Book of Job

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    I need to translate the WordPress plugin POT from English to the below languages: 1. French (France) 2. Italian (Italy) 3. Dutch 4. German 5. Portuguese (Portugal) 6. Spanish (Spain) 7. Hebrew 8. Arabic 9. Chinese (Simplefied) 10. Russian Attached is a zip file containing source files in pot format. The approximate word count is 2500.

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    Children’s Book Avslutades left

    Looking for a Hebrew speaking artist from Cochin India to illustrate a 32 Children’s picture book. Artist MUST speak Hebrew and know Cochin well.

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    Chinese translation Avslutades left

    I need a translator from the following languages ​​English Translation Arabic Translation Bengali Translation Bulgarian Translation Catalan Translation Chinese Simplified ) Translation Chinese ( Traditional Translation Dutch Translation French Translation German Translation Greek Translation Haitian Creole Translation Hebrew Translation Hindi Translation Hungarian Translation Indonesian Translation Italian Translation Japanese Translation Korean Translation Polish Translation Portuguese Translation

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    This is my project and as a UX designer you will charge for the design we will send to the webmaster. My project is: - Web portal for vacations, hotels e.t.c - design several - some hotels will be placed in several categories for example: wow hotel will be in the category of "hotels for family" and "hotels in the north of the country" as well - shall be a content management system (cms) to fill in and update details about the hotels - address, phone number, pictures e.t.c. - for the very beginning the site will be in English but after that, we will change it to Hebrew (I will send the text which will replace the English) - mobile-friendly is mandatory - SEO-friendly is mandatory I need talented experienced people for a long-term relationship ...

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    Translation of an article from English to Hebrew

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    Hey guys my search option on my website isn't working. when I search anything - it looks like it's simply refreshing the website. category page - when I move to page 1,2, 3 or any other page -I keep getting the same 10 posts. the site in Hebrew, I can make the WP admin in English. I need someone that can fix it within 1/2H maximum, starting now..

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    Each circle diameter i...roll over with a natural reduction rearrange of other languages. Main interactive part I am looking for is that the circle you rollover grows big enough to read and other circles are pushed away, please see attachment. This is the data: Arabic 8 Azerbaijani 1 Bengali 7 Bulgarian 1 Cantonese 12 Catalan 2 Croatian 1 Chinese 38 Danish 1 Dutch 2 English 361 French 15 German 14 Greek 8 Gujarati 10 Hebrew 1 Hindi 71 Irish 1 Italian 13 Japanese 1 Kannada 2 Kazakh 2 Korean 2 Latin 1 Latvian 1 Lithuanian 1 Malay 2 Malayalam 6 Maltese 1 Mandarin 15 Marathi 33 Nepali 2 Persian 7 Polish 9 Portuguese 6 Punjabi 1 Romanian 4 Russian 9 Sindhi 1 Somali 1 Spanish 81 Swedish 1 Tagalog 3 Taiwanese 2 Tamil 7 Telugu 6 Thai 2 Turkish 6 Turkmen 1 Ukrainian 5 Urdu 4 Vietnamese 10...

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    Translation -Hebrew to English - one page

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    Family wall relief Avslutades left

    ...scale can be based on the photos. I am trying to learn Fusion360 sculpting tools enough to do designs myself, but when I start from a 2D .svg from Inkscape or Illustrator and extrude it, I then run into challenges figuring out how to turn it into a mesh frame and start carving away the curving slopes and angles I tend to use in my design. It is a very stylized version of the word "Family" in Hebrew. The Star of David behind it is made from hollow triangular tube aluminum that I cut and welded together. I would love to have it as a separate single piece that could be CNC cut from a plate as it would be much stronger. Then that piece could be cut from the back of the wood pieces to produce grooves where I can mount the wood. I need to take a photo of the back for sc...

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    Translate text hebrew Avslutades left

    Course learn hebreu - course vi

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    Learn hebrew - Course Avslutades left

    Course learn hebreu - course vi - Teacher

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    I am looking for a creative designer expert in products to design canned beans we have the logo and the details we just need a creative design for it I attached another product from our work, and you can see that it contains arabic and hebrew text yet the designer doesn't have to understand the text Please if you are interested, attached some of your best work

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    I need a native Hebrew speaker whose mother tongue is Hebrew (first language) to translate some newspapers reports into English. Most of the reports were written in 1950s and some in 1970s. The person must be fluent in English too. I will start with 5,000 words as a first milestone to see how it goes and then decide if I will continue with more translation work. The translation must be accurate and careful to give same meaning in English.

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    Hi Language Source , I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Course hebrew -- 2 Avslutades left

    Course learn hebreu - course vi

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    Project - Hebrew Chair Avslutades left

    Linh, I have a small project I need your help on.

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    i have several old family photos & post cards with hebrew writing on them.. looking for clues as to what they may say.

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    I have some documents i need to translate from Hebrew to English. The documents are confidential, so i will be sending it for quotes, but cannot post publicly on this job site. If you reply, and your profile shows you can handle the job, i will request a quote from you in the messenger. You must be a freelancer, not an agency.

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    a searchable pdf file Avslutades left

    I would like to get proposal for code which run on windows with Tesseract 4 & python 3.7.9 version (using pytesseract). the code will be function that will get pdf file and will return a searchable pdf file. the language will be Left To Right (Such as English, German, Spanish etc.) and Right To Left (Such as Hebrew and Arabic) for open the pdf file I'm using both Acrobat reader and Chrome so it should support both.

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    im looking for a good logo designer to design a special unique logo with some posters for my construction company ...

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    Looking for artwork for two projects. 1. Daniel in Hebrew calligraphy for a inner right forearm approx 5” דניאל 2. I forearm band of Isaiah 6:8 in Hebrew for left forearm wrapping around, .5” lettering, could be two lines if needed. ואשמע את־קול אדני אמר את־מי אשלח ומי ילך־לנו ואמר הנני שלחני

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    make a slideshow Avslutades left

    Hi, do you speak hebrew? its a recap from a trip how much would it be to make a presentation of 15 minutes long, including pictures and videos, with hebrew text will be a 15 minute video can it be ready by monday afternoon?

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    Sound as: "applications is us", Smell as: "new period" - all devices - with really lower prices for summer sale 2022

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    I would like to use the book summary (blurb) taken from a website as plain text in an android applic...%D7%9B%D7%9E%D7%95-%D7%A1%D7%98%D7%99%D7%91-%D7%92%D7%95%D7%91%D7%A1 %D7%9E%D7%95%D7%A6%D7%A8%D7%99%D7%9D/%D7%90%D7%99%D7%9A-%D7%9C%D7%97%D7%A9%D7%95%D7%91-%D7%9B%D7%9E%D7%95-%D7%A1%D7%98%D7%99%D7%91-%D7%92%D7%95%D7%91%D7%A1-390-2861 These are Hebrew websites that (maybe not all) have the blurb of Hebrew books. In this example I have used the book title: איך לחשוב כמו סטיב ג׳ובס 5 out of the these use UTF as you can see, so querying can be done via google or directly. I would like to “copy-paste” the blurt text and display it in an app.

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    build me a website Avslutades left

    I would like to create a Hebrew/Yiddish's website to post audio ( and maybe video ) lectures, My vision is a website similar to but more based for audio, lectures that will will uploaded by registered users, I prefer a creator that understand Hebrew,

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    99 bud’s population speak English natively or as their second language, the majority of the financial content available is in English. Why not in all the languages? We at __, provide easy-to-read comprehensive equity research reports for 44,000+ stocks across all global markets, that too - in every language! What does this means for you? Whether you operate in English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, or any other, we got it all covered. Investors can access relevant research analytics and signals in their native languages. This allows you to extend your fund’s or platform’s reach beyond the local markets and access financial information in any language you want. Further, this creates an attractive service offering that overcomes the language barrier and loca...

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    ...There are 3 different forms: 1) The Homepage/blog form: and here for example: -> The Send button send the lead to Monday and redirect to this page: 2) The Voucher form: ->The Send button send the lead to Monday and redirect to this page: 3) The Hebrew test form (in 2 languages english and french but they need to be totally equivalent to each other): for english and I'll create a new page for test in french with the Hebrew test form in french. ->The Send button send the lead to Monday and will redirect to a Thank You page I will create when it's

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    ...There are 3 different forms: 1) The Homepage/blog form: and here for example: -> The Send button send the lead to Monday and redirect to this page: 2) The Voucher form: ->The Send button send the lead to Monday and redirect to this page: 3) The Hebrew test form (in 2 languages english and french but they need to be totally equivalent to each other): for english and I'll create a new page for test in french with the Hebrew test form in french. ->The Send button send the lead to Monday and will redirect to a Thank You page I will create when it's

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    I am looking for someone who is living in Israel (ideally Tel Aviv) and speak fluent Hebrew and English. If you do not fit this requirement then please do not bid. I would like to trace an individual in archives and newspapers and obtain information and possibly contact him if he is alive. Also translation from Hebrew to English maybe required. The individual is born in Iraq in 1941 (approximately) in the Jewish community of Iraq at that time. He then emigrated to Israel with his mother around 1942. He lived with his mother in a Kibbutz near Haifa for a while, and I understand later moved to live in Tel Aviv. I would like to know if the person is alive and if he can be contacted.

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    I have a design of cookies. I would like labels to match the design with a name in hebrew that should look embossed. I need it within 2 hours. I will make a video showing exactly what I want

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    ...this email finds you well!  We have a large Hebrew <=> English translation project and we are wondering if you would be interested in joining our team. The total wordcount exceeds 5 million words. The text is general and there are no requirements for the wordcount you can provide us with. You can work when it suits you and you will be paid for the wordcount you complete. Also, you will have the possibility to skip any string that you may see difficult or time consuming. That string will be passed to another linguist. There are no high demands on quality. 80% counted as pass. The only requirement is not to use any Machine Translation software/tool (ex. Google Translate etc). The translation must be 100% human translation. Language pair: Hebrew <=> English ...

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    We need a Flutter developer for an open-source application. This will be a paid contract, just like any other but your work will be publicly available for future clients and employers to review. This app is intended to teach the Hebrew language. Here is an interactive mockup: The full app description is available on Github: With a further description on the main Github page: Your project bid is for the completion of and fulfillment of the design as described in the user issues. In particular, the app should display in accordance with the display in issue 21. And each lesson should play based on JSON files as

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    translation -- 2 Avslutades left

    looking for some one to translate from hebrew to english

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    hey guys, I got super easy fixs that I need from someone with wordpress experience. 1. I want to fix URL so it will be name of the post, and not p=number 2. Fix category Page, right now the Paging navagation is not working, it dosn't move to the next category page. 3. change 4-5 words from English to Hebrew 1 photo icon 5. fix small css padding issue. on the search bar 'search' option - correctlyx it's not searching. 7. add sitemap plugin.

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    English to Hebrew translator required for translation

    $5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hebrew transcription and English translation of the Hebrew for a short speech.

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    Set up Qubes Template Avslutades left

    ...a Qube, using the Fedora 35 template as a base. The base version - and all pre-reqs - would be a template in Qubes to allow it run locally. Then, I am looking for some AppVM based on that template, for SuiteCRM in various languages. These would be the app with the language files only. I am looking for VMs for the following languages: - Arabic, Saudi Arabia - Chinese Simplified - Filipinio - Hebrew - Nigerian Pidgin - Portuguese, Brazilian - Russian - Spanish, Mexico - Thai - Turkish - Vietnamese I would like packaged so I can import them as backups and run them. The translation files can be found here: Installation Instructions: The qubes site is: https://www

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    we looking for content for our new website with taking care of seo side in two langues Hebrew and English our company name is SprintCity we work in package delivery service local & global service about 5-6 pages

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