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    Jag vill göra ändringar i en existerande webbsida Jag har en gamification hemsida där jag vill få till en bättre design med framförallt bättre funktioner med poäng och badges för olika nivåer, så att man kan sätta upp delmål på tävlingar för att se hur långt man kommit.

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    ...and completes other dental health tasks. - Gamification: I'm looking for creative ways to motivate users to complete these tasks. Incorporating game-like elements or rewards could be very beneficial. - Notification reminders: The app should be capable of sending reminders to the user at a time they set for brushing and other dental tasks. User Tracking: Since I want users to be the ones manually inputting the data about their daily routines, the app should allow easy input and tracking. This is essential for creating a personalized experience and ensuring the app is user-friendly. Skills and Experience: - Experience in mobile app development, particularly on iOS and Android platforms. - A strong portfolio showcasing previous work with gamification elements. - Experi...

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    I'm looking to enhance user engagement for our LSM project. The primary goal is to create an island to host interactive edutainment modules. Key Points: - **Design Concept**: The island should be themed a...tutorials, and animated stories. The design needs to accommodate these elements seamlessly. - **Layout & User Experience**: The layout should be intuitive, making navigation easy and keeping users intrigued. It should be visually appealing and immersive. - **Skillset**: I'm in need of a highly creative and experienced designer with a strong background in user experience. Knowledge of edutainment and gamification elements will be a plus. Prior experience in creating engaging, interactive environments is essential. I'm excited to see your proposals and how you...

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    ...generation. Implementation: Develop tools that allow users to create basic legal documents, perform legal checks, or calculate legal fees based on their inputs. Client Portal Tool: Clio, MyCase, or custom development. Implementation: Create a secure login area where clients can access documents, communicate with your team, and track case progress. Ensure the portal is user-friendly and secure. Gamification Tool: Custom development or platforms like Kahoot for quizzes. Implementation: Develop quizzes, challenges, or interactive learning modules that educate users on legal topics in a fun and engaging way. Social Media Integration Tool: Use social media plugins available for your website platform (e.g., WordPress plugins). Implementation: Embed social media feeds and share buttons ...

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    I am in need of an articulate storyline expert to help with the gamification of training materials for employees in a specific industry. The project involves: - Integrating moderate levels of interactivity: The training materials should include quizzes and simple interactions to ensure employee engagement and comprehension. These interactive elements should be designed to enhance the learning experience without compromising on the content's clarity. I am looking for an experienced professional with a solid understanding of gamification principles, learning methodologies and the ability to create engaging and interactive content. Your expertise in articulate storyline is crucial to the success of this project.

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    ...AI. - Environment Lockdown managed by AI. 7. **Integration and API** - ATS Integration with AI-powered matching. - API Access with AI-driven functionalities. 8. **Support and Documentation** - Help Center with AI-powered search and suggestions. - Customer Support augmented with AI chatbots. - Tutorials and Training with AI recommendations. 9. **Additional Features** - Gamification with AI-generated challenges. - Mobile Support with AI enhancements. - Customization with AI-driven options. 10. **Pricing and Subscription Models** - Flexible Pricing with AI-optimized plans. - Free Trials and AI-powered demos. ### Example Implementation: 1. **User Registration and Login**: - Secure user authentication with AI-enhanced security checks. 2. *...

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    ...interface. Smart, clever use of interactive elements like shaking the app to shuffle the cards or tilting the phone device downwards to deal? Gameplay Mechanics: - Accurate implementation of the game rules. - Smooth card-flipping animations and sound effects. - Mechanism to track and display the number of cards each player holds. Metrics/Scoring/tracking the play: - Display on who’s winning. - Gamification basics: - Leaderboard for when players are in play. - Display winners. - Add a series of ways to win - Like choosing ‘Best out of 3 games wins,” etc. Multiplayer Functionality: - The game should support two players. - Consideration for future updates to include online multiplayer capabilities. Platform Compatibility: - The app should be compatible...

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    I am in need of a professional and experienced developer who can create a fully functional "Color Prediction Website". The project involves developing and integrating a payment system, with PayPal ...a leaderboard system to display the top performers in the color prediction games. Ideal Skills: - Strong experience in web development, particularly in creating interactive and dynamic websites. - Proficiency in integrating payment gateways, with specific experience in PayPal integration. - UI/UX design skills, with a preference for a light and minimalist design approach. - Understanding of gamification elements and leaderboards in web applications. If you are a skilled and experienced developer with a passion for creating engaging and user-friendly websites, I look forward ...

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    ...with any external database or backend creation. There is no login functionality. Your responsibility will be to develop an interface similar to figma and with the functions below. *Does not need to be identical to figma, but maintain logic. Link Figma: How it works: - The entire user journey is gamification. - The user chooses a project that has x days (screen 1). Then you must mark the completed days (screen 2) in the app to earn coins. - The coins are on the top bar (Fixed) and starts with 0 coins. - The number of user coins and complete days must be saved in a local sql-lite database. Summary: - Create app with Expo 50 and TypeScript; - The data must be saved in a local database. This project

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    I'm in need of a skilled app developer to create a language learning app for my academic capstone project. The app will be a web-based platform focused on targeting learners with an intermediate level of language proficiency. Key Features: - The app should offer a structured, intuitive,...exercises and activities to enhance learning. - The app should be designed to help users improve grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in web-based application development. - Experience in creating educational apps, especially language learning applications. - Understanding of user experience design and ability to create intuitive interfaces. - Familiarity with gamification in learning apps is a plus. Please make sure to include any relevant experience you ha...

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    I need a platform which will let me track and generate reports on the performance of my sales representatives. Specifically, it should be capable of: - Tracking total sales for each representative. - Evaluating if sales targets hav...for each representative. - Evaluating if sales targets have been met. - Recognizing top performers based on daily, weekly, and monthly data points. The ideal freelancer for this job would have significant experience in building sales management tools, a deep understanding of sales metrics, and the ability to implement them into an intuitive, user-friendly system. Additionally, prior work with gamification or recognition systems would be advantageous, as a vital aspect of this project is the ability to highlight top performers in a motivating and meani...

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    I am in search of an experienced app developer capable of creating a mobile application that focuses on enhancing children's mental math abilities. This project is specifically targeted for children aged 5 to 16 years old. The application should be compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Key Requirements: - The app should cover a range...relative to a) their age b) a common standard Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in app development for both iOS and Android platforms. - Prior experience in developing educational applications, particularly for children. - An understanding of child psychology and learning would be a significant asset. - Strong background in developing interactive and engaging interfaces. - Experience with gamification in educational apps would be hig...

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    I am seeking the expertise of a gamification strategist and developer to construct an engaging campaign for a group of 250 participants organized within three layers of a company. The ideal candidate would possess significant experience in structuring gamification campaigns within large organizations and be adept at creating platforms to run the activities. Key Deliverables: - Structuring a gamification campaign inclusive of quizzes, challenges, and rewards. The capability for participants to upload videos or text to confirm knowledge or record achievements is paramount. - Development of a dual-tier leaderboard tracking individual and team standings. Participating teams are grouped within an organizational hierarchy, and the leaderboard should reflect this. - Design...

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    ...estimated duration of this project is 1.5 week per level I am looking for organisation or freelancers to create an online e-learning curriculum (Edison Coding and Robotics ) for students focuses on coding and robotics. Course delivery Must include : -modify/create online instructional lesson (step by step) into our LMS for students self learning (elearning) - modify/create Quiz and interactive gamification during the learning . - modify/create Assessment and upload of project at this end of the day - modify/create Lesson plan briefing guide - modify/create Teacher Planning guide - Each lesson will comprise of lab assignments-100% practical for hands on . - provide respective code solutions Etc ================================================================== Delivery Format...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer who can create an interactive VR shop that doubles as an English learning platform. This is a unique opportunity to combine e-commerce with language learning. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in VR development - Experience with e-commerce platforms - Knowledge of gamification in education Key Features: - Product Catalog: The shop will offer a range of items, but the primary goal is to provide a practical English learning experience. - Interactive Elements: The shop must be engaging, with interactive tasks that are designed to improve the user's speaking fluency. - User-Friendly: The site must be intuitive and easy to navigate, suitable for an adult audience. I'm particularly interested in a freelancer who can bring creativity to the p...

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    I'm aiming to build an enhanced e-learning platform that integrates artificial intelligence at its core. My vision is focused on three special features: Gamification, interactive quizzes, and progress tracking capabilities. This would effectively make learning fun, engaging, and easily monitored. The core functionalities I require include virtual tutors, natural language processing for student-teacher interaction, sophisticated robotics, and an advanced learning process. All these aspects and more should contribute towards fostering optimal communication and facilitating superior understanding and learning. I'm at the helm of an exciting Artificial Intelligence technology startup, and we're keen to grab a visionary investor who's aware of the AI landscape. Our p...

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    App name should be Cashyrewards I am in search of a proficient mobile app developer who can design an Android app that serves as an earning plat...about their earnings or new opportunities. * Lastly, in order to expand our user base, we need to implement a referral program that rewards both the referrer and referee. Skills and Experience: * Experienced in coding and testing Android applications * Previous work on reward/earning-based applications will be advantageous * Proficient knowledge in integrating ads into apps * Understanding of gamification and its methods * Experience in integrating surveys from third parties into an app. I am looking forward to transforming my vision into a functional application that users will love. If you match the said criteria, feel free to bid fo...

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    I'm in need of a proficient app developer to bring gather points through the usage of the app which can be redeemed later. - Interactive Spin-the-Wheel: The app must include a spinning wheel feature acting as a reward system. - User-Friendly: The app must be intuitive and easy to navigate. I’m looking for developers who have: - Proficiency in backend and frontend development. - Experience in creating entertainment apps. - Understanding of gamification strategies. - Creativity to suggest innovative features and improvements. - Good communication and problem-solving skills. If you feel you meet these criteria, I’d like to discuss my project with you. Please respond with samples of your work, particularly in entertainment applications and gaming. PFA attached ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create an educational platform utilizing Flash and USDT (a USD stablecoin). The primary aim is to use this platform as a teaching tool, focusing on several key objectives: - Financial Concepts and Trading Strategies: The tool should be equipped with interactive el...- Simulated Trading Scenarios: Users should be able to engage with simulated trading activities, enhancing their grasp on financial concepts and strategies. The developer should ideally have experience in Flash animations, stablecoin or blockchain development, and programming user interactions. A strong understanding of finance and trading will also benefit the development process. Advanced gamification features aren't required, but the platform should be engaging and in...

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    ...predefined groups. 2. Gamification Integration: - Introduce engaging gamification elements within courses to foster student motivation and participation. - Design and implement reward systems, badges, leaderboards, or other gamified features to incentivize learning progress. 3. Navigation Optimization: - Customize course blocks to streamline student navigation through questions, sections, and their respective results. - Ensure user-friendly interfaces that facilitate seamless interaction with course content and assessment materials. Qualifications and Experience: - Proven experience as a Moodle expert with a demonstrable track record of successfully enhancing e-learning platforms. - Proficiency in implementing reporting functionalities and integrating ga...

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    ...Features: - Interactive course modules: I want the system to engage users with a variety of content, including text, images, videos, animations, quizzes, and assessments. Ensuring a rich, multimedia learning experience. - Progress tracking: The system should allow for detailed monitoring of user progress and completion rates. This data is crucial for both learners and us as administrators. - Gamification: I'm keen on integrating gamified elements to motivate and reward users for their participation and course completion. Integration: - Though I didn't specify in the questionnaire, I'm open to suggestions if you think integrating the system with a Student Information System, Content Management System or Video Conferencing Platform would bring added value. Your ex...

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    I'm in need of an experienced app designer to create the UI for a rebranded version of ...will be engaging and intuitive for all age groups. The app will include features such as a leaderboard, badges, achievements, and progress tracking. - The design should be able to seamlessly blend gamification elements with the core purpose of information gathering. - You will be provided with a screenshot of the current app, and I need you to use that as a starting point for the new design. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in UI design for mobile apps with gamification elements. - Understanding of user experience, especially for multiple age groups. - Ability to balance gamification with the core purpose of the app (information gathering). - Prior experience with...

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    ...application excels in leisure learning methodology and artificial intelligence, incorporating engaging gamification elements for a unique user experience. - Main Features: 1. E-commerce functions for a dynamic online marketplace. 2. Gamification strategies to keep users engaged and motivated, stimulating more frequent app interaction. 3. Payment gateway integration for credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies, ensuring versatile payment options to accommodate all users' preferences. 4. Artificial Intelligence Integration Ideal freelancers will be versed in Typescript, MUI, and React web development and have previous experience with e-commerce platforms with a keen understanding of gamification strategies. For some context: Our platform: ...

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    I'm looking to develop an innovative Web & Mobile Application that will primarily track and record user's running, walking, or ...within the application. - **Communication Tools**: The application should integrate with SMS, Email & Whatsapp to keep users engaged and informed about their activities and rewards. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Prior experience in developing and designing activity tracking applications. - Knowledge of integrating with Strava, Garmin & Google Fit APIs. - Strong UI/UX design skills with a focus on gamification. - E-commerce platform development experience. - Experience with payment gateway integration. - Strong communication tool integration skills. Please provide examples of similar projects you've worked on, and how you wo...

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    ...the following functionalities: - A feature for a digital product counter, to be displayed within users' profiles. This will assist users in keeping track of their purchases made. Proficiency in developing and integrating counter features is essential. - The creation of a leaderboard for users, where rankings are based on the number of digital products that they've purchased. Experience in gamification and user engagement strategies will be advantageous. - An implementable user registration system will also be needed for profile creations. Skills in user registration, security, and privacy functions will be beneficial. - A bonus feature of a giveaway function, to engage the community and incentivize user participation. - Website milestones by products purchased W...

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    ...transactions to confirm if the price change is due to a "whale" selling or other significant transactions. Risk Analysis: Implement analysis features to: Distinguish genuine market corrections from potential rug pulls or suspicious large withdrawals by developers. Provide supporting information with alerts to help users make informed decisions regarding the nature of the price fluctuation. Gamification Implementation: Integrate a point system where users can accrue points for successfully predicting and profiting from market movements based on the bot’s alerts. Feature a leaderboard or similar functionality to increase engagement and add a competitive edge to the tool. Testing and Deployment: Ensure comprehensive testing across different scenarios to verify the...

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    I'm in need of a mathematical/human-behavior thought-partner to simply determine a monthly point system that rewards completion of various goa...Our initial thought is that Tier 2 should generate something like 1/2 of the points as Tier 1. And Tier 3 (the lowest/"easiest" - eg making time to exercise 3X/week) should generate, perhaps, 1/4 of the points as Tier 1. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in goal setting and tracking systems. - Ability to create systems that adapt to changing conditions. - Understanding of gamification principles. - Proficiency in data analysis and visualization, to help me track my progress and adjust the system if needed. - Initial need is simply the point totals. However, if this collaboration is fruitful there would l...

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    I need an experienced app developer to create an Android application specifically for educational purposes. The primary features would include: - Implementing quizzes and tests - Including interactive lessons throughout. Aesthetic wise, I'm leaning toward ...Android application specifically for educational purposes. The primary features would include: - Implementing quizzes and tests - Including interactive lessons throughout. Aesthetic wise, I'm leaning toward a colorful design to make the learning experience fun and engaging. Potential freelancers should have previous experience in educational app development and UI/UX design. Knowledge of gamification strategies for education would be a plus. Note: The interface needs to be user-friendly and easy to navigate for l...

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    I'm looking for a skilled software developer to assist with the creation of an educational mobile app. This app will primarily focus on delivering interactive quizzes to users. Here's what I'm e...iOS/Android compatible app. - Incorporation of a diverse range of fun, engaging, and interactive quizzes. - Creation of an intuitive, user-friendly interface that ensures ease of navigation for users of all ages. The ideal candidate for this project would have extensive experience in mobile software development, particularly iOS and Android platforms. A background in educational software or gamification will be highly regarded. Your ability to adhere to deadlines strictly and provide consistent updates is a must-have. I'm eagerly anticipating your creative input to hel...

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    ...minimizing file sizes to amplify loading efficiency. - Conversion Rate: Techniques need to be applied to increase visitor engagement, enhance user experience, and promote conversions. Separately from the above, I am also looking for the creation of a gamification page on our site to boost engagement levels. For SEO, I need an expert to conduct an audit for on-page and technical SEO optimization, providing actionable insights for improvement. Ideal candidate for this role should have a strong background in website optimization, gamification strategy creation, and solid SEO expertise (particularly on-page and technical SEO). A results-driven approach in previous jobs and evidence of significant positive impacts on website performance will be highly considered. Professi...

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    ...generation and student progress tracking for administrators. 6. Student Progress Tracking: - Implement functionality for students to track their learning progress, fostering motivation and engagement. 7. Gamification Elements: - Introduce gamification elements to courses and tests to enhance user engagement and motivation. Required Skills: - Proficiency in Moodle customization and development. - Experience in integrating online testing and live video learning functionalities. - Expertise in plugin integration for reporting and progress tracking. - Familiarity with gamification techniques in e-learning environments. Timeline and Deliverables: - We expect the project to be completed within [insert timeframe]. - Deliverables include a visually appealing and f...

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    ...period. Should have an existing platform able to connect to appropriate banking systems. - Implement secure payment gateways, tracking mechanisms, and customizable campaign features. - Provide ongoing technical support and updates as needed. 2. Application development: - Develop mobile apps for gamification, mapping, and other types of innovative community engagement, including inclusive and youth community mobilization through tech. - Create user-friendly interfaces, interactive features, and gamification elements to enhance engagement. - Integrate social media functionalities and content dissemination tools and connection to crowdfunding platform (complex), or standalone apps (simple). - Provide beneficiary’s feedback platforms aimed at fostering community eng...

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    ...demographic. This app will require: - Registration and login using FIDO2 authentication protocol - A well-structured node.js backend integration - Custom message push notifications for active user engagement - Local database integration for efficient data management The app should contain a seamless payment feature, promoting accessibility and ease of use. No need for messaging/chat feature, gamification elements or social media integration. Preferred Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in Android development - Profound knowledge of FIDO2 Authentication - Familiarity with Node.js backend development - Proficient in local database integration - Experiences in implementing custom message push notifications - Hands on experience with payment gateways for app integration...

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    ...this project should have a strong background in web development, with specific expertise in the following areas: - Social Media Integration: I wish to incorporate an interactive feature that allows users to connect their social media profiles with the website. - Chatbot for Practice: A chatbot feature that engages users in conversation to help them practice the language they are learning. - Gamification Features: The addition of engaging gaming elements to make the learning process more interactive and fun. - Vocabulary Builder: A feature to help users build and expand their vocabulary. - Live Video Lessons: Incorporation of live video lessons to give users a more immersive learning experience. - Teacher Panel: I also require a teacher panel for instructors to register and gain...

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    ...approximately, presented in a gamification enviroment. Completing 10 objetives, and passing one for one. Receiving stars, and higher degree.  2. Combining videos, texts, summaries, and gamification 3. Test of Learning objetives. Apply for example 10 questions after each unit, and if the student get at least 9 right answers, pass to the following one. If not, should have to complete again the unit. The idea is to be able to setup the process of pass/fail the unit based on the test of knowedge and participation in activities. 4. Bulding a cooperative development. For example if the total of the workers complete the program is a 100%, if the half is 50% of the collective objective. 5. Provide diploma or some certification in p...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to design an engaging reading comprehension app for children aged 5-12. Key Requirements: - Cross-platform compatibility: It must be developed for iOS, Android and Web. - Implement gamification: The application should include a point system and badges for achievements, to motivate user participation. Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate will have extensive experience with multi-platform mobile app development, preferably in educational applications. A strong understanding of gamification is crucial. An interest in children's education would be an additional bonus.

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    ...robotics. Create the lesson resources( instructional video , step by step guide , quizzes , lesson plan etc) to be currate into our LMS Looking into developing 3 levels ( basic , intermediate and advance ) per course. 36 lessons x 1 hour per level . course delivery include : -modify/create online lesson into our LMS for students self learning (elearning) - modify/create Quiz and interactive gamification during the learning . - modify/create Assessment and upload of project at this end of the day - modify/create Lesson plan briefing guide - modify/create Teacher Planning guide - Each lesson will comprise of lab assignments-100% practical for hands on . - provide respective code solutions Etc *Send in your previous sample online Elearning curriculum that you have done before to...

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    ...membership program. Reward users with discounts, points, or other incentives for successful referrals, thereby encouraging user acquisition and retention. Advanced Reporting, Analytics and Insights: Provide users with access to personalised analytics and insights about their membership activity, including usage patterns, savings achieved, and recommendations for maximising benefits. Gamification Elements: Incorporate gamification elements such as challenges, badges, and leaderboards to incentivize user engagement and participation. Reward users for completing tasks, achieving milestones, or participating in promotional events. Vendor/partner listing in user app Personalised Recommendations Vendor/partner in user app Membership card issuance and validation. Vendor/partner i...

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    I'm in need of a developer who can create a gam...Interactive quizzes User Base: We anticipate more than 500 users on the platform, so it must be scalable and able to handle a large user base. Integration: The platform should be seamlessly integrated with social media platforms, existing school management systems, and third-party payment processors. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experienced in Moodle platform development - Proficient in gamification techniques - Ability to create and integrate leaderboards, badges, rewards, quizzes - Understanding of large-scale platforms - Integration experience with social media, school management systems, and payment processors If you have the right skills and experience, please reach out with your portfolio and any relevant informat...

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    I'm searching for an adept app developer who can help craft an interactive educational app focused on delivering quizzes. This app will be geared towards students, parents, and teachers, acting as a useful and engaging learning aid. Key Features: - We're aiming to implement a variety of quiz formats including multiple choice questions, true or false questio...crucial for the design to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it accessible for all age groups. Targeted Subjects: - The quizzes for all standard students Skills and Experience Required: - A strong background in app development, particularly educational apps. - A comprehensive understanding of UX design to make the app user-friendly for our target audience. - Understanding how to incorporate gamification elemen...

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    I have a PowerPoint presentation that is more than 20 slides long and I'm looking for someone to clean up the design, and enhance it with polling and quiz functionality. Key tasks: - Clean up the design of the presentation, making it visually...and professional - Integrate polling functionality to make the presentation more interactive - Add quiz functionality to engage the audience, and test their understanding of the content The purpose of this presentation is educational. I want to make learning more engaging and interactive. Ideal candidate would have experience in creating engaging presentations, and have an understanding of gamification in educational content. A solid grasp of PowerPoint and the ability to create dynamic, visually appealing slides are also essential fo...

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    Hello! I am looking for a freelancer who can create a basic interface using AR Foundation. I just need arrows that rotate the object and a zoom function. There is no gamification.

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    ...users who will be encouraged to interact with one another. Key Features: - Reviews: Users should be able to leave feedback and rate each other. - Rewards: Implement a system to incentivize user activity. - Gamification: Add game elements to make the usage of the app more fascinating and addictive. - Maps/Navigation: User-friendly navigation is a must for users to easily navigate through the app. To perfectly execute this project, the chosen professional should ideally have proven experience in leveraging Flutter to create cross-platform apps. A good understanding of gamification concepts, reward systems, and the ability to integrate user review functionality is key. Applicant should also have experience in implementing Maps and Navigation within an app to aid user...

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    I am in need of a skilled Flutter Developer to design and develop an app for Android and iOS. The app will include features such as User Authentication, Push Notifications, In-App purchases, Geolocation, Maps, REST APIs Integration, Reviews, Rewards, and Gamification. Therefore, the ideal candidate has profound knowledge and experience in these areas. Our app is primarily targeted at the general public and women. Consequently, a successful candidate needs to possess a keen understanding of the needs and expectations of these user categories. We are looking forward to engaging a developer who can bring our vision to life with a user-friendly and engaging app.

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    ...interface. Smart, clever use of interactive elements like shaking the app to shuffle the cards or tilting the phone device downwards to deal? Gameplay Mechanics: - Accurate implementation of the game rules. - Smooth card-flipping animations and sound effects. - Mechanism to track and display the number of cards each player holds. Metrics/Scoring/tracking the play: - Display on who’s winning. - Gamification basics: - Leaderboard for when players are in play. - Display winners. - Add a series of ways to win - Like choosing ‘Best out of 3 games wins,” etc. Multiplayer Functionality: - The game should support two players. - Consideration for future updates to include online multiplayer capabilities. Platform Compatibility: - The app should be compatible...

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    ...include high-quality gamification features centered primarily around informative quizzes and points scoring system with rewards and loyalty center. The key features of the app will include: - Quizification: engaging, informative quizzes to raise awareness about climate change and sustainability. - Gamification: user engagement through points and rewards system to incentivize eco-friendly actions. - Connection with Insurance Companies: The app needs to integrate with insurance companies' systems using APIs, mainly to fetch insurance quotes and policy purchase options. The ideal candidate should have experience in: - Cross-platform app development to ensure a smooth and consistent user experience across iOS and Android platforms. - Creating engaging and educational ...

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    I'm in need of a highly skilled mobile app developer with experience in Android and iOS platforms to build an eco-conscious photo application. Users of the app should be able to take pictures specifically of trash/landfills or anything that negatively impacts nature. This is a unique chance to contribute...application should include: - User-friendly interface for taking photographs. - Integration with Google Maps API for automatic tagging. - A personalized dashboard and profile page allowing users to track their points in real time. Ideal candidates will demonstrate a strong background in mobile app development and API integrations, with a particular focus on user interface design. Experience in gamification and tracking user points is also highly appreciated for the success o...

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    I need a professional with experience designing pop-up booths. The primary objective is to create an interactive experience for users, making use of touchscreen displays, augmented reality, and gamification to provide a memorable engagement. Key requirements include: - Knowledge and experience in creating immersive digital experiences. - Ability to create a sustainable structure that doesn't compromise on design. - Hands-on experience with augmented reality technologies. - The booth must also be easy to build and transport, enhancing convenience and functionality. Experience in similar projects will be highly preferred.

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    39 bud modules across various formats. Phishing Simulation Management: Creation and management of customizable phishing simulation campaigns. Reporting and Analytics: Detailed dashboards for tracking user progress, performance, and engagement. Integration with Third-Party Services: Including Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS). Gamification and Engagement: Implement gamification features to motivate learning and engagement. Customizable Training Paths: Personalized training pathways based on roles, departments, or learning needs. Cybersecurity Knowledge Base: A searchable repository of articles, resources, and best practices. Incident Reporting and Management: Features for reporting suspected spam emails and tracking incidents...

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