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    We're looking for some help converting an RSS feed into a newsticker. We'd like it to look as closely as possible to the ticker here: [_www.silvermead.net_][1] We'd also like some help organising headlines and other content from some other RSS feeds on to a webpage. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    We are looking for a talented coder to create either computer based or online software like they have at [Logga in för att visa URL] Any extra features you feel you can add please advise, however this project must be complete on time error free. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) 2) Must be in ready-to-run condition. ## Platform PC / MAC

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    ...either by the organization itself in the account manager or by an affliated PressID member, an RSS file is updated in a directory, for example, news/accountname.xml. Editing a story does not need to update the RSS feed. We will give you an example XML file of the RSS structure and fields we want to use. More specific details will be provided. All of

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    RSS- and Newsreader Avslutades left

    ... I'm looking for an Symbian C++ developer who can develop a complete and bugfree application. The application should be a newsreader such as Outlook Express as well as a RSS reader. Please respond with your knowledge, experience and timeframe, we can then discuss the application in more detail. Any additional ideas are very much encouraged

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    Windows RSS Reader Avslutades left

    **RSS Reader for Windows - standalone and/or as plug-in** 1) VC++ preferred, VB okay but pref given to VC++ bids; 2) To develop an RSS reader that stays resident on the Windows DESKTOP and remain as an always-on-top application; 3) Let user turn off always-on-top default behavior but the app must be at least on *desktop* (if not exited by

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    Rebrand RSS Reader Avslutades left

    Create a RSS News Content Reader that my customers can rebrand with ease by thereself. Someting like they have at [Logga in för att visa URL] However I would like my customers to be able to rebrand it themselves without my input. My customers should be able to add their own Header Logo and should feature a banner rotator at the

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    ...article management system w/RSS with the following functionality: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- FRONT END ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Each author should have their own "page" i.e. - [Logga in för att visa URL] Each Author Should have their own RSS Feed (that links to their

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    This project is for an RSS headline grabber module for a portal. Admin Panel -Create categories to filled with RSS feeds (we can use part of this script for the basic feeds: [Logga in för att visa URL]) -Create category zones (World News – US News – Sports – Entertainment - etc) where the different types

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    This is a simple project for a programmer who knows what they are doing. I'd like to take a Yahoo news feed and be able to add it to my webpage as an SSI. This RSS feed MUST be an SSI - it cannot be javascript. I'm looking for a simple solution - if something already exists that does this I'm all for it and happy to pay for the tip and/or mods to

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    We need a portal and 60 websites for hair dresser in German and English.

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    ...experience with RSS news feeds. PART I: ====== I have several RSS feeds that I want to display within an HTML page. I need someone to write the code to parse the RSS feed and the code to display the feed in my website as HTML so the search engines will be able to pick it up. I'd like an ASP function that loads the specified RSS format...

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    RSS Feed Converter Avslutades left

    Hello all see [Logga in för att visa URL], towards the bottom there are [XML] links to feeds published from this site.. I need to get the titles, and link to original page, put them on my website with different page having different items. Thanks

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    Assist with RSS feed Avslutades left As a means to drive traffic we are interested in exploring the advantages of making some or all content available via RSS. We would like turn-key assistance in making content available to the best and most appropriate RSS locations. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source

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    Blog and RSS Avslutades left add a BLOG to my website. I also need to mark content for RSS readers. I understand the concepts but I don't know how to do it. I need someone who has experience with doing BLOGs and RSS to do the following: * Recommend a good, easy to use BLOG editor (free or low cost is ideal). * Recommend a good, easy to use RSS Reader (free or low

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    ...created which can join particular tables and/or fields from existing mySQL database as well as use its own unique tables/fields. --Source for news will be XML-compliant feeds (RSS/RDF/Atom) from a variety of sources on the web. --XML-compliant feed URLs already exist in a mySQL database. --Cron Job (or similar) should run every 20 minutes to pull

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    $30 - $5000
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    Create a RSS News Reader that my customers can rebrand with ease by their self. Something like they have at [Logga in för att visa URL] However I would like my customers to be able to rebrand it themselves without my input. My customers should be able to add their own Header Log and should feature a banner rotator at the top of the

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    Desktop RSS Reader Avslutades left

    Create a desktop custom RSS Reader that resides on PC desktops and will float above all open windows, like they have at [Logga in för att visa URL] The About Us file will contain my info and URL link which must not be able to be removed by users. Alertware site users / publishers have to upload XML file to their own host. I would like my users to

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    XML & RSS Feeds Avslutades left

    I am looking for someone with extensive knowledge with XML & RSS feeds. I would like to use this technology on my website but I need to get a better understanding of how the language works. In addition, I need to learn how it is read by search engines. I would like to have a phone consultation for 1 hour explaining this information. You must be

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    ...schedules IE: Site, Date/Time, Game, Type, Buyin and would like to have a script 'added on' either built in or separate, that will take the output and convert it to an RSS ( at least RSS 2.0 compliant ) feed to be able to have it picked up by news readers and syndicaters. The feed should be able to be flexible enough to update the feed via times we want

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    Atom to RSS Converter Avslutades left

    ...understands differing XML formats. I require a Perl only (no xlst transformations - unless you can convince me otherwise) to convert : Atom XML feeds to RSS XML feeds and also RSS XML feeds to Atom XML feeds It must work with all standard's compliant feeds. OK that's the brief and the only other to add is I need it quickly so tell

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    Hi, I need a php based rss reader on my web site - I want to be able to enter multiple sources for display on a page. This should be very easy for somebody who knows what they are doing!! If you are an expert at this may have more work available!!! Will only have FTP access ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    ... Content should be: Brief history of RSS Channels Money making ideas for RSS Channels Marketing and promoting RSS Channels How To Setup RSS Channels Will accept raw content but will pay more for a completed ebook. Reader level is aimed at someone who knows nothing about RSS Channels. IMPORTANT - Examples of your

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    ...custom branded RSS Reader that my customers can rebrand with ease by their self. Should be able to add their own logo and banners rotating at the top of main panel where users browse. Also should contain my unremoveable logo at bottom of main panel with a link to my site. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working desktop RSS Reader where

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    This is a private project for Senilnathan. It involves modifying an RSS feed. Thanks, Jonathan

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    72223 Create an RSS Avslutades left

    ...will suit programmers that understand "RSS feeds". Your job, is to create an RSS feed that parses Google Groups for a supplied keyword. Google Groups can be located here: [Logga in för att visa URL] We would like you to develop an RSS feed, that runs through a script on our website. Something like: [Logga in för att visa URL]

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    rss reader Avslutades left

    I would like a rss xml newsreader that the gui interface can be editable by the owner of the software so they can add there logo and company information. I would like this program to be a direct to desk top news updater.

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    I am looking to combine a RSS feed application, programmed in ASP, called “GrabNews.?? <<[Logga in för att visa URL]> with a client-side JavaScript scrolling news ticker that can be found at: <[Logga in för att visa URL]> You can also find “mock-up?? of the patron interface

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    RSS Feed Reader Avslutades left

    ...times. I have multiple sites and want to be able to test/change feeds/layouts at will. *** I want to be able to cut and paste code to add to my site that will show an RSS feed. I want the option of using just titles or titles and descriptions. I'd like to be able to control how many of these are displayed. I need to be able to select

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    desktop rss to html Avslutades left

    ...what you're doing with rss. I want a desktop application created that will allow me to do keyword specific searches for RSS feeds, have the results automatically converted to html, and inserted into a flexible template that matches my blog so I can upload it. I know the end result I want, but don't know that much about rss, so I'm looking for

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    Hello everyone, My name is Jonathan Regan. I require a programmer to create a script, that takes an RSS feed, and converts it to raw HTML (to be included in pages that I am creating). If you can do something like this, please let me know. Cheers, Jonathan

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    ...but not PHP-Nuke any longer. The three main features of the site are to be a Yahoo/DMOZ style link directory, a news/blog editor, and the aggregation, display and searching of RSS/RDF/Atom/XML feeds from outside sources. I have created most of the wireframes already for the site itself, but would need an experienced programmer for the backend and coding

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    RSS Case Studies Avslutades left

    I am looking for interesting uses of RSS to use in a book. If you are an RSS expert, or have used RSS in a novel way, please email me. I'm particularly interested to see examples of RSS in a business setting. Contributions to the book will be rewarded with an advance when work is delivered, and royalties on subsequent sales. Strong writing skills

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    74398 rss feed Avslutades left

    Greetings, One of our fair websites is in need of a simple rss feed. We found a little script (which we attached) and would like someone to install it for us. Bob aQualityWebsite

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    Our site is PHP/MySQL driven. I need an RSS feed which should be automatically generated. The RSS feed will only include 2 parts of our home page: (Today's New Posts & New Posts of the Last 3 Days). Please only respons if you have good knowledge and prior experience in the above.

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    RSS Parsing via XSLT Avslutades left

    Our business is building a system to parse RSS feeds. RSS is supposed to conform to a "standard", but we have found that there are at least four versions of RSS (0.91, 0.92, 1.0, and 2.0) and countless permutations. RSS feeds typically do not follow the standards. One RSS feed may have elements from the 0.91 and 0.92 versions in it. This makes

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    phpBB RSS mod Avslutades left

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for someone to write a phpBB mod (v2.0.6), well more of an addition really, which pulls out topics and serves them as an RSS feed (ie. sticks them into an RSS/XML file). There are similar scripts out there but none have all of the requirement I need, which are as follows: - pull out topic title as item title and part

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    I am inviting proposals to automate the detection and saving of RSS links published on the web into a database, which can be further categorized to build into a directory freely available to the public. Frankly, I am tired of searching for RSS links on the web, and having to subscribe to syndication services that charge a fee for a format that was created

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    RSS Feed Avslutades left

    I need an RSS feed created for my website. Id like a feed created for the entire site if possible? Im new at RSS so im open to suggestions. The only content that gets updated regularly is the blog, pictures, and homework.. It needs to be checked after each day... The code needs to be written to produce the RSS and anything else that the project would

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    I am looking for a PHP/Javascript clone of the following service: [Logga in för att visa URL] There will however be some important differences. 1) Rather than enabling the user to enter any RSS feed url I want to provide a pull down list of RSS feed titles. This list of feed titles and associated urls will be maintained in a MySQL database so

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    1.I need a script to show news feed as in [Logga in för att visa URL], only top stories section is cool too, so i can show the same or similar news feeds on my site

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    Java RSS Poller. Avslutades left

    I need someone to write a long running Java program that will go retrieve a set of RSS News Feeds of both popular formats, keep the current content in memory, refresh it at the frequency indicated, and checkpoint it to a one local disk file per feed after each refresh. The program should provide public classes to provide on request the current content

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    **Webpage Management System** **RSS and HTML outputs written in PHP "To update and create HTML and related rss files"** All admin to take place in the folder /admin/ which is to protected by an .htaccess file With the admin section you should be able to: Open a webpage in the root directory (eg [Logga in för att visa URL]) Edit it in a visual environment

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    I need to hire a Delphi programmer (Delphi 6) for about one month's worth of work. Programmer must have heavy Delphi experience, and specifically experience working with RSS/RDF XML formats (using MSXML parser) and WinInet. Non-US is OK, but I require DAILY project status updates and code, and the programmer must be available for at least some

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    Complete Website Avslutades left

    We are looking for a complete website: website, database & graphics. This website's function is to accept rss(xml) feeds from sports and casino related sites and use that information to produce dynamically generated graphs and charts. ## Deliverables Track and graph all event's odds that come in through the feeds. Graphing should include a

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    XML/RSS Expert Avslutades left

    I'm looking for an entrepreneurial developer with a passion for XML/RSS to develop a web based news service. It would be useful if you are based in the North West, but this is by no means essential.

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    296862 RSS to WAP Avslutades left

    Here's a challenge. I am looking for someone who really knows RSS(XML) and WML. If you are not familiar with both RSS and WML then this project is not for you. At this time I need someone to create a script (probably in PHP) which will parse an RSS file and create a WML page on the fly, which I can browse on my WAP enabled mobile phone. If this is

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    Need a to to have someoine create rss pages for our exsisting site using all of the different rss formats. The pages I am wanting to use this on will be PHP pages that will show the first 10 newest projects that have been listed to our site. so other sites can use our feed to display the 10 newest projects on our site. I do have a question about this

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    I'd like something similar to the following idea which was mentioned in the 27th Feb 2003 edition of Windows Daily ([Logga in för att visa URL]) An application that handles RSS newsfeed subscription easily (with browser integration akin to that of NewsGator's) and the ability to organize the folders and links as you would your Favorites ... Each entry (post)

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    See attachment, please.

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