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    In order to improve the speech recognition technology of natural language, our company develops automatic speech recognition, and recruits native speakers of Swedish between 18-60 years old. Feel free to contact me if you are interested (never worked in startask app)

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    ***Freelancers Only! No Agencies! I have a Java Android app that is running my own face recognition and detection functions on several screens simultaneously. I need you to implement the functions so the face recognition will run smoothly and efficiently. ***I'm looking for an experienced Java developer with face recognition experience. + Must have Java expertise. + C++ is an advantage + Video calls in English for ongoing communication - MUST! Please start your message with the words: "Java multithreading!"

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    I am looking to hire a lawyer based in India who is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the area of contracts. The lawyer should possess a great understanding of the relevant laws and regulations in the country on contracts. The lawyer should be well-versed with the legal documents needed for any contract from preparing, reviewing, and advising on the same. I expect the lawyer to conduct an in-depth analysis of the contract with a clear legal mind, develop a negotiation strategy that will be beneficial for me, and provide excellent legal counsel and advice. I would also like them to be familiar with the basic rules and regulations surrounding contracts and their legal implications. Furthermore, successful applicants should present a detailed project proposal and evidence of past work t...

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    I'm looking for a creative logo designer to help put a face to my rental properties/rooms business. The logo should be modern and sleek, and have neutral and subdued colors. The logo should be simple and easy to identify while also being eye catching and must have the name of the company, Rent Right Homes. 'Homes' to be in smaller font to 'Rent Right' . I'm open to the designer's choice when it comes to symbols and elements, so I am flexible on the representation and look. If you think you have the skills and creativity to design the perfect logo, submit your designs and enter the contest. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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    Hire a digital marketer 6 dagar left

    I am looking to hire a digital marketer who can help me build brand awareness for my hotel. My website is My target audience is the general public, and I would prefer to use social media as the marketing platform. Key requirements for the project: - Increase brand visibility and recognition among the general public - Develop and implement effective social media marketing strategies - Create engaging and shareable content to attract and retain target audience - Monitor and analyze social media metrics to track progress and optimize campaigns Ideal skills and experience: - Proven track record in successfully building brand awareness through social media marketing - Strong understanding of social media platforms and their algorithms - Knowledge of content creation and curation

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can create a face rigging system that can mimic various facial expressions. The ideal candidate should have experience in face rigging and be familiar with API integration. Facial Expressions: - The rig should be able to mimic expressions such as solemn, surprised, eager, smiling, and frowning. API Integration: - I am open to suggestions for the specific API that the rig needs to sync with. The freelancer should be able to assist in choosing the most suitable API for the project. - Integration with Unity / UE5 is necessary Level of Detail: - The face rigging should have a moderate level of detail, allowing for detailed expressions. Overall, I am seeking a freelancer who can create a face rigging system that can accu...

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    Azure AI Expert 20 timmar left

    ...effectively. 2. Machine Learning Development: Develop ML models and algorithms using Azure Machine Learning, Python, and other relevant tools. Preprocess and analyze data, train models, and evaluate their performance. Incorporate feature engineering and model optimization techniques. 3. Azure AI Service Integration: Utilize Azure AI services, such as Azure Cognitive Services (e.g., speech recognition, natural language processing, computer vision) and Azure Machine Learning, to build intelligent applications. Integrate AI capabilities into existing systems or develop new AI-driven applications. 4. Data Processing and Analysis: Gather, preprocess, and analyze data from various sources to generate insights and create training datasets for ML models. Ensure data quality and integr...

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    Im looking to get a design done in an old fashioned air brush style of art for my t-shirts. As reference artists styles from artists like hajime sorayama and masao saito. for the design specifically is of either a face or just full lips with a tongue sticking out with a piece of fruit preferably a cherry on the tip of the tongue. I will attach a few reference files of the art style and as well as similar examples of what i want the finished product to resemble. Ill also require source files/png/jpeg and that the images are print ready 300 dpi. Im also open to other creative designs in this style for future projects.

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    ...frontend UI. We're building a set of simple pages that let customers manage complex orders on their own, with custom pricing, huge numbers of products, and quick, intuitive features. You'll be working primarily on the frontend browser code, with access to DB data through the Supabase JS library, existing APIs, and new backend code to be developed alongside your work. The primary challenges you will face with this project will be in how to present large quantities of products, and product history through an easy to understand and navigate interface. This will include creating new orders, but also reviewing old orders, order history per product, and planning future orders. Skills Needed - Bootstrap - Vanilla JS with minimal libraries in modern browsers - Supabase JS API...

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    With a keen eye on expanding our reach and gaining recognition for the Pharmaceutical products we offer, I'm looking to commission a long and comprehensive digital visualette or digital brochure to increase sales and educate healthcare professionals about our offerings. This project requires an experienced designer who can combine their impressive graphic design and copywriting skills to create something with the potential to be transformative for our brand. The visualette or brochure should be engaging while also emphasizing the key benefits and qualities of our offerings. My goal is to create a flawless visual presentation of our products that will give viewers an in-depth understanding of their features. As such, I'm looking for experienced designers who can bring their...

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    Trophy icon Edit a video 6 dagar left

    ...video that will be between 90 and 120 seconds. We would like to send you the clips, have you piece them to look as smooth as possible. There’s a part in the video where it pans away from me and comes back and I’m in a different shirt and somebody is joining me in the video. We would like this video to be as seamless as possible. We would also like to see if you can remove the shadow from under my face. When I start To say the Dillon Real Estate Team has now become…I would like it to pan away, and snap back to the video where I’m in the blue shirt with Virginia in the video and then edit it so she takes over the conversation. The full transcript is here: Life has a funny way of teaching us about choices and timing. In 2020, I made the choice to expand...

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    ...markets that come under your targets as well as managing relationships with external departments to ensure smooth sales processes e.g., Admissions, Marketing, Clinical Placement and Student Support teams. • Following policies and procedures to ensure compliance. Qualifications and Professional Memberships • 1-2 years’ sales and marketing experience working in the Education Industry (Online and Face to face recruitment experience for domestic and international students) • Proven experience in international student recruitment, developing and managing the marketing and recruitment plan, utilising available resources to deliver against key performance indicators. • Graduate degree holder • Highly proficient in English - speaking and business wri...

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    ...will be called the cloud of Moonsul the first twenty minutes of the film will be a silent anime with good facial expressions and emotions. only the last ten minutes will have emotion. This first scene will be in black and white ,As the story goes our lead girl called moonika was kicked out of a orphanage in the start as the nun slams the door on her face she goes knocking to other neighbors to stay with and they all slam the door on her face. Hungry and tired moonika falls asleep on a bench . when she wakes up the cold world around her starts to bleed with color and she is no longer sleeping in a bench but when she wakes up it starts to bleed with color and shes suddenly laying on a patch of grass take liberty with the art style and color but it does have to stick to th...

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    Trophy icon Logo design 6 dagar left

    Logo Design Project I am looking for a log to represent our brand "Fanbrush". Need to implement the logo Fanbrush and maybe a "swish" of multi coloured rainbow paint. The logo must be square to fit onto a face paint product (as attached) and the size is only small 27mm x 27mm - Specific colors and symbols - The client has specified specific colors and symbols for their logo design. - Modern and minimalist style - The client wants their logo to reflect a modern and minimalist style. - Single format requirement - The client needs their logo in all formats eps, jpeg, pdf, png, tif etc Ideal Skills and Experience: - Graphic design - Logo design - Proficiency in modern and minimalist design principles - Ability to work with specific color schemes and sy...

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    Trophy icon twitch banner and pfp 6 dagar left

    I need an awesome looking design for my Twitch banner and profile picture! I recently answered 3 questions regarding what I'd like in my design and the answers are great for coming up with a design that will fit my needs - I want a gaming style, with a general color scheme (pink and black definitely-can add other...what you can do. PFP ICON: a black cat with a scar(the gun), and a bandana on the cat (or anything you think that would be cool for shooting game fan base), Must have my gamer tag @KILLAHH_KAT BANNER: pinks, black, and any color you think. Im a girl gamer and mainly stick to fortnite. I also love the beach. Would like to see any ideas!! Super open for this one. I would even consider adding my face to the banner if someone wants to leave space on the banner for tha...

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    I am looking for a skilled Python developer who can help me with a project on 3D object detection point cloud. The purpose of this project is object recognition. I need to implement this : in order to do classification and then write Python script to send these data over the UDP

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    Trophy icon photo editing of an image 2 dagar left

    have to change the face of the main image of me on the jetsky/acquascooter with another face of me from some other image. the face must be perfectly aligned with the rest of the body and the colors must also be the same as the rest of the body. there must be no diversity. choose which one might work best among those attached. the photo of me on jetsky is the main photo where the face needs to be changed. thank you very much link foto:

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    I am in need of an engineer who can create detailed drawings for a large billboard sign, sign face 3m x 6m double sided with angular faces. Although I do not have specific design requirements, I do have some ideas in mind. The timeline for this project is urgent, requiring completion in less than 1 week. The photos show one similar in the same proximity. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in engineering and drafting - Experience in designing large-scale signage - Ability to work quickly and efficiently to meet tight deadlines

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    I am looking for a skilled Java developer to create a simple console program that can read fingerprints using a USB scanner. The purpose of this program is for authentication. Requirements: - Experience with Java programming language - Familiarity with fingerprint scanning technology - Ability to work with USB scanners for fingerprint recognition Specifics: - The program should be able to work with specific fingerprint scanner model, as per the client's request - The project should be completed within a timeframe of 2-4 weeks Attached you will find example code for Android If you have the necessary skills and experience, and can deliver within the specified timeframe, please submit your proposal.

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    ...Love Lucy," dressed in 1950s attire, holding a mixing bowl. This character will be the centerpiece of my logo, representing the essence of old-fashioned homemade cookies. Step 2: Draw the character with the desired 1950s hairstyle, dress, and headscarf, ensuring they are holding a mixing bowl. This initial sketch will serve as your blueprint. Step 3: Character Design a. The character's face is my face from images attached, ensuring it resembles your envisioned 1950s-inspired look. Pay attention to facial features, such as the eyes, nose, and mouth, and add details like rosy cheeks for a touch of charm. b. Design the character's hair in the style of "I Love Lucy" with a headscarf. Use vibrant and retro colors to make the character visually appe...

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    Brand Identity 6 dagar left

    I'm looking for an expert in brand identity design for a music business. I have the logo, and ba...This includes specific fonts and typographic treatments that become identifiers for the brand. 2. Color Palette: Specific set of colors that are associated with the brand. They convey certain emotions and characteristics. 3. Brand Guidelines: This document dictates how the brand's identity should be displayed across various media and platforms. It ensures consistency, which is essential for recognition and to build trust. 4. Digital Presence: This covers the visual and interactive style of a brand's website, mobile apps, and social media profiles. 5. Merchandising and Collateral: This encompasses branded items such as business cards, letterhead, promotional merchandi...

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    Logo design, Branding, UI Design 5 dagar left

    Project Overview: Brosim Launch Project Name: Bro sim - An E-Sim for young people Project Objective: The Brosim Launch project aims to introduce Brosim, a German-based eSIM provider, to the youth market in Germany. The primary goal is to establish a strong online presence, create brand recognition, and provide essential services through a website and mobile app. The project will also include the production of promotional content and the setup of social media channels to maximize visibility and engagement, along with the critical component of User Interface (UI) design for the website. Key Project Components: Logo Design: Develop a unique and memorable logo that represents Brosim's brand identity. Branding Development: Establish brand guidelines encompassing color schemes, t...

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    Hi, I have a project (). While pressing record button on camera, it shrinks my face and changes the aspect ratio on some devices. Kindly fix this to resolve an aspect ratio problem in our Time Warp Video recording application. Currently, when users start recording, the aspect ratio appears incorrect, leading to video compression issues. I can award extra money also but please post working solutions with code and explanation.

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    Face morph shot 5 dagar left

    Face Morph Shot Project - Purpose: Entertainment - Image source: I have the images - Desired output format: Project file - After Effects - Duration: Two shots - each should have less than 1 sec morph transition (so total would be 2sec or less than that) I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can help me create a face morph shot for an entertainment project. The aim is to seamlessly transition between two different faces in a captivating and visually stunning way. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in After Effects: The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of After Effects and be able to work with project files in this software. - Face morphing expertise: Experience in creating smooth and realistic face morph transitions is essential for t...

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    Update My React Native app 2 point 5 dagar left

    I have a react native app which need to update 2 point . 1) Fixed on Onsignal push issues : Send to pushID / device Id through new system as old system does not working . 2) Add react-native-face-detection replace image profile: There have a option upload profile image by camera or gallery wjhich will be replace by react-native-face-detection App Must be need to do work android & iOS platform. And also need to upload google playstore & apple appstore .

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    Estoy buscando gente que me puede ayuda a publicar en face book y Offer up. Vendiendo carros. Yo tengo las photos y vas a publicar en tus cuentas. este es trabajo de Commission.

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    I am looking to set up a gamified sales contest to increase sales within my company, targeting mid-level employees. The contest will be designed to reward those who are successful in their sales outreach, with the goal of motivating them to continue selling. To ensure that employees remain motivated, recognition or status rewards will be used as incentives. My ultimate aim is to have an exciting and engaging sales contest, where employees are provided with additional incentives for completing successful sales.

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to photoshop hospital tubes on a baby for me. The specific image I need is a baby with tubes in their nose. I wil...so I need them to look realistic. The ideal freelancer will have extensive experience with Photoshop and be able to complete this project in a timely manner and to the highest of standards. If you think you are a good fit for this job, please get in touch with me. I look forward to hearing from you! several of the photos shown are more for reference of what he looks like and a few images of his face without tubes if that helps for borrowing the features for another photo. i dont need all photos photoshopped but if a person could identify 2 or 3 that would work well and complete those few with out the tubes, i would be eternally g...

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    Generate AI Tiktok Effect 5 dagar left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can generate an AI TikTok effect specifically for face filters. I have specific details in mind for the design and theme of the filter. The AI effect will be used exclusively on TikTok. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AI technology and algorithms - Experience in creating face filters or augmented reality effects - Familiarity with TikTok's platform and its requirements for effects - Strong design and creativity skills to bring the specific details to life in the filter.

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    I'm looking for someone to create two images morphed together as the desired outcome. The main idea is to put one head on another body. I already have specific images in mind to use for the morphing, so the freelancer should be able to work with those. The preferred format for the final image can be JPEG or PNG. Fur...another body. I already have specific images in mind to use for the morphing, so the freelancer should be able to work with those. The preferred format for the final image can be JPEG or PNG. Furthermore, I want the end result to be a seamless blend of the two images, creating a surreal and abstract combination with a clear and distinct transition between the images. Basically taking the one guys face and uniform and putting him in the same stance as the guy in th...

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    - Ability to convert images into vector format using Illustrator - Experience in creating logos or branding material - Proficiency in removing backgrounds and adding outlines to vector images Specifics: - The client has specific colors (Black and white) and design elements (No face) that they want to incorporate into the vector images - The final size or dimensions of the vector images will be at the designer's discretion If you have experience in creating vector images for logos and branding material and can work with specific color and design requirements, this project is perfect for you.

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    Hi, I'm looking for a talented designer to create a logo for my existing retail business. I am aiming for an abstract logo that will uniquely set us apart from the competition. It needs to be highly presentable and professional but also evoke feelings of...existing retail business. I am aiming for an abstract logo that will uniquely set us apart from the competition. It needs to be highly presentable and professional but also evoke feelings of creativity and modernity. I'm open to suggestions and ideas, so please feel free to be inventive with this project. I am confident that with the right person, I can get an amazing logo that perfectly reflects the face of my company. I'm excited to see the different ideas you come up with and can't wait to take a look at t...

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    I am looking to hire a freelancer to remove certain objects from a picture. Primarily, I’d like for the freelancer to remove a background element, and my hand off my face. Freelancers who wish to apply for the job should include past work and detailed project proposals in their application. Additionally, I don’t require that the edited image be in a specific format; feel free to work your magic in whatever format you are most comfortable with. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the project and I look forward to seeing what the freelancers can do!

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    DIGITAL MARKETING 5 dagar left

    I am looking for help with my digital marketin...media marketing services that will help to increase brand awareness with adult audiences. I understand that building a presence on social media is essential in today's digital age, and as such I am looking for a knowledgeable freelancer who can help me achieve my objectives. My goals are focused on the enhancement of brand awareness amongst adults, in order to increase my company’s reach and recognition. As an experienced digital marketer, I am looking for guidance and expertise on how to reach out to my target audiences; share our brand messages; develop and post content that people can engage with; use the various social media platforms to increase brand awareness; and other digital marketing services to maximize the impa...

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    ...innovation and familiarity with advanced machine learning methods (e.g., Transformer, VAE, Denoising Diffusion models) and experience in implementing them from scratch. - End-to-end understanding of generative media applications and excitement for pushing the state-of-the-art in generative AI. - Strong knowledge of Deep Learning and Machine Learning - Expertise in sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, and text classification - Experience with advanced image processing techniques - Proficiency in working with large datasets and data preprocessing - Familiarity with state-of-the-art Deep Learning and Machine Learning frameworks and libraries - Ability to find and utilize appropriate datasets for the project The freelancer should be able to work independently and have a str...

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    ...should be at least 2 years old from the date of creation. Content Volume: Channels must have more than 300 videos (including shorts). subscribers : channles have to have more than 50k subs , and arround 100k views per videos Consistency: Channels should systematically upload new videos, demonstrating an active presence. Faceless: The channels should not prominently feature a single individual's face; instead, they should focus on content related to the specified niche. Deliverables: The freelancer is expected to provide a well-organized list of YouTube channels that meet the above criteria. The list should include the following information for each channel: - Freelancer have to give me for arround 6 to 10 channels for each niches finance, nature/discovery/science, lifes...

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    License Plate Recognition System for Parking Management in Egypt Purpose: - The purpose of this project is to develop a license plate recognition system specifically for parking management in Egypt. Requirements: - Ability to recognize multiple plates at once: The system should be able to accurately identify and record multiple license plates simultaneously. - Night vision functionality: The system should have the capability to capture clear images and recognize license plates even in low-light or nighttime conditions. - Ability to recognize foreign plates: The system should be able to recognize and process license plates from different countries. Timeframe: - The project needs to be completed as soon as possible, with a sense of urgency. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Ex...

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    Detailed Scenario of the Animated Video General Specifications: Location: Video serves as a full-width background on the webpage. Overlay: Customizable text appears as an overlay on the video. Character Designs: SEO-NINJA: A sleek, athletic ninja dressed in a tight black suit with digital camo accents. His face is hidden behind a mask, but his eyes are lively and radiate intelligence. He carries a backpack filled with various digital tools like a laptop, a mouse shaped like a shuriken, and ethernet cable nunchucks. SEO Mascot: A laid-back, cartoonish figure embodying the word "SEO." He wears glasses, reads a newspaper titled "SERP Daily," and sits on a bench that resembles a URL bar. He wears a T-shirt with a hashtag on it and has a coffee mug next to him labele...

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    **Seeking Expert Offshore Marketing Agency for Global Social Media Domination** Hello, esteemed marketing professionals! I am Dr. Sebastián Puchi, the face behind the rapidly growing brand in the realm of aesthetic medicine and health. With a strong presence in Chile, I am on a mission to make a global impact, advocating for health consciousness based on veganism and medical principles. **What I Bring to the Table:** - A dedicated and passionate following of over 30,000 active followers on [Instagram](). - A treasure trove of content: Over 500 live-recorded videos of surgeries, before-and-after transformations, and more. - A unique value proposition: I've made a lifelong commitment to God to give away one Lipoesculpture surgery every Sunday.

    $5000 - $10000
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    album cover 16 timmar left

    I'm looking for an artist who can combine 4 similar album covers of a famous artist, Jacob Collier and his 4 DJESSE albums. I want his face separated into 4 quadrants. This photo will be for my friends Charismas present. He will quite laterally die for Jacob Collier and I want this to be really special for him.

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    create a java script control to take the photo that does anti spoofing maybe by telling you to move your head and sends the photo in base64 or byte array must run on Blazor Server APP basically must do face recognition

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a talking photo app for both IOS and Android platforms. The main purpose of the app is communication, allowing users to talk with the person on the photo as if he chat with the friend. Features: - Integrate AI that can make dialogue - Integrate AI that can imitate the face mimics Design preferences: The client has a specific design in mind for the app. The developer should be able to work closely with the client to bring their vision to life. Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in developing mobile applications for both IOS and Android platforms. - Experience with AI plugins - Ability to collaborate with clients and translate their design preferences into a functional app. If you have the skills and experience required for th...

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    I'm looking for someone to convert an Adobe Illustrator drawing into a single puppet, fully rigged for Adobe Character Animator. This character is mostly just the face, so will require general movements like eyes moving, blinking, head tilting, mouth movements, etc. The only specific animations or movements required is that the puppet can wink and there is some movement in the hair when the head moves. Therefore, the task requires the ability to take the illustrator drawing and transform it into a 2D animated puppet using the correct layering format that is suitable for use in Adobe Character Animator. The puppet must be able to move fluidly and naturally in Animator, and the exact level of detail and cleanup in the final version will be discussed with the Freelancer prior ...

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    I am looking for an experienced ML expert to design a robust real time speech emotion recognition system. The system will be used for customer service, psychology research and the entertainment industry. I prefer a supervised learning approach for this project. We have between 1000 and 10,000 samples available for training the system. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing speech emotion recognition systems with a focus on supervised learning. Expertise in machine learning algorithms and deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow and Keras is a must. Strong programming skills in Python and experience in data preprocessing and feature extraction will be an added advantage. The project requires excellent communication skills and the ability to work collaborative...

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    ...David Ortiz and his cannabis brand Big Papi Cannabis, Noah40Shebib and Drake's cannabis brand Bullrider, Josh Kesselman, the owner of Raw rolling papers products and accessories, and Carlos Duarte, with his EV charging stations company Charge Fast. These partnerships as well as the the funds alliances and investors will not only provide financial backing but also lend their expertise, brand recognition, and strategic insights to ZYPRUN. Benefits and Impact: The investments gathered through this fund would be targeted towards various avenues for growth, including expanding ZYPRUN's operations, enhancing technology, securing licensing opportunities, and establishing a second ZYPRUN location. The strategic alliances formed through the fund may lead to exclusive partnersh...

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    I am looking to create a series of educational reels to post on my Instagram page. The reels should be at least 60 seconds in length and will ser...creative and experienced freelancer who is knowledgeable about the latest techniques and trends in social media marketing as it relates to reels. The candidate should be able to provide strategic guidance on how to best utilize the reels and ensure that they are visible in the marketplace. In addition, the reels should effectively capture the attention of my intended audience and help drive brand recognition and engagement. Project will be on ongoing basis where 3 reels per week will be needed. All the footage will be provided. Lastly, the candidate should be able to turn around the project in a timely manner and adhere to agreed-upon ...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to develop an indoor sound localiza...for a skilled freelancer to develop an indoor sound localization system with high accuracy (within 1 meter) and the ability to cover medium spaces (up to 200 square meters). The system should be able to localize gun fire and perform voice recognition. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Expertise in sound localization algorithms and techniques - Proficiency in programming languages such as Python or C++ - Experience with signal processing and audio analysis - Knowledge of machine learning and deep learning for voice recognition - Familiarity with hardware components such as microphones and speakers - Attention to detail and ability to optimize the system for high accuracy...

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    Rude caricature 4 dagar left

    Hello, I'm looking for the perfect artist to create a rude cartoon caricature of myself and my mrs in full color. The style should be cartoonish, meaning more comic book-like – like a character from a movie or video game – than a realistic rendering. It should capture their physical features, hairstyle, and clothing i...to create a rude cartoon caricature of myself and my mrs in full color. The style should be cartoonish, meaning more comic book-like – like a character from a movie or video game – than a realistic rendering. It should capture their physical features, hairstyle, and clothing in an exaggerated manner. I’d like the photo to be of her bending over right in front of me with a surprised look on her face. Both of us will be overly muscl...

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    Hello, I'm looking for the perfect artist to create a rude cartoon caricature of myself and my mrs in full color. The style should be cartoonish, meaning more comic book-like – like a character from a movie or video game – than a realistic rendering. It should capture their physical features, hairstyle, and clothing i...to create a rude cartoon caricature of myself and my mrs in full color. The style should be cartoonish, meaning more comic book-like – like a character from a movie or video game – than a realistic rendering. It should capture their physical features, hairstyle, and clothing in an exaggerated manner. I’d like the photo to be of her bending over right in front of me with a surprised look on her face. Both of us will be overly muscl...

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