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    Hej! VI behöver en webbutvecklare till lite olika projekt på Univrses. Dels till vår webbsida, där vi skall göra en del justeringar och lite nytt. Utöver det skall vi bygga på en webbaserad Dashboard till en produkt. Därutöver kan det bli webbfrontend till en del computer vision-/AI-komponenter. Det kan också bli att vi vill ha lite WebbGL-grejer på sidan men det tas i så fall fram av någon annan så det är mer för dig att få in det på sidan i så fall. Hör gärna av dig, här eller på annat sätt! Så kan vi diskutera vad som passar när det gäller betalning, tid per vecka och hur långsiktigt vi vill göra det.

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    ...which have already been created. We use this to when we want to create a new order of service, whenever a costumer wants a service to be done. 2. When a new costumer/order of service is created, the following input should be required: First & Lastname Social Security Number Adress Telephone Number E-mail We also want that every costumer who hands in their unit for service, receives a number for that service. That number is to be based on the last 4 digits in the social security number of that costumer. Ex. Social Security Number 1990-09-10-1234 Which translates to the costumer being born on the 10th of September, 1990. The last 4 digits is to identify that specific person. Next, what kind of unit does the costumer have? We are thinking of 2 dropd...

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    Data entry computer networks firewall excel Adds

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    As part of the expansion of my online business, I'm in need of an exp...of my online business, I'm in need of an experienced digital ocean engineer who can help in setting up and optimizing my server infrastructure. The goal is to host a website, deploy a web application, and run a database server. Key tasks: - Setting up server infrastructure - Configuring networking and security - Managing and optimizing server performance Ideal skills and expertise: - Extensive experience in managing Digital Ocean infrastructures - Expert in configuring network & security settings - Excellent performance optimization skills. I encourage applicants to include detailed project proposals and highlight relevant past work and experiences. This will significantly improve you...

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    I am presently utilizing Azure Application Gateway V1 and I am in need of someone skilled to migrate it up to vers...settings from V1 to appropriately work on V2 - Implement new Bot protection rules in the updated WAF - Enable detection logs - Enable WAF mode from Detection to Protection Ideal Experience: - Proficiency with Azure Application Gateway V1 and V2 - Expert understanding of migration processes - Knowledge about implementing routing mechanisms and configuring WAF settings - Experienced in integrating security requirements like Bot protection rules into V2 WAF The successful freelancer should provide a migration validation plan along with their application. Current Application Gateway info: - 9 Application Pools - 28 rules - 20 backend settings - 20 listeners - 20 hea...

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    ...networking infrastructure. 2. NFTables Setup: - Configure NFTables for efficient and streamlined firewall management. - Troubleshoot and resolve any NFTables-related issues to optimize performance. 3. pfSense Integration: - Integrate pfSense with GitLab for a cohesive and comprehensive firewall solution. - Ensure smooth communication between GitLab and pfSense to enhance overall security. - Currently there is a bug where NAT ports 80/443 from Proxmox to pfSense to GitLabs, the webpage server will come up and display however the VM cannot access internet, - If you remove port 80/443 then VM can access internet but not display webpage. 4. GitLab Deployment: - Deploy GitLab within our cloud infrastructure to facilitate centralized firewall management. - ...

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    E-learning Mobile App with DRM 6 dagar left

    ...downloadable, and screenshots should not be possible. - Incorporating geo restriction. Specific Security Requirements: - Secure user authentication and login. - Implement secure payment integration. - Provide secure content delivery. - Ensure no screenshot or unauthorized download of video or text content is possible. Key Features: - Integrate features for interactive lessons and progress tracking. - Include options for offline access to content. - Add exam facility. - Incorporate payment gateway for easy transactions. Ideal Skill Sets: - Proven experience with app development, preferably with e-learning mobile apps. - Strong knowledge of DRM encryption and the associated security aspects. - Experience with user authentication, secure payment integrati...

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    In-Depth Human Rights Essay -- 2 6 dagar left

    ...minimum length of 500 words. The essay should focus primarily on economic, social, and cultural rights, with an emphasis on the right to social security. While you have the freedom to explore this topic on a global scale, due to my preference of not specifying a particular geographical or cultural context, you should still ensure that the nuances of social security rights are well-addressed. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Strong written English skills, with a flair for engaging and thought-provoking discourse. - A solid grasp of human rights issues, particularly around economic, social, and cultural rights. - Familiarity with international social security rights would be a plus. - Previous experience in academic or report writing is advantageous. Your piece sh...

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    ...minimum length of 500 words. The essay should focus primarily on economic, social, and cultural rights, with an emphasis on the right to social security. While you have the freedom to explore this topic on a global scale, due to my preference of not specifying a particular geographical or cultural context, you should still ensure that the nuances of social security rights are well-addressed. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Strong written English skills, with a flair for engaging and thought-provoking discourse. - A solid grasp of human rights issues, particularly around economic, social, and cultural rights. - Familiarity with international social security rights would be a plus. - Previous experience in academic or report writing is advantageous. Your piece sh...

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    Company Description Stingra Software Pvt Ltd i...good relationships with them. Qualifications Experience with freelance platforms like Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, etc. Proven track record of winning projects and generating leads Ability to communicate effectively with clients and team members Excellent written and verbal communication skills Strong organizational and time management skills Bachelor's degree or higher in Business, Marketing, Computer Science, or a related field is preferred Experience in the software development, website development, mobile app development, or digital marketing industry is a plus. The candidate should be highly motivated, self-driven, and passionate about their work. This is a full-time position, and we welcome all candidates who can...

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    ...graphic design works, photographic works, and artistic creations. • Given the urgency, I require someone with a proven track record of delivering quality work within tight deadlines. Ideal freelancer: - Has expertise in website development specific to e-portfolios - Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines - Strong understanding of layout aesthetics and a knack for both graphic design and computer programming - Good communication skills for effective collaboration The website needs to function seamlessly, be visually compelling, and should have a user-friendly interface. Let's create something engaging and impressive together!...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to establish a robust e-commerce website for my Consulting Services. My primary aim with this project is to provide a stable and user-friendly platform where clients can easily learn about and purchase my ser...Consulting Services. - The website should not only host information about the services available but also provide an effective transaction capability. Qualities and Skills Needed: - Extensive experience in e-commerce website development. - A strong understanding of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) principles, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers. - Knowledge of data security and privacy measures, crucial for ensuring customer comfort and trust. Looking forward to your proposals that resonate with thes...

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    Universal RPC Programming 6 dagar left

    I am looking for a skilled programmer experienced in C, Java, or Python, to work on an RPC (Remote Procedure Call) programming project. Key Requirements: - Versatility in one or more programming languages mentioned. - Excellent problem-solving skills. - Understanding of RPC ...Requirements: - Versatility in one or more programming languages mentioned. - Excellent problem-solving skills. - Understanding of RPC programming. What I'm Looking for in Applications: - Since I've missed to specify, I would appreciate to see past work, experience, and detailed project proposals. Project Goals: As I didn't state a specific goal, whether it be to improve performance, enhance security, or simplify communication, I would ideally like a comprehensive solution that strives to ...

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    ...significant portion of the work will involve: - Integrating a Google map showcasing my 10-50 retailers - Setting up both national and international shipping options for my products - Resizing a few key images for optimal site performance Our website is I need someone who can start straight away and try to get this completed in a reasonable timeframe. I am away from my computer alot, so I hope I can set the task and return having it almost complete. Though having a deep understanding of Australian shipping regulations and international shipping would be beneficial, the biggest requirement for this job is a comprehensive grasp of exceptional shipping cases, like oversized or heavy items. My basins fall into that category, so I need someone who can navigate such situations

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    48 bud essential. - **SQL Database Management:** Knowledge of SQL database structures and the ability to perform database operations is critical for the CRUD functionality. - **Authentication and Security:** Experience in implementing secure authentication methods and understanding the best practices for user data protection. - **RBAC Implementation:** Experience in implementing role-based access control within applications to differentiate user roles and permissions effectively. This project offers an exciting opportunity to work on a cutting-edge application that prioritizes efficiency, security, and user experience. If you have a solid background in React, .NET, and SQL database management, along with a passion for building secure and efficient applications Project...

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    ...numerous relevant club movements [waggles] are often individually made [and each can vary some] and separated by short inactive periods, can last upwards of 10 seconds or more. However, measuring just a single representative waggle is generally less than a second, and with the most relevant portion of the waggle being even less than that.) Another attempt(s) was using video, video frames, and computer vision (only 2D video is fundamentally required). Simple conspicuous tracking markers were placed on the club to be measured, and apparently some type of artificial intelligence was applied. But the contractor(s) could really not even come close to tracking the markers and determining any kind of usable rotation point location. To the best of my recollection, programming languages ...

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    21 bud the development of a token integrating staking rewards functionality. Project will be under NDA!! The ideal candidate would be able to: - Develop a custom token on the Cardano network. - Integrate staking rewards functionality into the token, providing token holders with a form of return on their investment. - Perform rigorous testing algorithms to ensure seamless token functionality and security. Requirements and Skill Set: - Proven experience in blockchain technology - Proficiency in Solidity or Plutus, with a keen understanding of designing and implementing smart contract functionality. - Familarity with staking mechanism in decentralized finance. - Ability to meet deadlines and communicate effectively regarding progress and potential roadblocks. Please note that a pro...

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    ...opportunities. We provide test administration and accommodation solutions to test-takers nationwide. For this purpose, we look for professionals who we contact on an "as-needed" basis to see if they are available to assist test takers for their approved accommodations. We provide complete training and assignments pay hourly for the entire scheduled time, even if the exam ends early. We have a computer exam coming up where a test taker has been approved for a Reader and input assistance. For this assignment, you are required to be present on-site, sit with the test taker, and read the exam content aloud. You will then enter the answers as instructed by the candidate. The exam is taking place at a professional testing center in Nagoya, Japan. Date: Thursday, 7 March 2...

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    hi, i deleted all the garbage input text bull that the computer generates for us. I am seeking a highly qualified candidate to program with the worlds-best, in a collaborative environment. pair progreamming. I would like to find a compatible person from Pakistan, direcdtly, who can speak my language and also program. I have many sites, and I don't have the capacity to do it alone. Looking for candidates with: Linux, wordpress programming system adminitration Thank you, Dave p.s., I pay $16 for 2-hour consult okay - this is edit. This is position in order to undrestand wordpress and customize plugin. This interview will be for that project, and to test me paying you.

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    ...information collection for vehicle remote control devices <Overview> Please collect product information on vehicles or service information that have or will have the technologies described in the “Technology Description” section below. <Technology Description> This technology relates to technology for remotely operating a vehicle from a communication terminal, and in particular, to improving security when a vehicle is moved for parking by remote control. One of the problems when remotely parking a vehicle is that a moving vehicle is relatively slow and has low acceleration, so a bad person may enter the vehicle and steal it while the vehicle is parking by remote control. To solve this problem, when a vehicle is remotely operated from a telecommunication...

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    I am in need of an on-site IT specialist based in Auckland, New Zealand, who can assist with several core IT tasks. The hired professional will primarily handle a new server setup. Key Responsibilities: - Setting up and maintaining the network. - Handling software installation and updates. - Troubleshooting any potential computer problems. Our preferred operating system for the new server is Windows Server. Additionally, knowledge of initial IP configuration is necessary. However, we are unsure about the specific IP address range or subnet mask to assign to the server. Therefore, we need someone well versed in network configurations and capable of providing guidance in this area. Ideal Skills and Experience: - A deep understanding of Windows Server. - Proven experience in server...

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    ...resolution includes the installation of effective security plugins to prevent future attacks. Key Project Elements: - Malware Removal: Our website is currently redirecting to unknown sites, running at reduced speeds and exhibiting the appearance of unsolicited pop-up advertisements. An experienced freelancer is required to efficiently eradicate these issues. - Restoration: Alongside the removal of the harmful software, ensure all files and data are completely restored. - Security Plugin Installation: After successful removal and restoration, install the Wordfence Security plugin. This has been chosen for its comprehensive features and robust nature. Ideal Candidates Should Have: - A proven track record in resolving similar WordPress security breaches...

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    I need a professional to create a dedicated website that performs email verification for individuals. The site should be built with various functio...of the email domain/server. - Confirmation of email existence: Beyond domain/server checks, the system should verify the actual existence of the provided email addresses. Security Measures: - Custom security requirements: I prioritize the security of the system. I have specific security requirements which will be provided in detail. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in developing secure, functional websites - Experienced in email verification systems - Aware of contemporary security protocols for web-based platforms Please share past works related to this project, particularly instances where you implemented ...

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    I urgently require a professional with a strong understanding of IT governance rules and regulations to address the following: - Security management: Ensuring systems, networks, and technology policies are safe and secure. - Risk management: Identifying potential IT risks and creating strategies to prevent them. - Compliance and regulatory requirements: Confirming adherence to relevant regulations and standards. The deliverables for this project must include a robust security policy framework and a thorough risk assessment report. Focus on decentralisation and blockchain as recommendations. The project needs to be completed as soon as possible, hence, being prompt and reliable is vital. Knowledge of cybersecurity, information systems management, and compliance auditing ...

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    ...-samples/tree/main/intelligent-mutual-fund-prospectus-document-processing teach me how to run python on AWS this ML project access to AWS API should be done from local windows computer code runs on AWS 4 days to do --------------------------------------------------------------- PROJECT ACCEPTANCE : I CAN DO BY MYSELF on my AWS account ---------------------------------------------------------------- you provide videos and code how to do step by step , then we meet online and record step by step how to do it , you tell me what to do , I do on my own AWS account and making requests from my local windows computer 1. I do not provide you my AWS account . you develop all on your AWS account 2. provide functionality to autoscale: no load or small load use 1 aws instanc...

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    I am looking for a seasoned WordPress developer to create a personal blogging website. This site will also include a payment portal, so visitors can make payments via credit or debit card. Key features needed: - A user-fri...can make payments via credit or debit card. Key features needed: - A user-friendly blogging platform - Secure and efficient credit/ debit card processing - Eye-catching and intuitive design Ideal Experience: The ideal candidate should have a proven track record in WordPress development and experience with integrating payment portals. Familiarity with designing personal blogs and ensuring web security is a must. Remember that this is my personal blog, so making it reflect my personality and making the visitors feel welcome and secure is paramount. Use your c...

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    I'm currently in need of an expert WordPress developer who can carefully audit and fix various issues o...have not gotten the right update in previous Wordpress theme updates. Fix fonts so they're not too small and implement responsive design for desktop, mobile and tablets. 5. Update the “Contact Us” page so that it is functional and free from robot attacks. 6. Review the Wordpress backend admin settings and verify that Wordpress and associated plugins are up to date. Make recommendations for security updates. 7. Review the possibility of adding a CDN layer in front of the site (Such as Cloudflare) for added site protection and features. If the needs are there and the team agrees, implement it. This allow for the configuration of a free SSL access in the f...

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    ...continues process improvements within team. - Determines organizational impact of software maintenance issues and develops overall strategy to address them. - Integrates activities with business units and collaborates to ensure project costs and schedules are properly estimated and controlled. - Other duties as assigned. **Minimum Knowledge & Experience** - Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Computer Science, MIS, Engineering or a directly related field, Master’s Degree preferred. - 6 + years of software engineering and development, including 2 years in technical leadership. - Significant experience as a full stack developer. - B2 level English. - Must be well versed with C#, .NET, Angular(Or React), SQL Server and Azure DevOps. - Significant experience in new c...

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    I'm searching for an experienced full-stack developer who is proficient in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, PHP/Python/Ruby, MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB. It's a feat if you've dabbled in the realms of DevOps Engineering and API Development. Create a secured, scalable and user-friendly Pentesting platform where users can register, authenticate, and scan their websites for vulner...with, or challenges you've overcome in previous roles. Your experience will play a significant role in my final decision. Summarizing: Convert the API into a practical pentesting service for free basic domain vulnerability scans, providing a streamlined and user-friendly report on dashboard . Experience in front-end and back-end development, database management, and a clear understanding of web securit...

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    Scanning software that uses OCR technology to recognize forms, extract various data from these forms Extracted Data outputted in PDF or CSV (User option) Data added up by Form Type (W2, 1099R, etc) If PDF, Table of contents and indexed PDF created by form type as well as specific form: Example categories: Wages (W2 Forms) Retirement (1099R forms) Social Security (SSA – 1099) Interest (1099 INT) Dividends (1099 DIV) Misc (1099 MISC) Other (All other forms not recognized by OCR) Sub index of individual forms: Walmart W2 Ed Jones 1099R Etc etc Totals that are summed will be on 1st page followed by table of contents Save location before scanning, automatically save to that location when complete, allow user to continue scanning additional documents while software processes prior s...

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    ...Interface:** The website should offer a seamless user experience, making it easy for clients to navigate and input their loan requirements. 2. **Custom Questionnaire:** Implement a tailored questionnaire to gather essential details from clients, such as the amount of funding required, company information, and specific funding needs. 3. **Secure Data Handling:** Ensure the website employs robust security measures to safeguard client data and maintain confidentiality. 4. **Responsive Design:** Create a responsive design that adapts seamlessly to various devices, ensuring optimal functionality and accessibility. 5. **Integration with Lenders:** Incorporate functionality to seamlessly connect clients with partnered lenders, streamlining the funding process. **Deliverables:** - ...

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    Tailscale Remote Access Setup 6 dagar left

    I'm currently working on a project that requires configuring Tailscale on a Windows operating system. My main interest lies in being able to access devices remotely. Here is what I'm aiming for: - A secure and reliable remote device access setup. - The configuration should ...interest lies in being able to access devices remotely. Here is what I'm aiming for: - A secure and reliable remote device access setup. - The configuration should be able to connect to fewer than 5 devices remotely. Ideal skills: - Proven experience in Tailscale configuration. - Advanced knowledge in working with Windows OS. - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail considering security. If you have prior experience in this field and believe you're suitable for thi...

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    As the project owner, I seek a freelancer to upgrade my Spring Framework with a special focus on its security aspect. Ideally, you would have extensive skills and experience in Java and Spring Framework to take on this optimization project. -Key Responsibilities: 1. Perform comprehensive performance optimization for my Spring Framework. 2. Enhance security features within the Framework, giving it robust protection. Since I didn't specify, I'd appreciate recommendations on whether we should implement new security algorithms, harden existing security configurations, or incorporate additional security features. 3. Integrate the framework with new technologies as needed. I expect this project completed ASAP. Therefore, efficient task management...

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    I am looking for an experi...Construct a system to prevent unauthorized access - Develop a secure mechanism for communication Device Specifics: My focus is mainly on providing security solutions for computers. Your task will encompass including security features that work seamlessly with these devices. Security Protocols: Proficiency in designing and implementing Wi-Fi Protected Access protocols (WPA/WPA2) is a crucial requirement for this project. Ideal candidates hold expertise in network security, specifically in creating secure environments and have previous hands-on experience in working with WPA/WPA2 protocols. Familiarity with industry standards for computer network security is also expected. Your bid should reflect your understanding ...

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    ...information for each route. - Administration Page: Design this page to offer a dashboard for managing carrier information, route assignments, and bid confirmations, with a clear indication of route statuses. 8. Responsive and Adaptive Design: The design must be responsive across all devices, ensuring optimal viewing on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. 9. Security and Accessibility: Design elements should enhance site security and comply with accessibility standards. Deliverables: - A UI/UX design prototype in Figma or Adobe XD, including mockups for the Carrier and Administration pages. - Interactive elements and transitions to showcase user flow. - A design system style guide, covering typography, color palette, and UI components. - Responsive email template des...

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    ...existing application, which is built on Windows Server 2012 Standard. This project involves replacing the current login and password system with a more secure and efficient AD authentication mechanism. This upgrade is critical for enhancing the security and user management of our application. Project Objectives: • Seamless Integration: Implement AD authentication to allow users to log in using their existing Windows credentials, eliminating the need for a separate login and password for the application. • Security Enhancement: Leverage the robust security features of Windows AD, including Kerberos and LDAP, to protect user data and access. • User Management: Simplify user management by utilizing AD’s centralized directory services for creat...

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    ...programs, and stores based on specific criteria such as location, game type, difficulty level, and user ratings. Ensure the website is fully responsive and provides an optimal viewing experience across all devices and screen sizes. Structure the website to be SEO-friendly, with optimized metadata for fields, stores, and gear, ensuring high visibility in search engine results. Implement robust security measures to protect user data. Utilize tools like Google Analytics to track user behaviour, field popularity, and e-commerce metrics to inform future enhancements. Design the site with clear, intuitive navigation to ensure users can easily find and book games, explore fields, and purchase gear. Use an engaging and visually appealing design that captures the excitement and inte...

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    Hello and thank you for bidding on my project. PLEASE READ THE SMAL DESCRIPTION I need a simple website with 2 pages embended in 1 page (when the form will do the job will dissaper and will show a Thank you message) ,the pages will have to autotranslate to user browser/computer automatical without any button and I need to implement all languages worldwide including countries like china, japan etc (dont worry I will provide the translation), first page will be a form with 2 boxes and 1 submit button, in the backend of that form we need to implement a pop3/imap email verifier when the user submit the information the pop3/imap verifier will check of the information is valid , if the information is valid then the second page will be given, if the information is bad they will receive ...

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    We're in need of a talented freelance IT report writer to craft an all-encompassing yearly report for our organization. - Key areas: You'll be required to cover three major topics, including our IT infrastructure, network security, and an appraisal of the various software applications we use. - The aim: The annual IT report is geared toward evaluating our IT performance, identifying potential areas for enhancement, and communicating our IT strategy to pertinent parties. - The audience: The report will be presented to our executive management team, IT staff, and other stakeholders from different departments. Having a deep understanding of IT, coupled with excellent report writing skills, is key for this project. Past experience preparing comprehensive IT performance r...

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    ...a person is holding up in real-time using Python, Tkinter for the user interface, and OpenCV for image are detected simultaneously, the system should recognize all of them. Ideal candidate will have: * Strong working knowledge of Python, Tkinter and OpenCV * Prior experience in developing robust facial and gesture recognition systems * An understanding of image processing and security monitoring systems. Functional Requirements: User Interface (Tkinter): The system shall feature a graphical user interface (GUI) built using Tkinter to provide user interaction. GUI components should include a live video feed displaying the webcam input, along with a display area to show the count of fingers detected. Facial Detection: Utilize OpenCV's face detection algorithms to identify a...

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    I'm looking for a skilled Strapi developer to address several issues with my current website and make significant improvements to its functionality and overall user experience. Main Issues: - Slow loading times and security vulnerabilities - Difficulty in updating content - Need for enhancement in function and CRM - Improvement in form submission process Desired Changes: - Redesign the website's user interface, making it modern, intuitive, and user-friendly. - Add new innovative features to the platform, with a particular focus on features that cater to a Study Abroad Website audience. - Successful integration with third-party CRM to streamline data flow and improve customer data management. - Improvement in the form submission process to ensure greater user engagemen...

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    I'm in need of a customized software that will count and measure the force of punches on a computer. This software plays a central role in a larger bio-mechanical research project. Ideal candidates for this job should: * Be experienced in the development of software for similar real-time mechanical measurement applications. * Manage application from development to debugging to deployment. * Have experience in efficiently working with incoming data streams. Force Measurement Specifications: * The software must record the specific force value of each punch. * Seamless integration with current system for accurate and efficient data recording and extraction. * A detailed analysis and report feature would be a bonus. Freelancers are requested to relate their experience working o...

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    ...interfaces, making this task more demanding and multi-faceted. See document attached for additional information and details. Key tasks: - Bug fixing and troubleshooting for routine management - Adding new features and functionalities - Enhancing user interface and experience, making it intuitive and user-friendly The improvements are aimed towards: - Implementing solid user authentication and security features, including two-factor authentication, role-based access control, and encryption of user data - Incorporating advanced payment processing and subscription management - Streamlining integration with third-party APIs Preferred skills include proficiency in SaaS platforms, mobile development (Apple and Android), UI/UX design, authentication protocols, data encryption,...

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    ...Projections - Your skills in financial forecasting, with a detailed plan for revenue and cost structures, profitability and financial viability is vital. • Specific business goals. • Executive Summary: My business, its mission, and vision, target market, competition, and revenue model. • Technology and Platform: The technology stack and development you'll use, Payment and Security explained payment gateways and security measures. handle transactions and user interface of the e-commerce portal. experience. • Marketing and Sales Strategy: The digital marketing plan, including customer acquisition and retention strategies, pricing strategy, promotions, and discounts. • Risk Analysis: Identify potential risks and strategies to m...

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    60 bud filtering and sorting capabilities for comprehensive data handling The dashboard will need to visualize three types of data: - Sales data to gauge our company's performance - Customer data for market trends analysis and customer behavior predictions - Manufacturing ERP production data to monitor our day-to-day operations Furthermore, I'll need multi-level user access control to manage the security and privacy of our information. A provision for: - Admin access for complete data control and system management - Manager access for team oversight and project progress monitoring - Employee access for task tracking and performance evaluation Ideal skills for this project would be extensive experience in designing and developing ASP.NET applications, profound knowledge...

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    ...experienced web developer to build me an e-commerce website. While the specific features and number of products have not been decided yet, the basic functions of the site should facilitate online transactions. Aspects to consider for the project: • Structure and design: The website should be user-friendly and have a professional look to attract and retain customers. • Security: Given the nature of an e-commerce website, the security measures should be top-notch to safeguard users' data and ensure safe transactions. • Flexibility: The structure of the website should allow for scalability, considering that the number of products and features might increase at a later stage. The ideal freelancer should have: • Experience in building e-commerce...

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    My Facebook account has been compromised and given its critical role in my business operations, this matter necessitates immediate attention. My efforts trying to get the account back via password reset, enabl...not authorized by me and I also am unable to login anymore, suggesting a hijack. 2. Despite changing my password and enabling two-factor authentication, I still can't access the account. 3. Reach out to Facebook customer service had no effect. The ideal freelancer for the job would be someone with: - Experience in resolving similar account recovery issues - Familiarity with Facebook's account security protocols - Proven track record of swift, effective communication with Facebook's customer support. Seed-shortage is causing high demands for quick results. Le...

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    28 bud ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of our network infrastructure to support our e-commerce platform. Responsibilities: 1. Design, implement, and maintain network infrastructure, including routers, switches, firewalls, and other network devices. 2. Monitor network performance and troubleshoot issues to ensure optimal uptime and reliability for LAMP stack-based systems. 3. Implement security measures to protect the network from cyber threats and unauthorized access. 4. Configure and maintain VPNs, VLANs, and other network technologies to support remote access and interdepartmental communication. 5. Collaborate with other IT teams and departments to plan and execute network upgrades and expansions. 6. Conduct regular network audits and implement improvements to enhance...

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    I am looking for a seasoned web-software developer to create a user-friendly web-based software for both internal and external users focused on accounting tasks, trip making, and order creation. This platform will primarily be utilized for: A) User Authentication: To ensure security and privacy, the software has to feature robust authentication protocols allowing only authorized individual access. B) Data Storage and Retrieval: The software must house a secure data storage system for quick and efficient storage and retrieval of necessary data. C) Reporting and Analytics: Crucially, I require analytics and reporting capabilities integrated with the incoming data enabling real-time business intelligence and data-driven decision making. The successful candidate will ideally have...

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