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    Essay on brain functioning. Essay on brain functioning.

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    ...delays will be accepted, this will result in negative feedback. 3. Because we need you and your team to work on this small project, the patterns/colors of the visuals/scenery must match and be similar, cannot have different workflows from different teammembers. So the quality need to be matching through out the variations/videos of the whole set. This should feel as if it is done by one vision/brain, meaning the same flow/pattern of the course. ====================================================================================== ====================================================================================== ====================================================================================== Watch these videos so you understand what NOT to do, and avoid this so we can ...

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    Project Title: 13 Meditation Covers - to make new Description: I am looking for a designer to create 13 new meditation covers for my brand. The ideal candidate will have experience in minimalist design and a keen eye for de...calmness through design. If you have the skills and experience required, I would love to collaborate with you on this project. Please provide examples of your previous work in minimalist design. Titles 1. Progressive Muscle Relaxation 2. Re-Create your Aura 3. Make an Intuitive Diagnosis 4. Read People Intuitively 5. Distant Viewing 6. Distant Healing 7. Cellular Memory Healing 8. Clear your Brain Chatter 9. How to Clear Organs 10. Create a New You. 11. Re - Program Your Subconscious Mind. 12. Visualize Your New life. 13. Visualize a Healthy versio...

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    ...Benefits for Mind and Body" Comedy, often regarded as the art of humor and laughter, has a profound impact on our lives beyond its entertainment value. It's no secret that a good laugh can brighten your day, but did you know that comedy also offers a range of mental and physical health benefits? ### Stress Reduction One of the most immediate effects of comedy is stress reduction. When we laugh, our brain releases endorphins, which are natural feel-good chemicals. This not only boosts our mood but also helps reduce stress hormones like cortisol. Even a short burst of laughter can provide relief from a hectic day. ### Social Bonding Comedy has a unique ability to bring people together. Whether it's sharing a funny story with friends or attending a stand-up comed...

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    Good day Freelancers, I am looking for an interior designer for my future house. I will send the Plan of the house and each room and I will give you details in private chat on what I have in mind and we will brain storm together.

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    C language code in visual studio 4 dagar left

    ...this assignment. Divide your assignment folder into data, brain and interface folders. There would be a main.c and in root directory. 2) A will also be in the root directory of your assignment folder that will contain length, width & height like 3) In data folder, make a struct room that will contain 3 members: length, width & height. Define struct in header file. 4) In data, there would be functions for calculating volume, comparing parameters (length, width & height), comparing volumes. You can make additional functions if required. 5) In brain, there would be functions for option 1 and option 2. Also make a function for reading file values and a function that would assign values to struct members. Brain will call the respective data functions 6...

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    ...looked more like maple syrup than normal urine. (I had to ASK for a urinal after the first 24 hours but none of the nurses ever managed my fluid input or measured or looked at my urine... including the horrible dark,thick urine. The only reason I didn't suffer permanent injuries including to my brain was because I insisted that the doctor look at my IV flows and turn them off the last night; otherwise, I would have gained another 4 lb and weighed 230 pounds which may have caused permanent damage to my brain Etc. There was no space left for the water to go. I suggest a prospective writer spend three bucks on 3 one gallons of water at Walmart. Hold one of the bottles in each hand and ask a friend to put the third one against your chest so that you could embrace it. The...

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    Trophy icon Book cover teen anxiety 2 dagar left

    ...Parent's Guide to Building Love and Connection and, Subtitle is: Easy step-by-step tools to be the parent your teenager needs. Author is Emer O'Donnell. Some examples of cover within this niche are:

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    ...up analytics and conversion tracking in Google Tag Manager - setting up Google Ads for clients - optimizing existing Google Ads accounts We have a proven, repeatable process that you'll be trained on. So, although experience in all of the above platforms is a bonus, I'd prefer someone who's hardworking and willing to learn. Must-have skills: - great English writing skills - creative marketing brain - past advertising experience (e.g., running ads on Facebook, Google, TikTok etc.) - ability to analyze marketing data and make appropriate decisions - great communicator who's self motivated and can keep me updated without me constantly asking and following up with you Optional bonus skills: - experience with Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager- - website ...

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    My company is looking for a freelancer to complete a Machine Learning project. We are looking to use an ensemble model for Brain MRI Segmentation, in order to create accurate tumor detection, precise boundary delineation and the identification of different brain regions. The successful freelancer should have experience in machine learning for brain MRI segmentation, and submit a detailed project proposal in their application. Our budget for this project is less than $500.

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    Google Ads Setup & Management 20 timmar left

    ...up analytics and conversion tracking in Google Tag Manager - setting up Google Ads for clients - optimizing existing Google Ads accounts We have a proven, repeatable process that you'll be trained on. So, although experience in all of the above platforms is a bonus, I'd prefer someone who's hardworking and willing to learn. Must-have skills: - great English writing skills - creative marketing brain - past advertising experience (e.g., running ads on Facebook, Google, TikTok etc.) - ability to analyze marketing data and make appropriate decisions Optional bonus skills: - experience with Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager- - website development or editing skills (experience with WordPress, Wix, Squarespace etc.) - SEO knowledge and skills - copywriting s...

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    Hi Digital Art Brain, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    ...“Sadhubaba” gave him a mirror & asked him to show his wife to Alauddin through this mirror. This mirror is made of some chemicals which made an impact on anyone’s brain if he continuously looked at this mirror for 45 seconds. When Alauddin came to Raja Ratan Singh’s kingdom to see Padmavati, Raja Ratan Singh has placed that mirror in-front of Alauddin & asked him to see Padmavati through this Mirror. But Alauddin’s behaviour was so bad that after 30 seconds Raja Ratan Singh forced to cover that mirror & asked him to leave. Although, Alauddin didn’t die immediately on that moment, but that chemicals of the mirror did effect into his brain very badly. For that reason, he became a completely mad person for the last 5 years of hi...

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    ...ordeal with the botched 5150 and the 12 days of torture and false imprisonment was an intentional cover up by the Hospital to attempt to paint this woman as a mental health patient who was out of control. She has never been diagnosed w/ any mental health issue & infact has an IQ of 170. As a resuly of the gross violations of mutiple laws & medical malpractice, she now has permanent damage to her brain, GI, muscles & respiratory system. However the worst injury she suffers from is unspeakable trauma and PTSD. She now needs full time care, is unable to leavev the house, due to agoraphobia, espcially to see a Physician. Any MD's that are able to treat her in her home are not coveted by insurance & are extraordinarily expensive which is not sustainable. I nee...

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    Legal research Avslutades left

    I'm looking for someone to help me with legal research. The specific area I'm interested in is ER medical malpractice that resulted in respiratory failure, 5 day ICU stay & permanent damage to lungs, brain and muscles. I need specific cases and statutes identified to support both an initial civil complaint, Compelling Demand letter and case preparation. If you are experienced with legal research and have the necessary tools and skills to help me, please get in touch with me. Thanks!

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    Trophy icon Big Brain Products Avslutades left

    USE MY LOGO AND BRAND ON PRODUCTS! I have a logo and a brand, but I dont have a product. The Big Brain brand was created with the idea of producing products for the ski snowboard skateboard and surfing industry. I need a business plan and physical products for Big Brain. My logo is trademarked. I do not need graphics or a brand. MY LOGO AND COLOR'S ARE ATTACHED. I need a product....don't send me artwork. Thats complete. This project is fairly simple. DO NOT SEND ANY STOCK PHOTOS! Do not sent me pictures of skis snowboards surfboards or skateboards. Look at the attachments.

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    I have several Google Accounts with email addresses and calendars. My goal is to have a single inbox and cal which all address are forwarded to. I'd also like to be able to Send As each of those accounts from a single inbox. A couple wires are currently tangled and I'd like to have a walk thru troubleshooting with you. I'm quite tech-savvy, but this is breaking my brain.

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    ...effects of a magnetic brain stimulation device. Each participant experienced two sessions: one placebo (without any brain stimulation) and one with genuine magnetic brain stimulation. We are interested in ANYTHING you can tell us about the data. We’ve done some basic analysis and think there are some positive effects taking place. Our primary objective is to discern the positive effects of the device (example being changes in alpha, theta, delta, gamma, etc or hemispheric synchronization, etc) that were notably enhanced by our device. To achieve a comprehensive analysis, we require: -Normalization of the collected data. -Creation of visualizations, such as graphs and charts, to effectively represent the data. -Statistical analysis to validate the effects of...

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    Trophy icon holistic healing logo & website design Avslutades left things found in nature I don't currently have a website but operate via Instagram @gabbymitchneck & my "brand color" is definitely green :) but I love most things colorful, light, welcoming & open my intention is to spread awareness through "about me", video, blog & appointment setting, etc. I hope this helps. thank you for your time & sharing your creative brain! I look forward to connecting As a practitioner of holistic healing, I need a logo and website that accurately portray my message and reflect my distinct style. My primary goal is to use these elements to attract clients and promote my services. As such, I'm looking for a modern and minimalistic design that will truly capture the spirit of holistic healing. I ...

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    Hello, I want to make an artificial intelligence device that can download knowledge, information, intelligence, memory and unlimited superpower to the human brain instantly and I can delete it and put it back again to the human brain instantly

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    Hello, I want to make an artificial intelligence device that can download unlimited knowledge, intelligence and memory to the human brain instantly and can delete it and return it back to the human brain immediately after it is completed and received and I can hire you

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    ...experiences of people not delivering quality work and then complaining when I asked for revisions. I would like to video conference at times on what is being done, learned. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating engaging and interactive content. I would want you to research and learn from my favorite you tubers. This would probably take about 20 hours. I want a person who will brain storm with me on the possibilities of mental health downloads and then create them as we progress. A person who has a good feel for what would sale on the internet. I need Specific Type of Digital Content: - psycology and psychiatry I also need a person who knows how to build an email audience, market digital content. Basically create me a passive income with people paying...

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    I am looking for a graphic designer who can assist me with website design. I have specific preferences for the color scheme and design style. The ideal candidate should have experience in web development and content creation.

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    landing page design Avslutades left

    Landing Sales Page for Brain Suppliments. We recently purchased a supplement business with only sales from repeat customers (subscription). You can see the current site at Hosted on Shopify. The product we would like to start with is We have the Shogun plugin and would like to start by creating a sales/landing page that we will advertise on Facebook. Here are two examples of pages that we like. Would you like to create our first landing page? I am looking to hire a talented designer to create a catchy landing page design that will elicit a strong

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    image must be creative in High resolution stile must be like the attached images and must be for each human organs like lungs, spinal cord, heart, brain

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    Trophy icon Heroic Man logo design Avslutades left

    I am looking for a talented logo designer to create a minimalistic logo for my brand, Heroic Man. Although I do not have a specific color scheme in mind, I have a rough idea of the colors I would like to incorporate. - Black / Mustard Yellow / Maybe a red - but open to change Our tag line is; Reboot your brain, body and backbone Brief: we help men unfuck themselves. We coach high performing men to be heroic men. To container their inner demons. To step up to their potential. To be a warrior. In life and business. is our current but we are re branding to - we don’t have a website yet Colour pref: masculine colours. Black / mustard yellow (but open to others) We want a Spartan as the core part of the logo - potentially with a Speer or sword We want a

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    Project Title: Creative Landmark Images Description: I am looking for a talented photoshop person to source images and recreate them into original creative images blending cardio activities with key landmarks around the world. The ideal candidate will have imagination, a creative brain and a keen eye for composition and the ability to capture the essence of these landmarks. Requirements: - Proficiency in advanced photoshop editing techniques to enhance the images - Attention to detail to ensure the final images are of the highest quality We therefore need you to read the brief VERY CAREFULLY as we will not be sending out any further description other than what is enclosed, so you either get it, or you don’t. If you don’t, you need not apply. We are not interested in...

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    Trophy icon Tatoo Design - 02/09/2023 00:39 EDT 5 dagar left

    MAN + RAJ + TAJ One tattoo design required for above three hindi words. Man means Mind (not brain) Raj means Rule or Kingdom. Taj means Taj Mahal or Crown. Only graphics, no alphabets please. Thanks.

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    ...Install the plugin and don't forget to activate it. c) create a new directory with at least one entry by inputting the following English/Portuguese data: name: brain drain translation: fuga de cérebros; drenagem intelectual; "brain drain" description: a perda de pessoas talentosas e instruídas de um lugar ou país para outro lugar ou país onde as condições são melhores. Também conhecida como "human capital flight" (perda de capital humano). d) Go to Name Directory in the navigation menu, and open the Directory that you just created. Then click the blue "Edit" button as if you were going to edit the entry. e) Look for the segment in quotes ("brain drain") in the transl...

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    I am looking for a genetic engineer who can fix mutated genes from a brain tumor. The specific genes that need to be are attached. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in working with DNA and genomes - Knowledge of gene correction methods, specifically gene therapy - Experience in using gene therapy techniques to fix mutated genes Timeline: This project is urgent and needs to be completed within 1-2 weeks.

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    I'm looking for a lawyer to Help overturn A divorce default judgment against me. I was never served. She claimed alternative methods of serving me. My 25 yea...against me. I was never served. She claimed alternative methods of serving me. My 25 year old email did not give them a not reply saying not received. Also FedEx. They cannot provide a fedex tracking number. She materially breached the separation agreement by failing to restore me to the health insurance. As a direct result from her actions I collapsed I collapsed siezed sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury, permanently disabled. In Nassau a divorce defendant must be served in person. The court lacks the jurisdiction and must reverse. Her Affidavit is perjury. She lives 5 houses away and had been in contact before du...

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    Anatomy poster Avslutades left

    Project Description: I am looking for a talented graphic designer to create an illustrative poster on human anatomy for educational purposes. Content: Skeleton and muscle labelled Brain Nervous system Function of skeleton Types of muscles Knee Shoulder Foot 2 different sizes

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    ...whole thing could look. Once chosen, you must complete the video in 1 business day. If you agree to these terms, feel free to join the contest! ---- I am looking for a video editor to edit our 10 min long instructional video. - Cut out and clean up any mistakes or unnecessary moments of thinking, swallowing, etc. - Make the video more engaging to the viewers brain with clean & simple editing techniques that keeps the brain engaged (pan in's and out's, etc), without it being too busy or over-edited. - We're open to B-Roll being added in, if it's relevant. - We'd like you to include a "title" when she transitions from section to section. Idea: But maybe make the video blurry with the title on top, and her still talking in ...

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    I am looking to hire a freelancer for a research project on the medical discovery of extensive brain damage recovery in neonates. I am particularly interested in exploring all possible treatments and their potential effectiveness, including neuroplasticity, stem cell therapy, and gene therapy. My specific objectives are to compare these treatments, investigate which type of treatment has seen the most success so far, and compile a guide of promising specific treatment for one specific patient with extensive brain damage visualized via MRI 10 days after birth and 1 week at 33C. The neonate has remained without oxygen for an assumed 20mins. I am looking for a detailed research report that includes multiple and thoroughly evaluated references for each of the aforementioned treat...

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    Trophy icon New Client Logo Avslutades left

    I am looking for a logo for my existing service-based business. I have specific colors in mind that I would like the logo to incorporate. I am open to suggestions for the design, but it should align with our existing corporate colors. NEEDS TO INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING LOGO COLOR LOGO B&W LOGO BY ITSELF WORDS BY ITSELF LETTERHEAD FONT Company Info - D...service-based business. I have specific colors in mind that I would like the logo to incorporate. I am open to suggestions for the design, but it should align with our existing corporate colors. NEEDS TO INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING LOGO COLOR LOGO B&W LOGO BY ITSELF WORDS BY ITSELF LETTERHEAD FONT Company Info - DM^2 (DEVELOPING MILLIONAIRE MINDSETS) - COLORS ROYAL DEEP PURPLE, GRAY, AND WHITE - BRAIN LIGHT BULB & DOLLAR ...

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    I need help with making some original or free to use charts/diagrams of the light spectrum, blue light, artificial light, mitochondria in cell, brain, pineal gland, body clock, ancient philosophers, sun temples, also photos that I can use for free eg. Florence nightingale and other historical figures for a book - need to be original and not copied from anywhere - Also have a list of photos needed to be sourced free from Pixabay - about 50

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    ...stuck in Microsoft Word. It needs: • To be published in both eBook and Print • Book Cover Design (preferably w/SEO) • Book Formatting • Book Layout Design & Typesetting Connecting the Web of Humanity is an 80,000-word Memoir. The cover needs to have a human brain and a human heart. It’s a head verses heart thing. The following needs to be on the back cover: Love, Sex, & Innovative Souls... Connecting the Web introduces readers to the relatable possibility of seeing our Shared, ever-changing world with fresh eyes. This isn't brain surgery, it's mind surgery. Watch me throw our gray melons out the window. Then, with fragmented imagery, put us all back together showing how our souls expose themselves by wriggling into every momen...

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    Big Brain Products Avslutades left

    I have a logo and a brand, but I dont have a product. The Big Brain brand was created with the idea of producing products for the ski snowboard skateboard and surfing industry. I need a business plan and physical products for Big Brain. My logo is trademarked.

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    Logo Re Design Avslutades left

    The concept should follow, Brain made up of circuit (AI) that looks like a tree (Sustainability) and the top right part is disconnected (Decentralized)

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    I am seeking assistance with writing code from scratch to study the performance of a CNN-based approach for brain image segmentation in comparison to transformers-based approaches. I have specific datasets and i also need the freelancer to source additional datasets for this project. I am looking for a CNN-based as well as transformers-based approaches to be implemented specifically and compared among them and i need the freelancer to come up with new hybrid model including bith. The goal is to compare the CNN-based approach for brain segmentation against transformer-based approaches. I am open to any suggestions that will help make this project successful.

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    I have a logo for my company and need a simple modification. The 4 brains in my logo have eyebrows. The pink brain needs eyelashes as it is "the girl". Change logo in "quad", pink against green background, pink brain against a white background, and also a black and white logo.

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    Logo/brand design Avslutades left

    In need of a cool brand that includes: Technology/Engineering + Clinical Innovation = creativity (or any other catchy brand). Need to include the brain but open to ideas. Colors should match colors of company logo (

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    ISO my G Account :( Avslutades left

    I recently lost my devices due to a fire. I have no access to any of those devices because of that. I have repeatedly tried every possible option. Google offers to resolve this issue to no Avail.. I have tried and racked my brain to find the old password. But I was using but can't remember it. I remember some of the previously used PASSWORD but when I put them in, it directs me to get a verification code IN MY email OR a former phone number. >>>>>ENTER :: THE PARADOXICAL MOEBIUS STRIP FROM HELL!<<<< So, I can't sign into my email to get the verification code that I need to start my account back and sign in with so i can check my email For this high double top secret verification code.!! it's a big loop, a big, vicious loop! One other thing...

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    Website Developing Avslutades left

    Website Developing - Current Website- - Domain to be Shifted on - - Preferred platform: WordPress - Assistance needed with website content creation: Yes, full content creation We are looking for a skilled developer to help us create an e-commerce website using WordPress. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing e-commerce websites and be familiar with WordPress. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in WordPress development - Experience in creating e-commerce websites - Knowledge of website content creation - Strong attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines Responsibilities include: - Developing and customizing the website using WordPress - Designing and implementing user-friendly interfaces - Assisting with full

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    46 bud below) I want YOU to update my game's front-end and back-end to use Reinforcement learning to learn how to play gold as if it was a human. The way I want you to reward the AI: It gets 3 shots (max per gen) at the hole, they all start in the same spot, and the hole is randomly placed on the field/gold course (make it bigger) and add obstacles to the ai). The closest one to the hole is the brain for the next-gen (if you suggest another way feel free to ask to change etc.) etc. When the ai plays it would act the same if the player was playing it (show the trail, show the power thing etc). Also add a gamemode where the user can verse the AI in a game. AI knowledge and choices: - The Neural Network will have the ability to choose its own: - power - angle - It will also...

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    ...Experience: - Graphic design expertise - Experience with creating logos for medical or science-related projects - Proficiency in using design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop Project Details: - The project involves designing a logo for a personal medical project. - The project is not for commercial purposes, but rather for personal use. - The logo should reflect effects of Deep Brain stimulation on impulsive behaviours in Parkinson's Disease - The client would like to see the color blue incorporated into the logo. Deliverables: - A high-quality logo design in digital format (e.g., PNG or JPEG) - Source files for the logo design, preferably in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop format Timeline: - The project should be completed within 2 days Budget: - The clie...

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    I am looking for an experienced team to conduct a diet study for protecting the aging brain.

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    Trophy icon Memory book cover Avslutades left

    Update: I have extended the contest by a few days. Apologies - My title/sub has also changed. Title: Nurturing Cognitive Resilience in Dementia Subtitle: Interactive Tools to Improve Focus and Attention with Brain Boosting Exercices, Optimized Nutritional Choices, and Holistic Well-being Author Name: Yasmin A. This book is for people who may have dementia or other memory loss issues. This is also for the carers/families. it contains lots of strategies - check out the title/sub. Title: Memory Development for Dementia Subtitle: Use Brain-Boosting Exercises, Optimize Nutritional Choices, Improve Focus and Attention Span for Holistic Well-Being and Peace of Mind Please DM me if you have any questions.

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    ...assessment. - Security The components o There will be 4 versions of assessments for 4 different age groups of 4-6, 7-8, 9 and 10-12 years old. o The difference between each version varies only with the number of questions to be answered and the level of difficulty. o From the assessment, a report will be generated based on the assessment result. o The assessment will test on 6 areas of the Brain Abilities. o In the assessment, some areas constitute of a few test components. Responsibilities: • Review client's plan and propose solution to design and develop new set of codes. • Build the front-end of applications through appealing visual design for user interactions on web pages • Develop and manage well-functioning databases and applications f...

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    ...has taken on a new dimension in the post-pandemic world. Adopting a diet that fuels both the body and mind is paramount. Incorporating nutrient-dense foods, including whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats, provides the essential building blocks for vitality. Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables play important role in combating oxidative stress, while omega-3 fatty acids contribute to brain health. Amidst the 'infodemic,' being cautious of misinformation and opting for evidence-based nutritional advice is vital. Creating Sustainable Lifestyle Shifts As we embrace this new era of health and wellness, the emphasis lies not in quick fixes but in a sustainable lifestyle shifts. Incorporating these practices into our lives requires a change in mindset—a commi...

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