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    pictures as discussed in pm Header...avoid high-contrast images or images with lots of text. A template will automatically be applied to your uploaded file, which will tint it blue and fade out the edges. Library Capsule 600px wide x 900px tall Library Hero 3840px wide x 1240px tall Image-rich, no texts and stuff. Library Logo 1280px wide x 720px tall Note for Library Hero and Library Logo: The hero graphic and logo are layered and move independently when the page is scrolled, creating a subtle parallax effect. Consider how the product logo will be placed on top of the hero image (left bottom corner or centered). You'll want to ensure the logo is both visible and legible against the background. Client Image (.TGA file) 16px wide x 16px tall Client Icon (.ICO file) 32px w...

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    Hej Jag önskar hjälp med att utveckla en app som innehåller mest text. Jag önskar en test och en övningsprogram där personen kan se sitt samlade resultat efter dagliga. Appen skall fungera i flera språk. Appen skall vara en betad app dvs personen betalar och laddar ner appen. Jag skulle önska offert för olika versioner (lägga in bilder, video, tekniskt support m.m.).

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    hej behöver hjälp med ett projekt arbete, väldigt lätt . ska vara i programmering språket c++ Inomhus Medeltemperatur för valt datum (sökmöjlighet) ◦ Sortering av varmast till kallaste dagen enligt medeltemperatur per dag ◦ Sortering av torrast till fuktigaste dagen enligt medelluftfuktighet per dag ◦ Sortering av minst till störst risk av mögel Utomhus Medeltemperatur för valt datum (sökmöjlighet) ◦ Sortering av varmast till kallaste dagen enligt medeltemperatur per dag ◦ Sortering av torrast till fuktigaste dagen enligt medelluftfuktighet per dag ◦ Sortering av minst till störst risk av mögel ◦ Datum för meteorologisk Höst ◦ Datum för meteorologisk Vinter Frågeställningar som...

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    To-do-app som är skräddarsydd för att hjälpa människor med specifika funktionshinder att fungera bättre i vardagen. Det kommer att läggas särskild vikt vid utformningen ad det grafiska gränssnittet och man ska också kunna samarbeta om projekt i appen.

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    hi im hade

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    3d modeling 3drendering 3dpicasa 3dphoto pixlar

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    A complex calander app prototype.

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    Need Ipad app done

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    Vi söker en programmerare i Stockholms området till en ny mobil app baserad på ett avläsningsprogram. Personen vi söker ska kunna skapa en iPhone app samt avläsningsprogrammet. Vi har en färdigutvecklad idé som har stor potential och vi behöver någon som kan det tekniska.

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    iPhone app , database, linking websites, interactive, paid customised services

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    Jag har pågående arbete relaterat till vårat tidigare projektAndroid cookbook application'

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    Need A App Made For My Business

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    Senior Java utvecklare för Android med goda kunskaper inom HTML CSS för utveckling av en stor hybrid-app. 50% 6 månader med ev förlängning. Helst erfarenhet av AngularJS.

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    skriva ett program som kommer att aypada för nedladdning av musik i den.

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    Sharad sharad sharad sharad bharart bharat bharat bharat

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    NIght camera application

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    Little Bit Android App Changes :)

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    Little Bit Android App Changes :)

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    Lets get started

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    I need a person who can well desgin my logo and has a very great knowledge about it

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    Hi, I’m working on a project and I’m looking for people that can carry out casual survey and verification on an app, a valid government id is needed though please bid if you’re in

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    I’m trying to work on a project and I need people with valid government id to carry out casual survey and verification on an application, please bid for it if you’re interested

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    Spring Web MVC framework for simple Application

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    I want to build and application on IOS and Android to be the same as this one

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    Hi Serhii T., Hi do you remember me, i need you again bro, i move to another server and my apis stop working, but also i need you make that the chart get the tokens price at pancakswap, i have that api to. Plz let me know.

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    Overview - We want to design an algorithm to calculate/predict the insurance codes (which can be used for insurance payment settlement). We need analytical skills to study the case and build the algorithm. We don't need any glossy or eye-catching interface. A simple workable interface will be more than enough. Level of complexity – It is a very simple application which uses a matching process e.g. nearest neighbor algorithm (you can use your own method) to determine closest match of a test case out of all the possible matches provided in the master sheet.

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    nous avons déjà notre application de recharge de véhicule électrique mais la compagnie qui nous l'avez develloper ne plus la prendre en charge nous recherchons des spécialistes en protocole OCPP pour la recharge de véhicule électrique .

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    Hello i need someone to edit android studio mobile app

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    application marketing rating and reviews on play store

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    2 projects: application to house responses to survey monkey with forms to expand the fields in the database and ad hoc reports to interpret the data and display the user interface in an application with many forms and queries in order to symplify report production for the end user.

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    19 bud that can be sorted by clicking on their column headings. Many users are not aware of this fact, so we would like to add an icon to these sortable column headings. - Duplicate - Users can create copies (duplicates) of documents, audits and audit questions in their accounts - Connect - Users have the option to maintain a connection between the original and the copy when duplicating documents. - Move - This allows users to reorder the questions in their audit templates. - Link - Collapse - Select - De-Select - Additional actions TBD This is part of a larger project to update and standardize the look of our website. If we are satisfied with the work provided, there will be an opportunity to stay onboard for additional projects. Interested candidates should provide a sampl...

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    I have small application I have already done from the front end and I want firebase backend, the application about appointments build by flutter there are approx 20 screens, I need only the backend My budget 150$ 7 days

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    Document management system 6 dagar left

    I currently have a Filemaker solution that I would like to convert to a different format. Its based on online form management with a few features to control who can view, edit or delete forms. Also, their is an approval process, based on user role. A form creation component will be needed to add new form ty...parent, child, sub-child relationship. With he ability to have multiple childs under one parent, and multiple sub-childs under a child. We also require signature capture. Signature will need to be remote, via email link as well as directly on the users device. We also require an API connection to our billing service. The API is already created and supplied by the billing service. Our goal is to move away from filemaker to another format that can be hosted on our Hostmonster ...

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    Hello, I need to make a kernel virtual driver for control mouse. I will move my mouse like (5, 3) in my C# Form App with use my kernel driver. So you should code driver and example c# project for i learn how to i can use this driver in C# project.

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    My name is Shweta Rao and I run a tiny graphic design company called the Banyan Tree in Delhi, India. I have a project about training not so well off youth in entrepreneurship skills which requires illustration work of people and situations - for example, 15 people sit in a hall in a semi circular formation with the facilitator sitting ...example, 15 people sit in a hall in a semi circular formation with the facilitator sitting in between, or participants moving around the room blindfolded - there are some 50-70 such illustrations to be completed in about 10 days. If we can get the style and all approved we can begin by 1st and finish by 10th. Please get back to me with a tentative illustration of either of the 2 situations so we can move forward quickly. Budget is about $750-800 (I...

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    I am looking for a NEW Mobile/Desktop design for my current site that is highly optimized with photos changed to .svg for crawler for Google, Bing and Alexa. Would like to move all pages and update some data to New site. add any features needed for future. Do not what a word press site would prefer HTML site if it is good for optimizing if not advise me. I need highly opimized for search engines built in

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    I need a very basic mobile app on android and iOS. The requirement is confidential. Kindly bid to discuss.

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    An event management application with: * Registration functionality and design material (logo/color/content/etc) * Badges can be printed in the event site with barcode and in mobile * Meeting or request management (including calendar view) * Attendance engagement (voting/ questions/…) * Video streaming of the event through mobile * Workshop attendance list can be identified (based on QR scan) * Tracking attendees and no show guests * Admin pages - reports & meeting allotting * Have a language support (English/ Arabic/ French) for all pages * Preparing builds and store listing (IOS/ Android) * Push notifications (Google Firebase) * QA testing

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    Make a C application asynchronous 6 dagar left

    Already existing application want it to be asynchronous at the moment its single threaded

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    This is a C# ASP.NET 2.0 application migrated from WS 2008 R2 + IIS 7.5 + MSSQL 2008R2 to WS 2019 + IIS 10.0 + MSSQL2019. It was migrated using WebDeploy. The libraries needed, application pool, DB connection, and application configuration are already set up, but may need a review. Static pages work OK. The application is failing on the login page. The objective is to identify the issue that is stopping the flow and allow at least: 1) log in properly (uses a DB connection) and 2) use the next page (a search screen using also a DB connection).

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    Hello, We need enhancements to the existing application built in PHP, angular JS. The new requirements are in RED color in the attached document.

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    ...text notes, more hexagons are populated on the board. The user should also be able to interact with the hexagon shaped notes; move them around or update the note (or delete it completely). At any time a user could want to type a new note (and have it appear in another hexagon shaped note on the board) I'm looking for something that's standalone and will work in a modern Chrome browser. I believe it could be completed using front-end Java Script libraries or maybe even something like GDevelop, but I am not fixed on particular technology choices at this stage, but it must be opensource. I need to give my trial user a URL and have them interact with the application served from my existing web server (i.e. i need the self contained code package that i can deploy...

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    I need to run a load test using 10.000 users in a Blazor Application. The request I'm interested in is the image upload. The test needs to be done using a free tool like Jmeter or similar.

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    Hi, We have a unique new business plan in which the customer can design his/her customized cloth prints according to their taste. So we need a talented freelancer to make an easy-to-use and simple cross-platform app (android and IOS) for our company. The app should include basic image editing or manipulating capabilities such as adding design templates on top of a base image of a fabric, for example, a Saree, and which allows the customer to visualize their final design even before placing the order. The app should provide the same data to us in the form of a scaled image plus an overlay grid format enabling our artisans where and how to use a particular design to replicate the design of our customers.

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    Interested Developers may bid with completed live projects. Project in Modules. Payment in Modules. The mobile app must be hookup with already developed web application in Yii

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    Please RE-DRAW the example “WHOOP! THERE IT IS!” image using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Please FULLY RE-DRAW the image (see attached image) in Illustrator or Photoshop as I need clean and crisp...FULLY RE-DRAW the image (see attached image) in Illustrator or Photoshop as I need clean and crisp lines for every part of the new image. 1. Please add the word “PARADISE!” below the words “THERE IT IS!” At the bottom. Make sure they are on separate layers so we can move them around. 2. Please make sure final image has transparent background and looks good on both white and black backgrounds. Make final image at least 14” wide and hi-res suitable for printing (300dpi). Put ALL items grouped on SEPARATE LAYERS (so we can move/re-siz...

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    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله اريد بناء تصميم واجهات بالعربي لتطبيق SASS لتأجير فيه تصاميم مبدئية low Fidelity و حاب اكون لها تصميم UI

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