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    Jack is my father 5 dagar left

    ...for him, the way he was raised, the mental issues that have passed on to me and my sister's and the realisation that I also have not only 3 older sisters by my mother but apparently 4 other sisters of which I had no idea and have yet to find. I would like to share what I've found on paper. I am almost 64 now, if I'm going to do it this is the time but

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    ...the frontend on the individual product pages in the price comparison. Now I want to import the prices via WP All Import via CSV and XML interfaces from my partner shops. Apparently there are problems because the individual values are stored in so-called ACF repeater fields. It works halfway with a shop. Unfortunately there are problems to choose the

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    Cracks have appeared on a wall as some bigger than 10mm and the wall surfaces differentiate. Apparently, there is a movement/settlement. I need a structural engineer/ surveyor to give a qualified opinion and to plan eventual works in order to strengthen the walls Walls are internal in a house more than 60-70 years old, however, the cracks appeared in

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    I have a website, that previously worked with an api, to take images of artists, apparently now I change the route of that api, and for that reason you do not show me those images of the artists,

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    Zoho's phonebridge plugin supports up to Asterisk 1.4 With modern asterisk versions (11 and up) it's not working at all do to (apparently) java problem. And the property in the phonebridge adapter seems like it is not being set properly. Zoho's support says that those values: dialed channel, linked channel, dialing channel are NULL instead of being

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    ...sticks at the top of my website. So when you go down on the site, the bar fills up at the top. [Logga in för att visa URL] is the link. example: I tried to put this code in my theme but apparently it only works for Squarespace. [Logga in för att visa URL] Another example to look at: (green bar when you scroll down) [Logga in för att visa URL]

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    WeChat help Avslutades left

    Doing some WeChat research and finding it difficult to create an account. I can pay $10 for someone to help me c...difficult to create an account. I can pay $10 for someone to help me create an account. I have the app, phone, and number, I believe I just need to have my account verified, apparently. I don't think it would take more than a few minutes.

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    ...minimum lenght of prefixes. I'm using Sphinx 3.x in a linux environment , mainly with italian languages and using RT indexes. The problem that iI need to solve is that apparently Sphinx is ignoring stopwords directives in settings and it is still indexing stopwords and also I want to do some optimizationsto the settings. Please avoid to make proposals

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    I have a php script that only works with php 5.6 and i various issues that can be resolved if apparently it uses the cURL or various other more up to date changes

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    I have been using XMLHttpRequest for chrome to retrieve data from the server via ajax. Apparently, if there are more than 6 to 10 connections, the XHR request goes into a pending state that seems to last forever. I am looking for a solid workaround that will increase the performance of the webpages I create. This solution must be an easy replacement

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    Install script Avslutades left

    Hello, I'm not sure if you go to the right person you will say. I bought a script and uploaded to the VPS and apparently I am missing a PHP extensions to install the script, attached image. Thank you for your attention.

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    I am looking for a buzz marketing expert who knows how to spread the word of a product online, and reach out to potential The results should be measurable as increased downloads of the app or sharing or other markers. PLEASE, NO BIDS FROM INDIAPAK REGION (so tired of saying this, but apparently clicking is easier than reading instructions..)

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    Hello, I am looking for someone who can fix a scrolling issue with pop-up's on our announcement board. The ...iphone). Screenshots attached. One of how it should look and one of how it appears on mobile devices. once you find the email template can you tell me where it is? I am apparently blind and can't find it and need to edit some links on it. xD

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    Hi I am looking for a Shopify website developer to put the in the same layout as this page: [Logga in för att visa URL] Apparently the layout templates have been created they just need to be applied to the products.

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    ...publication 2) school name 3) school code 4) school address 5) school maintainer 6) student degree 7) student name 8) school principal 9) school secretary 9) school inspector - Apparently, it is possible to loop over the number contained in the page, which facilitates work - Portuguese and spanish knowledge are a plus....

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    Hi, I have a book with 77k words which was supposed to be translated by a native speaker but apparently was just done with Google. I am looking for several native Germans that can either proofread part of the book or translate parts. Please reply in German with your rate for 10 000 words proofreading/proofediting or translating and how many words

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    16 bud them (to use the technical term: logographic character). Often times, English speakers learning a language using logographic characters find themselves stumped by the apparently insurmountable problem of memorizing thousands of unique characters. They all look so different and yet so similar - can we hope to tell them apart or write them? 大変な問題!Wouldn't

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    When looking at a WooCommerce order screen or invoice, the product are ordered apparently after cart add order. So, if I put products X, F and K in my basket and checkout, the product order on order and invoice would be X,F and K. We want to have our invoice products ordered by SKU, so that the product order might be F, K and X. I would like the

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    I need to record 100 short videos of 5-15 minutes (in average) from screen, hosted at a website. I will pay $1.- per video. Apparently , these videos cannot be downloaded because of some protection, so you may have to do the recording with a screen video recorder tool in real time. Quality should match that of original video.

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    I have an app that needs to function with Google Admob. The keys were inserted in the game but apparently there is something wrong with the keys. I am looking for someone who can: 1- test the keys and confirm if they work or not (you have to test it youself in your own environment) 
2- login to Google Admob with my account, check the keys and make

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    ...htm admin@[Logga in för att visa URL] Gen2018! SiteGround User's Area [Logga in för att visa URL] POINTS 1 - setting up email automation (swissup email already installed) this is apparently not working because of the size of the templates, I need someone to look at that in detail. 2 - A cleanup of the database / packages not used I have inode limitation so

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    I'm looking to hire a Developer that is familiar with the run around of FiveM based servers and experienced in SQL Database and .Lua Files. ...exactly what the Job Requires please feel free to contact me. I'm looking for a developer who is timely and consistent. The server should have been up weeks ago but it's apparently hard to find good workers.

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    ... admin@[Logga in för att visa URL] Gen2018! SiteGround User's Area [Logga in för att visa URL] POINTS 1 - setting up email automation (swissup email already installed) this is apparently not working because of the size of the templates, I need someone to look at that in detail. 2 - A cleanup of the database / packages not used I have inode limitation so

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    ...milestone completed and we release the payment for that milestone. This initial milestone is very simple, and I expect to be completed in 3-4 hours tops. Don't be misled by the apparently small amount on this proposal, since it is only for the boilerplate. If we work together well, then a lot of work is waiting for you :) Required skills: * PhoneGap * jQuery

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    ...WPBakery so needs to be compatible. I would also like a system that automatically updates the reviews with any new ones. I'm aware of a plugin called WP Social which will apparently work with WPBakery. It just needs the shortcodes mapping which I did try and failed. Please don't send me rubbish about your portfolio or past work. All I want to know

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    Optimize WP website Avslutades left

    We have a website who was made from scratch but we are getting low score in Google PageSpeed and we want optimize it. Apparently this is caused for so many plugins and some scripts. This is the temporally url: [Logga in för att visa URL] But once is optimized will be moved to the root folder ([Logga in för att visa URL]) Let me know if you need more

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    Our Wordpress website has recently crashed. It seems to be caused by on...does not load plugins has our site up but with no plugins running. It is not rendering properly. I need someone that can check all plugins to find and fix the problem. This apparently needs to be done by the cpanel file manager not through wordpress. [Logga in för att visa URL]

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    ...generated by site forms do not work. Using CDO for mail sending, but it keeps generating SMTP errors. All forms call a [Logga in för att visa URL] file that specifies mailing parameters, but apparently there's something not quite right in it. Site hosting company not much assistance, says get a coder to help. Need this done quickly, client who owns site getting testy.

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    Please see attached PDF (apparently I need to clean up viruses that got into my website) When sending me your bid, please write "ireadthepdf" at the top, so I know it's not an automated response. Thanks

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    I have a client that has a Joomla Website and require some adjustment to some buttons .. I need someone specifically ...this URGENTLY -- Please BID ONLY if you have time to do this today or latest by tomorrow Someone that knows how to work with JOOMLA will be easy job Also, Admin section apparently is here [Logga in för att visa URL]

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    ...some help with my business. I hired a person under my contacts for absmall shower hotmop job. The cslb has a supposedly a random inspection. they found my company okay but apparently this person that was going to do the Hotmop did not have a license. I stopped the guy from doing the work that day. he had his materials ready but had not begun but they

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    I hired a person under my contacts for absmall shower hotmop job. The cslb has a supposedly a random inspection. they found my company okay but apparently this person that was going to do the Hotmop did not have a license. I stopped the guy from doing the work that day. he had his materials ready but had not begun but they still fined me. I am trying

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    I have been trying to write a webscraper on the Macbook but encounter SSL certificate verification problems which apparently are common on OS. I have tried many means of circumventing it but I have been unable to install verifi, use a monkey patch. Closing firewall is no help. What to do? Frankly the MacBook is nothing but problems. Pythonista on

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    Project for Anurag R. Avslutades left

    Hi Anurag R., as discussed. Apparently it has to be done like this here ;-)

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    ...narrator's "voiceover". See examples below. I didn't adhere to specific rules, just the "sound" of the sentences. I.e, I occasionally chose - Apparently there was another band coming up. Over Apparently, there was another band coming up. I did a pretty decent job Over I did a decent job I went with a couple of friends who applied and the...

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    I recently changed hosting providers and now I'm having problems with SSL certificates. Apparently my previous host provided these free for all my domains, so for five years I'd never dealt with the issue. Now almost every day one of my site's SSL certificate is expiring. I need someone who is a pro at dealing with this to help me implement a procedure

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    (READ EVERYTHING BEFORE APPLYING. APPARENTLY READING INSTRUCTIONS IS HARD FOR SOME) We're looking to hire someone who is GOOD at making banner ads for Snapchat. YOU MUST understand the guidelines for snapchat ads. Some will be dating and financial related ads. So YOU NEED to know what can go on them. If you're interested, let us know and we'll set

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    18 bud able authorize into backend and return the same data after IAP is enabled. ****** This ^^^^^ is the main requirement ^^^ Nothing else Only angular changes needed ****** Apparently (from the bids I got so far) the is not enough of understanding about Google Identity Aware Proxy. You have to know what it is before you bid. Please do familiarize yourself

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    34 bud the latter since we are calling this a 'SHAZAM' shirt! Retro styled and pure of heart, this sweet Captain Marvel shirt is ready to protect the Rock of Eternity...which apparently all magic resides! Hey, don't look at me like that and just get this shirt. You know you want it!" and so on please if you know them join , if you don't know them then

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    ...version later) and redacted excerpts of the Seller Agreement that explains (very poorly) the agreement. I have added an excel report detailing the cancellations which is apparently how they are calculating the alleged "refund."...

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    Hello, Our email set up has something wrong with it, and I don't know how to fix it. We are currently being temporarily blackl...are currently being temporarily blacklisted on SORBS and BACKSCATTERER, and I want to get it sorted out asap. Our emails are ending up in peoples SPAM folder every day. Apparently we need a DMARC record set up also?? HELP!

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    I have a website hosted on godaddy and all of the sudden I get fatal error messages (http 500) there are certain plugins that are causing an issue apparently, I need someone to fix this. The site is [Logga in för att visa URL] See attachment.

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    22 bud ecommerce site over from shopify to big commerce. Big commerce provide a tool to do all the the things except orders. Orders according to all the documentation is apparently very easy to do - but requires a bit more skills then I have and I I don't have the time at the moment to do this. This is once off migration - required no data loss.

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    6 bud get this sorted by a freelancer who has claimed to be able to fix the site that have been hacked but was unable to due to apparently the database and plugin/theme files being totally corrupted due to malware. Apparently the hacker has put in a code as below to almost 2000 database entries, They cleaned up around 1000 but there are still 1000 to

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    Im working in my Wordpress install with Woocommerce, it has been real slow I have improved it to PageSpeed Score (82%) YSlow Score (66%) But still I have more suggestions apparently solvable, can you explain and help me resolve it? Here the suggestion: RECOMMENDATION GRADE TYPE PRIORITY Avoid landing page redirects F (45) SERVER HIGH What's this mean

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    ...arm.” He was suggesting that the thought in that particular customer’s mind was eventually manifested on that customer’s arm. You see, the person who received that tattoo apparently had the mentality that he was a loser and would always be a loser. The tattoo would forever be a permanent reminder of his perceived failure in life. This fellow had a problem

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    This who basically keeps control over the money, bank account etc... I have a company bank card with which I buy supplies and withdraw cash. I am good in construction, but apparently not good in finance or business, and trusted the wrong people. Anyways, I am ready to pay for getting my firm back, if there is a possibility.

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    I need help with a task regarding some excel functions. Please check the picture below. I tried to resolve them, but apparently they are not entirely right.

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    ...being on my customers contact page ($valid_ref1 in the attachement) and not from some remote location. In addition, there was some sort of javascript calculation check that apparently bots couldn't do to try to prevent spam and an onclick event in the submit button. If you're interested, please examine the attached files. I expect to be provided with

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    Topp apparently community artiklar