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    Hemsida ska ta in en del information från användare och spara de i databas. I hemsidan kan man se hela tabellen i databasen och kan ändra om man vill. Man kan även lägga in nya rekord i databasen. I python programmet som jobbar på bakgrunden skulle jag kunna läsa in de värdena från databasen och föra till en algorithm som är också skriven i python.

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    We need an alorithm written in Python to work with our django backend and DB data. Basically, any notes/entries written by a user need to go through this algorithm and send flags based on certian words, phrases and or sentences. Also, there are a couple of features that are partially done that need to be completed. Deliverables Algorithm continuously runs past and present entries and will flag a particular entry and/or user if certain conditions are true. These flags must notify admin. Test emails and make sure they are working correctly, Reschedule is fully functional, time slots are removed or added if scheduled /confirmed.

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    Looking for someone charismatic on camera to be our brand ambassador across a few social media channels. Must be charming, well spoken, creative and a little edgy. Be able to film in HD - 4k preferred but not a deal breaker. This is for a new creative channel - as far out of the box without setting the box (algorithm) on fire. To be considered. Please send ONLY one YouTube link for us to review. Looking for a long term working relationship.

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    ...conferencing (Jitsi-meet) and implementing a customizable E2EE process, which provides an interfaces for customizable encryption algorithm and key exchange function. the completion of the project need to present a working functions and compilable source code, and the project time frame is 2 weeks, please mindful of these conditions the video should support video codec (H.264 H.265 VP8 Vp9) for VP8/9 the multicast feature MUST be supported, which means the encryption should support multiple resolution after video encode. project delivery condition./items 1. complete source code of implemented features 2. compilable source code 3. interface APIs for implementing our own algorithm 4. The modified WebRTC library is fully integrated with Jitsi-meet video conferencing and su...

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    I am looking for a talented ReactJS developer who can understand, refactor and improve the frontend of my existing project. The project covers: - Nginx - ReactJS based website frontend (basic version) - DRF based backend - C/C++ based algorithm engine ... What to do: - Improve the design of current frontend: so I have a basic UI with simple inputs and buttons which I want to improve with some fancy and colorful design. - call /notifications api of backend regularly and show popup on UI when the api returns something - integrate with Google analytics to collect some reports for my further marketing The project is based on docker and deployed on Azure, but I can provide you a mockup project which you can deploy on your local and add your contribution. If you are able to understand ...

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    Im looking for python, amibroker expert to code an algorithm of my options trading strategy. I use aliceblue, and angelone account. Job involves algo development, provide source code and support after completing the work. I want to run the algo in cloud as i dont want to leave my computer running while in trade. I should be able to mange trade from my mobile.

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    Machine learning algorithms can analyze significantly more granular data in the same or even less time than traditional methods. This level of precision and speed results in more accurate and timely forecasts. The same machine learning techniques can then forecast the influence of weather on energy output. Energy firms can reduce fossil fuel use if renewables generate higher-than-average levels, and vice versa. Vendors of renewable energy must match market needs in order to expand the use of sustainable energy. Customer appeal, like any other business, needs an awareness of consumer trends. Many firms, including renewable energy corporations, employ machine learning solutions in this field. Consumer behavior is remarkably predictable when enough high-quality data is available. Long-term ma...

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    I need help from anyone who has previous experience in the field of WSNs and simulators. 1. Design GUI 2. Scattered 1000 sensor nodes randomly inside frame 500*500 3. Building neighbors information table for each node (energy, distance, hop count) 4. Design routing algorithm to send data packets from any node to the Base Station. 5. Assign time to multiple events based on the DES. 6. Calculate the performance metrics such as Packet error rate and lifetime. 7. Design network and mac layers based on the java instead of using omnet++

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    Need somebody to help create an algorithm that will generate unique permentations of a data set and output those results in a useful way. Advanced Geometric knowledge probably required.

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    Need somebody to help create an algorithm that will generate unique permentations of a data set and output those results in a useful way. Advanced Geometric knowledge probably required.

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    Expert in DSA, DP 4 dagar left

    Required expert in data structure algorithm, dynamic programming and competitive programming need to complete technical round. Pay as per round clearance.

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    Mathematical modeling of a grid connected microgrid consisting of PV, wind, diesel using mixed integer linear programming algorithm on matlab or GAMS

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    I need this coded in java and it needs to work on netbeans program. I need a round robin algorithrn that will run on a load balancing machine (the load balancer will be working on a single machine while a number of client programs will be running on each of the nodes) Basically this is what it needs to do: standard round-robin algorithm working on a designated server machine (the load balancer). 2. Each node will register with the load balancer by sending a message. 3. The load balancer will record node details. 4. Jobs (sent as a message) require the load-balancer to assign the job to the next free node. The job information will detail the number of seconds that a job will take to run, rather than trying to include sorne form of code that is required to be executed.

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    An algorithm was created to detect Brain Metastasis in mRI images. I have attached a powerpoint to better describe the current research project and challenges . Last year accuracy of detection was 85% now accuracy dropped to 50%. Need an expert in AI/ML, data science and medical image expert ( MS or PhD in data science) to look at the algorithm to optimize it and solve few other issues . Must have prior work experience with AI/ML, MRI images, need familiarity with DICOM meta data, DICOM viewer

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    Use pytorch to build a neural network and implement the alternative minimization algorithm. Apply it on a dataset- train and test

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    I need an algorithm in python, with a trained model (OPEN CV) that can detect the axle of a car (or its entire back). I want as input a random mp4/avi video on which to apply the code and create the region of interest. If the car is too far away and not in the ROI, I don't want anything to happen. If the car being filmed is too close, I want a message displayed on the screen.

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    ...hired someone to create a matching algorithm which sorts results based on 3 variables, and the code was delivered in python format, and also a PDF for the explanation. However, our website, hosted on Google Cloud, is built on PHP (codeignitor), and my developer is not sure how to use this script on our website/API. Also, our platform is quite complex, once we get the script working on our server, configuring it will be troublesome as there is a lot of data and variables which i need to discuss with you. I want to hire someone who can do the following 1.) Get the python script to work on our server, or alternatively remake the logic on a language our server supports 2.) Once created, with the help of my developer, implement it onto our website. The algorithm is for sortin...

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    Android application to visualise search, sort and one tree algorithms with manual input option. Basic code is ready and sample project for reference will also be provided. Need a good UI for the app. Expected UI design is also ready. Just need someone to merge code and make few changes.

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    sdn-wise coding 3 dagar left

    if you are familiar with sdn-wise,networks,routing algorithm, c and java ,talk with me in private chat!

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    I am looking for a person who can build a project for me by Using Machine Learning, Coding and Algorithm Analysis. For more details drop a msg

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    I'm looking for a programmer who can solv me a TikTok sign algorithm.(There is a need to reverse engineer how the 'X-Argus', 'X-Gorgon', 'X-Bogus', 'msToken' was created)

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    Trophy icon iOS AppStore screens Avslutades left

    We need a designer to create AppStore screens for our upcoming iOS app. The app is iPhone only. The app is called GeniePixels and is a face enhance app. The users can upload photos and we make the photos even higher quality. Screenshot Caption Ideas: ===================== • Enhance faces with a natural look • Restore old or blurry photos • Make low-res images look HD • Algorithm with machine learning does all the work • Subtle color correction makes great photos even better

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    I need the help of some one who is very good at NLP and can help to find methodology, algorithm to generate all possible test cases from that specification, your help would be appreciated, thanks

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    Please take a note that it is a Kucoin FUTURES Bot I have an algorithm source code, that predicts the Date and Time for the Trade Create a bot with that Date and Time. Once accepted I will send the source code of the algorithm. Please see the Bot detail

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    I want to make new type homepage has good algorithm and engine to calculate budget of all staffs.

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    Challenging C# algorithm questions 2 dagar left

    There are a couple of challenging C# algorithm questions. You need to be good at solving advanced coding questions like in Leetcode in a short time.

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    Medical algorithms app 2 dagar left

    Looking to transform a series of PowerPoint algorithm slides to a mobile app with added functionality - a bit more responsive where user clicking on the cell would show a pop up with more information about the medicine - editable if something was to change or format - ios and android both - signup screen with details stored in the backend - allow users to select their favorite algorithms - compatible for tablets I will provide the PowerPoint, for reference I am attaching a picture here.

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    Need several algorithms for medical field. I will provide you with handwritten algorithms and want them to be converted into powerpoint format, which are editable.

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    Work Algorithm and Hash Puzzle 1 dag left

    python project. i need help . thank you

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    We are looking for a statistician/algorithm expert who can help us develop a key algorithm for our data analysis team. We have build practice-based learning system in which students take tests, learn from mistakes and improve. We intend to gamify the experience using rank and level - next set of quizzes/assessments will open only after you reach a certain level. Each question has a defined complexity (Easy, Medium and Hard). The algorithm will calculate rank and level of each student based on student's performance/effort. Rank would be dynamic and will change based on the number of students taking multiple assessments in the subject. The rank and level calculation may include data points such as number of questions attempted, complexity of the question, time t...

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    crypto bot Required 1 dag left

    The robot will be trading on exchange kucoin and many more and will be giving total profit of 3-5% Roi every day. Features :- 24/7 Working Ability Auto Trade Easy Ui And Unique Interface Ability to Work On KUCOIN Premium Indicator And Algorithm Stop Loss Features Trade All Crypto coin on Kucoin BTC TO USDT /USDT TO BTC No-Risk and no loss, safest investment

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    Building a good model for Time series forecasting using various kinds of Machine Learning Algorithm

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    My project is to build a NLP deep learning model for language language is English and target language is kannada (Indian language). Dataset is PMindia Preprocessing techniques like bite pair encoding , sentence piece . Encoder decoder algorithm and finally bleu score above 5.

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    I want to implement Bat algorithm optimization for mobile robot path planning using MATLAB

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    A web server that gets requests containing an authentication token, a machine uuid and an encrypted user id. The token is verified with a specific algorithm. The implementation of this algorithm is supplied. The algorithm takes a public key and the token as input and returns a token generator id, time and a counter, when authentication succeeds. The counter is compared to the last counter seen for this token generator, the time is compared to the actual time. I the token is greater and the time difference is in a specific range overall authentication succeeds. I this case the web server returns the encrypted password. Token generators are registered to the server via a specific dialog. In this dialog the server is provided with a generated token, the id of the token g...

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    Project To be completed in next 1-2 days: We have Lidar and Radar mounted on a vehicle. We nee... file will be uploaded here provides information about the coordinate frames and transforms between the sensor and the vehicle 4. Location of Rosbag file: Will be provided one agreed with the project Perform the required Sensor Processing and use the best appropriate algorithms for Object Detection. Explain the purpose of each technique of Sensor processing and why particular algorithm was selected for Obejct Detection in comparison to other algorithms existing. The output location of each Lidar and Radar object detected should be seen on screen. It can be published out of a ROS topic each for Lidar and Radar. The code should be in python and executable in ROS Noetic environment.

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    Building an encryption algorithm. need mathematicians freelancer must have knowledge and understanding in cryptography and algorithms related to encryption.

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    I need an algorithm and source code(using php or python or javascript) that can sort products from the best seller to the least seller based on the factors we have which is (temperature of the day - weather of the day - vacations - occasion - days - period of the day ) then we want to use the Apriori algorithm with the top three products to select the most popular products with the top three products

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    ...computationally inefficient, in particular when the size N increases or when long frames of signal samples are considered. To compute DFT in a time efficient manner, a fast algorithm named FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) is used. FFT uses the symmetry properties of the frequency transformation to lower the numbers of multiplications and additions. Note that FFT is not a transform but an algorithm which achieves the DFT computation in a computationally efficient manner compared with the direct DFT computation. The numbers of complex multiplications and additions in FFT are (N/2)log2N and Nlog2N, respectively. The FFT algorithm provided in the project shell takes about 0.5ms to transform one frame of signal samples for a frame length of 256 samples at 48kHz sampling freq...

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    Deep Rainforcement Learning Project 4 timmar left

    I am finding a guy who has had a good experience with deep rainforcement learning algorithm. This project is really challenging project, and need to be done within 1 or 2 months. More detail, I will share in chat. Please bid only if you have had a good experience with them. Thank you

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    Looking for react native expert 4 timmar left

    Description: We're looking competent react native developer who have experience in implementing Google map APIs, salesman algorithm for shortest route calculation for drivers. Apps are already live on store, I want to change open source salesman algorithm to grashopper APIs. Payment will be done only when app is tested to the perfection. If you're looking for any advance payment, please don't bid. P.S. This could be a long term project.

    $250 - $750
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    $250 - $750
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    data mining using R 2 timmar left

    ...and DBscan on the Wholesale customers dataset UCI Machine Learning Repository: Wholesale customers Data Set. Apply the two algorithms, visualize the results, and evaluate the results using the silhouette cluster quality measure. Task 4 Hand in the R code for each of the two algorithms. Please ensure that all parameter values are clearly indicated in your R code and documentation. For the DBSCAN algorithm use the kth nearest neighbor method discussed in class by implementing the R kNNdistplot() function. Task 5 Using the visualization and cluster quality measures you used in Task 4 which of the two algorithms would you consider to be better? Explain your answer. End of project specification Note: All code must meet good programming practices such as naming variables, modularity (u...

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    SRISRIPORT LLP Avslutades left

    We are looking for someone to bring in business for our company, develop the right algorithm so as to reach our target market i.e., high paying clients with a problem in Export and Import in India and also to find the buyer in the international market. The freelancer is required to get the deal done with atleast 5 suppliers. Apply only if you have a previous experience in Indian EXIM business.

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    We are developing a new OpenCL-based GPU-powered text to speech model, called Tandem TTS (or GPT2) trained on a large-vocabulary, language modeling task in order to produce more accurate speech output than traditional n-gram models and neural net architectures. We have developed a fast, efficient algorithm for training on OpenCL-based GPUs and demonstrated that realtime decoding can be achieved for short phrases on GPU and CPU devices. This work should help us to create a more robust, more accurate, and more powerful model for generating high quality speech. Job Description: You will be tasked with testing a prototype of the Tandem TTS model on a dataset of language samples that we have collected. The model will generate text in one of a few languages depending on the language ...

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    IMPORTANT***********Read First************ You must be analysis and algorithm expert, factor and model builder and Math & Statistic expert. You have to prove me that you know how to do the above and have the knowledge for prediction. ******You will be tested before the project is granted.********* ******Please, do not reply to the message if you don't have math/statistic degree.******** Test #1 Connect excel files to work with RStudio. You will have to test it if works.(I will provide R and excel file) Test #2 Pick3 – prediction best 5 combinations (I can explain better later) If you pass the test, then and only then I will grant you the project. You will work on other games listed below. I will pay you as you submit the work and it must be complete. Please,...

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    Predicting the pose of a 4 wheeled robot using Mpu data and LIDAR sensor . The programming language will be Python. I am already getting the data from the sensors the task is to combine them using the ekf algorithm.

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    I want to build a website related to stock market algorithm trading strategy like the website

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    I need statistician Avslutades left

    Random Forest algorithm and model-agnostic approach ( PFI and LIME) for my data set

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