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    ...assumed to be able to act anywhere along the bridge, except for a short distance of 1.0 m closest to the supports. This is justified by one wheel axle leaving the bridge, resulting in a reduced load. A calculation model and cross-sectional dimensions for a main beam are shown in Figure 2. The beam is assumed to be simply supported with a span of 12 m. The analysis does not take into account dynamic effects, instability, and local stress concentrations. Figure 2: Calculation model and cross-sectional dimensions for the main beam. Task 3, Determine reaction forces, shear forces, and moments: Task 3a: Determine the most critical placement of the point load in terms of moment. Determine the moment diagram for the beam for this placement, caused by both the own weight and the load ...

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    ...long experience in graphic interactivity on the web, or simply someone who has built web games in the past. To be considered for this role, you should have experience with libraries such as Phaser, , or similar tools for canvas/webgl rendering. You should also have a solid work experience with JavaScript or TypeScript as well as build tools. A drive to tweak game mechanics and effects to reach that extra step that the designer could not predict is also essential. Bonus points will be awarded if you have experience working with data-driven interactive React web apps. If you are interested in this position, please review our work in progress for one of the games we are developing here: Although the game is not yet polished and

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    Nu söker vi en frilansande kreativ designstjärna och är på jakt efter dig som är Grafisk Designer med erfarenhet av digital marknadsföring. Flytande svenska i både tal och skrift. Vi tror du älskar det mesta som har med design att göra och känner dig hemma i verktyg som Bannerflow, Smartly, Photoshop, After Effects och behärskar HTML5. I rollen önskar vi goda kunskaper inom layout, grafisk formgivning och framtagning av statiskt och rörligt material för annonsering i olika digitala kanaler. Som vår frilansande Grafiska Designer jobbar du mellan 50%-75%. Det finns möjlighet att arbeta på distans men även från vårt kontor i Stockholm.   Låter det här som en...

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    Hej Marcus! Jag behöver hjälp med att producera animerade reklamfilmer i after effects och animator. Anledningen till det är att jag har projekt som jag inte hinner med på egen hand, därför så letar jag efter någon som kan hjälpa mig med det. Allt mellan 30-60 sek brukar vara det vanligaste. Tänkte starta en dialog och se vart vi hamnar. Mvh Jakob

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    Hej! Jag letar efter någon som kan hjälpa mig med ett litet After Effects uppdrag. Jag har två korta filmer på runt 2 minuter med ett litet antal textrutor som ska översättas från franska till svenska. I ett andra steg ska även nytt ljud läggas upp, så att berättarrösten blir svensk istället för fransk. Här är de två aktuella videorna: Jag har alla filer. Ni kan själva se de textbubblor som ska översättas. Skicka gärna över offert och inkludera när Du tror att Du kan bli klar! Tack på förhand och vänliga hälsningar Nils Akademius förlag

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    Hej behöver hjälp med att färdigställa en video i after effects eller motsvarande. Jag har ett grundunderlag som ska slutföras. Det som ska slutföras är denna. Se länk. Bilder tillhandahålls av mig.

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    Bracelet Removal in 3-Second Video 6 dagar left

    I have a 5-second video where I need a bracelet completely removed. The bracelet is visible in the entire video. Key requirements: - Remove and replace a bracelet in a 3-second video - Bracelet is visible throughout the video - Replace it with skin, should look natural and match the video's lighting and color tone. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Video editing and manipulation - Bracelet is visible throughout the video - Replace it with skin, should look natural and match the video's lighting and color tone. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Video editing and manipulation - Attention to detail - Creative thinking for replacement proposal - Experience with color correction and lighting adjustments - Ability to produce high-quality, realistic v...

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    As an avid fan of the Star Wars: The Old Republic game, I'm keen on implementing a fresh perspective to enhance my gaming experience. While there are numerous modifications possible, my primary focus is unique: - Player Scale Adjustment: Specifically, I'm interested in increasing the playe...SWTOR, altering interactions, combat, and overall gameplay. (limit to Client Side functionality) Apart from the technical understanding of the game's design, the ideal freelancer for this task must possess extensive knowledge and experience with SWTOR's gaming structure, as well as a strong background in coding and executing game modifications. It's also crucial that they're familiar with the effects of such changes on a holistic scale, ensuring that this adjustme...

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    I'm in search of a creative and professional pitch deck designer to transform my current 1...deck should be corporate and professional in style, reflecting my business vision. - I'm looking for an experienced designer who can make use of Morph transition, zoom effects, and Mouse Click Effect to bring the deck to life. Key Animation Elements: - The designer should integrate graphs and charts, text transitions, images, and icons. These animations should be subtle, enhancing the content without overshadowing it. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in pitch deck design, especially for attracting investors. - Proficiency in animation tools, particularly those that allow for professional transitions and effects. - Strong portfolio showcasing corporate and ...

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    I'm searching for a video editor who specializes in creating captivating storytelling content for social media platforms. The ideal candidate needs to have: - Expertise in adding subtitles in sync with the video content to increase engagement - Proficiency in embedding special effects to make the content visually appealing - Experience working with social media content, especially storytelling format Remember, the goal is to create engaging and compelling content for social media. If this sounds like your forte, I would love to hear from you. Audio files for the subtitles and raw video content will be provided. Knowledge of current social media video trends is an added advantage. [Removed by Admin]

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    ...optimisations to improve gameplay experience and performance. Key Requirements: - **Optimisation for 60 FPS**: Achieving a consistent 60 FPS target on a range of mobile devices is crucial. - **Day/Night Cycle**: Implement a dynamic and accurate day/night cycle that's based on the player's latitude and longitude. This should also include precise sun and moon placements. - **Weather Effects**: Add a variety of weather effects to the game. These include sunny, rainy, stormy, cloudy, and snowing. Each effect should look realistic and have a noticeable impact on the game environment. - **Lower Battery Usage**: Ensure that the game doesn't drain the device's battery excessively. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Unity and C# programming. - Experience in game...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned video editor who can skilfully enhance my footage. Your role will involve: - Basic editing: This includes trimming and cutting footage as well as integrating text. - Advanced editing: Here's where your eye for enhancing visual aesthetics comes into play. You'll be tasked with applying color grading and designing special effects to give the video a polished finesse. - Motion graphics: In addition to the aforementioned duties, you'll need to create engaging animations and titles. The total duration of the video is approximately 20 minutes. The ideal freelancer should have ample experience in all aspects of video editing as described above and be able to work within tight timelines. I expect the final work to be of high quality, demonstratin...

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    I'm in need of a talented Photoshop artist who can seamlessly edit a photo according to my specifications. Below are the edits I would need done: - Make it look as though a tree branch (already present in the pic) is going into a camper shell. - Adjust the brigh...edit a photo according to my specifications. Below are the edits I would need done: - Make it look as though a tree branch (already present in the pic) is going into a camper shell. - Adjust the brightness and contrast of the image. - Remove the background. - Add a text overlay. The ideal artist for this job will have a good understanding of photo manipulation and a knack for achieving realistic effects. Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop is a must. A portfolio showcasing similar works or a demonstration of skills is hig...

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    I'm looking for a skilled video editor who can help me with editing my social media content. The video duration is more than 10 minutes, so someone with experience handling larger projects would be ideal. Key Responsibilities: - Basic editing tasks such as trimming, merging, and adding transitions are required. - Motion graphics, including text animations and visual effects, need to be added. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in video editing software - Experience with motion graphics - Ability to work on longer video projects - Creative with a good eye for detail The edited video is intended for social media use, so I'm looking for someone who can deliver a polished and engaging final product. A portfolio showcasing similar work would be a big plus.

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    I need a skilled After Effects expert to enhance my current projects in terms of transitions, speed and color grading & Audio sync. The main tasks are: We have edited a video, but it doesn't seems to more going along with the audio. So, I request your creative input to add transitions & other overlay effects from the duration 0.13 to 0:37. Please find the working file with footages here And explanation video Please let me know the best price, **** If you do well, we will all of our works to you Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Extensive experience with After Effects - A strong portfolio that showcases previous work in transitions, speed adjustment, and audio synchronization - Keen eye for detail and the ability

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    ...**Blog**: Dynamic blog layout with categories and tags for easy navigation. - **Contact**: Comprehensive contact page with form, map, and contact details. #### 4. **Functionality and Animations** - **Navigation**: Sticky navigation bar that remains visible on scroll, with smooth scrolling between sections. - **Animations**: Use CSS and JavaScript for subtle animations, such as: - **Hover Effects**: Animations on buttons and links. - **Scroll Animations**: Content that fades or slides into view as users scroll down the page. - **Interactive Elements**: Animated icons and interactive features for service descriptions and testimonials. - **Performance**: Ensure fast load times with optimized images, asynchronous loading of scripts, and minimal use of heavy animatio...

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    I am searching for a brilliant audio engin...can create varied tones using GarageBand. These tones will be primarily utilized for gaming sound effects. The project requires the efficient transformation of these unique tones into mp3 format. - GOAL: Generate captivating sound effects to heighten the immersive gaming experience. - EXPERTISE: * Proficiency in GarageBand * Knowledge in creating varied tones, such as guitar,, and keyboard tones * Understanding of gaming audio requirements * Experience in converting audio files into mp3 format As the perfect candidate, you will use your creativity and technical knowledge to produce a diverse range of tones that can be effectively adapted into fantasy, industrial, and nature effects to align with the game's s...

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    I'm in need of a seasoned video editor, who is capable of employing advanced editing techniques like color grading and special effects. The task involves editing educational videos intended to be highly informative tutorials. Ideally, the candidate should have: - Extensive experience in advanced video editing techniques - An understanding of educational content - The ability to engage viewers with effects and grading - Effective time management skills to handle long-format content that exceeds 10 minutes Your role would be essential to make my content as engaging and informative as possible. Please share your previous work with educational videos or long-format content, and any other details you think might be relevant.

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    I'm looking for a software developer experienced in image editing tools development. The project involves creating a sophisticated real estate editor with the ability to manage high-quality images. Key Functions: - Razor-sharp resolution enhancement to magnify property images - User-friendly crop and resize features for flexible image handling - Advanced filters and effects to improve photo aesthetics Moreover, the editor should support JPEG, PNG and RAW file formats. Prior experience in real estate editing tools would be advantageous.

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    I'm looking for a well-experienced vide...vlogs. Moreover, you should have a knack for storytelling, adept at weaving various clips into a cohesive and engaging narrative. Key responsibilities: - Edit vlogs in Premiere Pro and After Effects - Apply and blend storytelling techniques in the edits - Incorporate special video effects such as motion graphics, slow-motion effects, and color correction Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in video editing, specifically vlogs - Proficiency in Premiere Pro and After Effects - Ability to create compelling stories through video edits - Skilled in utilizing motion graphics, slow-motion effects, and color correction Bring your creativity and technical expertise to this project and le...

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    I'm seeking a talented UI designer to develop a modern, sleek i...modern in style. - The interface must be user-friendly, intuitive on both web and mobile platforms. Interactive Elements: - Incorporate animations to enhance the user experience. - Implement interactive sliders to allow for easy navigation. - Include hover effects for a dynamic touch. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in UI/UX design with a keen eye for aesthetics. - Experience with creating modern, responsive designs for web and mobile platforms. - Familiarity with incorporating interactive elements like animations, sliders, and hover effects. If you have a portfolio showcasing similar projects, please include it in your bid. I'm looking forward to seeing your creative proposals and working together to ...

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    Am looking for professional designer on after effects and premier. Must be Arabian

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    My two WordPress websites have been infected by malware. I've noticed unusual behavior on both sites and I'm looking for someone to clean them up ASAP. Key Project Requirements: - Identify and remove all malicious files from the websites - Ensure the websites are secure and fully functional post-cleanup Please note, as I was unaware of the malware, I have not taken any actions to mitigate its effects and I do not have any recent backups. Budget: 20USD per website - 40USD in total.

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    NO ANIMATIONS VIDEO PLEASE ! READ provided], in a sensual manner at the end of the video. The brand name must end the video. Quality: The video should be of high quality, suitable for sharing on social media and other marketing platforms. Art and Poesy: Incorporate artistic and poetic elements to make the content engaging and memorable. Creative Elements: I'd like the video to incorporate cinematic shots and slow motion effects, ensuring the end product is visually appealing and memorable. Deliverables: -A 15-second high-quality video file in a commonly used format. -A brief description of the creative approach used for the video. -Confirmation of usage rights for any music, art, or other elements included in the video. Looking forward to seeing your crea...

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    I am in need of a React and Node.js specialist to create modern, innovative animated components for a project. Specifics for the Animated Components: - Buttons - Sliders - Carousels Design style: - Modern Interactions: - Hover Effects - Click Animations - Drag Gestures - Scroll Events Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in React.js and Node.js - Strong understanding of modern design principles - Experience in animation and user interaction design In your bid, I would appreciate any samples of similar work you've done and a brief description of how you would approach this project. Looking forward to hearing from the talented freelancers out there!

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    I'm looking for a skilled video editor to help with my YouTube content. The videos I create typically span more than 10 minutes. I need someone who can handle all aspects of video editing, including: - Trimming and splitting videos - Incorporating text and graphics where necessary - Applying various filters and effects to enhance the overall viewing experience Additionally, I make use of background music tracks in my content, so the ability to work with multiple audio tracks and seamlessly integrate this is crucial. The ideal candidate should have prior experience working on longer YouTube videos. I will be looking for examples of past work that demonstrate their proficiency in these areas.

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    I am seeking a digital creator to develop a video for an online casino advertiseme...between 30-60 seconds. Primary Goal: - The primary aim of the video is to boost sign-ups and registrations for the online casino platform. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating engaging and high-quality video content, particularly in the online gambling or gaming industry is highly valued. - Proficiency with video editing software and the ability to incorporate dynamic effects and transitions is essential. - Understanding of the online casino market and the ability to tailor the video to encourage user engagement and registration are crucial. If you believe you have the skills and experience to create an impactful video that drives user acquisition, I would love to hear...

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    Baby Shower Video Editing 6 dagar left

    ...capturing the joy and excitement of the baby shower. - Proficiency in video editing software: Flexibility with various video editing tools and software is necessary to implement the desired music overlay, text captions, and special effects. - Eye for detail: The editor should have a keen eye for detail and be able to create a polished final product. I expect you to: - Edit the raw footage into a 1-3 minute video - Add music overlay that complements the sentiment of the occasion - Include text captions to highlight key moments - Apply subtle yet effective special effects to enhance the overall viewing experience Your prior experience in video editing, particularly in creating similar personal event videos, is a plus. Please include samples of your previous work in your pr...

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    Hello, I need Topic: Understanding Global Warming: Causes, Effects, and Solutions. I need an SEO article on the above topic. Word limit is 500-1000. I need it back in 4-5 days and my budget is 75 USD. Key Requirements: - In-depth understanding of Global Warming: You should be well-versed with the intricacies of this topic to provide a comprehensive discussion on causes, effects, and solutions. - SEO Writing Skills: I'm looking for a freelancer who can write the article with a focus on SEO optimization. - Delivery and Budget: The article needs to be completed within 4-5 days and my budget is 75 USD. The target audience for this article is primarily environmental professionals, so the content should be both informative and engaging. Please share your past work and e...

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    I m a YouTuber, I'm in need of a talented After Effects Graphic Motion Editor to create engaging, abstract motion graphics for an Instagram Trading Reels Key Responsibilities: - Develop visually stunning, abstract motion graphics that align with the educational content. - Must be comfortable working with a variety of abstract design styles. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in After Effects and other relevant software. - Strong background in designing motion graphics. - Able to work creatively with abstract design styles. - An understanding of educational content visuals, or a willingness to learn. I'm looking for someone with a unique vision and a keen eye for creative, abstract design.

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    I'm on the lookout for a talented video editor who's experienced in After Effects to help me create a short, entertaining, cinematic typography video. Key Requirements: - The primary goal of the video is entertainment. Therefore, I need an editor who can create an engaging, visually captivating piece that will keep viewers hooked from start to finish. - The video should not exceed one minute in length, so succinct, impactful editing is essential. Ideal Skill Set: - Proficient in After Effects: You should have a strong understanding of how to manipulate text and create dynamic visual effects in After Effects. - Experience in creating typography videos: You should have a portfolio that demonstrates your experience in creating succ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced video editor who can take my raw footage and turn it into a polished, professional c...will award it and close the contest. What we need: 30 - 35 second video We are going to use the video for Youtube, FB & Instagram ads. Need the video in these formats: 16:9 , 1:1 & 9:16 More details of the project: Requirements: - Advanced editing skills, including color grading and special effects. The video should look sleek and professional. - A good understanding of corporate video production and what makes for engaging content in this context. - Ability to select and incorporate suitable background music and transition that enhances the overall message of the video.

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    Framhäv Garanterad Sekretessavtal
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    Read my statements I have provided courts where is I am the primary victim of family violence, follow the guide to making a victim impact statement and base the content of the 2 statements that I provide I will also add a few notes to add to the statement , a few key points / medical notes / explain the effects from the crime I suffered over 3 years I need to have this completed to the best of a freelancers ability using the attached guide to set out as explained. I would like the victim impact statement form completed and also another statement not using the form (all in own words) I need this task completed by 3-4 o’clock today if possible so I can revise and modify / make changes if need be then I would like to send it back again for freelancer to proof read the c...

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    ...animation should involve character models, an environment/background, and special effects. These elements should be created in a PS1 style that mimics the work of artist "@" on Instagram. - The finished product should be a couple of seconds long, with a focus on capturing the aesthetic and nostalgia of the PS1 era. - This animation will be used exclusively for my YouTube channel, so it should align with the overarching theme of music and type beats. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 3D animation software and experience in creating animations in a specific visual style (in this case, PS1 aesthetics). - A strong background in creating character models, environment design, and special effects, with the ability to merge them seamlessly into a short anima...

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    ...act as an AI-powered photobooth, allowing users to generate images instantly. 2. Image-to-Image with Consistent Faces: - The AI generator will enable users to transform one image into another while maintaining consistent facial features. 3. Multiple Style Options: - Users will have access to a wide range of style options to apply to their photos, allowing them to achieve various artistic effects. 4. Customizable Image Latent/Size: - The application will provide users with options to customize the latent space and size of their generated images, giving them control over the final output. 5. Prompt Feature: - Users can create and save prompts that will guide the AI generator in producing the desired image outputs. 6. Group Photo Customization: - The application ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced video editor who can add advanced editing elements to my social media content. Key Requirements: - You should be proficient in color grading and special effects. - A good understanding of Instagram's video format and style is a big plus. - Video voice in Hindi. Please include in your proposal your relevant experience, especially in editing content for Instagram. Thank you!

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    Minimalist Logo Outro Creation 5 dagar left
    VERIFIERAD seeking a graphic designer with specialized skills in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. The main task is to craft a succinct outro from a pre-existing logo. The specific requirements for the project are as follows: - Design Elements: The preferred design elements for the outro include Animation Effects and Sound Effects. These should be seamlessly integrated into the logo. - Style/Theme: The ideal style for the outro is 'Minimalist'. The design should be clean, simple, and concise. - Duration: The desired length for the outro is 'Less than 5 seconds'. This means the final product should be quick and to the point. The successful freelancer should have: - Proficiency in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects - Experience...

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    ...already have a script and storyboard prepared for this project, which will be shared with the selected freelancer. Key requirements and considerations: - **Duration**: 3-4 minutes - **Target Audience**: Specific industry/sector - **Script & Storyboard**: Already available - **Animation Style**: Should be engaging and professional - **Voiceover**: Needed to narrate the script - **Music & Sound Effects**: To enhance the viewer's experience Ideal freelancer for this project would have: - Proven experience in creating high-quality, captivating animated explainer videos - Ability to bring a storyboard to life in a visually appealing manner - Strong communication skills to ensure the project aligns with the vision - Experience in working with specific industry/sector ta...

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    I'm seeking an experienced foto / video editor capable of delivering advanced photo / video editing with an eye for beauty, professional skills, good communication and precise work. The project scope involves crafting engaging commercial videos and editing photos in various formats. The freelancer brings the following experience: - Pro level premiere video editor with knowledge about after effects as well - Experience in Colorgrading and Sounddesign - Pro editing level for Photos using Photoshop or Lightroom I am not looking for one project only but rather for a quality longterm work relationship were we will find our style and maintain the high production quality to make clients happy. Efficient workflow and good communications are also important. I would be really h...

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    I'm in need of a comprehensive, data-driven analysis of the repair requests submitted from our customer service department. Here's what I'm looking for: - Capture and categorize all repair requests based on the specific market from which they originated. - Provide critical insight into the request trends, be it per market or specific boutique, to better guide our after-sales strategy. - Incorporate metrics indicating request received per each market and each boutique. I'm ideally seeking someone who is adept at market research, data analysis and has a firm understanding of consumer behavior. Proficiency in creating easily readable yet detail-rich reports is crucial. Your ability to interpret data and uncover ecommerce trends will be hugely beneficial to this ...

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    ...Modern and clean aesthetic that aligns with travel industry standards. Consistent use of branding elements such as colors, fonts, and logos. High-quality images and graphics to enhance the visual appeal. User-friendly navigation and intuitive interface design. Responsive design to ensure compatibility with desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Interactive elements like sliders, carousels, and hover effects to engage users. Deliverables: High-fidelity mockups for all specified pages. Style guide detailing the design system including colors, typography, button styles, and other UI elements. Interactive prototype (optional but preferred) to demonstrate user interactions and transitions. Source files in a format compatible with development tools (e.g., Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD). Req...

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    I require a 5-second text animation in After Effects, with a modern design. I need this to be engaging and visually appealing. The type of animation is: animated typography. Key requirements: - Creation of a 5-second animated typography - Clean, modern design - The animation needs to be engaging If you have experience in kinetic typography and can create captivating, modern animations, I'd like to hear from you. Please provide a sample of your relevant work in your proposal.

    $2 - $8 / hr
    $2 - $8 / hr
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    I'm in need of a skilled React developer to create a single responsive, static web page from figma design. This project requires: - Implementing a single column layout. - Integrating images and texts seamlessly across the page. - Incorporating a create a single responsive, static web page from figma design. This project requires: - Implementing a single column layout. - Integrating images and texts seamlessly across the page. - Incorporating a functional image carousel. - Adding engaging hover effects to enhance user experience. Ideal candidates for this job should have: - Proficiency in React development. - Experience in creating responsive, static pages. - Proficiency in integrating and manipulating multimedia content. - Strong knowledge of CSS and animations for...

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    Advanced Video & Audio Editing 5 dagar left

    I'm seeking a skilled video and audio editor to work on my radio show. The proje...the overall video production. and edit the podcast in very well. Key Requirements: - Advanced Editing: I expect a professional touch on the overall editing process, including sequencing, transitions and pacing. - Add Text Animations: The final video should incorporate engaging text animations to captivate the audience. - Transition Effects: Smooth and creative transition effects are essential for maintaining viewer engagement. - Visual Effects: Some visual effects will be necessary to enhance the overall production value. The final edited video is expected to be more than 10 minutes long. Please provide examples of your previous work in your proposal. Experience in radio or...

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    I need a video that transitions smoothly from a supercharger to our logo, and then to a shirt. It's meant to be used for social media, so it should be engaging and visually appealing. Key Requirements: - The video must be in MP4 format, optimized for social media platforms with max 10 Seconds Runtime. - The ...flaming Exhaust, Supercharger Whine...whatever matches ) hast to be choosen by you ( usage rights needs to be proven ) , the 2th Logo and the 3th final wearing Video will prvided by us. Ideal Skills: - Video editing and production - Motion graphics - Experience in creating promotional content for social media - Proficient with editing software that can achieve seamless transitions with visual effects

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    I'm in need of an interior designer who is proficient in Photoshop, Sketchup, and Lumion to create a professional, modern design for a villa. The work needs to be completed by Mo...layout. - Ability to work efficiently and meet tight deadlines. 1st Floor Plan (With Visualized Surroundings) (photoshop) 2. Sections (2 Pieces) (photoshop) 3. Appearances (4 Pieces) (photoshop) Interior with rough sketch in 4th sketch; design and furnishing of living room, kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom 5. Rendering the villa facades and landscaping in the sketchup with materials and effects in lumion, including the interior (Exterior; at least 4 pieces, Interior; at least 10 pieces, including the living room, kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom). 6. Photoshop Perspective (At Least 2...

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    Key Requirements: - The video will be less than a minute long, and will focus on showcasing a product. - You will need to bebe well-versed in using After Effects. Responsibilities: - Select and customize Motion Array templates to create the video. - Ensure the video is high-quality, engaging, and effectively showcases the product. - No custom animations are needed, the effects within the Motion Array templates should be sufficient.

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    I am in need of a seasoned video editor, particularly skilled in creating content for weddings and YouTube. The videos for editing will be medium length, approximately between 5 to editor, particularly skilled in creating content for weddings and YouTube. The videos for editing will be medium length, approximately between 5 to 15 minutes. The project requires advanced editing skills, including but not limited to, visual effects and complex transitions. Freelancers with substantial experience in advanced video editing techniques will be preferred. A solid understanding of creating engaging wedding and YouTube content is ideal. This isn't a project for basic edits but complex narrative transitions and captivating visual effects. Please share examples of prior simi...

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    I urgently require a skilled web developer to implement a live Solana (SOL) wallet balance display on my website, which is built using Framer. The goal is to make visible only the SOL balance; the display of other tokens is unnecessary. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient with Framer - Experience with Solana ecosystem - St...timeline is as soon as possible. Interested freelancers with prior experience in this field should apply. Your familiarity with crypto wallets and related tech will be a distinct advantage for selection. - Additionally there is a video collage background that I would like to make higher resolution, but I am finding it difficult with Framer's limitations. Any advice with adding transitions or effects to make it look a bit sexier would be appreciate...

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    Graphic / Video Design 747 dagar left

    I'm looking for a graphic designer who can take ideas and transform them into stories. You'll need experience in after effects, premier pro and be willing to learn. I do have an incredible designer working with me at the moment but her capacity is limited, some examples of her work is below.

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