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    Hi, I need what someone freelancer to create a php file to handler method/function from "madmimi-api-php" API, each function needs to receive an array param, where I send the data to be handled. *** Note, this task uses the: [Logga in för att visa URL] *** Note, the directory structure to this task must contain: root>[Logga in för att visa URL] // where we test the created ...

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    Looking for a virtual personal assistant to help out with a wide array of web tasks long-term. If you're a "jack of all trades" you should definitely apply!

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    I have a project of Job portal, when i run it on local host then it throws me the error of "Trying to access array offset on value of type null " Can any one install it on my local system, I had attached few of my screen shot of errors which i am getting right now

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    I am the CTO at a software company looking for some assistance on an image recognition project. We have been in business for over 6 years and are new to this area. We are an AWS shop so the person completing the project would need some experience working within that environment. Some work with ML on the AWS platform would also be an advantage for the long term project. As such the project is t...

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    I need help implementing a sorting algorithm. Consider the example structure in (Sorting_Program). An array of quantity n must be sorted based of their first two initials. If the first intials are the same for two items, the second initial should be compared. A proper list would be displayed something such as: 1. AA 72 2. AC 90 3. BH 32 4. DE 59 ... Attached is the partially completed program. P...

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    Hi, I need what someone freelancer to create a php file to handler method/function from "whatsapp-api" API, each function needs to receive an array param, where I send the data to be handled. *** Note, this task uses the: [Logga in för att visa URL] *** Note, the directory structure to this task must contain: root>[Logga in för att visa URL] // where we test the created fun...

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    Connect4 game in java, I've created the program and it is almost finished. Require help creating a function to place a "piece" at the lowest available point in the array in the column chosen by the user. I have attatched my program and have commented out the part of the program I need help with, thanks.

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    Hi, I need what someone freelancer to create a php file to handler method/function from "mgp25/Instagram" API, each function needs to receive an array param, where I send the data to be handled. *** Note, this task uses the: [Logga in för att visa URL] *** Note, the directory structure to this task must contain: root>[Logga in för att visa URL] // where we test the created ...

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    for example, we have php source code, I want to get that source code, and change all ($_GET, $_POST, $REQUEST,) ... etc to be ($var1, $var2, $var3) .... etc Then, I want to find the values of all if condition in that source code that make the condition TRUE, and store this value in array, Then I want to get any line in the source code have $var1, $var2, $var3 More details to be discussed la...

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    Solve mongo query error 5 dagar left

    Hello i have a mongo db db name: Quicklook_db Collection name: quicklook_analyticsDesign Total Documents in collection: 2,00,000 + Sample json attached. From all the documents i want to find the most used 10 values in this attribute: $[Logga in för att visa URL] I tried this code: $analytics = DB::connection('mongodb')->collection($this->designViewed)->raw(function($views...

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    I am looking for a expert in pdo to help make my exceptions better. I have moved my website from sql to pdo and i have a few errors with query's i have difficulty identifying. I do NOT want any errors fixing i hope to fix these myself i just need the errors documented better. This is a example of my current exception log ([Logga in för att visa URL]) Uncaught Exception: 2020-01-19 09:26...

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    I need the best way to send via nodejs javascript a request to my webform, currently i have a [Logga in för att visa URL] wich receives info from webform, but i need to send data to this same [Logga in för att visa URL] using javascript but it's not storing data i dont know why. my params in console are: report: nickname,4,3,2,Fdr,99xxx where javascript capture: nickname: the id of ...

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    Currently the app at [Logga in för att visa URL] shows single background image getting image URL from JSON API at [Logga in för att visa URL] If there is a single Image URL in JSON API, the app should show single background image. But if JSON API has an array of Image URLs, the app should auto collage those images and show all images in a random collage template(like the templates at [Lo...

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    Hello, Simple job for php/json/twig experts. need my json data array (pulled from an API source) to go to my twig loop My current PHP code... (which works and Dump array structure for inspection using var_dump($jsonData); <?php $postfields = array( 'username' => $api_username, 'password' => $api_password, 'action' => 'GetAnnouncem...

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    Hello, I am looking for a skilled and professional programmer who has/had (proven) experience with Cheat Engine / Games in general What I need is a Developer who can Convert a Cheat Engine Table file (with Array of Byte scans/pattern scanning) to a DLL with a GUI The target is that at the end I could Inject that DLL into a desired game and a GUI will pop up (you'll get a sketch of an example...

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    Trophy icon House Design- In Sketchup 18 dagar left

    I have (with my very limited Sketchup skills and no arcitech knowledge) design the start of a house (see attached). The competeion is to take this along with the mood boards and other information provided to design a family home. Details: We are looking to build a 4-5bedroom family home and are looking for some concepts- The winner will also then be invited to take the concept to full buil...

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    Hi everyone, I am looking for a php function ( no extra classes ) , that will read a file using generators with while feof to read specified range of lines and return them in an array. I do not wish to get the file ( 100 mb ) into an array using file () because it will consume too much memory , I just want to navigate and get the specified range of lines , like : getlinerange($source,$range); $...

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    We are a Dubai based company, with a rich 20+ year business history providing rebar shop drawings and BBS. We have an array of freelancers working for us from all over the world and we are continually growing and are now looking for a freelancer's skilled Draftsmen to join the team. You will be working per drawing basis. Fees vary between 8 to 15 (USD) per A1 drawing. Qualifications & ...

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    SXS drag racing - 2 lanes - a left lane / a right lane starting line push button to activate the process > on press makes the blue light blink indicating racers can stage. (INPUT 1) Each lane - with a startling line infrared beam (as an input) that is there to indicated when the competitor leaves. The beam broken is an indicator that the racer is ready - when the beam connects it means the r...

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    I have googlesheets functions that parse json and import to sheets, you can find the code for the function in ImportJson file. The functions is pretty simple and self explanatory. /** * Imports JSON data to your spreadsheet Ex: IMPORTJSON("[Logga in för att visa URL]","city/population") * @param url URL of your JSON data as string * @param xpath simplified xpath as strin...

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    I've attached the outline of a class and method that delivers what I need, which essentially is as follows: 1. I need to connect to a microsoft Office365 e-mail account with server name, port, login & password to be provided. 2. I need to either POP or IMAP to parse through the inbox looking for messages that match a combination of from address, to address, and a substring of the subject...

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    I made a wordpress website in 2015 that I would like to move to another domain. I had no problems doing so in the past but with this website I can't get it going. I tried to do it with BackUpBuddy (gets stuck on step 3 when I try to set it up again), the plugin DB migrate and changing [Logga in för att visa URL] and wp_options (database) manually multiple times but the website shows erro...

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    Wordpress Error FATAL php 2 dagar left

    Hi, I have a "your site is experiencing technical difficulties" error. Here is the log: [15-Jan-2020 17:12:16 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_price() on null in /var/app/current/wp-content/plugins/wc-dynamic-pricing-and-discounts/rightpress/components/rightpress-product-price/classes/[Logga in för att visa URL] Stack trace: #0 /var/app/current/wp...

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    Fun Project on Node.js 1 dag left

    FUN PROJECT: Need a nodejs script to do the following: • Take a contract file as PNG, JPG, PDF or DOC/DOCX. • Convert it into readable format / text format (OCR) • User natural language processing to get the names of parties involved in an array • Make another array with start and end dates of the contract • Take out the service price involved. And also print currency. ...

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    The aim of this project is to device an function that takes 2d or 3d textfield from qt desiger form as follows text input [[1,2,3],[4,5,6]] etc should return in textarea as follwows 1 2 3 4 5 6 and same with 3d

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    write a php function which converts number ranges to number prefixes and maximum length/remaining length example $a and $b should be the same $a = range_to_prefix_with_length("4179490000","4179579990""); $b = array( array("prefix"=>"417949", "len"=>"10"), array("prefix"=>"417950", "len"=>...

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    Need a programmer to do a C++ project for [Logga in för att visa URL] must write a program containing five classes (i.e., Student , SecurityStudent , NetworkStudent , SoftwareStudent , and Roster ). The program will maintain a current roster of students within a given course. Student data for the program includes student ID, first name, last name, email address, age, an array of the number ...

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    We need to assign required accessoires to products, incl. needed Quantity for each required accessoire and the option to choose variants/attributes in the frontend if the required accessoire product has some. Job 1: The existing Plugin has not the possiblity to adjust the quantity! These „required accessoires“ should show inside a product (frontend) and when putting the product to ...

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    MIB browser in ReactJS 18 timmar left

    We need to build an MIB browser using Elastic UI ([Logga in för att visa URL]). This should be a simple react app with the following features: 1) There should be a button on the landing page. 2) When user clicks on the button, a modal should pop up. 3) User can load any MIB file from his computer and the MIB file should be displayed in following manner 4) Each snmpwalk-able and snmpget-able ...

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    Dear Freelancer, We are a boutique consulting firm that combines Strategy with Technology to deliver Transformational Excellence for our clients. We provide an array of digital consulting services to a wide variety of industries, including media, legal, financial services, healthcare and logistics. From emerging startup ventures to global juggernauts, we service them all. Experience: 3-4 years...

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    php mysql floorplan 9 timmar left

    The drawing should work like a floor plan. Each line is a wall of a room. Must have its own unique id. After building all the walls, the area of the room should automatically be calculated. All data must be written to the array for further recording in Mysql. Also, when reading from Mysql, the drawing should be redrawn. Given the height data, the line should calculate the area of the wall. It shou...

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    Ajax rotate banner fixed -- 2 7 timmar left

    Currently it only displays one item in array. Need to display all items in array, one at a time. It was working a month ago and now it isnt. Code is done, just need it fixed for customer.

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    PHP or Python Language Program 6 timmar left

    Criteria: - Using PHP or Python Language Program - Can Set Variable Method for Submit Option Exp. -- Permanent OriginVariable = (Jakarta - CGK) -- RandomManyDay = 5; (random date between 5days from today) -- ArrayDestination = (Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Etc) - Search flight from random destination from variable array were we are already set - Select Random available flight Schedule get...

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    The idea is to create a seamless transition between physical and augmented scalable monitors without interrupting workflow. I am looking for a like minded and eager candidate to help build a specific portion of this project. I am unable to create scalable virtual screens in C++ and would like to convert it into C# in a later stage of this project. My main goal is to have the ability of creating an...

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    python developer Avslutades left

    I like to know if you can please assist me with the following: I have an output array from a captured screen(real-time) the array looks like this: 4 columns and 3 rows: 1 2 3 4 1 4 2 3 3 3 2 1 I like to know how can I move row 2 to the left so 3 can match with row 3 of the outher 2 three. example: 1 2 3 4 3 1 4 2 3 3 2 1 note: the rows and collums can only move left, right, up or down you can not...

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    Simple PCB Avslutades left

    I need a very simple PCB to be used as power connections to a female USB port and a Barrel connector. Each PCB should be 25mm x 38mm in size. The data ports on the USB are not used, only the power pins. The traces should be as wide as possible to carry 5.5V 8 amps. It is a single sided PCB with the traces on the bottom of the PCB and the components on the top of the PCB. See the attached BOM and L...

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    i have one website i need to scrap it on urgent basis [Logga in för att visa URL] if you put three field , users licence no,national insurance no and postcode ,it will give ll details of the users, that information we need in jason

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    I have a 15GB files in BZ2. I need them first converted into JSON format (they aren't yet marked as JSON), using the following linux/unix commands (my computer doesn't have enough space to do it) after the tar ball has been extracted just through double click: Move all export subfiles into one folder find . -name *.bz2 -exec cp {} ../target ; Unzip them to (unmarked) JSON cd target f...

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    this will be my first project on freelancer i want to display "opportunity zone in us" to custom code when i mouse over location. i attached image with result what i want exactly. ([Logga in för att visa URL]) you should be able to explain your idea to solve this. This is opportunity zone sample. ([Logga in för att visa URL]) i think we need to get "Census tract number(=Ge...

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    We are a small, Australian-based business with a rich 20+ year history. We have an array of freelancers working for us from all over the world and we are continually growing and are now looking for a full time skilled Draftsman to join the team. You will be working for 40 hours per week, Mondays to Fridays, during Australian business hours. You will be paid $4.00 (AUD) per hour. You must be profi...

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    We are a small, Australian-based business with a rich 20+ year history. We have an array of freelancers working for us from all over the world and we are continually growing and are now looking for another full time video editor to job the team You don’t have to have years of experience, but you must be skilled at what you do and willing to learn and try new things We don’t need you...

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    The objective of this hardware is to be able to observe insects and provide high-clarity live stream @ h.265 video encoding. The reliability of the hardware is be able to run for 6-10 hours daily. At the end of Part 1, candidates shall, upon request, purchase and integrate all components/parts into a working system based on the finalised BOM he/she proposed and approved by us. A separate fundin...

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    I need a trio of php scripts as follows: #1. One for pulling the contents of specific cells out of a MS Excel file (.xlsx or .xlsm). It works by finding a cell by searching for its interior text, and then returns the text inside *another* cell, located X,Y cells away. Notionally but open to suggestion, it should accept parameters as follows: filename - path/name of the Excel file to read needl...

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    I have a webapplication, written in PHP. The application creates invoices (PDF Documents). Invoices are printed with the fpdf library. I need to print two different QR-Codes on this invoices. The first one is a „normal“ Data-Matrix QR-Code, the second one is a special swiss qr code with a logo (Swiss flag). Technical spoken I need an extension class of the tfpdf class ([Logga in f&oum...

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    I want to make array of objects from read data from .dat file delimiter is space.

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    scraping using Avslutades left

    scrape a react based site using scrapy-splash python script (website includes anti scrape javascript) set user-agent to mimic standard desktop web browser set variables in a form and submit to get resulting data to be scraped and put into array message me for site url

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    I am looking for a logo of a "floating" astronaut. Simple entries with single colors or complex ones with many bright colors are encouraged. Go wild. This is for a software company creating developer tools so a motif of programming can be included If this inspires you... whether that includes the astronaut holding an "Array" which looks like this [ x , y , z ] or something else...

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    I am looking for solution for passing PHP array to a PDF pattern file and save into another PDF file. It can not use any payable extension,opensource is welcome.

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    VLookup an Array Avslutades left

    Hi Freelancer, I need help on a formula for a VLOOKUP that will pull multiple specific values from a separate tab (in the same work book) based on the value entered into a single cell. Was able to create the formula below, however it only pulls the 1st row of all of the data I need (rather than the full range). Initially, I created a dropdown list with a macro to pull this data, but is it too...

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    Hi, We have a IBM server running RedHat Linux 5.4. It has RAID array of 3 volumes. All 3 volumes are mounted during OS load. Each volume has different data. However now the issue is the volume 1 with 4 hard drives has gone bad. So we want to 1. Replace 4 hard drives with 4 new hard drives and mount this in volume1 2. Bring up server with the data intact in volume2 and volume 3. 3. Then restore th...

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