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    I have a new templated website. The template is filled with information that needs to be removed, and The template is filled with information that needs to be removed, and updated with new one (for example, mobile number is 12345678 - it needs to be a real one, email is abcde.@[Logga in för att visa URL] - it needs to be removed and updated to a real one)

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    ...project. I need 10 designs. You have to take care not to hurt copyrights. Just new designs. The designs are 4500 x 5400 px and 300 dpi. I need .png files and files for gimp or fotoshop. I need designs just for black shirts. Transparency background. I want an egg , with 2 legs, funny shoes (sneaker), hands in gloves. The eyes not on top , they are in the

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    ...project. I need 10 designs. You have to take care not to hurt copyrights. Just new designs. The designs are 4500 x 5400 px and 300 dpi. I need .png files and files for gimp or fotoshop. I need designs just for black shirts....

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    Dark Creed Avslutades left

    ...needs to have a medieval appearance (Lord of the Rings/Victorian fashion sense) with a “sinister feel”. The image enclosed looks far too friendly. 2) There are 5 subjects. ABCDE 3) ALL subjects to be wearing hoods 4) Subject A to be moved 3 places to the right, and to be holding the right hand of subject D. This will ensure that the Mother his standing

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    We are in need of 5 separate 3D images of our products features and how it function. There are 3 variations of the one item that each ne...for in each of the 5 images. Please let me know if you have any questions before bidding. If you have fully read and understand the requirements of this job, please type "ABCDE" in your bid response. Thank you

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    Per delle foto di posa occorre modificare luce aspetti e contorni con fotoshop

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    I need someone who can do some little tasks for me as soon as possible... you have to get some images from a website in a high quality and also make some collage work but there are all small tasks

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    ...access interval (10 seconds to 1 minute) · Operation on the cloud for 24 hours. · Efficient rotation of IP. For example, suppose that there are five access destinations of ABCDE and 10 IPs rotate. If an IP that rotates at B gets an access refused, it will return B as an IP Disconnect from access destination and perform rotation only between ACDE. 6

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    ...stick to one)  e.g. RBV, Porter’s Value Chain, Business Model Canvas  What are these for? What can be said with them? 3. Culture, Structure, Systems and HR (three)  e.g. ABCDE, cultural web, HRM causal model  What are these for? What can be said with them? Then use (1,2,3) this analysis to do a Critical appraisal( Based on the previous concepts)

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    Trophy icon Logo Design Project Avslutades left

    Hi, I need a logo design for a candy shop. it used to sell cupcake and almond sweet. Please use "Abcde" 5 characters as the main title. and subtitle to be like "Abcdef Abcdef & Abcde" The design should be creative and light.

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    ...functional dependencies F = {LNO→M, MN→LOP, N→O, OP→LN}. • Can we infer NP → LM from F ? • Can we infer NQ → LO from F ? C-2 Keys (i) Find all the candidate keys of the Relation R(ABCDE) with FD's: D → C, CE → A, D → A, and AE → D (ii) Determine all the candidate and superkeys of the relation R(ABCDEF) with FD's: AE...

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    Есть существующие каталоги и ...разрезать, далее на них выставить информацию по составу одежде и цене. Формат фото необходимо преобразовать для мобильной версии формат pdf. Необходимы навык работы с pdf и fotoshop.

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    i make awings and i need program for to make art impressions or someone can make this with fotoshop with logo from the brand on the awing

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    Will change photos and match the faces with other bodies

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    Hey freelancers, Please start your message to me with abcde. I am trying to create custom order handlers for a software called nicehashbot to manage my orders on [Logga in för att visa URL] with C# DLL. I would like to create my own order handlers to adjust maxprice, speed limit and to stop orders based off my custom calculations. Please refer to the example here

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    vtiger webhook Avslutades left

    ...vtiger 7 custom function written that can be called from a workflow and will create and POST a url like [Logga in för att visa URL] The parameters invokerCode, arg1, arg2, arg3, arg4 and arg5 need to be looked up from the

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    data structure 2 Avslutades left

    Implement the del...the delete operation for a binary search tree for the input as shown in the uploaded file. The following is an example run of the program. Enter the word to delete: abcde The word "abcde" doesn't exist Enter the word to delete: after The word "after" is deleted Enter the word to delete: after The word "after" doesn'...

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    i want somebody make a nice poster for an energy drink

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    Team name : ABCDE FC Something like the image i uploaded, but better. Our jerseys will be fluo yellow/green.

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    FotoShop spesialist Avslutades left

    I need help to make rebuld one foto. Please see att files. Pic 1 containes a yellow fence, i want to take this fence to put in a in a natural way into Picture No. 2 where it is now a wood fence. Also want and add some advertising logos to the [Logga in för att visa URL] zoom in. The image is to be made to illuminates how the new fence will look

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    I have a url that contains variables - For Example: reset/[Logga in för att visa URL]?var2=abcde I would like to know how I can remove the variables from the URL, But still, use the values on my page?? - Maybe by using an htaccess file and/or sessions Looking to hire today 28/01/2018 for the job to be completed today 28/01/2018 This is very

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    i need a high defination good quality design to print on my t-shirt

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    Tengo unas fotos de un cuarto las cuales las quiero mejorar con fotoshop, quiero que se vean m'as bonitas pero no quiera que sea vean falsas ni que la gente diga que es publicidad engañosa, solo que se vean mejor sin perder su atenticidad.

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    Fotoshop. Avslutades left

    I need some graphic design.

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    Fotoshop. Avslutades left

    I need some graphic design. Or somone that can fotoshop.

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    Hire an Excel Expert Avslutades left

    ..."product list" file. For example: if the "product list" file contains 2000 products/rows, and 150 products has the column "subgroup" with the value "ABCDE", the script should look if the subgroup "ABCDE" exists in the "structure and filters" file and, if so, it should generated 3 rows in the "output file", one ...

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    Hey Folks, I have 20 independant sheets full of d...sheets are INDEPENDANT from one another BUT I am hoping to find statistically significant patterns that are able to apply to all sheets. Please start your message with 'ABCDE' Enclosed is a screenshot of a chunk of examplary data (there are 20 sheets worth of this type of layout) Thanks

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    LabirintABC Avslutades left

    WEB -DESIGN,Fotoshop,Corel Draw

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    AllHelpHindi.Com Avslutades left

    - We need a plugin that adds 2 query strings to all URLs within a wordpress site. - No ...within a wordpress site. - No matter which page within the site the user goes, the 2 query string will always be there. - For example [Logga in för att visa URL] - Must use WordPress plugin API/Hooks. No javascript or other client side methods.

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    - We need a plugin that adds 2 query strings to all URLs within a wordpress site. - No ...within a wordpress site. - No matter which page within the site the user goes, the 2 query string will always be there. - For example [Logga in för att visa URL] - Must use WordPress plugin API/Hooks. No javascript or other client side methods.

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    WANT A LOGO Avslutades left

    I want a log for an small architectural company. suppose the name is abcde design. Please send me an small picture of your proposal. I want the final file to be in raw Photoshop format.

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    Mobile development Avslutades left

    I need a mobile site. I would like it designed and built. ABCDE Gdkkhgs

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    Hello. I am a php back-end software developer and architect myself as well, but much disabled when it comes to graphics. So, I need some assistance from a collegue. I am writing a Wifi hotspot application. I need some support from a Web designer and graphicer. He will be developing only front-end html pages ,with css, and js if needed. Bootstrap should be and must be used. Expected tas...

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    Hey folks, please start your response with abcde Looking for someone to extract information from the [Logga in för att visa URL] JSON page and enter it into specific cells of my google sheets. Looking to grab the information for roughly 20-30 different coins and input them into there specific cells within my google sheets every 15 minutes. I would like

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    Kids Puzzle Avslutades left

    ...Note: The first record of the sample input corresponds to the puzzle illustrated above. Sample Input TRGSJ XDOKI M VLN WPABE UQHCF ARRBBL0 ABCDE FGHIJ KLMNO PQRS TUVWX AAA LLLL0 ABCDE FGHIJ KLMNO PQRS TUVWX AAAAABBRRRLL0 Z Sample Output Puzzle #1: T R G S J X O K L I M D V B N W P A E U Q H C F Puzzle #2: A B

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    Folgende Arbeiten sind periodisch zu erledigen: 1. Dateneingabe bei Webseiten (wordpress, Jumla) 2. Social Media ...Pflege (xing, Facebook etc.) 3. Hilfestellungen bei technischen Schwierigkeiten (z.B. SmartPhone) 4. Datenbank-Pflege (z.B: Adressdatei in Outlook) 5. Bildbearbeitung (z.B. Fotoshop, Canva) Der VA muss gut deutsch sprechen.

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    I have a photo with my son, his son and my father in law. My husband died 2 years ago, and my father in law wanted a photo with his son (my late husband) and his grandson with his son. We call this a four-generations photo. I have 3 photos of my late husband, and I need his picture assembled in the original photo

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    Design project Avslutades left

    Einige Bilder ändern I need to delete some text on a jpg format Formular , and add some new text , black and white . Like edit with a image with Fotoshop tool. It's only 10 numbers and 4 words to change .

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    Build a Website Avslutades left

    The project has 2 parts (all in Arabic language), the first part to teach Arabic prosody as Lessons with video or/and audio ,animation exercises , fotoshop( look to one of the course in [Logga in för att visa URL] design must uses framework Laravel. 2nd part is to detect the poem of users and check it ,discover the faults. the test of the program on http://khalil

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    project for imran Avslutades left


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    Trophy icon ABCDE Puzzle 3D Modelling Avslutades left

    I need tutorial modelling ABCDE Puzzle 3D You can see video [Logga in för att visa URL]

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    ...Reinigen Keine Montage erforderlich BPA free Phthalate Free PVC Free Ich habe ein Bild hochgeladen wie ich mir das ungefähr vorstelle. Bitte bearbeitet die Bilder im Fotoshop, weil die Hintergründe nicht sauber sind. Das logo soll auch integriert werden. Siehe Datei!...

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    Abcde Avslutades left

    I need a logo designed.

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    web site new abcDE Avslutades left


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    We are looking for a good front end developer, deep with JavaScript & with ability to engage the business. They should be able to build Mock Ups using Fotoshop or any other design tools. Also able to build Process Flows using VISIO. Preferably, based locally in Newbury as that’s going to be the location mainly.

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    ...Fallowing works will be demanding from time to time: - Design for Flyers - Design for T-Shirts or other clothes - Design and production for animated movies - Esdit Pictures by Fotoshop - delifer datas in .jpg .png .vlc .eps or whatever is demanded Designer should be crative and bring additional ideas to the briefings/ new projects. Would be great,

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    C++ Recursion program Avslutades left

    ...isPrefix( char target[] , char bigString[] ); // return true iff target is a prefix of bigString. No library functions allowed. // e.g. "abc" is a prefix of "abc" and "abcde" but not of "ab" or "aabc" or "acb" // Notes: isPrefix(w,w) and isPrefix("", w) are always true but isPrefix(y,"") is false un...

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    ...eine Frau, denn im allgemeinen haben Frauen ein besseres intuitives Verständnis für die Emotionen, die wir mit unseren Videos und Bildern herüber bringen wollen), die: Fotoshop beherrscht und Zugang zu einer Version dieses Programms hat (oder andere Bildbearbeitungsprogramme; wichtiger als das Programm sind gute Fähigkeiten der Bildbearbeitung)

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    Hello, I want a simple software that notifies me by either skype/slack/e-mail or text message when the new sportsbetting lines are out on [Logga in för att visa URL] Cleveland vs. Toronto raptors on Oct 28th is not posted yet. Right as the lines are posted, I would like a notification as soon as possible. please start response with abcde Thank you

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