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I need a new logo for my online marketing blog ([url removed, login to view]).
I will also need the social media kit to go along with it -- Facebook, Twitter, Google+ cover and profile images.

IMPORTANT: Only provide one version of your concept logo and not the same version using different angles or backgrounds. I'd hate to be forced to reject one or more of your entries because of that. Also, please understand that I might have to reject some entries, not because they aren't nice but because they don't fit my needs or adhere to my instructions.

On my blog, I challenge myself to try out new online business ideas and marketing strategies to see if I can reach success online.
I document every step I take along the journey and share both my successes and failures. My experience here on Freelancer to get this and other jobs done could end up to be described on a future post, for example.

My idea for the logo:
1. It's intended for this website only, not to be printed out on paper or business card.

2. It needs to be designed using my website's two main colors (red and orange red), where "buzz" is in red and "nitrous" is in orange red. Additionaly, you can use close variations of those colors.

3. It only needs to read "buzznitrous" on a just single line -- I don't want the ".com" -- , all in lowercase letters with a nice and stylish font (I'd prefer a sans-serif font)

4. It needs to fit in nicely in the header section of my blog (i.e., not too big), be readable and work nicely as kind of a stamp for my blog posts' thumbnails. (Example of such a brand stamp: [url removed, login to view]).

5. It needs to represent the meaning of the website's name (and what I do there -- read the second paragraph). Mainly "nitrous" which works as a boost to the first word "buzz" (that comes from "marketing buzz").

6. For the previous bullet point's aim, I envision it to have some kind of a flame on (or as) the letter "b" (which will be used as the brand's icon) or something on fire.

7. It definitely needs to relate to speed either in the concept or by using some futuristic font type (but not in italic).

8. I also need to have the flame icon for the website's favicon (the tiny icon that shows up in your browers' address bar to the left of the URL).

9. You will need to provide me (a) transparent PNG(s) and the source file(s).

Reasons why I don't like my current logo:

a. It's not on a single line.

b. It's not using the orange color.

c. The letters aren't all in lowercase.

d. It doesn't transmit speed nor boldness.

(Don't judge the current logo, it was me who designed it but didn't have much time to take care of that. :))

I'll give even more detailed instructions to any freelancer who applies to this job offer and/or we'll discuss what looks better.

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“AR1069 created a nice and elegant logo for me by following my instructions as required. I'm happy with the result. I'll probably hire him again for a future job.”

Profilbild LouieLuc, Portugal.

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    contest holder clearly said that "Only provide one version of your concept logo and not the same version using different angles or backgrounds". and you guys are still posted the same design using different mockuup! take a look on description

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  • LouieLuc
    • 1 år sedan

    Please read the updated project description for more details. Thank you.

    P.S.: Only provide one version of your concept logo and not the same version using different angles or backgrounds.

    • 1 år sedan

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