Design a logo and flyer for new project


My logo is for a 'Glamping with Llamas' project. Our area is very flat land and so there are great sunrises and sunsets. The retro caravan will be luxuriously fitted out (sleeping two people) and outside of the caravan will be a fire pit, a bbq, a luxury marquee with fairy lighting and a patio heater in case weather is bad. Attached is an image with fairy lights... this is something similar to what I hope to achieve.

Right next to the camping space will be the llamas, eight of them. I am attaching some photos for ideas. There is a large mound in the paddock and llamas love spending time on it (photo attached). The image of the close-up llama face is my brand logo. My company is called 'Faster Lente Llamas' and my strapline is 'Want to feel calmer? Come watch a llama'.

If you have any questions please let me know. Thanking you all in advance. Tina

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