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Need two videos done TODAY (8/14 USA) I need a 30 second and 15 second video. I need them today. I am including the recorded audio, written copy, logo, photos and all items needed to make them. I am also including the specs needed by the TV station. Please make these very creative but not convoluted. there is a logo, two mp3's the word document, random and corresponding images. use your creativity please 4 After Effects, Videoredigering, Videoproduktion, Videotjänster, Videography Aug 14, 2018 Idag21h 30m $80
Grafisk design, Logodesign Aug 14, 2018 Idag19h 38m
Florida is crying Logo The State of Florida in the USA is experiencing one of the worlds largest environmental disasters at this very moment. Wildlife is dying by the millions in and around the state. I am creating a website designed to bring focus to this problem. A single place where the public can go and see and understand the devastation. A place with links to response centers etc. Help me to put a face on ... 94 Grafisk design, Illustration, Illustrator, Logodesign Aug 14, 2018 Idag19h 1m $110
:QUICK: Make me a viking logo with the title " Garpa " I need a logo with a viking in it or something viking themed, and the title Garpa. 180 Grafisk design, Illustration, Illustrator, Logodesign, Photoshop Aug 14, 2018 Idag16h 42m $34
Build Banner Using the attached example poster. I need a banner built that uses the same graphics. The banner needs to be 2.25" x 16" high resolution. There will probably not be enough room for the text body that is on the attached poster to be placed on the banner. I mainly want the graphics, logos, and images to go on the banner with the following text placed on banner: "6000 East End Blvd S, ... 167 Bannerdesign, Grafisk design, Logodesign, Photoshop, Photoshopdesign Aug 14, 2018 Idag14h 43m $100
Bannerdesign, Grafisk design, Photoshop, Posterdesign, Tryck Aug 12, 2018 Aug 12, 20185d
Flygbladsdesign, Grafisk design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Posterdesign Aug 12, 2018 Aug 12, 20185d
Grafisk design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Posterdesign Aug 12, 2018 Aug 12, 20185d
Grafisk design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Posterdesign Aug 9, 2018 Aug 9, 20182d 2h
Grafisk design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Photoshopdesign, Posterdesign Aug 9, 2018 Aug 9, 20182d 1h
Baby Heaven - Make a Logo I need a very cute and lovable logo for a baby store. The name is of the store is "Baby Heaven". I would like the logo to be cute and parent-friendly. I will need each part of the logo sent to me separately as png files as well as the whole logo together. If you have any questions please let me know! Please be creative and quick, thank you. 0 Grafisk design, Logodesign Aug 14, 2018 Idag6d 23h $10
Advertising Banner Design I want a design of a relatively good looking banner for me. I am running a special on Build In Cupboards installations and a need a banner I can post on facebook and instagram. I know my images are not exactly the best quality but you can do something. The special should say. 1 - Build In Cupboard (BIC) of up to 2.4 meters for R6500. You can make your own cupboard configuration... 0 Bannerdesign, Grafisk design Aug 14, 2018 Idag2d 22h $100
facebook cover page Logo details This logo is for a cover page for Facebook diecast group named Hot Wheels Collectors. The Name I would like on the logo would be Original Hot Wheels Collectors FB. I would like the logo to have a few older cars in it associate with hot wheels. If you could Google: Hot Wheels Candy Gasser and Hot Wheels 83 Chevy Silverado series 8 I would like this vehicles pictured in the logo. ... 0 Grafisk design, Logodesign Aug 14, 2018 Idag2d 21h $10
CHARITY PERKS Charity Perks is a business that has been created for the online and mobile marketplace that matches volunteers to small, medium charities and community-based projects that need support. Volunteers will be offered the chance to receive perks such as discount vouchers on products from shops within the local community when they accomplish a charitable deed. This can be from volunteering in a local s... 0 Grafisk design, HTML, PHP, Webbdesign Aug 14, 2018 Idag6d 21h $8
Floorpan design Hello Everybody, I need help to draw a floor plan. It is a house. The land size is attached. i have attached the exact type of living room dining and kitchen i want I need - A small living room for guest as soon as you opened the door of the house, with a powder room not far from it. THE GUEST MUST NOT HAVE A VIEW OF THE HOUSE FROM THE LIVING ROOM. THIS LIVING ROOM WILL BE USED FOR GUEST W... 0 3ds Max, Byggnadsarkitektur Aug 14, 2018 Idag6d 21h $40
REDESIGN PRICING PAGE CONCEPT BY OFFERING A MEMBERSHIP 1. What we need: We need to attract customers and retain them by offering a membership that will have three different levels with a onetime charge cost and a monthly price according to the level. Freelancer should highlight the benefits involved in acquiring the membership, these benefits will vary in relation to the subscription that the client acquires. In Addition to that, freelancer sho... 0 Grafisk design, Marknadsföring, Försäljning, Webbhotell, Webbdesign Aug 14, 2018 Idag4d 21h $200
Build a slide web editor with React.js The project is a slide web editor. A user can create at least one slide draging and droping text, images, videos, forms. If you need more info about the project, just look at [Logga in för att visa URL], which is a really good exemple of what I want to be realized. The project must use React.js and Redux to create a json description of the slides ready to be sent to the server. 0 Javascript, React.js Aug 14, 2018 Idag29d 20h $555
I need a website with a a rewards system. I need a fully functional website with a rewards system . Users must be able to create profiles to keeep up with rewards and businesses must be able to upload business info. 0 PHP, Programvaruarkitektur Aug 14, 2018 Idag6d 20h $300
Warrior Book Cover I need a full book cover jacket 9.25"h x 14"w for my book. High resolution! My thoughts for the book cover (right side of artwork) is to show a spartan warrior close up, screaming in victory with two fists full of money. Wearing his Spartan helmet but also wearing a suit and tie. Maybe he is standing behind office desk. The cover need to be very bold and attention grabbing. Title and gr... 0 Grafisk design, Illustration Aug 14, 2018 Idag6d 18h $100
3D exterior view & basic floor plans for a 4 floor building Please find attached description of work 0 3D-modellering, 3D-rendering Aug 14, 2018 Idag6d 16h $100
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